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  1. Yes I certainly sleep better when I am pinned into my double terry nappies and baby pants, I feel more secure
  2. I like to be forced to wear nappies and dress as a sissy baby
  3. Hi Elify the story is great Nick seems to get himself into more trouble all the time. I can't wait to see what Kirsty has planned for them. I hope it involves some sissying of Nick and some strap on play that would be humiliating for Nick
  4. Great story cant wait for more I hope there will be some strap on humiliation
  5. great story cant wait for morw
  6. Just finished the latest chapter it is very good I hope you will carry on when you are feeling better. If you don't mind a humble suggestion how about making his dream come true about Kirsty or Sarah with a strap on it could be humiliating for him at first but he then finds he enjoys it
  7. I wear terry nappies and frilly baby pants as they make me feel babyish
  8. The story gets better and better. It is the sort of thing I would have liked to happen to me
  9. this story is getting better and better
  10. lovely story he was well and truly tricked on trick and treat night this would be a good story to carry on
  11. hi nappyfairy how are you

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    2. NappyFairy


      Sounds like fun, I will be doing that this weekend, but my nappy is always wet. ;)

    3. babysamantha


      I hope you had a nice weekend being a sissy tell me about it if you don't mind

    4. NappyFairy


      The short version is that I spent two days in my favourite dress, my nappy on show and frilly cover with my wife, I slept in a pink MyDiaper and had regular changes along with adult fun. If you'd like to know more, please PM me. x

  12. Go with it you get much nicer cloths to wear as a sissy baby
  13. I wear terry nappies and plastic pants. I love the nice bulky feel between my legs and I think they are more babyish than disposables. I also like the rustling sound of the plastic pants. Also that is what I wore as a baby
  14. My wife/mummy spanks me and makes me wear terry nappies plastic baby pants and dresses. I love the feeling of humiliation and the loss of control in that I have to do what someone else says She has only let one of her friends see me dressed as a baby she didn't tell me it was going to happen Her friend just came into the house and found me sitting on the floor in my baby outfit and started laughing at me it was embarrassing but a good feeling
  15. I am a sissy baby and love the over the top frilly baby pants and dresses. It is part of the submissive side of me when I am told what I have to wear. I am now starting to try out little girl clothing over my nappies and baby pants like pink shorts and things like that