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  1. I prefer vinyl. It has been my fetish since I was 5 years old in 1980. I have in my collection: Gerber Toddlers from the 80s (4 pairs), toddler size Safety 1st from '96 (40+ pairs). In adult size I have yellow Rearz nursery print (2 pairs), Haian black bikini (2 pairs), Haian red bikini (3 pair), Haian blue bikini (1 pair), Haian raindrop bikini (1 pair), Leakmaster white bikini (2 pairs), Leakmaster white full (3 pairs), Priva clear (1 pair), Careactive full clear (2 pairs), DMI white full (1 pair), Quik Sorb white full (1 pair). I'm making up for lost time when I was unable to afford even one of the listed above.
  2. Wow! I wondered for years why I couldn't find dpf anymore. I found dpf around '00-'01 somewhere by accident. The relief I felt when I found dpf was like a weight lifted from my shoulder knowing finally that I'm not alone and not crazy. From there I found more sites that no longer exist sadly. Ilovediapers, ilovediapers2, big-baby, bb-net. Among countless others that have come and gone and the pay sites. Tommy was and continues to be my hero, he was my first find with the most content. In the personals I went by Baby JJ. I enjoyed all the stories, I felt envious of everyone able to afford buying plastic pants from there as I was too broke to afford them...I just loved dpf and miss it. Wow that really brings back memories...dial-up internet, took ages to load a page or a single image. I wish I could find an online archives of all the old ab/dl sites. Then there was the msn groups and Yahoo groups when they were active. I bravely posted a few of my pics in an msn group and gotten requests for more but never got around to it. I forgot the name of the group as I joined every group I could. Anyway I'm rambling off topic, my apologies. R.I.P. Tommy You may be gone but you'll never be forgotten, you brought us all together ❤️