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  1. My personal opinion I really like this topic and read your story with great interest. Some do not like BDSM, I definitely do not belong to the "few" and I´m sure the silent majority who have already read this, like it too! The Story-follower, speaking for themself Please allow me a little bit of criticism of the story here. Try to pay attention, a little bit to them, and your story could be great. 1. You are too fast on the sexual point! 2. You jump too much from one point to the next! 3. You play too little with the fear and fears of Submissive Woman. The same goes for the pride and joy of the couple that they now have a babysklave. 4. You set the couple unsatisfactory in scene. The couple does not interact together. 5. Your story has a huge potential, so make it a little bit slower, around make full use of the potential. Please continue. "a like, from me" greeting Nicole
  2. Bravo If that's from your crap ... Bravo I just do not think it's your story, your writing style is usually never so round and fluid! but if you write this story self and it is your inspiration so must i give you, "a standing ovation" from me It was so good, so soft and so good. ... no stupid AB stuff. I like it realy greatings Nicole
  3. In this first 2 chapter and the prolog must i say now "I like it". Only one snack and she lost the Kontinenz??? Wow, please little bit slowly, that is to fast. I knowing too, the story give it in a Spanking comunnity. i thinking you write and build in diapers, and that make you realy fine. but slowly please and than lost not your way. a thank you from me Nicole
  4. Your first story has a lot of potential. You just have to know which way you want to go ... a; You going the AB way, and she's being swept away by a friendly Amazon because the shop is under surveillance! b; You going the BDSM way and she is caught by a strict and maybe sadistic Amazon or couple ... In any case, it would be a pity if you throw away these possibilities ... At a; I have no great interest. At b; I would be full with you. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x The second storie ... forget it, there you are right with your assessment. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x The third Storie is my favorite, because you have very many possibilities. Every aspect of the BDSM is served by you here. I love these storie, if she is told correctly step by step without hurry. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Your card is great I would like to read more of you best regards Nicole
  5. So after reading the first third of chapter10, I have to say "I've had enough of this easily predictable storie." I am only amazed that you did not call Tohru to Miyagi, otherwise it is Karate Kid meets teacher !!! Already as you mentioned the dojo in (chapter3 I think) I already suspected that it will be boring. I Missing only Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris are. Spoiler Alert .......... Alice will never leave Thoru!!! In diapers, she lives happily at Miyagi's (Tohru) side until the end of every day. THE END No, the story had potential at the very beginning, but you completely lose yourself in the karate kid game. Sorry, but your story is murderously boring. No surprises no turns no dominance, no humiliation, it just has nothing, for me. I'm pretty sure you wanted to write more consistently, but then you are unfortunately only landed on the silky soft AB side. Have fun with your storie, I'm out. greets Nicole
  6. What an ingenious idea, to think such an idea is completely crazy. Good, but crazy! hahahahaha "One guy, loves that fisten!" Kallen is now only knee high to her stepmother? It would have been better if you had let them shrink in the short term ... Now she is much too small to live out any sexual fantasies. A finger of the amazonas would her now let burst open, that was not so good, by not right thought! Does not matter, I found the chapter just refreshing new. I have never read such a crazy idea. I'll say thanks for that
  7. @ Widowmaker Excuse me, I did not want to reach with my critique, that you burying your story! I'm just now a little bit annoyed with myself. Because, I did not think the story was so bad. A little less of everything and a bit more conspiracy behind the locked door and the story would have been very good. I am so sorry for my doubt, my opinion and criticism. Nicole
  8. I knew it, I knew it, I just knew it! Chapter 9 gets a "Thank you" from me! That was so great! If I had done it, Sabrina would have fallen asleep, and I would have let her run until the next morning (her 24h dream). I would have let her believe that she was in control for so long. I probably would have let her wake up wet ... What did Humphrey Bogart once say in Cassablanca ... "This is the beginning, of a wonderful friendship." I missing in this szene only "Look into my eyes, little girl" and than it is abolutly perfekt! BDSM theme has probably gone ... if you can not find a third person in the case of another Amazon that has exactly what sabrina wants. I'm curious how far I'm right! Great realy great I love this moment ... I love the last scene of the 9th chapter Rebell = Naomi ? i think so ... 47 minuts later ... i have read Chapter 10 @KWOceans I have give you too a "thank you" I Love the way what you both go. Chapter 10 continues exactly where 9 left off. That's so good and takes me off absolutely. You both, work wonderful together! tomorrow i want start with reading Chapter 11-14 Thank you so much for your work Nicole
  9. Me too Diaperingdaddy This story has caught me too! @crono It's a great start with so much tension. I will give you a "Like" for this great start. greeting Nicole
  10. Was he asked if she could use it for sexual games? No, because he can not answer such a question (mentally handicapped) It's the same as letting a 4 years old child dance naked and the pedophile, whoever men or wife girl or boy, after the dancing show, goes to a restroom and then get an orgasm. So this is still abuse of a protection-commanded person !!! There would be no abuse, if the diaper had landed in the municipal garbage truck and mixed with the other household garbage from other houses ... she would then crawl into the garbage truck and take out the diaper she would have only stolen the urban garbage! is that now clear? When not, go and ask a policeofficer or advocate. I'm sure their answer will be better and more accurate than mine. In germany you will be penalized for that and i knowing america is much stricter than germany!
  11. That was scolding? No matter ... 😁 Takeing the excrement of a disabled person to live out sexual fantasies is still abuse of an person, and that from a underage people make it not better !!! As an alleged officer you should know that !!! His story is his story ... I emphasized that. I said only my opinion, why I left his story. At no time did I attack him or even you !!! So and now have a nice weekend. greeting Nicole
  12. Over what want you like more write, diaper changing? more Op´s, more coma? No, I think it is okay one chapter of this, maybe a little bit more in the court process. All the rest of your comment is good, i thinking similar. Well what should I say to the story? @YourFNF Sorry, but I just have to say no, your symptoms, this mother certainly does not have! @Babypants What torture did Liz experience through her mother? You do not mean, hopefully, the completely torture free story of wearing the diapers and wrapp in public ... that does not take 1h. then mom has a new awesome steel 8 around her wrists. Abuse, torture, no matter whether mental or corporeal always happens behind hidden door never in public! example A couple in the US has forced their child in diapers ... the public saw it the same day, they are both in prison today! The only really credible thing about this story is the raid on Liz in to the toilet ... And if we are already abusive, so then Liz started the abuse !!! She abused Thomes and no one has ever really been upset about it ... Thomas a disabled person is just as protective as a child u16!!! If you take the whole story as a story, it's just a story. Chapter 6 -? will probably end up in cuddly diapers. I am no longer interested of this and break off here and now. but I wish all the others and the author himself a lot of fun with this story. P.S. @Widowmaker You had some very strong moments in which you picked me up, but then you destroyed it even harder again. That's the real reason why I'm not longer following your story. 1. The mother was shown to over covered. 2. Abuse of a disabled person by a minor babysitter 3. Everything happened to me too much in public ... almost as if you are exhibitionist! (Main thing everyone sees the diapers) 4. Mrs Clark of course also wears diapers ... Your basic idea was good, but you wanted too much at a time. I do not know the original story! Have I to missing this? I think no, when that here better is as that original, so have i nothing to miss. So have a good time with your (not so bad) story. I am so sorry, my taste is realy stronger as you can or want write! example Liz have much more tears after closed door ... greeting Nicole
  13. Since have lost many guys probably some language, I'm starting now. I continue to read your story because it is so different from the average. I want to know how it ends. The funniest thing I think of the story, the two have got a orgasmuss ... in the thick diapers and latex suit over it ... are you sure that it is not guys who rub their stand? A diaper, a rubber pants and a latex suit and I never come to a orgasmuss. 😘 maybe I'm not normal, but you never find my G-spot under the thick material. This is only a side note. Nice that you write but now again as you wanted to write, do not stoping with that greeting Nicole.
  14. Hello BByKimmy and KWOceans I stumbled upon this story last night and read the first two chapters. As I was finishing work today, I was looking forward to making your story come true all evening (chapter 3-6). I have prepared a large cup of forest berry tea and oatmeal cookies to match. The first two chapters are as my taste. I am now looking forward to reading this. But one thing I have to get rid of quickly before. I am uncomfortable that you actually value what others think of you. I strongly assume that you feel very strongly connected to your little one and that you have reflected your feelings in her. maybe I didn´t finish read this story, because I realize right in the middle of it that it's not my cup of tea. But one thing must you knowing, may you feel admired by me. If you do not read anything from me about this story, it is all up to me and my passion and has nothing to do with your writing skills. I think you knowing that, I like and appreciate you, you should know. I will now give each of you an "I like it" for Chapters 1 and 2. you have both picked me up, with the content. I will not read already written comments. I would like to make my own picture of this story and not let me spoil. If you hear nothing more from me, so I have drunk your tea, eating the biscuits and go out of your story, much quieter, than I am come in. So enough written, let me now go in to theire story. Iam ready now for kidnaping, in a new fantastic story. Thanks to you two, for this work greeting Nicole Ps. @ BByKimmy I soon finished translating your story, either this or next weekend I will release it. I'll get back to you when the time comes.
  15. @ Author It is beautiful and interesting written. I especially like the interviews with the psychologist! Only your dish is too lightly spiced for my taste. The story has for me from the beginning only one target group, namely the ABs. Pedophile reproach! Only the psychologist tries to interpret something that does not exist! Offices like to do that only when they do not want to understand something! Even better, if the person holding the office puts his interpretation into action instead of actually acting according to the law! ... "Human misbehavior!" At the moment, I do not see a pedophile conflict, not even when Jim cleans or bathes her. Any pedophile would have taken advantage of these scenes to describe it extensively. But the author did not do that at any time! Therefore not guilty !!! For me, the story is written interesting, especially the way he tries to dive under, with the three girls, without any violence. But at the same time, unfortunately, a bit illogical and predictable. For me, is Nicole doesn´t a mother! Even if she looks like 21 or 25 (but she is 19)... then an 8 and 10 year old daughter ??? Sorry, but we all know that give 9 month pregnancy, also that the first attempt does not always lead to success. So she had sex with 14? (really hard is 8???) and that with a adult man how old he is? 25??? Sorry that does not work for me !!! It would have been wiser Jim is in his early 40s and his wife is in their end thirties. Both have compassion with there and helping them escape. But it is not better, because then they could also adopt the girls! And if they know they do not get the girls, then they flee with the three girls! ... A other devile idea from me is ... It would also be a nice and sarcastic twist if the psychologist takes the three girls to his home, where he and his wife are strictly educating the girls (sex-free but in diapers) and the adult Nicole becomes her sex slave in diapers, because Nicole also wishes it now, through the experiences with Jim. But that will not come so, I am really sure! So this story is all possible, but certainly not pedophile or even unfair to the girls (except the authorities people)! This story can be seen for miles, around the cuddling. Only the narrative of the story from different views, let me come, to this point here. But now I'm gone again. I wish everyone else much fun in this story. greeting Nicole