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  1. [DD] Christmas Contest

  2. Foolproof!

    Hi guys, this is chapter one of an adventure story I wrote called Foolproof. Its set in an ABDL universe where littles aren't supposed to go anywhere without a Big to look after them. :3 Its a little silly, but I hope you enjoy. I woke up to the crackle of the monitor. The sound always jarred me out of sleep but I usually relaxed as soon as I realized what it signified. Not this morning. No part of me wanted to leave the security of the nursery today. But soon, Daddy would walk through that door and switch on the light. I whimpered briefly at the thought and began my simple morning ritual; one hand hunting for my errant pacifier, the other rubbing the crumbly traces of sleep off of my face. Once located, I popped it back between my lips and chewed nervously. He seemed to be taking awhile longer to appear this morning, or maybe it was just in my head. The anticipation was killing me and I feared I’d chew straight through the thick plastic if he didn’t appear soon. The monitor continued to crackle, which meant he was moving from the bedroom, his room, to the more public areas of the apartment. I stretched and rolled onto my stomach, feeling the layer of padding beneath me as I nuzzled into my pillow, attempting to bury myself, to hide from the disquieted feeling that was currently filling my stomach. The crackling had quieted, and I groaned inwardly. I knew that this meant. “Good morning, Princess.†I heard, along with the creak of the door. As my lips were currently wrapped around my pacifier, and my face was pressed into the pillow with such force that it had turned flat, I could only manage a strangled sort of “mhhnggg†sound as a greeting. “Baby?†I heard the concern in his voice. “What’s wrong?†He was beside the crib now, quickly unlocking the tall sides and sliding the side down. I made the same sound and drew my knees up to my chest, still chewing, still burying myself. I felt his hand on my shoulder as he gently turned me over onto my back. He then took two fingers and, placing them on my chin, moved my head so my eyes were locked onto his. I reached up to my mouth and removed the pacifier, which, as I predicted, sported a large, ragged hole. “Hi Daddy.†I said softly, and looked at my hands. “Hi, Angel. What’s wrong?†I knelt up and put my arms around his shoulders, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “Don’t wanna go.†I mumbled, but he heard me perfectly. “Oh, baby.†He said gently, and rubbed my back. “Why not?†I didn’t answer, I just clung to him. I heard him sigh softly as he hefted me up into his arms and carried me over to the table, which he set me down on. “You have to go to school, Baby. Daddy has to go back to work.†“Noooo…†I protested. “You has to stay here with me.†He leant down and kissed me on the forehead. “Its only a few hours. I’ll be there to pick you up before you know it.†He was right. As soon as I’d been changed and dressed, I stepped out of the apartment, snack in hand, “ready†for my first day of school. The trip between home and school wasn’t long, and before I knew it I was standing on the edge of a wide, colourful playroom. “Hi there, you must be Vanessa. I‘m Mikayla.†I blinked at the woman who was now kneeling in front of me. She grinned at me, broadly, as if she knew a great secret and couldn’t wait to share with me, and I smiled back, shyness put aside for the moment. Her smile was infectious. She straightened up and I turned my attention back to the room I was standing in. It featured perhaps twelve other children and the biggest selection of toys I had ever seen. Bean bags littered the floor and bookcases lined the walls. Then I noticed that, outside, through a pair of glass doors, stood a play fort shaped like a large boat. I barely contained a shriek of excitement and tugged on Daddy’s hand, which I was still clinging tightly to. “Daddy, look!†I beamed up at him and pointed outside. He smiled back, gently chuckled and gave my hand a squeeze. “You like the boat, Vanessa?†Mikayla asked me, to which I nodded enthusiastically. “Its almost time for outside play, so why don’t you go play and we’ll all go outside in a little while.†As I gazed uncertainly at Daddy, the excitement I’d previously felt melted away all at once and I shifted from one foot to the other. He sensed that I was uncomfortable and knelt in front of me, taking hold of both my shoulders and looking me squarely in the eye. “Baby, you’re going to be fine, okay? I’ll be back to get you before you know it.†“But.. But.. Daddy…†I stammered and fought hard to keep from crying. He embraced me tightly and whispered in my ear. “Daddy loves you, Princess. You’re going to have a wonderful time.†I watched him drive away through the front window and felt my bottom lip quiver, though I had no time to feel alone as Mikayla had taken my hand and was leading me into the heart of the room. Once there, she pressed a stuffed pony into my grasp, ruffled my hair and left to attend to some other, apparently pressing matter. I swallowed hard and sat down in the middle of the fluorescent green carpet. Idly, I made the pony gallop in a small circle, then rear up and “neigh†quietly. “That’s not a neigh!†Came a sudden voice in my ear. I turned and was greeted with the extremely freckled face of a small boy. After the freckles, the first thing I noticed about him was that he was filthy. Grass stains and small patches of dirt covered the front of his jeans, which were thoroughly ripped in many places, and the remnants of what appeared to be canned spaghetti dotted his white teeshirt. Seriously, you could barely make out the dinosaur that emblazoned the front of it. “Its more like this!†He grabbed my pony and positioned it, then threw back his head and whinnied, loudly. So loudly, in fact, that a cluster of girls playing nearby put their hands over their mouths and giggled. I found myself doing the same. “I…†The boy began grandly, “Am Ayden James Phillips. Who are you?†“Vanessa…†I said. “Just Vanessa?†Ayden James Phillips asked quizzically, cocking his head to one side like a small spotted dog. “That’s not a name.†“No!†I said crossly. “Its Vanessa Henebury.†The boy began to laugh. As he did so, he dropped the stuffed animal and fell flat on his back onto the carpet. It seemed that this boy liked to throw his whole self into actions he performed, whether it was imitating a horse or laughing at my last name. “Hey!†I scowled at him and snatched the pony back. “Its not funny!†Ayden sat up and gave me a goofy grin. “It is. It is and you know it.†I poked my tongue out at him, but felt a small grin creeping onto my face. He crawled over and sat down beside me. “I like you, Vanessa Henebury.†He said, nodding, and continued “I can always tell right away if I like someone.†“Well I think you’re silly, Ayden James Phillips.†“I’ll tell you a secret.†He beckoned me closer and I leaned forward to hear him whisper. “I am.†At that moment, Mikayla clapped her hands and announced “Outside playtime!†Then all at once, everyone shot to their feet and cried out with excitement. Some kids were running in circles in anticipation of what was to come, and one girl even fell over in her rush to the door. I tried my hardest not to stare. Not that I could stop to stare even if I wanted to, Ayden was yanking me towards the door. “Come on, outside!†He hollered and continued to tug till I dropped the pony and pulled my pinafore down over my padded backside. As was always the case, it had ridden up during my short bout of “indoor play.†I was nervous to be moving from what had so quickly become my comfort zone, but Ayden was chattering animatedly in my ear. This, coupled with the buzz of excitement produced by the other children was helping to calm me down just a fraction; though in the back of my mind the fear remained, because I still longed to be anywhere but school. At home with Daddy, most of all. When the doors were open Ayden, predictably, ran straight towards the large boat and commenced climbing. I silently cursed myself for insisting on wearing my new short dress and no cover that morning and scampered up some rigging which apparently served as the boat’s entrance. From my vantage point on the bow, I had a view of the whole playground. There was a sandbox in the left hand corner where three of my new classmates were already digging. A see saw sat between the boat the left wall and was currently occupied. Near the back wall, behind the boat was a swing set. Mikayla pushed a little girl while a male attendant attempted to (presumably) teach a small boy to swing on his own. Two other boys, Ayden and myself were perched atop the boat. Ayden and one of them were engaging in a mock sword fight, while the other one mimed binoculars with his hands and surveyed the playground along with me. That’s when I noticed it. There, on the right hand wall of the garden was a gate. The boat was considerably higher than the fence so I could see that the gate led to a car park. My heart began to hammer in my chest. I quietly scurried down the ropes and, checking that the coast was clear, hightailed over to the gate. I disappeared out of it and into the car park before anyone noticed I was gone. …Or so I thought. “Hey!†I whipped around to see a very exasperated Ayden staring back at me. “What are you doing?†He said. “I.. I.. I have to go find my Daddy.†I whispered urgently. “I don’t care what you’re doing!†He said, folding his arms. “I just can’t believe you’d escape without me!â€
  3. best way to de-hair diaper area?

    I opt for brazillian waxes as often as I can afford. I find I can't remove all the hair when I try to shave it off myself.
  4. Looking for a Daddy or Mummy in Brisbane

    Hi there, I’m Darcy. I’m a 20 year old submissive from a small town a little while away from Brisbane. I can’t drive or host gatherings, but I’m enthusiastic about rail travel, so I’ve got that going for me. I also like to make dorky cards on your birthday and regularly eat my weight in nachos. I’m looking for a few different things, so if you fit one or more or the following descriptions then please don’t be shy and send me a communique of sorts. I’m looking for: An ABDL Daddy or Mummy for a relationship who: -Is between 20 and 30 years old. -Is single -Is experienced -Is firm but snuggly at the same time. -Is okay with public play (will take me to events or out to feed the duckies) -Can host -Can spell -Can change a diaper -Interested in the possibility of a traditional relationship as well as a Daddy/little girl setup P.S, I’m very open to meeting but I’d prefer to chat online for a while first. PP.S, grammar is incredibly sexy. You’ll get so many bonus points if your opening message to me has correct spelling and /shudders with delight/ paragraphs. PPP.S, I make a mean iced coffee.
  5. ^_^

    Hi there, i'm Darcy. Not so new to the AB world, but new to this website. (: Looking forward to meeting some new people.