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  1. I’m a man and I love to poop in my diaper, it almost feels like a waste not to, especially how much my big boy diapers cost!
  2. New favorite diaper

    Personally I just love ABU’s abundance of baby themed diapers, especially the Lavender and the Kiddo, those one tape per side diapers make me feel like the toddler I used to be many years ago.
  3. Fictional character you'd want to baby you?

    I’d have to go with: Fluttershy or Princess Cadance from My Little Pony Kanga from Winnie the Pooh or Hogarth’s Mom from The Iron Giant
  4. Earlier today, woke up needing to pee and poop, did the deed in my last diaper for quite some time, an ABU Little Pawz. Going back to college for my last semester, and won't have any privacy after I graduate for a while either.
  5. ABU ending free shipping

    It sucks, but it's a necessity for them to stay in business. This new electronic logging law is already causing price hikes, and ABU is already a victim. If it means that they can keep making quality diapers, then I don't have too much of a problem myself.
  6. I had a rabbit named Rabbit, I know, real original! I got him when I was three and still have him, I just don't sleep with him because of how old he is, I'm scared of messing him up. I've always had a soft spot for animals, stuffed or real, which is ironic because I absolutely love hunting (certain animals I won't hunt, like rabbits). As of now, I have a couple of stuffed animals I sleep with, two horses named Dixie and Trigger, and a Big Macintosh (from My Little Pony) plush I bought off the Internet. In case you can't tell, I really love horses! They stay on my bed regardless of diaper time or not. And when it is diaper time, I've got one of them in my arms.
  7. I have some weird dreams, but none of them really have anything diaper related at all. I remember having a few as a kid where I was wearing diapers in embarrassing places (These were when I was close to five years old), but that's all I really remember. Most of my weird dreams are twisted events of my day or games I played way too late at night (I'm looking at you, Metro series!).
  8. Right now actually, just made a big stinky in my ABU Barebum, was almost like an accident I was holding it so bad!
  9. Every regret not messing?

    I have in the past, but I sure didn't this time, held it for a day and just made a BIG stinky in my ABU Barebum!
  10. Holding it in

    I do this too, planning on making a big stinky Monday in my ABU Barebum I finally got in the mail.
  11. Explain Your Screen Name

    I love My Little Pony, and my favorite pony is Big Macintosh. And seeing how there are plenty of other people on a lot of the Brony websites named after him, I went for something more original. In case you don’t know, Big Macintosh usually only replies to conversations with “eeyup” or “nope,” so he essentially is a red yes horse!
  12. What's your favorate cartoon?

    Voted something else as My Little Pony is the only cartoon I watch anymore. I used to love Spongebob and the likes, but now that’s nothing more than a meme to me.
  13. Which are your favorite AB/DL diapers?

    The only ones I’ve tried and really want to try are ABU’s. I’ve worn the Lavender and the Kiddo, about to try the Barebum’s. I really like their two-taped diapers because they really make me feel little, but because of their shortage of diapers that fit me, I’m gonna try some four-tapes.
  14. How do you feel about messing?

    I love it, it makes me feel so little and helpless, it’s just what I need when I feel stressed from the world.
  15. Driving Around In A Messy Diaper

    Ha, I naturally love the smell of apples, so I saw the chance and took it when I got those air fresheners. Doesn’t help that my truck’s big and painted red though lol. Even if the smell and possible messy outcome weren’t bad enough, I feel like the first time I wear and possibly mess I’d get pulled because of something small. I’ll keep my desires as private as possible if I may.