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  1. Anyone like the sound?

    I love whenever I get a chance to make a messy diaper for several reasons, one of which is all the sounds involved in making it. Personally, I love the nasty squishy and crinkles my diaper makes when I put a big squishy mess in it. Anyone else like this or am I just special?
  2. Why i choose now to poop in diapers

    I remember having issues potty training, I was later than most a four years old, and for some reason I didn't want to give up diapers. I remember messing my underwear and pull-ups a lot, so I think I might have just had those thoughts pushed back into my mind. After my brother was potty trained, I found some of his training pants and put them on. I guess that curiosity came back a few years later when I was in middle school, where I eventually, after discovering the ABDL community, made a homemade diaper out of an old pair of tightie whities, two feminine care products, and some baby powder. I pooped in one, sparking my love for doing the same in actual diapers now.
  3. Getting diaper rash

  4. Post when messy.

    Just got done loading an ABU Kiddo with the new tapes, very impressed with the tapes this time around!
  5. Post when messy.

    Stinky, squishy, and proud in an ABU Kiddo!

    Just got through using my Kiddo very, very thoroughly... I like the designs, and I like how well it held up. Only problem I had is the tapes. I'm not the greatest at diapering myself, so I had to make an adjustment, and well, let's say that I was happy to have some masking tape in my room! I got an email from ABU saying they were changing their tapes, hopefully for the better... I'd give the Kiddo an 8/10 Eeyups.
  7. What do you do for fun while wearing a messy diaper?

    I'll do the usual on the Internet, after I watch My Little Pony of course!

    Just got a sample myself, waiting until the perfect chance to use it very well if you catch my drift. I've been impressed with ABU's Lavenders, mainly because they smell like lavender and the color is nice, so I have high hopes for the Kiddo.
  9. Dirty diaper smell

    If the smell comes from a baby or some other place other than me, it smells absolutely horrible to me, but if it's my own, it ain't too bad. However, a good portion of my dirty diapers are in ABU Lavender's, whose lavender scent does a fairly good job of covering up my stink.
  10. Post when messy.

    Sitting in a loaded ABU Lavender, absolutely divine!
  11. Cartoons

    I watched all kinds of stuff as a kid, but I don't watch any of it now. Even now I hardly watch TV, nothing that catches my eye, except for My Little Pony of course. I'll watch NCIS a little, maybe a bit of some history documentaries if I'm in the mood, but most of the time I'm on the Internet or doing other things.
  12. Poop position in diaper

    For me, squatting is the easiest way to push it out. However, it isn't really my favorite, as I like to grunt and groan as I load myself. Standing with my legs slightly apart and knees ever so slightly bent used to be my favorite until I pooped hovering over my computer chair in the middle of watching a video, then immediately sitting in it like nothing happened.
  13. Favorite part of messing

    Where do I even start? Knowing I need to go and I'm about to do it in a diaper, the anticipation of it happening, then that wonderful feeling of pushing it into the back of my diaper, the poopy tenting it out, the sagging diaper, and the bulge aftwerwards. Then, sitting and squishing is so much fun too.
  14. Hard or soft mess

    Generally I like the middle ground: solid enough to tent my diaper out and fill my seat, yet soft enough to be squishy and sticky. Of course, any poopy is a good poopy.
  15. Favorite Method For Simulated Mess

    I thought about the oatmeal trick before, but never got around to doing it. I guess I skipped the simulations and dived headlong into the real thing lol.