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  1. Molicare Slip Maxi vs molicare super plus

    I just got a large bag of these, after going through a bag of the old medium. Really the only major differences I could tell were color, and the tapes. The top tapes are smaller than the bottoms, but they seem to hold just fine. Capacity seems to be about the same, with the large holding slightly more, obviously. Wish they would fix their padding so that it wouldn't separate and fall apart when wet. I had the same issue with the mediums. Will probably be the last bag of Molis that I try. Overall if you were happy with the old super plus, I think you'll be just as happy with the new slip.
  2. 10/11 Messages

    Happy birthday Daily Diapers!
  3. Anyone In Minnesota?

    Where in Minnesota are you? I'm from wisconsin and may be close enough.