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  1. Changing my friends stinky wet diaper.
  2. My friend spanking my diaper butt
  3. I was thinking of adding something her again and see if it catches interest. This story is not for the faint of heart. It a dark story of magic, unfair ending, diapers and one evil woman with a fetish. If you like Long-Rifles content then maybe you'll enjoy this. Olivia and Lexus, two friends who did everything together. They'd even lay in the bottom of a waste receptacle too. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Olivia and Lexus walked into the home of their boss Tangent. These girls were in their last years of community college. Tangent had hired the two to babysit for her. The two girls were confused about why two were needed. When Olivia got the offer from Tangent and how Tangent desperately needed two sitters she naturally signed Lexus up. Lexus, always being the more brash and paranoid counter to Olivia's Gentle and trusting nature. It wasn't like Olivia didn't know Tangent, they'd run together at the local track in the area. She'd always be there before Lexus, no matter how early she was. Even at 5 am in the morning, Tangent was there. Tangent soon accused Lexus of stalking her. They worked it out a formed a simple friendship. Tangent would talk about her Supermodel career, Kids and her college days, and the stuff she got up to. She even mentioned how she and her friends would practice magic and summoning demons. In her own words. "It's all bullshit." Tangent would even mention how hard it was to find a babysitter since they'd never came back to babysit. "My darlings are just too much to handle." "Nonsense." Said the ever-helpful Olivia. "I've babysat many kids. I'll win them over. I always come out on top." Olivia responded. "Aww. I love that confidence. But still, I'd feel like I'm setting you up to get...shit on? Whatever you kids say nowadays. You'd be better of with backup. I'd feel more comfortable." Tangent told the young student. "Hmm. Well if I must, I know a girl." As Olivia pondered it. She realized Lexus makes a great bad cop. "So the pay?" "Oh I forgot to mention, it's about 600$ to watch them all day." Tangent said cooly. "Hope that's enough." "DAMN RIGHT IT IS!" Olivia shouted with excitement. 300$ just to watch some kids. This lady was loaded she thought. The next day Olivia had talked Lexus into coming with her. Plus Lexus had a car and walking out to the woods countryside was far too dangerous in her mind. Olivia was excited to make so extra cash, yet Olivia was still hesitant to actually go. "Olivia, this just smells fishy. Some supermodel offers you a 300$ to babysit and you don't ask questions. Do you even know what mag she models for?" "Hmm, some Latin America one. She's really big there she says. Never saw a picture but she's super hot so I'd believe it. Don't look at me like that. She's hot. Especially for 34. Got you beat for sure." Olivia felt a punch in the arm. "Stop playing. It's strange is all. Just be ready to end up some sex toy of hers. Hopefully, she'll keep us as one whole piece instead of chopping us up into pieces. Nah, gotta chop us up to better hide the bodies. No open casket for us." Lexus morbidly joked as they pulled up the Tangent's home. It was definitely a pristine place. Freshly trimmed grass, large house, white fence around the property that was high enough to keep prying eyes out. There was even a pond out back with geese floating on the pond. "A pond. Perfect body dumping place Olivia." Lexus joked again. "You don't stop do you," Olivia responded as they pulled in and jumped out of the car. "No, I don't. At this exact moment, we're walking to our deaths. The tragic murders of Olivia Swine and Alexandra Moonshire." Lexus said with a grin. She was the type to wear funeral attire to a regular event. She wanted to work as a detective one day. "Oh, so that's what I'm plotting to do you." A voice that would only be familiar to Olivia said from above. "Hola Miss. Tangent! Sorry for my friend. She's a horror movie freak." Olivia said covering for her friend. "It's fine. I love a good horror. Even more when I'm doing the scarring." Tangent said with a grin. "Doors unlocked. I'll be down shortly. I'm changing some diapers. Take a seat in the living room. I made some milk and cookies." The girls walked inside. "Gotta say, Olivia. She is really hot." Olivia said with a whisper. "Maybe so off her good looks will rub off on you." She laughed. She felt a pinch on her buttcheek. "Pervert!" Lexus yelped. "So they're still in diapers. Hope you know how to change one." Olivia said as they walked into the living room with a grin knowing her friend hated diapers. "Yuck. Nope. Gotta say no on that one chef." Olivia and Lexus sat down on the sofa and saw the freshly baked cookies and a cold pitcher of milk on the coffee table. It was like Tangent had just sat them down. They then heard the sound of heels clicking against the wooden steps. In the room came Tangent clad in black. Tight black shirt with sleeves and a v-neck where her perky breast stuck out. Her tight leather skirt gleamed from the light. Her ass looked great in them and her black leather boots reached up to her gorgeous thighs. "Girls. I'm so happy you came. I was getting worried." Tangent was wearing black gloves a choker around her neck. "I love your sense of fashion. It screams boss bitch. I love it." Lexus said with a smile. This lady looked cool. She was in love, platonic of course. "I love yours too. Black is always a good choice. And that beautiful blonde hair. Like gold. A catch like Olivia 'otta have some cute friends." Tangent commented. "Thanks." Olivia responded. "So where are the kids." "They're sleeping. Let's just talk. Enjoy some of these delicious cookies." Tangent grabbed a cookie and started to eat it. Seeing Tangent eat on gave Lexus the courage to try one herself. Olivia followed suit and ate the cookies and milk. They talked and talked until they heard the wailing of what sound like a child or more like an imitation. "Oh, the babies are getting restless. They're probably tired of waiting for their new diapers." Tangent stood up and pointed at the ceiling. "See there's a camera watching us. Say hello to our viewers at home." "What! We didn't consent to that." Lexus responded. "Yeah Miss. Tangent you could at least said something." Olivia looked at the camera and waved nervously. "Consent? I grab them by the pussy." Tangent laughed. "You see, I think your buddy Lexus was on the right track. I want to turn you cute girls and into my toys. Promise you'll look a lot better when I'm done with you." "Fuck that!" Lexus screamed. "I'll beat your ass." That's when Lexus felt it. In the pits in her stomach. The insides of her stomach were changing. Her organ turning into absorbent layers. It felt strange. Tickling her organs. Like she had the butterfly. She felt something cotton-like forming. "Did you poison the food?" Lexus was feeling weak. Olivia felt the same thing. Weakness was taking over her body. The feeling of cotton building up. "Miss. Tangent, what's going on?" The tickling was strong. To Olivia. It felt good. Really good. "My magic potion won't work on a witch. One worth her salt anyway. But enough about me. I want to tell you about your wonderful future as stars in my stream and videos." Tangent told them with an evil grin. "I'll make so much money off you two girls." "You're trying to whore us out! I'm not going to be some sex slave." Lexus shouted as she started to stand back up. She quickly collapsed but she kept trying to stand. "Lexus dear, you're all mine now. I'll do whatever I like with you. Don't fret, you'll enjoy your new position in life. You won't even mind it at all after a while. Hahaha." The witch laughed. She seemed to had made some kind of joke. Lexus felt the change spreading throughout her body. The strong tingling was getting stronger. Her torso started to thin, rapidly and turning to cotton. She then felt her torso starting to expand She felt her arms becoming heavy and even more strength slipping away. Her hands and wrist turning pink and her finger started to meld together as the tingling grew worse. Her arms started to thin and become bright pink. Her legs were no exception. The same process took her legs and she fell to the floor. Lexus turned her head and looked towards her friend Olivia. "Olivia!" She said in shock at what she saw. Olivia had gone under the same horrific changes and then some. Olivia's stomach was swollen with padding. Her large breast were mounds of padding themselves. The quilted layer on top of her looked very familiar to Lexus. Olivia's legs were in a permanent split and flat. They were stretching out further and fusing with the rest of her body. Her legs were becoming thin wings. There were sold thick solid lines of blue and green down and across the wings. The same could be said for her arms who were also wings. Her hands vanished completely. These thin flaps of papery plastic didn't even have an inch of thickness. Olivia seemed to be riving in pain. She was practically shaking. Yet Olivia was moaning in a more pleasant way. She had her clothes tight around her distorted mostly white body. Olivia turned over and looked at her friend. In her mouth was stuffing. Cotton-like and stringy from the looks of it. Her hair had receded into her disfigured body. Her cheeks were red and her eyes only said sorry. Tangent walked up to Olivia and squatted down. Her black hair hung at her breast and her thighs were close together. "Hiya, how's the whole transformation thing going. Let me guess. Ain't have bad, is it? I mean becoming something cute and soft. My kids are going to love you." Tangent suddenly snickered. She then grabbed Olivia's fat cheeks that had puffed up with cotton and forced Olivia to meet her eyes with Tangent. Olivia wanted to cry. She had been tricked and betrayed. She wished she could tell Lexus what was happening. What this evil woman was turning them into. Then again, maybe Lexus was better off not knowing. Looking into the eyes of this traitorous woman, she only saw delight and dark satisfaction. The tickling deep inside her was the only thing keeping her from falling into the abyss. The feel of her body. The clothes were pressed up against her puffy giant body. She wishes she could cum, to relieve the tension that continued to build up in her padding. She knew it was wrong, but couldn't resist. She knew what she was and the idea of her face made her even hornier. Olivia felt an almost claw-like hand grasp her breast and squeezed it. She moaned through her padding. By that time her face was covered in padding or rather it was. She had stopped breathing long ago but she no longer needed to even breathe. Tangent smiled at her prey. She liked touching them. Feeling how much they've changed. The quality quilted padding below her fingertips. Oh, how she spoiled her little ones. Turning foolish and beautiful young women into spongy waste receptacles was another bonus entirely. As Tangent felt up the diaper, the facial features started to vanish. The puffed-up belly starts to contract as if it was exhaling. Like the oxygen that was in Olivia's body had finally escaped. Olivia shrunk as Tangent and her friend were forced to watch. A look of horror on Lexus's beautiful soft white face. Olivia felt herself shrinking away. The feeling of moving across the floor was causing her even more unrest. Why was being this so fucking good she thought. She felt leak guards popping up as if they almost forgot themselves. She welcomed the sudden pleasure. Olivia soon shrunk down into something that could never be considered a human. "Olivia..." A raspy voice said trying to shout. Tangent simply pulled away from the tacky clothing her opinion away and off of the garment on the floor. She then grabbed the soft thing by what was once ahead and lifted it up in all of its glory. A diaper. Olivia was turned into a fucking diaper. Not just any diaper. A big one. Oddly it was more fitting for a baby, but these adult diapers were sized for an adult for sure. It is motionless in the hands of Tangent. The question simply remained. Was Olivia dead? "What...have...you done..." Lexus wasn't looking too much better. Speaking was almost nearly impossible. Her arms and legs had become wings themselves. She had become mostly pink. Breather had become laborious, all she smelt something similar to strawberries but artificial. "Turned her into a diaper. What does it look like I did to her?" Tangent rebutted smugly. "I see you're still changing. You should have turned before Olivia here." Tangent made the diaper crinkle in her hand a little bit, just for emphasis and because she enjoyed it. "That look on your face...Lexus. That's it. It's telling. Your friend is still there. I can feel her. She taking stock of her new form. She's a smart one. She knew what she was becoming. A diaper. And so will you Lexus." Her words stung deep. A diaper. Lexus never wanted to come to this place let alone become some fucking diaper. "I'm..." She tried to say but her lungs had been devoured by the cotton within her. She was angry. She didn't want to turn into such a thing. The idea of being used revolted her beyond measure. Even if the tingling felt good, or how the idea of wet padding was making her horny, she resisted it. She knew it was wrong and forced it down. It slowed the transformation but couldn't stop it. Her stomach and tits were expanding. They were mounds of padding. Her arms and legs were the wings of a diaper. She was bright, cute, and pink. Her padding was quilted and the leak guards were popping out of her. She bit her lip so hard in anger she drew blood. It didn't matter. The blood was sucked up and dissolved. Her lip healed and the transformation started to seal her lips. "Harming yourself? The potion is like a virus. This hungry virus wants to survive and keep its host alive. I could shoot you and burn you. It won't stop. You're virtually immortal." Tangent explained putting her hand on her hips. Olivia had folded up, probably meaning the transformation truly completed. "But can try speeding up? Babies need diapers." Lexus looked at Tangent with hate. Pure burning hate. Hate you'd use to warm you at night. He that lights the home ablaze. The hate to burn bones to ash. That's what Lexus felt. And she couldn't do anything but turn into a diaper. Her hair had fused with her. Her face was white and quilted. Her facial features and dimples were still there. Her mounds of padding she would call her tits and stomach had started to shrink. Exhaling just like Olivia. Her eyes wanted to close. Keeping the open was burning her eyes. They were drying up. Lexus held firm. She continued to defy the magical potion that affected them. "Defiant little diaper hmm. You're never turning back. You're going to become a diaper. You're going to stay that way...for...ever. You'll be nothing but a diaper. My little girl is going to love you. You're so cute." Talking down to the diaper was stimulating her. Her fan also loved how she denigrated her victims. Breaking them in so many ways. "Say something. You can't speak? Padding got your tongue?" The witch was feigning sympathy. "Looking at me. Torturing yourself. Why make it more difficult. You're not going to die. Ha ha ha." Her laugh also made Lexus padding crawl. Eyes burning. Lexus's entire body was tingling with repressed pleasure. She felt the floor tremble with her step. The woman in black took the diaper that was once Olivia and licked the slick plastic shell with her long tongue. "Delicious." Rage. Hate. Watching how Tangent uses her friend in her taunt. Her eyes started to shut. Her hate wasn't able to stave the virus off. They shut tight and vanished into the padding. Not even dimples were left. She felt her pink leak guards popping free. Her padding had finally stopped deflating and was now about an inch thick. Lexus then began to shrink just like Olivia, except she was somewhat smaller in the end. She folded up and was a pink rectangle on the floor. She even had little stencils of flowers near the leg cuffs. Lexus felt a hand grab her and lift her up. She was squeezing tight repeatedly. Tangent held the two fresh diapers up at the camera with an evil grin. "I hope you enjoyed the show. But the fun is just beginning." She rubbed the edges of the two diapers together. Tingles by the millions happed when the two diaper girls' plastic shells touched. Tangent then rubbed the diapers close to her chest with a grin. "Can't wait to peel them open." She brought the girls up to her nose and inhaled their new diaper scents. One Strawberry, and Lavender. "Oh god, I love watching them changing these little sluts into diapers. Their permanent new lives as diapers. Yup, these diapers are for my babies. Let's go get these two diapers on some behinds shall we." Tangent walked out of her living room and up the steps. The diapers swing back and forth in her hands. The soft whores weren't able to communicate. Olivia was still relaxing. Calm and patiently waiting for her fate. Lexus was upset. Angry at how things were going. She wanted to be turned back. Tangent walked into the nursery which had two big lights lighting the room and another camera set up. In the room were two adults playing patty cake and wearing two soiled diapers. Both far too old and a boy and a girl. "Mommy!" The two said in unison. Tangent smiled with delight. She's made sure her babies show her the love she deserved. These two children as she saw it had both been successful adults. Tangent took a liking to Julia and months later, she took Conner, Julia's boyfriend when he came looking for her. She enjoyed forcing them to act like clueless infants. Then it was the diapers, tapping them into her special little diapers. The look on their faces when they wear them. They can feel the difference. "Now on the changing tables babies. It's time to remove those soiled diapers. I got fresher diapers right here." She watched as they did what she said immediately. They climbed up on the padded tables and Tangent was setting the diapers close by. Olivia near Conner and Lexus near Julia. She had the wipes and powder set up as she usually dead. She started by peeling Conner's soiled diaper off. It was a messy one and was quickly thrown away. She started cleaning him up with swiftness and was powdering his bum. She then grabbed Olivia and started to unfold her body. "Have fun diaper." Olivia felt herself being undone. Unfolded from the confined boring rectangle she had been. She wanted to get to work and be worn. She then felt herself being slid under and all the weight come down on her face and part of her chest. She then felt what was once her lower torso and vagina press against large genitalia. She was a diaper so why was she being...she was an adult diaper! Olivia started to really tingle again. She was getting put on an adult. Now she didn't need to feel guilt, she could really enjoy being worn by a man. This was gonna be better than sex. Olivia thought of the idea of being used and abuse. The thought even caused even Olivia's inanimate diaper form to tremble and tingle with anticipation. Tangent felt the diaper tremble and could read the diaper's thoughts like an open book. She took satisfaction in the situation. Olivia wasn't trying to fight, she barely did in the beginning and now she was all hers. Tangent could only imagine how she'd react to her wish to be soiled. Tangent yanked on what used to be armed and use the tapes to secure the diaper tight around Conner. Olivia smiled inside being secured. The pulling of her arms and the movement of the legs of her big baby she was worn by. Now all she had to do is wait. She would hold on tight and see what this big boy was packing for her. Tangent then began to care for and clean her up. Another messy diaper being traded out of a fresher one. Lexus felt herself being unfolded. She was cramp stuck like that but she knew why such a thing would happen. "FUCK! TURN ME BACK!" She yelled in her mind. Like she was ignored, Lexus felt the weight of someone coming down on her. Tangent was then yanking and securing Lexus to Julia, another thick diaper to be used. Lexus felt her legs being tucked just above her face and her arms being secured to her butt. Lexus thought about her positioning and the likely fact she'd be messed on by this woman. The ass she was wrapped around wasn't some child but some damn fetish freak. The contortion and stretching of her plastic body were uncomfortable. "Perfect. My babies are in their most adorable diapees yet." Tangent then turned to the camera. "Two best friends become two of the best diapers. I've outdone myself today." She turned back to her children. Tangent's arrogant smile was always on display. "Now show me those diaper butts." The babies did as they were told and flipped over. They felt one feminine hand clasp their behinds each. She squeezed them and slapped them. "Soft and cute." Her voice sounded like sweet syrup. "I just love seeing these diaper butts. You two just fill these whores out so well. I know you feel them. That warmth. You two are probably a little aroused." She slapped their butts. "Go ahead, get on that play mat, and go wild. Hump to your heart content." She pointed at the playmat on the floor. The two jumped at the chance. It's been long, so damn long since they got close to each other. They tried to remove the diapers, and the magic made sure that wasn't happening. On top of that, Tangent saw that and smacked their butts again. "I said hump. Do it now before I change my mind." The Adult Babies were on each other. Their diapered groins bumping and rubbing against each other. Julia was on the mat and Conner was on top. Missionary, but they weren't trying to please Tangent or her viewers. As the diapers collided, the two started to form a link. They felt the electricity shooting through their soft squishy diaper bodies. When the two were rubbing, Lexus heard a moan in her mind. She felt her dear friend pounding and rubbing against her. "Olivia! Olivia! Can you hear me?" Lexus shouted out. "Yes, I can! Lexus, I'm so happy to know you're here. I was a little worried. I feared you'd be put on the self or something. I can't have you miss out." Olivia said not thinking whatever she said was wrong. "Miss out? Olivia! We are being used as fucking sex toys. I can feel his dick and this chick is wet as fuck. She's leaking into me...I don't like it. I don't want to like it." Olivia heard her friend and a part of her understood. That part however was getting smaller and smaller. The growing diaper that she was couldn't understand its fellow diaper's plight. "But it feels good. Right? Them wearing us and humping with us on. I'm jealous you're starting to get a little wet. How does pussy juice feel? I know you taste it." "Shut up Olivia! What the hell are you talking about." Lexus cried. "This isn't us. We're women. Not fucking diapers." "Sure don't feel like a woman. I feel soft, contorted, squishy, and every sensation feels like heaven. The idea of getting used and wet. We're babysitters. Let's do our best. Whatever she was paying us, we're getting way more. Be grateful diaper." Olivia said to her friend. "No. I'm not! This isn't you! Fight it Ol-" Lexus felt what was like an eruption of ooze that spilled onto her padding and the rhythmical action of grinding slowed to a halt. She felt her body dragging it in. "WHAT THE FUCK!" The worse was how it felt to drink it in. The taste and warmth. She tried not to think about it. Olivia was happy. Ecstatic as she felt her wearer release his load on her padding. It was right over where her vagina use to be. It was all working out perfectly. Olivia wanted to thank him and Tangent, but as a diaper that was impossible. She hoped they all knew she was grateful. "Ha ha ha ha! Enough darlings. You had you feel. Such a beautiful show of love." She walked over to Conner and pulled him off Julia. "Those diapers need more than grown-up messes. They need baby messes too." They knew what that meant. "Now play. I'll be back in a couple of hours to check on these precious little things you cuties got on. Play until I return and just relax." Tangent left the room and the two were left alone. The two played in silence, except for a radio that played an infantile melody. It made them relax and forget. Forget about the situation they were in. They simply played. Conner and Julia had no issue relieving themselves. Within the first hour, they caused the two former women to became wet and taut as they filled up. Lexus hated feeling her body warm, the vibrating of pee hitting her padded body. She cried out in rage. She couldn't talk to Olivia, but she figured she'd be cumming 10x over if she could. "Why is it so bitter!" It was strangely sweet to her but she refused to admit it. Olivia loved the warmth that seeped into her padding and was dragged down to her core. Her body gently sagging from the first pee had been orgasmic. She was grateful for using her. "Thank you. So delicious. I'm all yours baby." Olivia didn't even remember she was human. As time passed the diapers grew more wet and saggy. Lexus was starting to resist mind-altering and the tingles were becoming less and less effective. "I'm winning. If I just focus. I can overcome these freaks and turn back to normal probably." Olivia on the other hand was on cloud 9. She was content, beyond anything, she wished she could go even higher. Olivia's sense of self had mostly evaporated and what was left circled around the idea of being a diaper. "I'm diaper. I'm wet. Need more. SO good being diaper." Tangent had entered the room. She checked on each of them. She pulled back Julia's diaper and stuck her finger in the leg cuffs. "Sure she loving that accident huh?" She then went to Conner and did the same. "Wet butts. Good babies. But those diapers aren't what I'd call messy. Our fans want to see you two really soil those diapers. And you know that. On the couch babies. The naughty little rears in the air too." The two did as they were told and the woman in black walked over to the propped-up wet butts. She grabbed the diapers and gave them quick smacks. "Yes. I can feel it. One of them is almost gone." Tangent leaned her arm on Conners diaper rear and looks at Julia's diapered butt. She grabbed at it and squished it between her thumb and index finger. Pinching the wet pink diaper was similar to if she was pinch Lexus's cheek. "Lexus. I know you can hear me. And only me. You're friend...she ain't much for a meaningful convo...she's barely hanging on by a thread." Tangent thought it was funny. A woman's mind is reduced to a state to fit their new body. "Lexus, will you end up like her? I think so." Lexus heard what Tangent said. Her taunting was getting to her easily. "Fuck you. I'm going to turn back and kill you. Whatever you did to Olivia, I'll make you fix it." "Fix it? There's nothing to fix. You're a diaper. So cute too. You're perfect as a diaper. You're never turning back. You'll never taste anything but urine and mess. You'll only feel the warmth of your foul dirty present that babies make in you. Lexus, you're a diaper. You're NOTHING." Tangent words struck like a hammer on hot iron. Degrading her and put Lexus farther down in a hole with only her anger to keep her company. But she had misery accompanying her too. That's when she felt the gust of hot smelly gas hit her padded face. "Disgusting!" More gas followed. Olivia was being given the same treatment. She was in a euphoric state and her thoughts only consisted of happy thoughts. Not the human happy thoughts, the depraves and twisted ones of a human turned pamper. Soon Olivia felt it. It was pushing into her and dropping a disgusting mess into her body. The warmth and strong pleasant taste were amazing. Olivia moaned as his contents spilled onto her. "Yes. Good. Happy. Fill me." She thought in pure pleasure. As the mess continued to spill over her and corrupt what was left of her humanity. Part of her knew this was wrong, the small dying part of her was snuffed out by one final push from Conner into Olivia. She screamed in her mind before it became a moan. Her thoughts slowly faded and cease into simple waves of contentedness and happiness. Tangent placed a hand on the used diaper and smeared it with an evil grin. "Good baby. That's how we treat those diapers." She cackled and place a hand on the Lexus diaper and felt a bump push into her palm and her smile grew wider. "I can feel it, Julia. Keep going. I think she'll like that." Lexus felt the balls depositing into her. The mess wasn't firm but not liquid. Lexus shuddered and gagged at the disgusting taste in her mind. It tasted bottle and like bile. The chunky mess spilled out into her and began to stain her helpless body. The scent was just god awful as you'd imagine and the hat for Tangent and the freak wearing her was just as bad. Lexus felt a woman's hand smearing the mess that was safely inside her. The claw-like nails being dragged across her plastic shell. She was drooping low as the hot mess burnt her. The diaper felt very little pleasure as it faded away. Lexus hate had defeated this magic...yet she was still just some diaper, a dirty one. "Fuck. I can't stand this. Help me! Someone save me." "You could have saved yourself...be like Olivia. Practically mindless and joyful. I was wrong about you. A little dirty diapee like you were made of stronger stuff than your friend. Maybe you could have become a witch...to bad that's out of the question now. You're probably going to be like this forever. I mean maybe after 200 years or so you'll finally be gone...maybe." Lexus couldn't believe what she was hearing. 200 years...as this thing! As something full of human waste. She couldn't believe it. She wanted to disappear. To vanish. To die. Yet she knew she'd be completely intact...mentally at least. "Well, I better change those butts. Silly babes made such a mess. I might let you sit in it for a little. Rub it in for those diapees real quick." She cackled like a cartoon witch. Tangent pilled the diapers off her babies about 15 minutes later. Olivia didn't care when she was pulled away and had her body rolled up into a ball of waste. Olivia didn't care one bit. The diaper was happy and joyous. Lexus knew where she was going. When she was untapped and pulled away she only grew more miserable. She hated the feeling of Tangent's hands rolling her disgusting body up. Her hands were being used to tape the dirty diaper tight and securing the filth for decades to come. "No. Not fair. I'm not some diaper. I'm Lexus Moonshire...I'm a woman." Tangent walked over to the diaper pail. Switching her ass in the black leather skirt. The diapers were still warm and in her gloved hands. She lifted one of her legs and placed her stiletto on the paddle. It caused the lid to open revealing soiled diapers resting in their wearings mess and Tangent could only smile at them. She then dropped Lexus down on the diapers. The falling was quick but traumatic. Plopping down on the used diapers below, their plastic touching hers. "No. No. No. No. No." She repeatedly thought to herself. She then felt another diaper plop down on her. Far warmer and equally revolting. She hated the fact it was her best friend. "Olivia! Olivia! Please answer me! Someone answer me!" If Olivia was there, she wasn't in any mood or state of mind to reply. The other diapers were the same. Lexus wonder if those below her were even human once. Lexus felt disgusting diaper after disgusting diapers plop down. She was cold and used and the pail was close to being thrown out and a new liner being placed inside. Tangent came into the nursery to do just that. Stiletto on the peddle and the used diapers being hoisted up out the can and being escorted out the nursery and down the steps. Lexus felt herself being swung back in forth. "Tangent! Don't do this. You can fix me. I'll do anything. Praise Satan. You're glorious. Your power is great. Please, just make me human. I want to be someone. I wanted to be a fashion designer!" Tangent heard it but ignored the pleas. The begging was fucking turn-on and added to the idea of tossing her out to the curve, especially knowing Lexus still had a mind. So rare. So hot. Tangent was out the door and dropping her victims into the trash can. In the hot trashcan, she warmed up as the sun beat down on her. Eventually, the trash collectors would come and she'd be sent to some landfill. "No. No. I don't want to be fucking diaper." Tangent recorded throwing the diapers out on her phone. She'd add that on to the messy clip she took from the live stream. The dark web had plenty of people into this. She cut the live stream up into clips and make even more money by selling them off. She named the clips creative names such as "Messy and Helpless Girls" "Dirty Pair" "Babysitters Getting Changed" "Mommy Masturbates To Dirty Girls" and "Babies Playing in and using Babysitters." Life was great for Tangent. As Tangent finished releasing her videos, she heard a knocking at her front door. She smiled and licked her chops. More toys to play with. She promised a pack of college girls some money if they cleaned her house. Too bad for them, a woman named Kayla ordered a pack of college girls to be shipped to her house and for the event to be filmed solely for them. Tangent really did love her job. Being your own boss was the best.
  4. It's always fun when this time of year rolls around, and holiday themed stories make their appearance. The same can be said about Halloween. I had hoped to write one of my own for Halloween, but that didn't happen. This idea popped in my head last week. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it by the end of the month, but I don't want to make promises that I can't keep, and I don't want to rush a story and get stressed out. It takes place in the Diaper Dimension. If you're unfamiliar with that content, there are a ton of amazing stories on this site that can bring you up to speed. I didn't create any of the setting, just borrowed ideas along the way, and its impossible to give full credit where credit is due. This is not a smutty story. More of a PG-13 kind of thing. I don't plan on using any bad or unsavory language, and there's no scenes where you need to cover your eyes. Also, no Littles were harmed in the production of this story. Well, at least not in chapter one. Thanks for reading. ..... The Present(s) - 1 Arrival, 2 Anticipation, 3 Agreements, 4 Antechamber, 5 Actualization pt 1, 6 Actualization pt 2, 7 Acceptance, 8 Awareness, 9 Ambush, 10 Almost midnight, 11 At Midnight, 12 After Midnight 1 Arrival The present. The ‘here and now’. The ‘what’s happening’. The ‘very second’. That’s where James Park tried to keep his head. To keep his focus on what he was doing, not thinking about the past or future, only trying to move from one moment to the next. He had to maintain that mindset, because life was rough for a Little in a Big world. For James there was only the next job, and the next job would be his last. A comforting thought, but that was also thinking into the future. A Little ‘no, no’. There were pitfalls in his line of work, nothing could be taken for granted, and losing focus was dangerous. While on this side of town, every thought counted, every action was under scrutiny, and every word could be used against him. He had to set his mind right if he planned on avoiding what happens to Littles who make mistakes. In the present, he stood shivering on a sidewalk opposite from an impressive skyscraper, scrying the busy intersection for a spot to make it across the street. A picturesque snowfall hushed the loud city street around him. It possibly could have been comforting, if James wasn’t so concerned about being late. He tightened his navy overcoat across his chest, his chin length dirty blonde hair had collected white flakes at the tips. It wasn’t a bitter cold. It was crisp, precise, on point with the season. However, it was a different story when the wind would kick up. A quick gust almost pulled the tiny scrap of paper from his hands. A paper with a place, a time, and a promised payout. An Amazon couple slowly strolled his way from further than the sidewalk. Their loving arms entwined and wandering eyes on the hanging wreaths and colored lights. They carried on in empty conversation and laughter. James turned away to pretend he wasn’t there, but he felt their eyes linger as they passed. He was used to the looks, but he wasn’t used to being late, or being called up at the last minute. It raised his hackles. The present. He needed to get across the street. Contracts were quite specific on arriving on time. Unfortunately, there was no stop to these cars. He again jumped to press the button to trigger the crosswalk, then jumped a third and fourth time, but he doubted he had the force necessary to change the light. This side of town wasn’t built with him in mind. His flailing about caught the watchful eyes of a Big doorman from the tower on the other side of the street. The man was tall and dressed in a red uniform, standing guard in front of a wide array of gold trimmed glass doors. James knew he had the man’s attention, this guy was a helper of sorts, and he’d help him get past this traffic. The two made eye contact, exchanged a pair of nods, and the doorman pulled a shiny brass whistle to his lips as he walked into the road, raising a hand to part the cars. Deep down, he hated the favor. Or that he needed the favor. He also hated the man’s condescending smile. Even if James tried to return a polite one. But what he hated most was the way he called him ‘Little guy’. “Hey Little guy,” the doorman said as he pressed a white glove against his back, hurrying James across the street. “I assume that you’re here for the party?” There was something about that smile that wasn’t right. As sinister as it was genuine. James answered, “Um. That’s right.” The Little struggled to keep pace with the Giant’s larger strides while cowering from blinding headlights. What was at the waist of a Big was eye level for a Little, and the high beams burned from both sides. When they got to the curb, the doorman gave a final tug to the back of his jacket, sending James stumbling over the sidewalk almost into the glass doors. The doorman spoke. “Now what do you say, kid?” James wasn’t a kid, but it wasn’t worth the argument. Not on this side of town, not against this man. It was all a job, all a performance. That’s how he learned to swallow that pride like poison and keep his mind on the present. He gave a slight bow. “Thank you, sir.” The taller man ruffled his hair with a gloved hand before opening the door for him. Then all at once he was inside. Away from the cold wind, snide doorman, and into a busy lobby. The Giant room was tall and wide, an open space like a concert hall, with the acoustics to match. It would probably echo had it been empty, but it was full of life. Lively ropes of garland hung from the walls, spiraling trees filled with ornaments in every possible corner, and there was even a robotic oversized Santa mechanically waving at passersby. James could hear its jolly laughter over the brassy holiday music that filled the air over the throng of people seemingly everywhere. All three types were present in the lobby, highlighting the caste system based on size. The tall Amazons moved about with confident authority, manning stations and desks, or other ones seated on plush chairs and sofas, sharply dressed presumably for their holiday party. Betweeners hustled about fulfilling the Big’s wishes to prove that they were worthy of being above Littles, or at least they hoped. Then there were the others, the Littles, the ones so very out of place. Against a wall stood a long line of about twenty or thirty in a row, like a band of preschoolers on a field trip, anxiously awaiting — they couldn’t possibly all be there for the party, could they? James didn’t know that there would be others like him, or he wouldn’t have taken the job. Suddenly, things didn’t feel right, and he was about to turn around when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was warm and feminine, but also firm and binding, like his contract. So there was no getting out of this. She chirped, “What’s your name, Little guy?” There it was again. James spun around wielding a fake happy face. He followed the hand on his shoulder to a perky Tweener with wide open eyes, like she was excited to see everything. She wore business casual, lots of makeup and a lopsided Santa hat. There was a tablet in her hands and a walkie clipped to her belt. Party coordinator, Little wrangler, or for this job, possibly his boss. “I’m James Park, and I’m here for the party.” “Oh, you look so excited! Let me check if you’re in the right place.” She tapped a pen along the edge of the computer screen until she found his name. Unfortunately, he was in the right place. “It looks like you’re partners with Kinsey tonight,” she said as she pointed to a Little girl moping against the wall like the rest. “I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jenny. Or Miss Jenny. Whatever is easiest to say.” James hesitated. “Jenny, I didn’t know there were others. I mean, I normally work alone, and I— “ “You’re nervous, I can tell.” Jenny reached around and rubbed his back, then he felt the slight push towards Kinsey and the other Littles lined against the wall. “I bet you’ll feel better about things after making new friends. Kinsey is super nice, maybe she’s single and ready to mingle.” The present. He was just another Little in a long line. Jenny lied. Kinsey didn’t seem nice, just pretentious and bored, and anything but kind. Though she looked pretty in that fashion conscious black dress, so that was something. They exchanged polite greetings before spending the next few minutes in silence. He kept glancing her way, expecting her to say something, anything. He looked around at the other Littles of all kinds, like someone pressed a randomizer button, and the Littles of every flavor popped out of a machine. Dark hair, Light hair, short hair, long hair, tomboys and girly boys, every color of a Little rainbow, and every single one dressed in their best to impress. However, he and Kinsey practically looked the same. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, down to their button noses. Most of the other partners were talking with one another, James thought it was proper to at least attempt the same. “So Kinsey, what brings you here?” He grimaced. It came out awkward despite all of the courage he spent to break the ice. Kinsey recrossed her arms and slid further down the wall before loudly sighing. “I was told they only invited professionals, and now I’m stuck with a newbie.” A newbie? She might as well have called him a baby. A pretty strong insult coming from the mouth of a fellow Little. James leaned into her personal space. He took crap from Bigs and Tweeners, but when it came to his own size, nope. “I’m not a newbie, I’ve been around, this isn’t my first time with Amazons. I’ve probably been working longer than you.” “Oh, yeah.” Kinsey side-eyed him for a hundredth time. “What exactly do you do, James?” It wasn’t really a secret, but he didn’t exactly want to admit to his line of work. He shook his head. “Nah, you first.” Kinsey delicately placed both palms on her chest. “Easy. I’m a model. You may have seen some of my work, but judging by the fact that you’re wearing last year when it’s almost next year — you haven’t.” James felt that burn. On the inside. She asked, “What about you, Little guy?” Oh, man. He felt the heat rise, like a soft blush from spiked eggnog, it settled into his cheeks. James cleared his throat, there was no way the truth would put a stop to this ridicule. Neither would a lie. “I’m a singer,” James answered. “What kind of singer?” Kinsey turned her head as if she knew she was prying him apart. Alright, time to get honest. James worked as a singing telegram. He sang Little ditties in babyish costumes for tips, traveling around to different offices and events — basically embarrassing himself in front of Amazons for hard cash. He would like to think it was worth it, but even at his last gig, he still wasn’t sure. Simply put, it paid the bills and zero chance for social promotion. Even by a Little’s standards. The job also didn’t have the best of reputations. Mostly by a Little’s standards. There was something about giving the Amazons what they expected of Littles that aggravated everyone else his size. There was a usual song and dance to his — his song and dance. A routine of sorts. Show up wearing their silly costume, sing your little song, and collect your little paycheck. It was all demeaning, of course. The songs were standard Little music: ‘I’m a Little Teapot’, ‘Ba-Ba Black Sheep’, or whatever preschool jam was popular or relevant for the affair. Also, it was important to be cute, but not too cute, just the right amount of cute. That’s what the costumes were all about. The pre-made costumes were a tad bit infantilizing, always short shorts, sometimes coveralls, or worse, with snappies between the legs and zippers that ran down the back. But he set his limits: no dresses and no diapers. It had to be said. There were others he worked with that didn’t set those limits, those that didn’t mind showing up for a show thickly padded, which James thought was an invitation to disaster. However, he couldn’t blame them. They were in the business of getting tips, it was part of the territory. Push the envelope, reap the rewards. He had done the same himself, his longer hair was a part of that game. James had more than once been a target of suggestions for barrettes or pigtails. Kinsey prodded again. “What kind of singer, James?” They had a name for singing telegrams, more embarrassing than the job itself. He couldn’t bear telling her. She stopped, then grinned. “Don’t tell me that you’re a Gramcracker.” “Fine, I won’t tell you that,” James snapped back. It took a moment for her to believe him, like he fabricated his lifestyle just for this little talk; but when she figured it out, her whole demeanor changed. From apathetic to downright angry, and in rapid time. “You’ve got to be kidding me, diaper-bait.” She pressed a finger into his chest. “You mess this up for me, I swear-” Miss Jenny hustled by with her tablet, and Kinsey halted her brow beating until the Tweener passed. “I can’t believe I’m partners with a stupid Little like you,” Kinsey whispered. “You’re one to be talking,” James defended himself. “What’s so bad about what I do for money, huh?” “I shouldn’t have to explain it to you, I just can’t wait to hear your cute Little singing voice. Just try not to pee your pants and get us both put in diapers.” “Like you’ve never worn a diaper before,” James scoffed. Kinsey became suddenly alert, he definitely struck a nerve with his comment on diapers. “What are you suggesting, Gramcracker?” He knew he shouldn’t push her buttons, but the way she called him Gramcracker gave him no choice. “What kind of fashion magazines are you in? Little fashion, or ‘Little’ fashion? Emphasis on the Little part, I bet you’ve been padded more than your fair share.” James barely had a chance to smirk before Kinsey wheeled him against the wall. Her index finger was under his chin like a knife. “What I’ve had to wear because of stupid Littles like you is none of your business. If I wore a diaper, it meant I could be trusted in one without using it. Now, it'd be best for you to shut your mouth until it’s time for your little jingle.” She added, “You got that, Gram-gram?” He gulped. Just then, Miss Jenny made another round with her walkie wildly squawking. Kinsey pretended her threatening finger to his throat was nothing more than a friendly embrace. “I’m so glad to see you two are getting along,” Jennifer gushed. “When the bells chime it’ll be time to head to the elevators so you guys can get properly dressed.” The pair of Littles just smiled back, angry claws still digging into one another. This was going to be a long night, James thought to himself. Kinsey probably thought the same. Who knew what partners meant, and James struggled on keeping this whole thing professional. Kinsey released him as soon as Jenny looked the other way. After that, James kept his mouth shut as things fell into motion. They were organized into couples of boys and girls, some girls and girls, some boys with boys. And they were forced to hold hands. They were hors d'oeuvres for the devilish tastes of the Amazons, made to order, and ordered to please. A chorus of bells sang out from everywhere, tinny small ones, toneful medium ones, and heavy bells that shook the bones. All at once the chaotic atmosphere changed into programming. The chaos became order, the music stopped, and the uneasy quiet of hushed voices and shuffling feet took over. The well-to-do Amazons were the first on the elevators, heading to the top floor to the party. The Tweeners made sure to write their drink orders and remind them of seating arrangements. Older Amazons in ball gowns and fancy headdresses gave the long line of Littles one last look before heading up and taking their creepy leering faces with them. One last job. Then no more. Last but not least, it came time for the Littles. A small group of Betweeners herded them through the lobby and cattled them together onto an elevator. A Big elevator could fit a lot of Littles, and all of them hopped aboard. Jennifer stood with her kind in the middle of the mass checking over details with another Betweener that had a walkie and tablet in tow. The elevator had a mirror for a ceiling, an overhead reflection that the Littles didn’t need. They all stared at their reflection as they looked up into one another, holding hands awaiting what awaited them. That's the issue with the future. The future is captivating. It tugs and pulls at the present until the mind isn't on what's currently happening, the mind is elsewhere in a nameless space, sharing dreams and nightmares of what’s yet to come. James could take a guess on where their minds were at this moment. Probably already on floor 100. Later that night, in the future when this present was past, James would reflect on this moment just like that overhead mirror. The bright eyes looking up to something they couldn't quite see, soaked in a frightful quiet because there were no words for this ‘feeling’. A feeling that couldn’t be described as terror, more like an anticipation for malice. The bad was coming, but they could hope that it wouldn’t be all bad. Or too bad. But if it got too bad it would eventually be over. That’s the way it was with Amazons. Everyone hoped it would be worth it, that metaphorical pot of gold on the otherside of this rainbow. The fame, fortune, or some other prize that brought them to this moment didn't matter anymore. They were there. James had to assume that they were mostly like him, or Kinsey. In show business or hospitality for the Bigs. Which meant contracts, and unions, or guilds, or whatever. Signed contracts were a two way street, what kept him in line also kept him in clean underwear. Life wasn’t easy being a Gramcracker in a shark tank, but there were legal protections in their union contracts. If they performed to specifications, they were untouchable. Unfortunately, paper could only do so much. Binding agreements didn’t stop the pinches to both sets of cheeks, top and bottom, but it kept the kidnappings at bay. The oddities of this assignment plagued him for some reason, so were his reasons for taking the path that led to this moment. This job was different, last minute, high paying. No pre-made costume, no set list. Only an address and a time to arrive. Kinda suspicious for a final show, but James could rationalize it. There was an extra zero on this check that wasn’t on the others. He’d go out with an end of year bonus and never be seen around these parts again. Once again his head was in the future. That future was coming closer by the second, as the elevator slowly climbed to floor 99. Floor 100 was the top of the building where there was a high end club housing this ‘party’, but floor 99 was for Littles and Tweeners, those who made this party a reality. What was reality? The present. Kinsey closed her fist tightly around his hand and gave it a painful squeeze. She whispered right into his ear. “I hate you.” James turned to whisper back. “Good. I hate you, too.” Ah, the present.
  5. This is my first story. I hope everybody likes it! Please tell me what you think of it so far! I will be adding updates as I get time. I've had to type everything on my iphone because I don't get much privacy with a computer. The story takes place in the late '90s. Ch. 1 - Introduction Natalie is 20 year old girl in her sophomore year of college as a nursing major. Being a nurse has been her dream job since she was in middle school. Her dad died of pancreatic cancer when she was 13. The helpfulness and friendliness of the nurses who worked with her father encouraged her to this career path. She knows it will be a challenging career, but she knows it will be worth it to help people like her father. Despite the tragic loss of her dad, Natalie remains a pretty average girl. She's a funny, bright, and caring girl who usually maintains an upbeat attitude. She played the trumpet in marching band in high school, and while she didn't continue doing band when she started college, she still considers herself somewhat of a band geek. She has been able to retain a childlike innocence from vulgarity well into her adulthood; she has never done more than hold hands with a guy and most crude jokes would probably be misunderstood by her. Her demeanor around new people is somewhat shy. This may be a result of her cute appearance. Let me take a moment to explain what I mean by "cute"... Out of the many nice looking girls in the world it easy to categorize them into different degrees of "cute" versus "sexy." "Sexy" referring to a girl who looks nice in tight revealing clothing with high heels - a girl most guys want to sleep with. "Cute" referring to a girl that looks amazing in just a shirt, jeans, and tennis-shoes. They have an adorable smile and particularly beautiful face. This is the kind of girl that a guy wants to protect and love with all their heart. Natalie definitely falls on the cute side of this scale. Natalie appreciates her cuteness at times, but she also feels like she's not respected as much because it can make her look less mature. Her insecurity in her looks is revealed through her shyness. She doesn't feel near as cool or legitimate as the "sexy" looking girls. Despite her desire to be like one of the "sexy" girls. She still embraces her cuteness; she figures she might as well. She is a typical girly-girl in this respect. She enjoys the color pink and other cute things. Most of her panties are either cotton bikini panties or boy shorts. Also, she still often wears cute ruffled socks with her tennis-shoes. The last semester of her sophomore year was a tough one, especially her class in organic chemistry. She was so tired of studying and was looking forward to spending her summer back at home... Ch. 2 - First Morning Back at Home Natalie awoke in her bed at her mom's home in Colorado for the first time in a while. She had flown in the previous evening from her university. She was laying on her back with her cute feet spread out and pointing straight up when her eyes just opened. She was wearing a pair of cute blue bikini briefs with some lace on the edges. The panties currently retained a lot of her cute scent, as they had been pressed against her private area all night as she slept. She was wearing no bra, so her breasts were out in the fresh air. They were soft and almost perfect breasts, but maybe a little on the small size. They were perky and a uniform color to the rest of her body (she has an average white complexion) with small small pink areolas. She reached her hands up and cupped her soft smooth breasts as she yawned. She got up out of bed and prepared to shower. Her panties were a little moist from sweat while she slept mixed with small amounts of pee. (She was usually in a hurry going to the bathroom such that the last drops of pee are absorbed by her panties when she pulls them up). Next, she reached her hand to the waistband of her panties and slid them down to about mid thigh. She then let go and the panties continued to drop to the top of her feet. She stepped her left foot out of the panties and then used her right foot to flick the panties into her laundry basket, which at this point was filled with a variety of cute socks and panties. She then glanced at her cute bubble butt. A lot of her friends had a flatter butt, she was glad she wasn't like them. She grabbed a fresh towel and placed it within reach of the shower. She turned the shower on and once the temperature was acceptable she got in. As she shampooed her hair and rubbed her entire body with soap, she remembered she had forgotten to do laundry. She had no clean pairs of panties left. This was something she'd have to deal with after getting out of the shower. After getting out of the shower she dried off using her towel. She then hung her tower over her bathroom door and, completely naked, walked over to her panty drawer to double check she was out of clean panties. Her check confirmed her fears. She didn't think going commando that day would be a proper nor comfortable thing to do, so she decided to rewear the panties she took off this morning. She reached into her laundry basket and grabbed the cute pair of blue panties she woke up in this morning. She slipped both her feet in the cute laced panty opening and pulled them up tight around her bum and private region. The damp parts of the old panties felt uncomfortably cold against her. After a few moments though, the heat from her private region warmed the panties up and now she was left with just a slightly damp feeling. "I guess this will be acceptable for today", she thought as she pulled on a pair of tight fitting jeans overtop her dirty panties. She strapped on a matching bra, pulled on a pink t-shirt, and headed downstairs for breakfast. Natalie's mom, upon seeing Natalie walking into the kitchen said, "Hey there sleepy head. I hope you slept well last night." Natalie responded, "Yeah, it was a good night, but this morning I realized I didn't have any clean panties to put on." "Well what are you wearing right now young lady?" "My old panties from yesterday." Her mom sighed in a disappointed tone and said, "Well, you're going to be doing your own laundry this year. You're a big girl now and I can't be doing everything for you." Natalie responded, "No problem mom, I've learned how to do my own laundry living at college." Natalie's mom responded, "That's good to hear. Also, don't forget about your obligation to babysit for Mr. and Mrs. Penny in a couple hours. They called today and wanted me to tell you to buy a pack of huggies training pants 4T-5T and bring them with you because Todd doesn't have any left. Obviously, they will reimburse you for the cost of the pull ups." Natalie responded, "Yeah, that will be fine." This would be the first time Natalie did a babysitting job that lasted this long. Todd's parents would not be back until the next morning. She wondered how much she would get payed. She was going to be there longer than usual, but most of the time they would both be sleeping anyways. "Who knows", she thought, but she knew it would probably be fair. Natalie knew she needed to hurry to get everything done and be on time to babysit Todd within a couple hours. Todd is the 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Penny, who are friends with Natalie's parents. Natalie immediately began gathering her dirty clothes and started them in the washer. While the clothes were washing she noticed The Simpsons were on tv, and it was episodes from the first 9 seasons back when the show was a lot better. She got caught up in the show and didn't notice it was time to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer. When she finally noticed it was time to put the clothes in the dryer she hurried to get it done, but she knew this mistake ate into her already crunched schedule. Natalie watched a little more tv and when the clothes were finished drying she folded the clothes and placed them in their respective closet/drawer. She then took off her jeans and damp panties and put on a fresh pair of pink bikini panties. She slid her jeans back on and realized she needed to be at the Penny's house to babysit Todd in 15 minutes. She knew she wouldn't have time to pick up the pull ups. She wondered how she would deal with this when she got there. Ch. 3 - Babysitting Todd Natalie quickly gathered a small bag for her self with bathroom supplies and pajamas to take to Todd's. She told her mom, "Bye, I'm off to babysit Todd", as she walked out the front door. Her mom responded, "Ok, see you tomorrow Natalie." Natalie got into her car and left on her way to Todd's house. Natalie's car was a 1986 Toyota Camry. It was nothing flashy, but it was really reliable and she was just thankful her parents had got her a car. Plus, the car was now getting old enough that she could consider it vintage and not just really old. It was in really good shape because her grandparents had bought it new almost 30 years ago and took really good care of it before giving it to her. Todd's house was only 10 minutes away, so she was able to arrive on time. She knocked on the front door and Mr. And Mrs. Penny answered. They exchanged greetings and explained they needed to leave quickly to make it on time to attend Mrs. Penny's niece's graduation out of town. Right before leaving they told her they had bagel bites in the freezer for her to make for dinner. Natalie said, "That sounds great!" Once they had left, Natalie began playing with Todd. Whatever he wanted to do. This is why Natalie had so much repeat business. The kids enjoyed being babysat by Natalie so much, they would beg the parents for her to return. Natalie asked, "So, what do you want to do today Todd?" Todd excitedly responded, "N64!" Todd's parents limited his time playing video games when they were there, so this was a chance for him to get some extra time playing. Todd also wanted Natalie to watch him play his N64. Todd was playing Diddy Kong racing. He thought he was pretty good, so he was showing off in a way. As Natalie watched Todd playing his video games, she couldn't help but worry about the conflict that she knew was in her future. What was she going to do about the fact that she left Todd's pull ups at home? After what seemed like many hours of watching Todd play video games, Natalie got up and said, "It's time for me to make you some dinner little man." Todd was too distracted with his video game to give a response other than a simple, "Ok!" Natalie got up and put the bagel bites the Penny's had told her about earlier in the microwave. While she waited on them to cook she started searching the house. "Maybe he actually does have some extra pull ups somewhere in this house that his parents just couldn't find", she thought. She searched drawers, shelves, boxes in the garage, and pretty much everywhere in the house with no luck...until she looked in a closet next to the living room. On a shelf in the closet she found a bottle of baby powder. She thought, "This might be useful", as she took the bottle and placed it outside the closet. Then, underneath a pile of old coats in this closet, she found a package of luvs baby diapers. She wasn't too relieved, because she doubted they would fit, but then she noticed they were size 6. She thought, "Maybe these actually will fit. Although, I know he won't like it even if they do." She also was interested in why they had the largest size diaper luvs makes. Not only did Todd need pull ups because he was bedwetting longer than most, but he must have needed diapers longer than most because he was late potty training. After all, the Penny's had no other kids. Natalie looked inside the package and immediately smelled the perfumed baby powder smell of luvs diapers. "Todd definitely won't like this", thought Natalie in response to the really babyish smell. Natalie now noticed there was only one diaper left in the package. She was thankful there was at least one left, but she would have to be careful putting it on him because there was no back up plan. If this didn't work, then Todd would have no protection to wear at night, and when he woke up with a wet bed his parents would know it was her fault for not getting the pull-ups like they asked. Natalie put the baby powder and luvs diaper up and retrieved Todd from his video game for dinner. Todd really enjoyed the bagel bites, evident by how he gobbled them up. During dinner Todd talked to Natalie about various things that he thought were cool - including the possible existence of aliens, his friend at school who ate a worm the other day, and his favorite tv shows. Once dinner was over it was a little past 8pm. Natalie knew it was getting close to Todd's bedtime and figured she should probably start getting him ready for bed. Natalie felt really bad that she would have to diaper Todd during this process. After all, it was entirely her fault for forgetting to get pull ups for him. Natalie's announced to Todd, "Alright little man, it's time for you to get ready for bed." Todd complained, "but I'm not tired yet." Natalie responded, "Just get ready for bed now. Once your ready for bed I'll let you play some more video games before making you go to bed." Todd seemed pleased with this arrangement as he scurried upstairs to get ready for bed. By the time Natalie got up there he was already in his pj's and brushing his teeth. "Dang, he must be in a hurry to start playing his video game again.", thought Natalie. Natalie had the luvs diaper and baby powder in her hands. She figured the baby powder might be necessary, because if he wakes up wet in the middle of the night she won't be able to change him because she doesn't have an extra diaper or pull-up. The baby powder will prevent him from getting a rash if he has to stay in the wet luvs diaper for too long. When Todd saw the diaper in Natalie's hand he asked, "What's the diaper for?" Natalie responded in a sympathetic tone, "it's for you Todd. I'm sorry, this is just all I could find to help you with your night time problem. You're out of pull-ups. This diaper is all I could find." Todd cried, "But I'm not a baby, I don't wear diapers anymore." Natalie responded, "I know, but it's all we have. It will just be for tonight. Babies wear diapers because they can't control their pee. At night you're the same way, it makes sense for you to wear a diaper. We can't have you wetting the bed." Todd reluctantly agreed. Natalie asked him to remove his pajama pants so she could put the diaper on him. She had him lay down on the floor and she lifted his legs up and slid the diaper under him, just like she did when changing a baby's diaper. Natalie then puffed out a lot of baby powder on his diaper area while holding Todd's legs up by his feet on top of his diaper. With all the baby powder she used the room now smelt like a nursery. She knew Todd must be completed humiliated, being diapered by a cute girl just like a helpless baby. Natalie prepared the diaper to be taped shut by ripping open the tapes on the front of the diaper. She did it quick and the sound of the tapes opening mixed with the crinkling of the diaper sounded like a classic baby diaper change. Natalie pulled the front of the diaper over him and taped it shut tight to avoid leaks. Todd was now taped in the first diaper he had worn in several years. It was really thick and crinkly and everywhere he went smelled like a nursery because of the diaper and baby powder smell. Natalie thought he looked kind of cute in his diaper, but she was also embarrassed for him. She thought of what it would be like if she still needed diapers at night like a little baby. It would be so humiliating. For Todd's sake, Natalie put his pajama shorts back on overtop his diaper. Todd, despite his current humiliated state, rushed downstairs to continue playing video games. As he left to play video games Natalie realized she had made a big mistake. She hadn't made Todd go to the bathroom before diapering him. And, sure enough, about 30 minutes into his video gaming Todd complains to Natalie that he needs to go pee. Natalie knew she couldn't risk taking the diaper off him to go to the bathroom, because if she undid the tapes they may not retain enough stickiness to be retaped. She simply couldn't risk Todd not having a diaper to wear as he slept tonight. Her only option was to make him wet the diaper on purpose while awake and hope it wouldn't leak after the second wetting while he slept tonight. Natalie knew this wouldn't go over well with Todd. Natalie said, "I'm sorry Todd you're going to have to use your diaper. That's what it is for. You're in a diaper now not a pull-up. Diapers aren't design to be used with the potty like pull-ups, if I take the diaper off to let you go potty I won't be able to get it back on." Todd complained, "But I don't have accidents while I'm awake. I use the potty." Natalie responded, "I know Todd, but just for tonight you need to use your diaper. It is what the diaper was designed for, to be wet." Todd began to cry, which unfortunately made him seem like even more of a baby. As Todd was crying Natalie heard a hissing noise as Todd wet his diaper. Todd's crying slowed to a sniffle as Natalie asked Todd to remove his shorts so she could check for leaks. Todd obliged and removed his shorts. Natalie immediately noticed a yellow tint to the white front part of his diaper that was not present before. She didn't see any leaks. She put her hand up to the front part of his diaper and gently squeezed it to see how wet it was. It felt like any other baby's diaper she had checked for wetness. It was warm and mushy, but still seemed like it could hold another wetting. Natalie was amazed at how similar this 6 year old was to a baby in this respect. Diapers were meant for babies, but here he was with a wet one strapped tight against himself. He was using this absorbent undergarment to take care of his pee rather than going to the potty. As Todd began to calm down more Natalie asked, "Does it feel ok?" Todd responded, "I guess. I don't notice the wetness too much, it mostly just feels warm and bulky." Natalie responded, "That's ok. That's how a wet diaper should feel." Todd, although completely humiliated in a wet diaper, went back to playing video games. He sat down on top if his squishy wet diaper and kept playing. He smelled even more babyish now with the smell of the diaper and baby powder mixing with the smell of his own pee. After a while Natalie told Todd it was time to go to bed. Todd reluctantly accepted this, and marched upstairs to his bed crinkling the whole way. As Natalie tucked him into bed she hoped his diaper wouldn't leak that night. Natalie cut the light off and closed the door as she left Todd in his room in his wet diaper. Natalie got read for bed herself, putting on her pajamas and brushing her teeth. She got in bed and couldn't help thinking about everything that had happened today as she fell asleep. She hoped Todd wasn't too uncomfortable or embarrassed about sleeping in a wet diaper tonight. She was glad she had never had any issues like that growing up. She never wet the bed or anything. She was really proud when she switched from diapers to big girl panties and never made any steps backwards. When Natalie awoke the next morning her first thought was to check whether Todd's diaper had leaked over the night or not. She got up and went into Todd's room and, without waking him, lifted the covers and checked his diaper. As soon as she lifted the covers she was his by the strong smell of stale pee. "It definitely smelt like a baby's room in here now", she thought. Todd's diaper was soaking wet and felt extremely squishy, but thankfully it hadn't leaked. She knew Todd's parents would be home soon so she needed to act quickly. She woke Todd up and told him, "Your diaper is soaking wet. I need to take it off you." Todd looked disappointed as Natalie saw him reach down and feel his own diaper's soaking wet state. Todd sniffled, "Ok." Natalie removed Todd's shorts and with two ripping sounds ripped the tapes on Todd's diaper removing it from him. She told Todd to get cleaned up and dressed. As Todd left, Natalie rolled up Todd's diaper and hid it in the bottom of their trash can in the garage. Once Todd was cleaned up and dressed Natalie told Todd, "Please don't tell your parents I forgot to bring an extra pull-up here with me and had to diaper you. They wouldn't let me babysit you anymore. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?" Todd responded, "I definitely wouldn't want that to happen Natalie, I love you! And I forgive you for making me wear diapers." Todd didn't want his parents finding out about the embarrassing events of last night any more than Natalie. Natalie responded, "That's great to hear little guy. I'm sorry about everything again." Just then they heard the garage door open. Todd's parents were back. Natalie and Todd's parents exchanged greetings. They thanked Natalie for watching Todd for so long and handed her a $50 bill. This was about the amount Natalie expected and she was appreciative. They all said their goodbyes and Natalie headed out to her car to leave.
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