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  1. Almost all the time! When I do get the chance to wear, I don’t get a large window of privacy, so often times what my intestines act like is a large load ends up being smaller than I’d like, and I feel like the diaper’s been wasted. So, when I have a large movement while sitting on the John, I get a little jealous that it would have made for an awesome diaper load.
  2. Just now, made a sizable poopy in an ABU Lavender, sitting in it right now, might have a second round in a little bit.
  3. Red Yes Horse

    Teddy Bears

    I always had a rabbit named Rabbit, got him when I was three, can you tell? He still sits at home in my nightstand, he’s too old and fragile to stay on the bed. As of now though, my stuffed friends are all horses, and one pony (guess what character from MLP it is). My mom knows of my love of stuffed animals, she correctly guessed that it was a childhood thing I couldn’t get rid of.
  4. Red Yes Horse

    Sunrise Coffee

    I absolutely hate working on any transverse engine. No matter what car, everything’s crammed into that engine bay and is almost always a pain to do anything on. At least I mostly work on trucks.
  5. Red Yes Horse

    Children's television and movies

    Man, I wish I had the option for both, but that would be too easy! I don’t watch many kid shows from my childhood, but I certainly do watch movies from then. I’ll see some of the new kids stuff, depending on how good it is and if it interests me. The only show I really watch from this era is My Little Pony, but I did watch all of Gravity Falls, if that counts at all.
  6. Red Yes Horse

    Curious, who has it harder being a DL?

    I’ve struggled with myself about this same thing.I’m a straight man that partakes in “manly” activities, like mechanic work, shooting, hunting, and others. While those things ain’t just for men, when guys like me do that stuff, we get the designation of “manly.” Which is completely fine, but when you’re branded as manly, people will think the worst if you if they find out you’ve got a soft side. Take my interest in My Little Pony, you see I like it enough that my username’s a joke about my favorite character from the show, and while my interest is completely innocent in the fact that it’s a “feel good” stress reliever for me, we Bronies get a bad reputation from the outside world (for various reasons). Watching the show and seeing the fan art makes me happy and less stressed than before. It’s the same way with diapers. While my interest in diapers is a little sexual, for the most part it’s a coping mechanism. I won’t try to claim I had a hard childhood to keep from the appearance of comparing, but mine was hard in its own way, and diapers help me feel young again, they make me remember the “good ole days” where I would just play with my toys and go to the bathroom at the same time. My Little Pony ends up playing into my diaper side, further proof that even the manliest if men need a way to cope from the stress of life and/or harsh childhoods.
  7. Red Yes Horse

    Anybody have an AB side?

    I have a bit of AB in me, I really like babyish prints on diapers instead of just boring plain white. I like feeling little when wearing and using my diaper, so I snuggle with a stuffed animal while I do the business, but I don’t actually play with the animal like a baby/toddler would. I don’t have an interest in onsies or cribs or most things babyish. I don’t play with toys, I just hold plushies close, for the comfort I guess, and browse the Internet or play games while I’m in my diaper. Long story short, I’m in a gray area.
  8. Red Yes Horse

    The joy of a diaper

    I love the sense of being “stuck” in it, like it’s not coming off until my business has been done, and not immediately after either. Then feeling trapped in a wet and messy diaper is absolutely amazing. The weight on my hips and the sag of the diaper, the smell and feel of my mess pushes it over the top!
  9. Red Yes Horse

    What's your favorite weather?

    I hate hot weather, cause where I’m from, heat almost always comes with high humidity, and I hate starting to sweat as soon as I open my door. But I absolutely love a non-violent thunderstorm, just so relaxing to me.
  10. Red Yes Horse

    One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  11. Red Yes Horse

    Favorite poopy

    I really like big loads, like ones that tent your diaper out and make a big bulge, so I tend to like a combination of soft and hard. I don’t mind hard poops because grunting makes me feel even smaller.
  12. Red Yes Horse

    Wetting until your diaper sags

    I love saggy diapers, especially when they’re soaked and have quit a big load of poopy! Feeling that weight being hung by my hips and still being attached to me makes me feel so little and powerless, it’s amazing!
  13. I’m a man and I love to poop in my diaper, it almost feels like a waste not to, especially how much my big boy diapers cost!
  14. Red Yes Horse

    New favorite diaper

    Personally I just love ABU’s abundance of baby themed diapers, especially the Lavender and the Kiddo, those one tape per side diapers make me feel like the toddler I used to be many years ago.
  15. Red Yes Horse

    Fictional character you'd want to baby you?

    I’d have to go with: Fluttershy or Princess Cadance from My Little Pony Kanga from Winnie the Pooh or Hogarth’s Mom from The Iron Giant