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  1. Ok thanks for the info i will look onto the swim diapers but how would i still go about changing as there is no restrooms close to the beach i have the off road permit for driving on the beach so i will have my truck but at the same time i dont want somebody to drive by mid change and see my bare butt or diaperd butt changing in my truck
  2. I am taking a beach weekend in the obx and i have actually became incontinent over the past year and have never had to deal with going to the beach while having to wear diapers 24/7 how do you go about changes and getting in the water without having a soggy diaper from it. Hiding one under a bathing suit ettc im more concernd about the changes i wear the molicare slips or the northshore lites for day time and molicare supremes or any abdl diaper at night for bedwetting
  3. Hi my name is Chris I am a Dl and love hanging out with other abdl people. My favorite diapers are abri-form, tykeables, and bambinos for play time/night time. I do actually have some medical issues that require me to wear every night and sometimes during the day. So growing up I have always been in diapers basicly
  4. Is there anybody in the matoaca/North dinnwiddie area ?