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  1. Awwww.... Thankies for such a sweet compliment. 🤗😘🤗😘 ❤🐰❤
  2. Thankies guys, I had a blast writing this piece. ❤🐰❤
  3. Adopt a little. Written by: Jessi Foo Foo Hello my beautiful munchikuns, my name is Jessi (in the arms of an angel song starts playing in the background), I come to you with a pressing issue in our community. As many of you know, we have a bunch of orphan littles within our community. Every single day an orphan little will go to bed unspanked or uncuddled. It's everyone's duty to make sure we bring an end to this unfortunate situation. For only a few texts, a stuffy, a treat, a word of encouragement like (You little shit, either you behave or my hand will have a close conversation with your ass), a cute picture, and a spank or twenty an hour, you could be bringing a little the help and guidance they so desperately need. With your help and a lot and I'm not joking, A WHOLE LOT OF PATIENCE! You could finally bring down the little orphan rate to an end. An average little does not take too much of your life, when we put things in perspective. What is sacrificing ninety percent of your daily life? Or having a little occupying the majority of your sleeping space with cute, soft stuffies? Or being woken up by a nice wiggle of a padded bottom at odd hours of the night when they need that extra attention only a Daddy or a Mommy could give? It's easy all you have to do is make a post on any social media page where there are others as kinky as you. State that you are looking to adopt a cute little, and the littles will be overflowing your mailbox with cute little original introductions. Yes it's that easy! Our team is ready to assist you with the translation of messages that are just a nicely colored drawing or a bunch of hyper excited gibberish, native language often used by littles, kittens, puppies, adult babies, adult toddlers, middles, baby girls or baby boys. We are trained professionals...well mainly me, but I am qualified by my imaginary training in heavy construction equipment, and fireworks operations, so if you have a bulldozer, or a bunch of fireworks that need to be taken care of, can I pleeaase?.....No? Well worth the try… Our team specializes in baby talk, puppy whimpers, dino roars, meowing, even brat behavioral interpretation!! (Among many other forms of communication.) It's our personal guarantee that you can communicate to your satisfaction with that elusive little orphan eager to be adopted. Call us today at 1800 spank-a-little. Legend tells, that every single time a little gets adopted a slave earns their collar, so you'd be killing two birds with one stone! Adoptions are not guaranteed, do not bother the writer of this article unless you are a Daddy interested in adopting her. In that case.. Hi I am not a weirdo, I swear! The writer does not take responsibility for the actions of any bratty behaviors, so please do not take it out on her, pleeeaaasse! Littles do not take the previously stated amount of space if carefully bounded by rope before putting away for the night. Lead director. Jessi Foo Foo Lead producer. Jessi Foo Foo. Casting by. Jessi Foo Foo. Catering by. Jessi Foo Foo. Makeup by. Jessi Foo Foo. Special effects by. Jessi Foo Foo. Sound director. Jessi Foo Foo. Stunts by. Jessi Foo Foo. First production assistant. Jessi Foo Foo. Second production assistant. Jessi Foo Foo. Third production assistant. Stupid the bear. Lighting operations. Jessi Foo Foo. Fireworks by, (See I told you!) Jessi Foo Foo. Set management by. Mommy. Jessi Foo Foo’s manager. Mommy. Jessi Foo Foo’s emotional support. Stupid the bear. Jessi Foo Foo’s personal nurse. Mommy. Jessi Foo Foo’s body heat source. Mommy. Jessi Foo Foo’s behavioral manager. Mommy. Jessi Foo Foo’s behavioral enforcement team.. Mommy. 2017 all rights reserved, this has been a production of Jessi Foo Foo Inc.
  4. Hmm.. quite honestly don't know, I was talking about North East Pennsylvania.
  5. Geez thankies, I pinky promise to at least try to dial up my game a bit more. Thankies for the warm welcome! ❤️🐰❤️ My teddy bear just passed his BAR exam so he is not that experienced yet. He often tells me to run or to plead the fifth amendment. Well neither of those two advises have been able to prevent my bottom from being spanked, in fact I think they have actually aggravated things. But hey, everything he's doing is Pro-Bono so I can't really complain. Actually I'm certain the spankings have been much more yucky when I have listened to him. ❤️🐰❤️
  6. Hi everyone, ok before I begin, there is some housekeeping... No, I am not related to the bunny from the nursery rhyme, we just have the same name. Yes, hare today goon tomorrow. No, actually the good fairy and I are like sisters. Yes, she blocked me on Facebook due to the field mice accident. And no, the stupid mouse hit my fist with his head, not the other way around, I swear! Yay I'm all done breaking the ice!! Shut did I just just wrote that? Oh well, too tired to delete it. *drags ears pretending to be tired* Hi everyone, hmmm.. what was the question?? 😕 Ok, focus Jessi, focus! “Fucus" hahahahahaha… *wipes tears with one ear* My name is Jessica, I am a abdl, I like candy, strawbewwy milk, glitter masterpieces, bubbles, Mommy, my teddy bear "Stupid D. Baer. Esq" (Yes my bear is my legal advisor as well), sweet sweet snuggles and clean dry diapers with tons of powder and a raspberry on my tummy. ❤️❤️ I am 2 sometimes 6, sometimes older and sometimes nothing, baby bunnies sleep you know! Anyways, that's it. Laters! By the way, the EB Kisses Mrs chicken like adults do, that's how he gets Easter eggs. Keeping you honest Easter bunny, keeping you honest that's all!