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  1. AdmiralCrunch

    Hi From Utah

    If you aren't Mormon or participate in snow sports or desert hiking in the south, then Utah isn't a good place if you like anything remotely fun and exciting. Especially if it relates to anything like this website.
  2. Hello DD, joined the site a few days ago. Feel free to check out my profile and say hi.
  3. AdmiralCrunch

    Hi From Utah

    I also live here. I don't like it much at all. :|
  4. I am big/caregiver searching for an AB little, or a middle who loves to wear diapers. While I haven't had an opportunity to care for somebody before, the idea of having someone to dote on is something i've thought about for a long time. I made a Tumblr account a while ago and couldn't believe how many adorable little blogs there are, and I never thought i'd see the day when there would be entire conventions for ABDL fans (such as CAPCon). Unfortunately all of these fun people and events are many miles away from me, as I live in ultra-conservative Utah.