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  1. wanting to wet the bed again

    Thanks Steve for the reply, Have thought about this for a very very long time. I do want to go all the way to wake up every morning in a wet bed and soggy nappy. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. wanting to wet the bed again

    I was a young bedwetter as a child alway's woke up wet ever morning till i was eleven, Alway's stole my younger brother nappies to try and hide the situation, This has probably what made me into the DL I am today. Now into my forties and want to go back to bedwetting everynight again. how can i retrain my bladder and myself to learn to wet uncontrollable really want to wake up wet every morning again. Help Needed
  3. Any Coventry nappy lovers

    terry cloth nappies like bath towels with plastic pants had to wear them every night as a kid was a 1970's kid so disposables were very scarce
  4. Any Coventry nappy lovers

    Mainly yes from nappies r us but also wear terry nappies and plastic pants. What about you?
  5. Any Coventry nappy lovers

    same with me wetting nappies day and night. i am a male just want to chat
  6. Any Coventry nappy lovers

    hi a AB/DL bedwetter all my life living the dream in Coventry. What about you?
  7. Any Coventry nappy lovers

    Hi Coatse yes i am from Coventry the Tile Hill area, I am a AB/DL have been since a very early age.