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  1. BbEve

    How was your first time in a diaper?

    I have been into them for as long I can remember. When I was a toddler and out of diapers, my mom was a babysitter. I would ask her for diapers to put on my teddies. When no one was looking I had them on, as they were never for the bears. I even used one and brought it to my mom, unsure of what to do. Fast forward to about 18, I watched a TLC episode on AB/DL. Something clicked and it became something I thought about frequently. Finally, I got the guts to buy a pack of goodnights. I nearly ran home with anticipation. I was elated when I finally had my first pair on, wearing around my room and doubling up the dose. I went through the pack in a few days. Unsure of what to do, I hid them, used and wrapped in bags. My mom ended up finding them before I could trash them and told me to get rid of them, end of conversation. I was mortified and didn't touch a diaper for years. I would secretly fantasize about wearing while being intimate and that seemed to be my only climactic fix. Plenty of incredible diaper dreams ensued and I ended up buying again.
  2. BbEve

    Gel beads harmful?

    Hello, Had an explosion of beads from a diaper this eve. I am a bit worried about the possibility that the beads could have traveled inside. I read they are non-toxic, Any experience out there able to weigh in? Thanks!