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  1. EmTheDemiFairy

    Stuffies and pacis

    I only have two pacis for pretend dress up play, but at least twenty stuffies to cuddle and use as a toy.
  2. EmTheDemiFairy

    Who still sleeps with a beloved teddy bear?

    I have these two big Valentines bears I got when I was little bodily and I often sleep and cuddle with them.
  3. EmTheDemiFairy

    I’m Am Back Again

    Just some info about me since I’ve been gone for a while. A re intro I am a little girl and a vanilla, I love to read and write, I am obsessed with fairytale and fantasy things, I am super feminine, I am a heteroromantic asexual, I can’t get enough books, I love all my stuffed animals, My Room is where I am little.