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  1. It was! Thankyou so much! I've been trying to find it for weeks and weeks.
  2. Posting again, since it's been quite some time since I last mentioned it. I'm pretty sure that this story was lost in the crash, but I think the thread may have been semi popular. I'm really just hoping someone has it, or knows of a repost. I'm almost certain that the story was a one-shot. A woman is being kept in some sort of nursery as a punishment, alongside other adults. I seem to recall the woman mentioning that she’d had a haircut so she could wear a stupid looking bunny hood at the start. The character mentions that people who act up during feedings get strapped into cribs, and forcefed via machinery, and there’s mention of a creepy worker offering her “Story time” on his lap numerous times. Towards the end another captive approaches her and gives an inspirational speech, ending it with. “I know how old I am, I’m 3!” Despite being a full grown adult.
  3. Sadly that isn't the story I was looking for. I'm almost certain that the one I'm seeking was unfinished, with no work being done on it after the first part. In the one I'm after I'm pretty sure that it started with the character having been in the situation for some time, and I'm seem to recall that they weren't able to speak. The basic outline of it that I recall was "Character wakes, narrates about their life, messes, mother comes in and feeds, fills their ears with millk from a dropper..." And that's the end of my recollection. Like I said though, the story was probably on the forums, and poofed during the issues a while back. I will also note that with the first story I mentioned, I believe that the beginning mentions the main characters hair being shaved off, or cut short, so they could wear a hood with rabbit ears. Really hoping someone remembers the story I'm talking about, the second one was super niche, but the first seemed to be at least somewhat popular.
  4. Hi everyone! Lately I'm trying to track down two stories, though don't seem to have much luck. It is of course possible that both were lost when the site ran into the issues a little while back though. The first one I'm looking for was fairly recent, within the last year if I recall. It involved a woman being kept in an overgrown nursery, alongside a number of other adults. A lecherous worker offers to give her story time on his lap, there's mention of unruly captives being strapped into cribs and forcefed with machinery, and towards the end another captive says something along the lines of "I know how old I am, I'm two." Despite being a fully grown man. I believe it was by a known author rather than being a one off, but my memory is a little hazy. The second story I'm looking for is a little more niche, and I'm almost certain that it was lost when the site had issues with the forums, still I'm asking in the hopes that someone has it saved. The story was unfinished, but it began with a woman awakening in a crib, and mentioned that she'd been there for some time. I believe the main character was mute, but I could be wrong, and I'm pretty certain that her carers were giants. The main character messes their diaper, and a short while later their "Mother" enters. The main detail I recall is the mother having a very strong belief in the health benefits of milk, to this extent the main character has both ears filled with milk using a dropper. I'd be absolutely delighted if anyone can find either of them. I'm fairly certain that someone will know what I'm talking about with the first story, but not too hopeful about the second.