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  1. 014 Mumma rubs In powder

    I would love someone to rub talc into me like that
  2. 008 moist baby wipes To keep You fresh

    I wish it was me
  3. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Very good I am glad he leaked he deserved that. And it is good he realises he is just a baby and he needs someone to look after him
  4. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Just caught up with the story. Nick is behaving very badly he had a chance to get things sorted with Sarah but he blew it with his desire for revenge. So anything Kirsty and Sarah have in mind for him he truly deserves the more humiliating the better. Still a good story
  5. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Just caught up with the last 3 chapters of bad husband better baby. You have certainly surprised me with the direction the story has taken but I like it it is a good twist having Sarah in nappies. I just wonder what more surprises you have in store
  6. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    That was a good chapter Nick and George getting it tighter I wonder what they will think when they discover they have been caught on camera. I still think Nick could be a sissy baby and live with Sarah as her baby but it is your story to do with as you think best and it will still be good
  7. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    I like this chapter Elfy Nick being humiliated like that but cant wait to see what he gets up to with George I hope he is sissified by Katie
  8. Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    Yes I certainly sleep better when I am pinned into my double terry nappies and baby pants, I feel more secure
  9. Can I Call You...?

    I like to be forced to wear nappies and dress as a sissy baby
  10. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Hi Elify the story is great Nick seems to get himself into more trouble all the time. I can't wait to see what Kirsty has planned for them. I hope it involves some sissying of Nick and some strap on play that would be humiliating for Nick
  11. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Just finished the latest chapter it is very good I hope you will carry on when you are feeling better. If you don't mind a humble suggestion how about making his dream come true about Kirsty or Sarah with a strap on it could be humiliating for him at first but he then finds he enjoys it
  12. What is your favorite adult diaper?

    I wear terry nappies and frilly baby pants as they make me feel babyish
  13. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    The story gets better and better. It is the sort of thing I would have liked to happen to me
  14. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    this story is getting better and better
  15. hi nappyfairy how are you

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NappyFairy


      Sounds like fun, I will be doing that this weekend, but my nappy is always wet. ;)

    3. babysamantha


      I hope you had a nice weekend being a sissy tell me about it if you don't mind

    4. NappyFairy


      The short version is that I spent two days in my favourite dress, my nappy on show and frilly cover with my wife, I slept in a pink MyDiaper and had regular changes along with adult fun. If you'd like to know more, please PM me. x