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  1. Diddldum Thank you so much. I had lost all hope finding this story. I hope you also have a wonderful day. I will prob not be in the sun now that I found this. Lololol. Shugga.
  2. Diddldum and babylock thank you so much for your continued interest. Baby lock that was a great story I’ve read many times but unfortunately that wasn’t it. I do remember that each time the boy was rejected from being adopted he was regressed. So first was teen girl. Then little girl finally baby which was where he stayed. i also remember that the lady in charge of the adoption program sold hypnosis tapes that will keep the boys as sissy babies for their parents. It was referenced that she purposely used the he pronoun in the hypnosis so as to be a reminder they used to be boys. Thanks again for any help Shugga.
  3. Diddldum. I believe the story was originally on buffalo betties story time. The story really focused on one boy who became a sissy baby the other boy renters the story toward the end as a maid while the main boy has been reduced to sissy baby The boys knew each other from their orphanage. There was no mention of the parents. The boys kept being moved into different rooms or wings of the building the final move was when one boy was given a glass of juice that was drugged and he is changed and dressed. He is taught to be a baby and finally adopted by a family who wants to keep him as a sissy baby. They use hypnosis to make his change forever. I hope this helps as for the time frame the best I can say is within the last 2 years. Thanks for any help shugga.
  4. Hi all. I’m looking for a story that was about two boys in England I believe. They were trying to be adopted but each time they weren’t one boy was slowly regressed into a sissy baby. They are reunited with one boy being a maid having to care for the other boy who is a baby. Thank you for your help.