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  1. goodday could you tell me what happend to your patreon acc

    1. ~Brian~


      Patreon has been on a tear in recent days, and they are DELETING AB/DL Fetish content, which has thrown many of those whom you may follow into a state of LIMBO, because if @Alex Bridgesdoes not keep his contaent backed UP that he had over there, it may already be Deleted, or slated for deletion soon. 

      Discussion about the Pateron Migration issues:  HERE


    2. Alex Bridges

      Alex Bridges

      You're not on twitter, are you? 😅

      Patreon decided to mass purge ABDL accounts last week. Several dozen creators were taken down without warning.

      I'm moving my content to reamstories.com/lexibridges. I'm adding all my old content this week plus adding new content, picking right where I left off.

    3. little dragoniusrex

      little dragoniusrex

      No i don't do twitter and glad i can keep reading your stories just got on ream 

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