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  1. Zoe was just happy that she was back to see the movie again.
  2. (There's no need to exaggerate. Also, who's stella?)
  3. Zoe still blushed a little as she layed down on her bed.
  4. Zoe continued blushing as she was getting carried to her room.
  5. (I see) Zoe blushed even more when Hannah asked, and she jumped off the couch to get her mom.
  6. Zoe tried her best not to squirm. But then there was a scene in the movie that seemed kind of scary, which made Zoe jump AnD eep, making her let out her mess and felt it between her feet, making it squish a little. She blushed brightly as this happened.
  7. (I was thinking Hannah wouldn't about it right away)
  8. Zoe nodded slightly. Zoe: Y-yeah. Zoe tried to not fidget as much as she could, as she sat on her knees.