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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! My babygirl and I are looking for friends in the community. Ideally, we would like to meet some people or couples to hang out with. Anything from going out to eat to just letting the littles play and color together. Not looking for anything lewd, just wholesome play time and friendship. If there is anyone interested in the Gastonia area, message me.
  2. So I have been working on this for some time now and am currently working on the sixth chapter at the time of posting this here. If y'all want more please lemme know and help hold me to it on finishing writing this...I don't wanna make yet another unfinished story so...Imma do my best when I have free time! ?? Many many many thanks to the folks that have been reading ahead and helping provide feedback so far, I hope to learn more from the rest of y'all as my first story so...Enjoy! This story is a fan-fiction of the Diaper Dimension universe, heavily inspired by the story "Done Adulting" by Alex Bridges. I wondered what the story might have been like, had the applicant been a married trans woman, rather than single, and if she had already her mind set on being a Little rather than being completely oblivious to what she was getting into. CONTENT WARNING: While this story is meant to be a sweet and sentimental story, it can be very raw and includes the themes of: Family trauma / Rejection Divorce / Separation Questioning Reality / Derealization Existential horror Chapter 1: The Confession "So, you are currently married, Kate, is that correct?" Ms Clarke leaned back into her office chair, tilting her head and putting on a professional smile as her client delayed responding. Now was time for the meat of the interview. Shifting uncomfortably, the meek woman attempted to hide in the squeaky chair across her desk. "Y--Yes. Yes I still am, as it says on the form." Kate kept her eyes glued to the colorful office carpet, despondent yet nervous. "So how has he taken it? I can see here that you are applying for adoption in Tulna alone?" Ms Clarke watched as she squeezed her arm nervously. This wasn't her first married client--as rare as they were--and she recognized that look of guilt and fear well enough. But, she had to ask. "You aren't in danger, are you Kate? That's not why you're here, is it?" "N-no!" Kate recoiled, like she'd ladled disgusting slop onto her lunch tray. "He'd never!" "No worries, dear, just had to ask. So, tell me about your husband. And most importantly, you." Kate let out a long breath and began, "So we love each other, I want to make that clear. Crystal clear...He's the best man I've ever known." She looked across the desk for approval before continuing. "We've been together since ... well, far before the portals opened. We met over the silliest things in college, really" she smiled gently, "Gosh we were so different then. I was so different then. So closed up... "College was an escape. My family, they...when they found out I was what was called an 'abdl' back then..." Her face darkened as her gaze wandered to the floor, "...they thought I was a p...a ped..."--her voice became sharp, angry--"...a freak. An addict. A criminal." "But all I wanted was to be treated like a kid again. Play, be loved. Held. It wasn't even a sexual feeling, it was just...But all they saw was a freak that needed to be cured, when what I most needed was their love and understanding. The brainwashing nearly destroyed me, or...well, I nearly did that to myself." Kate closed her eyes and exhaled. "So when I left for college, I had a chance to find that love and understanding I desperately needed. To heal. And I met him, Bryce." She sat up and smoothed out her skirt, her smile warm but eyes sad. "He accepted my 'little' side, helped me feel loved, helped me begin to heal and discover myself--I even transitioned! There was only so much we--I--could do, but with therapy and time, eventually I learned to recognize the abuse I grew up with and to find small ways to carve out a portion of this world for myself and heal. I learned how to keep all pieces of myself...happy!...And we began to build our lives together." "Mmhmm, mmhmm," Ms Clarke nodded and shuffled through the papers, "You wrote in here about getting your depression and anxiety under control for quite some time after all that...Got into calisthenics...Opened up more at home...Stopped medication, aside from hormones?" "Yeah! It was still challenging but the strategy was simple: dig as much into what I could do, and accept the rest was just fantasy. For example, there was no playground I could play on as an adult--but, I could exercise on gym monkeybars, climb things, run and skip. And sometimes we could go to water parks for the rest, like slides! And at home, we could enact private scenes together...and while there were some boundaries we couldn't cross, like diaper changes, I felt grateful he did so much despite not being into any of it himself." Ms Clarke leaned forward thoughtfully, curious and admittedly a bit surprised. Her married clients usually had clear issues, abuse, and the Little was already on their way out the door. But this couple...there were no obvious problems. "But I thought," Kate continued, "I thought I could tolerate, live, a life like this. And for a long time, I did. I even got off my meds! I was so proud of how far I'd come, how much I'd grown." "But then the portals appeared?" "Right..." She stared off into the distance, caught in a memory. "I didn't believe it. I thought it was some alternate reality art experiment...or prank...or...anything but real. I stuck my head in the sand and pretended, insisted, that it was all still fantasy. But...news websites reported on it, tourist flyers appeared in the mail... "I saw an interview, some Big's take on an attempted kidnapping in Itali. She dwarfed the Little in her arms, towered over the earth reporter, and...in the background there was...a playground, bustling with Littles and Bigs sharing their lives together and...It finally all crashed over me. "And suddenly, " Kate returned her gaze to Ms Clarke, "Suddenly I couldn't cope anymore. My life felt like fantasy! I was kidding myself, thinking that exercising on black monkeybars in a cold gray gym blasting 'bang me' music was anything like a playground when the real thing was actually right fucking there, in plain sight!" Ms. Clarke nodded solemnly, like a priest at confession. She hadn't lost touch with how difficult admitting these truths were to her clients. The bombshell was about to drop. Kate held her head in her arms, and took several breaths. "And worst of all...I began to feel like I was kidding myself thinking that what we had built together would really keep me happy. Why...why pretend when...? But...We'd worked so hard at this together, for so long. I tried to push through it, I denied things had changed, even as I saw the hesitation and fear in his eyes, even as I felt like a freak, even as I returned to meds. Again." Sitting up with watery eyes gazing to the ceiling, to the sky beyond it, Kate continued. "I've felt just so awful for so long now! I can't maintain this facade anymore. We have a life together, and I'm so so SO grateful for all of that! But I can't ... I can't pretend it's not killing me inside...! The moment I realized I could actually...live...that life," she gestured at the photographs adorning the office, "I couldn't picture my life here anymore...I couldn't picture our life together a-anymore." At that, Kate lost her composure and hiccups escaped her trembling lips. Ms Clarke pushed a box of tissues forward and sighed. On the walls behind her desk were photographs of scenery in Tulna. Cobblestone streets, shops, and parks all bustling with people from all walks of life--commuters on bikes, college students, retirees, parents. It would have been easy to mistake the scenery for any other European college town, were it not for the portraits of happy adoptees and their 13-foot-tall parents. "And here I am", she continued, wiping her eyes and sniffling, "and I don't even know if I even qualify for any of this. And you probably think I'm some freak for being here, some fetishist and entitled...bitch...for wanting to leave my...my...I mean, it's not perfect, but it's a lot better than most. I have a great job, we've loved each other for so long, we've been a team through thick and thin, and I've coped before so why not just soldier through and cope some more, right? I must look like the most untitled...most ungrateful...bitch...to leave this life behind and choose to live with ...with monsters ... all for some ...some fetishistic kick?" "Kate" shaking, she raised her bloodshot eyes, "do you really feel that way? That these people are monsters? That this is all just some fetish?" Kate sniffled and wiped her face on her sleeves. "N...No. I just...that's how it's got to look to everyone else, right? You SEE the kidnappings, you KNOW what the...what their kind have done in the non-Alliance countries. It's horrible. And then there's all these people that get their kicks wearing diapers here...and I...it's no fault to them, and I've been around that community enough to know they're all such ... such awesome and caring people...But...But even before the portals I knew that's not what most people saw. They saw fucking p--...fucking freaks. And here I am wanting to live that life, in that world, to leave all this behind. "So it doesn't matter if they're an Alliance country. It doesn't matter what good they do...It doesn't matter how I feel, it doesn't that it has always been more than just some fucking kick to me...I'm just...I'm just a monster to everyone else. I'm a greedy, selfish, undeserving monster." Ms Clarke let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding in, and Kate settled back into her chair, exhausted. Now she understood why maybe these clients were so rare; they had to take a leap of faith, at the cost of uprooting not just their lives but their families, at a time when living life as a Little was synonymous with slavery for many. But not all. It wasn't as black and white as Kate believed, especially not in places like Tulna. "Kate," she walked around her desk and knelt in front of her "You are very brave for coming here, okay?" She laid her hand gently on her shoulder "And you are not a monster. Can you believe that for me?" Kate nodded her head and brushed the hair out of her face. "Would you like a hug, Kate?" "Yes" And for a moment the two stood embracing. Gradually, the outside world slowly washed in as Kate's breathing returned to normal, filling their ears with muffled voices, ringing phones, shuffling papers and footsteps. Song birds outside the window, chirping their repetitive soothing songs, were joined by bike bells and pre-recorded messages on bus transit. Delicately, they separated and returned to their places at the desk. "So, have your husband and you stayed together? You haven't divorced yet, is that correct?" "Yes...We weren't sure what to do. We didn't want to separate in case I didn't qualify." "But it sounds to me like he is willing to let you go?" Kate nodded bitterly, "Yes." "Staying together for now was a smart and completely understandable decision, Kate. But, you are correct about the terms of adoption; eventually, you will need to separate--at least legally. Mind you, this is true regardless of him joining you in Tulna or not, say as an independent Little. Has he considered that possibility, or--?" "No. No, he...He has wanted only to visit at most; he couldn't move on if he knew I was around the corner like that." "Understandable. In that case, we won't need him to come in for a citizenship interview unless he changes his mind. For now, just know we'll evaluate your application under the assumption that you are each living independently; with him in possession of your home or renting alone. You should discuss this together, but as this would be a big change for the both of you, we do recommend waiting until the decision is made before you take those big steps together, okay?" Kate simply nodded, internally feeling equal amounts dread and relief. "But," she continued, leaning forwards, "if you are accepted please be aware it will be contingent on your separation. Staying together, legally-speaking, presents too many issues both here and in Tulna with the adoption process. We have a legal team that will help you draft the petition terms, however you will both need to agree to and enact them before this can proceed any further. No Adoption Preferences forms, no listing, no nothing until that is completed. Is that understood?" "Yes." The rest of the interview concluded question-answer style about mundane details such as housing, loans, etc. Kate had been relatively responsible (and admittedly lucky) financially; software paid well, and living together split living expenses; any debts she'd had had been paid off years ago. Before they wrapped up, Ms Clarke asked if she had any more questions. "Yeah...uhm...I wanted to know...I often hear lots of Littles end up becoming a bit more sedentary and such...with being carried around and all that...? While I started exercise here and have kept it up mostly, I...It'd feel good if I could take that with me. Continue at it? Will the Bigs allow that?" "I can't make any guarantees, Kate, the interpretation of your target age would be up to the adoptive Big or Bigs. But, I can make a special note for you in your file. There are certainly Bigs out there as active as you, and it's not unheard of to enroll in parent-child gymnastics classes together." "Thanks, I would love that." Kate stood up. "And...thank you. Sorry for the blubbering and all that I...Just, thank you for taking the time to meet with me and...listen to me." Ms Clarke extended her hand and Kate shook it, "The pleasure is mine, no need to feel sorry. This is an emotional time, and you're not the first to find their feelings bubbling to the surface in my office. You'll expect to hear from us in a few weeks, up to a month. Until then, take care, Kate." And with that, her client turned and left. After a breath and sip of coffee, she took notes on their meeting: Kate is a very physically active, smart, and highly-functioning but anxious girl in her 30s...history of depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD...controlled with medication and exercise...but likely lingering attachment issues and trauma from her upbringing...trans, could benefit from medical interventions...admits to already acting on Little feelings...adamantly not a fetishist...anticipate adapting quickly...must separate from her husband...will be difficult for them, but he supports her decision...would pair best with a supportive, active couple...learn to listen to her own needs...overall excellent candidate, will make their lucky Big(s) feel very happy and loved. =============== "Hellooo?" Kate called out, as she hung up her coat and removed her shoes. Silently, Bryce appeared in the doorway. "Hey" "Hey..." Like the moment before separating at a train station, they both stood there for what felt like an eternity. Finally, Kate spoke up. "I'm sorry, I--" He interrupted Kate with a hug. "I love you so much, Kate. I...I..." "M-Me too..!...B-B-Bry--" And together they embraced, crying in each other's arms. They were at the station now, waiting for the train to come. It didn't matter that this train could be cancelled, or delayed, there would always be another behind it. And for the first time, it felt like they could finally acknowledge it--for the first time, they could finally begin to say goodbye
  3. “But I’m supposed to be big today” I fumed, as Daddy barred my way, diaper in hand. “I know,” his voice was calm and measured, but there was a slightly stern tone to his words, “but it’s going to be a long day, with lots of distractions.” He had a point. Most of my accidents happened when my attention was on something fun or exciting. “And the escape room booking is for two hours. You definitely aren’t going to be able to hold on for that long.” I sighed, I’d been looking forward to today, and didn’t want to spoil it with an accident, but I really didn’t want to wear a diaper, particularly something so thick and babyish. They always made me feel spacey and little, and I wanted to be on my best form with a clear head. “If you don’t make a fuss, I’ll let you have any treats you want while we’re out”. I smiled, it was a small victory, but I’d take it, “OK Daddy”, I said, waddling towards my bed, my very soggy overnight diaper making walking kind of difficult. “Just a second” Daddy said, stopping me in my tracks, “Do you need you go potty before I change you?” I blushed, of course I did. If I hadn’t been so flustered I would have said something to show him how big I could be. I nodded meekly, then began to head towards the bathroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” Daddy asked, gently taking hold of my arm. “The potty” I replied. The hope in my voice trailing off as I realised what he was expecting me to do. He shook his head, chuckling a little, “just do it in your diaper, silly. It’s not that wet, you won’t leak.” I sulked, then whispered, “but I have to poop.” Daddy shrugged, “it smells like you already had a bit of a stinky accident already, so I’m going to have a messy clean up to deal with either way.” I went bright red. Until he mentioned the smell, I hadn’t even noticed. Had I messed in my sleep again, and just not noticed when I sat down? Or did I go while I was having breakfast? Or when I was walking back upstairs? “But I don’t want to do it in front of you?” I whined. Daddy raised his eyebrow, “You’re not normally this modest about being a stinky butt” he joked, stepping behind me and rubbing my back. Without even thinking I gave a little push. Nothing came out. Daddy noticed. Without saying a word he sat himself on my bed, and pulled me onto his lap, guiding my feet onto a little stool to raise them up so I was almost squatting, “try now” he whispered into my ear. I pushed again, wetting myself a little as I did. After a few moments of pushing I felt a big, soft mess erupt into my diaper.Daddy must have noticed too, as he whispered “good kitten” into my ear.I gave another little push, getting the last of the mess out. “Are you done?” I nodded. “I think so”. He hugged me tight for a few moments, then eased me up off of his lap, “let’s see what we’re dealing with” he said, as he gently tugged the back of my diaper. As he did the smell, which wasn’t too bad at first, filled the room. “Well that’s a pretty big mess. Guess the we shouldn’t have given you milk with your breakfast.” I was already pretty embarrassed, but this tipped me over the edge. My tummy went gurgly and my head fuzzy with the humiliation. “If I hadn’t said anything you’d have had a very stinky butt by the time we got to lunch” he teased. Leaving me where I was standing, Daddy reached under the bed and pulled out my changing mat, as well as some bed pads, wipes, creme, powder and gloves. I watched as he put the gloves on, and laid the changing mat and disposable bed pads out. Then, with a few playful pats on my butt, he guided me to lie down for my change. The mess mushed against my skin as I sat on the bed. It made me shiver a little. Daddy noticed. Once I was lying down he eased my pacifier into my mouth, and handed me BearBear, who I used to hide my face. He was very good at hiding my blushes when Daddy opened up the diaper and the smell got so much worse. I closed my eyes for the rest of the change, enjoying the feel of the wipes against my skin as Daddy cleaned me up. After a few minutes he lifted my butt off the bed, slid the clean diaper under me, covered me in rash and powder and taped me up in my clean diaper. I gave a little wiggle, enjoying the feeling, and he blew a raspberry on my belly. When daddy helped me off the bed I realised how big and babyish the diaper he’d put me in looked. It was a Tykeables Camelots, but he’d added a booster pad to it. I could barely put my legs together, and my butt looked enormous. “This diaper is huge” I whinged. “Everyone will see it”. “That sounds like a fuss to me” Daddy cautioned, “and babies who make a fuss don’t get treats, do they?” I sighed. “No Daddy.” He reached into my chest of drawers and took out a plain blue snap crotch romper, holding it up for me, “Arms up” I did as I was told,, allowing him to slide it over my head, then to button it closed. “That should help to keep it held up.” He explained, “now go pick out some big kid clothes for the day”. I did as he asked, taking a pair of baggy jeans and a cute t-shirt with a t-rex on it. I wanted to be big today, but not that big. Daddy packed a diaper bag for me as I got dressed, and as soon as I was ready we headed to the car. ***** We pulled up at the old mall, just outside the centre of town. It was only a small mall, and the retail stores had all closed down about a year ago. Since then the place had been converted into an entertainment complex, with a handful of quick service restaurants, a small bowling alley, indoor mini golf, an arcade, and a huge escape room complex. As we walked toward the building my eyes were drawn to a sign advertising an adult soft play centre ‘coming soon’. “Want to visit?” Daddy asked, seeing what I was looking at. “Yeah” I replied, my excitement evident in my voice. “Maybe we should see if Maya and Rett want to join us?” “Yeah” I agreed. Now even more excited. I loved spending time doing little-y things with Maya and Rett. they were so much fun. That’s why we booked the escape room with them today. It was nice having fun with people who were also Little, even if we were being big. Daddy led me to the place we were getting lunch. It had diner style food, and was really heavily themed to seem like a sleazy, grimey dive bar. Either they spent a fortune making it look right, or they left it as they found it when they moved in. It was hard to tell. Maya and Rett were already there, sitting at a table waiting for us. Although they were dressed ‘big’, a quick glance at their butt revealed they were as heavily padded as me. I wondered whether Daddy and Maya had conspired with each other before we left the house. We reached across the table for hugs, then sat down opposite them. “Excited?” Maya asked me. I nodded, a big grin on my face. She probably didn’t need to ask, I was bouncing up and down in my seat. There were a few reasons for that. “Did you see the sign outside?” I blurted out, at Rett and Maya. “the soft play?” Rett grinned, “yeah”. “Wanna come with us when it opens?” “Sure” Maya said. I stopped bouncing. Daddy and Maya both gave me The Look. Then Daddy leaned over to Maya, and whispered a little more loudly then I was happy about, “someone told me they didn’t want to wear a diaper today. Can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t put my foot down?” Maya chuckled to herself. “Rett was the same. They were so certain they weren’t going to be able to make it to the potty, but someone had a stinky butt before we’d even made it here.” Rett blushed bright red. “Everyone know what they want?” Daddy asked. “Chilli cheese fries and chilli cheese dog for me,” I said. “I’ll come with and get ours,” Maya told Daddy. “I’ll have a vanilla milkshake too please” I said as they walked away. Daddy gave me a look, “are you sure? That’s a lot of dairy”. “You said I could have what I wanted” I pouted. “I guess I did” Daddy replied. When he and Maya were out of earshot, I leaned over to Rett, “So are you ready to show them how much smarter and better we are than them?” “Yeah” Rett replied. “I’ve been reading up on puzzles these sort of places use. I think we should be able to get ourselves out pretty quickly.” “Not too quickly though,” I laughed, “we want to get our money’s worth”. Rett giggled. “Yeah. I mean, it’s relative. I hear this place can take up to three hours” I blanched “wow. Daddy said two. I don’t think I’d be able to go that long without needing a bathroom break” “I think that’s why they’ve put us in such thick padding. They expect us to take ages.” “We’ll show them” I said, as Daddy and Maya returned with our lunch. “Show us what?” Daddy asked. “Nothing.” I said, as innocently as I could. He didn’t seem to believe me. “Maybe you should show me your diaper so I can check if you need a change.” I blushed and shook my head, “OK, he said. “Well eat up, we’ll go to the bathroom to check you when we’re done eating.” ****** It didn’t take us too long to eat,and true to his word, Daddy and Maya led us into the bathrooms for diaper checks. We were both a little bit soggy, but we were in such thick padding they decided not to bother changing us. I was hoping I’d get a chance to try to poop, as I could already feel my tummy rumbling from all the dairy, but Daddy didn’t offer, and I didn’t want to ask in front of Maya and Rett, even though Daddy had made me go on my potty chair in front of them lots of times before. After that we headed to the escape rooms. The theming was amazing. The check in area was made to look like a space port, and when we went into the briefing room they had us sit down in seats like we were on a shuttle to a space station. They even vibrated and moved as the ‘ship’ flew us into ‘space’. In the briefing we were told that we were a rescue crew being sent to a space station which had lost communication with mission control. Our task was to investigate what had happened, and if we could, to find and rescue the crew. Once the briefing ended, the door at the front of the room slid open. We unstamped our 'safety harnesses', collected our thoughts, and stepped through into the first chamber. It was a small room with a sign saying 'AIRLOCK ONE'. A screen on the wall flickered into life. "Rescue crew, we're having some trouble connecting to the station's systems from down here" the guy on the static-filled 'transmission' explained, "we can't open the inner door to the airlock from down here. You're going to need to find a way to override it to get on board the station." As the transmission ended, the door from the 'shuttle' slid closed, and the flickering lights held steady at a dim glow. "Seems easy enough" Maya said, examining the numbered keypad beside the door. "I suppose we just need to find the code somewhere around the room. Daddy began searching for numbers, while Maya looked at the keypad from different angles. "maybe there will be some wear from where people have pressed the buttons before" she explained. "I'm not so sure that's the right solution" I said, but by then Maya and Daddy were already engrossed in their hunt, and didn't hear me, or at least didn't respond. "I think you're right" Rett agreed. "I haven't seen anything that looks like clues to a code, and they usually telegraph that sort of thing." "So what are you thinking?" I asked "Well, as it's an airlock I don't think there will be a crawl through to the next room, so I'm guessing they want us to do something to short out the lock" "So we're looking for a removable panel then?" "I think so." Rett replied. Our hunt began. Rett took one side, I took the other, and we crawled around the room, trying to tug the panels off the walls. When Maya noticed what we were doing she chuckled and called to Daddy, "have you seen what the two cuties are doing?" "Leave them for two minutes and they're already crawling around" he replied. The joke was on them, though, I managed to get a panel beside the airlock door off the wall. Behind it were five wires, one red, one yellow, one black, one white and one with black and yellow stripes. "I've found something" i called out. Everyone came over to look. "So how does this work?" Daddy asked, thinking out loud rather than expecting a response. I tugged the wires. All five of them came loose at one end. "I guess we just need to connect these up in a different way" I explained. "Should we just try solutions?" suggested Maya. I did as she suggested. This didn't seem very efficient, but it was better than just sitting staring. Rett was a bit shy around Daddy, so I didn't hear them talking at first, but then they tapped me on the shoulder. I looked round and they were holding the panel I’d taken off the wall. On the back of it, the side I'd laid on the floor, was a sign that read 'EMERGENCY OVERRIDE', with a picture of the solution. I set the wires how they were on the sign, and the door slid open. We moved through into the next chamber: a long hallway with lots of closed doors along each side. The monitor on the wall crackled into life. "Well done on getting through the airlock" the Guy at Mission Control said, "Sorry to spoil the moment, but we've got a readout here saying life support is failing, we need you to go to ops to get our downlink for the cameras and uplink for the doors turned back on, and to hydroponics to fix any issues you find." As the transmission ended, lights flicked on above two doors. One was marked 'Operations', the other 'Hydroponics'. Rett, confident from their earlier success, rushed towards the Operations Room. there was a button beside the door. They pressed it, the door slid open, and their face went white. When I caught up to them, we saw why. The room looked like a crime scene. There was blood on the walls, and several dummies made to look like the charred bodies of crew members on the floor. It looked amazing, but I can see why Rett was surprised. I gave them a hug to comfort them. When I did I noticed a smell. I whispered in their ear, "Did you have an accident because you were scared?" Rett nodded and whispered, "I think so". "Let's go in quick, before Daddy or Maya notice". I grabbed Rett's hand and led them inside. They seemed a little bit unsure, but followed. The room had lots of computer consoles with flickering screens, there were different labels above each of them, one said, 'CAMERAS', one had 'LIFE SUPPORT' one had 'DOOR CONTROL' and there were a few others. i went up to the one for the cameras and examined it. As I was looking, Daddy and Maya came into the room. I noticed Daddy sniffing a little bit and realised my hope to spare Rett's embarrassment was probably not great, as the room was fairly small. "It smells a bit funny in here" Maya said, as she walked up behind Rett. Daddy was already behind me, and I felt his hand on the back of my jeans. "I think it's the theming," Rett said, not convincing anyone, "they make it smell like that because of the bodies" "Is that so, Maya asked, gently patting their butt, "so it's not because someone had an accident then?" Rett winced and shook their head. I felt daddy's hand rubbing the back of my diaper, feeling for messies. "All clean here, he announced" "This one's definitely a little bit stinky" Maya announced, “but not too bad.” I saw Rett's expression change, as they began to slip into little space. I was going the same way, but I fought it so that my head was clear for the puzzles, "No fair!" I whined, "you're just trying to make us smol so we don't do better at solving puzzles than you," Daddy and Maya chuckled, not denying their trick. My revelation snapped Rett out of their reverie, and they began examining the Camera console. "it says the camera unlink is off" they explained, tapping the keyboard. when they pressed it a prompt came up asking for a password. "We need to find the password," they said, a hint of authority to their voice, "I imagine it will be written down somewhere". We began searching, not really sure what we were looking for, it felt an awful lot like we were wasting time, as it took us ages, but I eventually had a revelation. One of the 'bodies' was lying right by the consoles. I reached down and turned it over. sure enough, in the breast pocket of the flight suit, was a little pocket book. I opened it up, and inside were passwords. I handed it to Rett, and they began trying them. After three attempts the prompt flickered off, replaced with "PASSWORD CORRECT. TURN CAMERAS ON Y/N". Rett tapped 'Y' on the keyboard, and the two cameras in the corner of the room began to move left and right. We beamed at one another with satisfaction. "Hydroponics next" I declared, grabbing their hand and leading them towards the door. "Shouldn't we do the rest of the systems while we're here?" Daddy suggested. "No." I explained, "We’ll end up getting sidetracked. Besides, they might be part of puzzles we have to solve later on.” Rett and I practically skipped out into the hallway, and down to the hydroponics room. I don’t know what we were expecting to find, but this wasn’t it. The room was fairly small, but along the back wall were a bank of four glass-fronted chambers, and along the side of each chamber were racks upon racks of plants. It took my breath away for a moment, as I puzzled over how the builders of the escape room had made such a huge, long, plant nursery, until I realised they were nowhere near as deep as they looked, and the effect was achieved with a mirror at the back, and a half-mirror finish on the glass in front of me. One of the ‘growing chambers’ seemed normal, but three of them seemed to be on fire, with flickering orange lights and flame effects. As Daddy and Maya caught up with us, the screen on the wall flickered into life, and the briefing began, “You’re doing a great job, Rescue Team. We now have the feed from the cameras. As you can see, it seems there’s a fire in the hydroponics tanks. The fire suppression system has failed. We need you to get it back on before we lose all of them.” “That seems simple enough” Daddy said, a hint of confidence in his voice. I wasn’t so sure. On the floor in front of the tanks were about 20 sections of copper pipe, as well as an angle grinder. I guess in the story the grinder was used to cut the pipe up. There was a pipe connector on one of the tanks, which I assume was where we should be connecting one end of the pipe to, but I couldn’t see the where it was meant to run to. “Guys, I think it needs to run to here” Maya called over from the corner of the room. I was a little surprised that she was the one to find the opening. Not that she wasn’t smart, but I assumed she’d come here because it was Rett’s thing. I was glad she’d begun to get into the spirit of the game though. We gathered around her. She was right, of course. In the corner was a pipe, connected to the wall, with a little wheel on top, but it wasn’t going to be as simple as just connecting the pipe. In front of the opening was a maze of fixed pipework. We would have to build our line out from there, and hope we got the design right and that we would reach the other end without too much trouble. We began. The pipe went together fairly easily, as there were push-fit connectors on the end of each section. While I was crouching down I peed. I wanted to show Daddy I could hold it, but there was no way I’d make it all the way through, and I didn’t see any sense in trying to hold it and being uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I also felt my tummy rumble a little, which made me regret the milkshake a tiny bit. Even though it was really good. Our first attempt with the pipe didn’t work out. We came up about six inches too short. For a minutes or so we couldn’t decide how much of the existing construction to keep, and how much to rebuild. In the end we settled on a complete fresh start. We agreed to let Rett try a few attempts on their own. They were definitely the most suited to it, as they were really patient, but also quite quick with their hands. While Rett worked, I wandered up to Daddy and gave him a hug, and a kiss on his cheek. “What was that for, little kitty?” he asked “Nothin’” I said, in my cutest voice, “I just wanted to be cute at you.” He chuckled to himself. “Thank you, you succeeded.” As I walked away he gently caught my arm, “how’s your diaper doing?” he asked, “I noticed you were peeing yourself while we were putting the pipe together.” I blushed, “how?” “You were looking like you were holding it, then looked very relieved. It was cute.” My face was as hot as the flames in the tanks at the back of the room. “I think it’s OK, I didn’t go that much” “Do I need to check you?” I shook my head. “OK, it’s not like I can do much in here to change you anyway.” He let my arm go and gently patted my butt as I toddled back to Rett. By the time I got there they were just putting the last connecting pipe in place. “Want to do the honours?” they asked, nodding to the wheel on the outlet. “No! You did all the work. You should do it” I replied. They grinned, “I guess so”, they said, as they made their way to the wheel and turned it. Their gait had become really unsteady, and they had a noticeable waddle from their pee-soaked diaper. I wondered whether I was that obviously soaked as well. Before I could give it much thought though, Rett turned the wheel, and a spray of glitter poured down from the top of each of the tanks while strobe lights flashed inside them. After a few moments the lights in the tanks went back on. The plants in two of them were completely charred and blackened. The other had singed plants on one side, but the other was unnscathed. After our eyesight recovered, and we took a moment to marvel at what we’d just witnessed, our attention was drawn back to the video screen, “So I have bad news and worse news” The Guy from Mission Control was back, “You’ve stopped the fire, but we’ve lost 60% of the plant capacity, and the fire suppression powder is clogging up the filters. That means you’ve got about 100 minutes of useable oxygen before the air becomes unbreathable.” A countdown timer appeared at the bottom of the screen, “but that’s the less bad news. The bad news is that the ion engines have failed, and if you don’t fix them the station is going to hurtle back to earth. On it’s current course it will hit somewhere in Europe. The exact location is classified, but if you’ve planned a holiday in Paris it’s probably worth canceling it.” We headed back out into the hallway. At one end a light had turned on above a door marked, ‘ENGINE ROOM’. I grabbed Rett’s hand and led them down the hallway, although as we were both waddling due to our bulky padding, Daddy and Maya had less trouble keeping up with us. Inside the room was a stack of thin metal cylinders, each about three inches in diameter and two feet long. There was also a separate stack of hexagonal blocks, a similar diameter but a third of the length. On the other side of the room there were two seats like the ones on the shuttle, with VR headsets resting on top of them. Once again the video screen flickered and our briefing began. “You’re going to need to divide into two teams,” The Guy from Mission Control, looking far more wary now than he had done at the start of our adventure. “One team will be using the EVA headsets to control robots outside the station. Their task is to fix the leaks in the engine fuel lines. The other team will need to carefully remove the empty fuel cylinders and discharged battery blocks, and replace them with new units from storage. But be careful, There we’re reading a fault in the wiring, so if the casings of the batteries or fuel cylinders make contact with the containment unit walls, you will short out the power and blow up the station. No pressure though.” Rett was staring at the seats even before we walked in. They loved video games, and had been wanting to try VR for ages. They’d have probably been better at doing the cylinder puzzle than any of the rest of us, but there was no way I was going to take this away from them, “Daddy and I can do the cylinders” I volunteered, “want a hand getting strapped into the chair, Rett?” Their eyes lit up. “Don’t you want to try the VR?” Daddy asked me. “Yeah, but I think Rett would probably have more fun doing it with Maya” I replied. Daddy rubbed my back, “You’re a very good kitty” he whispered in my ear. I shivered a little, and grinned like a crazy person. Maya and Rett sat themselves down on the seats, while Daddy and I slipped the headsets over their heads, and handed them the controllers. Then we moved over to the cylinders. “We’ll have to be careful” Daddy cautioned, “Or we’ll end up cutting their game short”. One of the walls in the room held the ‘in use’ cylinders and batteries. The ends of the containers jutted out from the wall slightly, and each had an unlit LED next to it. “How do we get them out?” Daddy wondered aloud I looked at the ends, each of them had four notches cut into them. “I think there’s some sort of grabbing tool that we need to use. The other question is how we tell which ones need to be swapped out? The LEDs are probably indicators, but they all seem to be off” I hadn’t noticed, but Daddy had stepped away while I was speaking. When he came back he had a claw for grabbing the cylinders, and a fairly nondescript black box with a handle. “Look what I found” he said. He was grinning. I took the box off of him and began waving it just in front of the cylinder ends. As I did the LEDs started lighting up. Some green, some red. “Ooh, I think it’s done with EM fields” I said “What?” asked Daddy. “The box sends a small magnetic field out, and that powers a circuit that lights the LEDs up.” I explained, “It’s really clever”. “So are you.” Daddy replied. I moved the box to the top left hand side of the wall and started systematically moving it across the cylinders. The third one I got to had a red LED. “This one needs changing” I announced, “Really? I thought you could probably last a bit longer” Daddy joked. Then he grabbed the end of the cylinder with the grippers and gently eased it out of the wall. He went slowly, and supported the bottom of it with his hand as it came out. Depositing the cylinder on the ground, he picked up a new one, and lifted it in. “These are heavier than they look” He complained. “Yeah, I agreed. “They will be because you’re having to lift them from the end”. We continued, with me finding cylinders to change, and Daddy removing and replacing them. It took a while, but eventually we succeeded. All without ‘frying the station’ and ending the game. Once it was complete we moved over to where Rett and Maya were. They were just finishing up, and Rett had a big grin on their face. “How was it?” I asked. “AMAZING!” Rett enthused, bouncing out of the chair. “I didn’t think we were going to do it, because I dropped a spanner and it started floating away, but Maya fired her thrusters, grabbed the spanner and threw it back to me.” Maya took a little bow. Then the video started playing. “Well, you’ve saved Paris” The Guy said, before producing a party popper and setting it off, “And look at that, you’ve got over an hour to work out what happened. Loads of time. We can’t download the logs from here, as they’re isolated from the system, but they’re probably the best place to start. And we’ll be able to monitor them once you begin watching them. You’ll find them in the ops room”. “I guess we’re going back to ops then,” Daddy said. As we walked back down the hallway, Rett looked at the doors that still hadn’t opened, “I wonder what’s behind those?” “I’m sure we’ll find out soon” Maya replied. In the ops room we couldn’t see a console marked ‘LOGS’, but there was one marked ‘PLAYBACK’, which had a USB port and a box of thumb drives beside it marked ‘logs’. I grabbed a drive at random and put it in the port. It started playing. On the screen was a woman with close-cropped, dark hair. She had an air of authority. “Since the incident, Reeve’s behavior has been getting worse” she explained, “I don’t know whether it’s because he’s worried about a possible infection, or something to do with the contamination itself, but he’s rude, aggressive, and has come close to violence. I’m giving it 24 hours, and if things haven’t calmed down I’m ordering an evac for him.” This was clearly from partway through whatever had happened. I pulled the drive out, grabbed another from the box and inserted it in. It was the same woman: “Reeves and I were checking his PPE gear back into storage, and we noticed a slight nick in one of the outer gloves. It’s probably nothing, he wouldn’t have made contact with the slime, but it’s still worried me a little. He’s agreed to spend the night in medical for observation, and we’ll address it when we’re less exhausted.” I swapped the drive out for another. The screen filled with an image of the operations room, shot from one of the security cameras. Several of the crew were busy working, including the woman who had been making the logs. Then the door opened and a tall guy walked in. It might have been a glitch on the recording, but it almost looked like his hands were on fire. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at him. He walked up to each person in turn, completely calmly, and as he got to them, they burst into flames. Once the screen went black I took a moment to collect myself from the shock of what I’d seen and changed out the thumb drive again. The woman, who I’d come to assume was the station’s commander, was back. “We’ve found some sort of residue built up around the vents for the filtration system,” the Commander explained, “It’s probably innocuous, but it doesn’t look like the usual grime that collects on the station, and no one can recall seeing it yesterday. I’ve asked Reeves to collect some samples and take them to medical” The screen went black. Just before I could replace the drive, it came on again, “Reeves has successfully collected a sample. Frankly that’s an understatement. He cleared what he could find and filled eleven containers worth. I’ve had one container taken to medical for analysis, and the rest I’ve locked up in the storage closet in ops until we know what we’re dealing with” I glanced at Rett, who had clearly already seen the door marked “STORAGE”, and was walking towards it. As they got close to the door it started banging from the inside. Rett stopped dead, started to whimper, then darted to Maya, giving her a big hug. I’d gone white, and as I calmed down a little I realised I was grasping Daddy’s hand. Then I started laughing. “Well that was horrible” I said, breaking the tension. Maya was stroking Rett’s hair, although even they were laughing as well. “Maybe we should check out Medical” Rett suggested, “I’d rather not find out what’s behind that door.” “Will we be able to get into it? Maya asked, “So far they’ve opened the doors of the rooms they want us to go in”. Daddy shrugged, “Only one way to find out”. He led us out of the room and down the hallway. When we got to the door marked ‘MEDICAL’ he pushed the button beside the door. It slid open. “Guess we’re allowed in,” he said. Inside it looked trashed. There were beds on their sides, smashed up sample containers and equipment scattered everywhere. “Are we looking for anything in particular in here?” asked Maya “I don’t know” I replied, “Nothing I can think of” “I don’t think there will be anything in here” Rett explained, “They would have given us clear instruction if it was part of the game, I just wanted to take a look before we got to the end” I noticed a glass cylinder on the ground, buried under some of the scattered detritus. It was filled with a black, jelly-like substance. I gently nudged it with my foot, “guess that’s the sample then” I said. As I moved, I felt my tummy lurch. I was really enjoying myself, but if we didn’t get to the end pretty soon I was going to have a major accident, “where next?” I asked. “The crew rooms?” Rett suggested, “We haven’t looked in there yet, and there might be more clues.” We moved into the crew accommodation - a fairly small room with eight capsule-like bunks in two banks either side. We began with the top bunk on the left hand side, and drew the curtain on each in turn. The first two were empty, but the third had a mannequin in it, covered in fake blood. If we hadn’t had the shock in the ops room it probably would have been upsetting, but as it was it just kind of made us all chuckle. “He doesn’t seem very well” Daddy joked. Which made me groan. There were two more ‘bodies’ both equally bloody in two of the other bunks.Beside one of them was a hardback notepad, with a cover that read ‘EMERGENCY CREW LOG BOOK’. I picked it up, and opened it. There were only two entries. I began to read the first one to everyone, “Mission Log, Day 42 - We have sealed ourselves into the accommodation. Reeves has taken control of operations, and has The Commander, Matthews, Radjek, Upesh and Huang with him. We have noidea about their condition, or if they’re even alive. He has destroyed medical, almost completely, deactivated the Escape Pod, and set traps in the Hydroponics. One of those traps has severely injured Magnusdottir, and she’s in critical condition. Njeri and I are planning to try to enter ops, and restrain Reeves shortly”. I paused a little before moving on to the next log, “We have restrained Reeves. In doing so both Njeri and I have been seriously injured. I’ve done what I can to stabilise both of us, but nothing I can do will stop the bleeding. Unless we get some sort of miracle, we won’t survive the night.” As I finished reading the log an alert siren started ringing, and the lighting in the room, as well as the hallway changed to flashing orange. An automated voice came from hidden speakers in the room, asking us to, “PLEASE PROCEED TO THE OPERATIONS ROOM”. It seemed the ‘mission’ was coming to its end. I was pleased about that. I was beginning to sweat a little as the strain of holding took its toll. From the look on Rett’s face, they were in a similar position. I suspect Daddy had noticed the struggle I was going through as well. He smiled, held his hand toward the door, and said, “shall we?”, and as I passed him, he gave me a gentle patt on my butt. When we got to operations, the door to the store cupboard was open. Inside were several containers, like the one in Medical, each with the same black jelly. Several of them were broken, “I dare you to try it,” I joked to Rett, which caused them to giggle. After a moment of examining the cupboard, Maya drew our attention over to the Playback console. The drives in the box had all gone. In their place was a single drive on top of the console. Maya plugged it into the usb port. The screen began playback. It was showing the exterior of the station, with a transport shuttle attached. Slowly the shuttle undocked, and began to float away. When the playback ended, the video screen in the corner of the room crackled back into life showing the Guy from Mission Control, “Congratulations Rescue Team.” he began,” You’ve stopped the station crashing to earth, and you’ve gathered lots of evidence for what happened to the crew. Unfortunately it seems the shuttle that should be taking you back has… detached itself from the station. We’re not sure how that’s happened, but don’t worry, we do have an escape pod. You’re just going to need to fix the bits that were.. disabled by the crew member who had difficulties. Please proceed to the ENGINE ROOM where we will brief you. And not to make worry too much, you have ten minutes of oxygen left.” As he was speaking I felt my control slip even further, and a fart escaped without me being able to do anything about it. It was silent, but the smell was awful. Daddy leaned over to me, “have you made a stinky in your diaper?” he whispered. I shook my head, “just gas Daddy, I promise.” He didn’t seem entirely convinced, as I looked very uncomfortable, but he let it slide. In truth my discomfort was from how hard I was fighting to avoid an accident. But I thought I would be able to hold it for the next ten minutes. We got to the engineering room, and the Guy from Mission Control was on the screen again to brief us: “The damage to the escape pods is minor”, he explained, “but has caused issue with the holding clamps. Two of your team will need to use the EVA robots to make the repairs. Rett’s eyes lit up at the prospect of a second go with the VR, then they paused, “Would you guys like a go this time,” they offered, “it only seems fair.” Daddy waved his hand, “I’m OK thanks” he said, then gestured to me and Rett, “I think you guys would enjoy it most if you did it together” No one needed to tell us twice. Rett and I jumped into the seats, and Maya and Daddy helped us with the headsets. It was sooo cool. I looked around, and as I did I could see the parts of the robot. The arms moved when I moved the controllers I was holding, and it felt like I was floating in space. Then I heard Rett’s voice in my ear, through the headset’s interlink “What do you think?” they asked, “It’s so cool” I replied, “I had no idea it was going to feel like this” “Yep. incredible, isn’t it?” they continued. “Now press the thruster button on the controller, and let’s go fix the escape pod” I watched as Rett, or at least, their robot, floated away from the station, then thrusted around it heading in the direction of the escape pod, which was marked by an arrow on the display. I tapped the button on my left controller to trigger the retro thrustor and moved away from the station, then tapped the button on the right to fire the forward thruster and followed them. We reached the escape pod, selected the cutting attachment on our robots, and set about removing the clamps holding the pod in place. I was having so much fun, and so lost in what I was doing that I forgot I was meant to be holding. I felt my stomach lurch and cramp, and then it was too late. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop it. Mushy mess began to leak out, a small amount at first, then a flood. The resistance of the chair causing it to squish all though my diaper. The mess was bad, but the smell was worse. Rett’s voice came through my ear again, “Have you had an accident?” “Mmmhmmm” I whimpered, still trying to cut virtual clamps as my mind dropped into little space from my accident. “So have I” they continued, “it’s OK”. That helped. I focused as best as I could, and we managed to cut the escape pod free. It took us a minute more to get the robots back to the station, then we removed the headsets. As I took mine off I found Daddy standing over me, “Is someone a stinky butt?” he asked. It was a redundant question, it was incredibly obvious I’d pooped my diaper. I nodded in response anyway, too dazed from the combination of the VR and the accident to do much more. He reached down and helped me out of the seat, “We’ll get you cleaned up as soon as we’re done kiddo” he reassured me. I was in a daze as the final video message flashed up. It was The Guy from Mission Control again, “Congratulations EVA team, you’ve managed to free the escape pod. Unfortunately we’ve seen something on the camera feed. It seems Reeves is still on the station. You need to go. Now! Run!” The door to the Engine Room slid open, as did a door across the hallway with a sign reading ‘ESCAPE POD’ above it. Rett and Maya led the way, Rett waddling more than they had been before. Daddy and I followed. Daddy kept his gentle grip on my arm as I was still pretty spacey. As we crossed through the hallway I looked toward the airlock doors. They were open, and a figure was standing in them. I couldn’t see properly, the lighting was behind him, but it seemed like his hands were on fire. We reached the ‘escape pod’ and the door slid shut behind us. There were eight seats around the room, the same as in the ‘shuttle’. Maya and Rett were already sitting down and strapped in. Daddy helped ease me down into one, then took the seat next to me. As soon as we strapped in the seats began to judder, the lights in the room flashed, and a rumbling noise came over the speakers. Then some triumphant music began to play, the lights came up, and the door at the back of the room slid open. I was riding high from the victory, and the mixture of emotions. Daddy had to unbuckle my safety strap so I could get out of the chair. We walked toward the door, where a guy was waiting to congratulate us. He looked a little confused when Rett walked past him, noticing the slight smell from their diaper. Then I walked past. And the look on his face made it very clear there was no hiding what I’d done. We emerged back into the mall complex, and it was packed. Both Rett and I became very shy, very quickly, aware of how obvious it was that we were messy. At least Rett had the advantage of being around me, and the smell of my diaper would likely cloak theirs. Daddy and Maya took the lead, holding our hands and guiding us through the throng of people, and straight to the bathrooms. Maya then took Rett and I into the accessible bathroom while Daddy went to get the my changing bag from our car. Away from people, the excitement from the escape room took back over, and Rett and I began to talk about the experience. “Did you see the guy at the end?” Maya joined in, “I honestly thought we were going to die!” “And the banging in the closet” Rett added, glancing down at their diaper, “I had a bit of an accident then too”. Just as I was about to reply, there was a knock at the door. Rett yelped a little. “It’s me” Daddy’s voice came through the door. Rett sighed with relief, which made Maya and me giggle. I unlocked the door and let him in. “Phew. You two stinky butts really need a change” he said, as he came in. He put the diaper bag down, and laid a changing mat on the floor. “Who’s first?” I looked over at Rett, they were being shy again.”I will, Daddy” I offered. I stepped forward, and Daddy undid the button on my jeans and eased them down my legs, “Step out please” he asked. I did as I was told. He then reached up and unsnapped the buttons on my romper. As he did, my diaper sagged down. . “On the mat please kiddo” Daddy said. I crouched down, then eased myself onto the mat, feeling the mess squelch against my butt as it did. Then I laid down and Daddy began the change. As he untapped the diaper, the smell filled the room. I felt my cheeks warm up form the shame of having such a stinky diaper changed in front of our friends, the sense of humiliation was almost overwhelming. It was wonderful. I have no idea how long the change took, I was far too spacey to keep track, but eventually Daddy slipped a clean diaper underneath me - without additional padding this time - and taped it closed. Then he helped me up and gave me a hand getting dressed again. As he did, Maya had Rett lay on the mat and began their change. They looked so scared and uncomfortable. I crouched down and held their hand and stroked their hair..That seemed to relax them. After a few minutes they were in a clean and dry diaper, and we were ready to go. We walked out of the bathroom and headed back to our cars. As we walked, we passed the entrance to the arcade. “Shall we stay a little longer?” Daddy asked, glancing over ot it. “Yes!” I shouted, my voice full of enthusiasm. “It seems a shame to go home so early” Maya agreed. “Can I have an ice cream first please though Daddy?” I asked, “You did say I could have whatever treats I wanted.”.
  4. Hi all! My babygirl and I are looking for friends in the community. Ideally, we would like to meet some people or couples to hang out with. Anything from going out to eat to just letting the littles play and color together. Not looking for anything lewd, just wholesome play time and friendship. If there is anyone interested in the Upstate SC area, message me.
  5. COUPLES ONLY - we, me and my baby boy, would like to meet couples in the DFW area to socialize and maybe have 'play dates'. Don't care if your boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, just would like to socialize with others who share our common interest. And baby topics don't need to be the only topics of discussion. If any couple is interested, please send me a PM.
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