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  1. Stuffies and pacis

    I only have two pacis but at least twenty stuffies.
  2. Who still sleeps with a beloved teddy bear?

    I have these two big Valentines bears I got when I was little bodily and I often sleep and cuddle with them.
  3. Asexuality

    I’m actually asexual and have never experienced sexual attraction my whole life. I’m biromantic and even think sex might be more fun with kinks involved, but it’s still isn’t my thing even though I would love to have romance.
  4. I’m Am Back Again

    Just some info about me since I’ve been gone for a while. A re intro I am a little girl good vanilla or kinky, I love to read and write, I am obsessed with fairytale and fantasy things, I am super feminine, I am a biromantic asexual, I can’t get enough books, I love all my stuffed animals, My Room is where I am little.