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  1. Well, in my case I just dislike awkward situations when I know I'm not doing anything wrong and I shouldn't even be questioned about diapers because I have for years held down a full time job and paid whatever bills I had to pay; I do all my Adult Responsibilities so I think I should be able to enjoy diapers on my time off.
  2. tyrantblade3500

    Why do people go so far?

    So it seems to be becoming a thing these days that if people dislike something enough (even if no crime has been committed and nobody has been harmed) they will try their best to find peoples real identities and try to ruin their lives. I find this very alarming, I mean it's not that hard to avoid things you dont like, it's just like how if you dont like Adult Movies, you dont go into an Adult Movie Store; it's as simple as that, no need to find out somebodies identity and lie to try to ruin their life (like apparently someone that found a joke on Twitter that somebody made to be in such distaste that they found out where the person who made the joke worked, called the place and said the person was a Pedophile and that person got fired, I mean come on) I wish people could ignore and walk away from things they dislike online instead of getting confrontational and trying to ruin somebodies life, disgust and hatred go around in circles and just perpetuate more disgust and hatred (like all those *cringe* videos about ABDLs on YouTube, no need for that, dont like it dont watch it) Just goes to show you have to be careful with what you do online, otherwise if someone is able to find out your identity and where you work they could try to ruin your life over some petty BS.
  3. I'm well off in the regard that the worst I have to deal with is Awkwardness and sometimes I get questions (always from my Mom) about If I'm wearing a diaper, why I like diapers, would I in a future situation. But at least I have a decent size room, plenty of storage space, and my room doesn't get searched, my stuff doesn't get thrown out, and most of all I dont have to worry about getting kicked out of the house (since I pay a lot of our bills). My biggest way to avoid the Awkwardness most of the time is that I almost never wear around her and I time my orders so they can arrive when she is out of town seeing her Boyfriend for the weekend.
  4. tyrantblade3500

    Favourite diaper designs (OLD or NEW)

    I did love the Cruisers sizes 6 and 7 when they were a lot bigger and a lot more absorbent. For Adult Diapers, my fave is Little Pawz, but I also like Barebums and Tykables Overnights. If they didn't change them to be lower quality I also would have re-ordered Seni Quatros, the ones I tried about 4 or 5 years ago were really nice.
  5. tyrantblade3500

    The Moment You Knew

    I knew I liked diapers at around the age of 13, didn't really know why, eventually I would make size 5 & 6 (and later 7) diapers usable for a short time by using 2 sets of Tabs and stuffing one diaper with another and I just knew it felt really good; which explained why I liked diapers I guess. Eventually i found out about there being a significant ABDL community in the world (from many countries), and knowing that cemented that I'm not alone and made it easier for me to accept this part of me. And then when i tried High Quality Medical Style Diapers I knew I would make it a more regular thing for me and now I always have a good stock of diapers around and it's my main stress reliever (way better than when I would Self Harm or way overdo drinking Alcohol)
  6. tyrantblade3500

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    It really sounds like it if you wear 24/7.
  7. tyrantblade3500

    Hopefully getting a better job soon

    Well, I basically got a job at the company I was applying for (they didn't even interview me really), I just needed to do an application because the last one was about a year ago and they said no matter what they have a job for me.
  8. I've been working for a factory for about 5 years now, I don't hate working hard or that the work is repetitive, what I do hate is that the company I work for has many, many flaws. Of course one of the big ones is the pay is bare minimum or just above it and this factory doesn't pay hardly anybody a good wage (except for the higher ups and people related to them, theres one person that is making 50% more than anybody else in his same position because of being related to a boss), and I have been wanting a better job for a while now, without much of a clue where that would be; except when I found out there was a much better factory to work for (including pay), literally 10 minutes down the road. I interviewed for the same place last year but didn't get a job and I have an interview again soon, so hopefully it goes well because I have been working at the same place too long, getting overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, hearing all these excuses the company that I work for has for why they aren't making more sales, profit, why they don't pay the workers more, and also they let some people skate by with barely any workload and I know that's dragging everyone else down, but they would rather keep going as is then to Vet the workers better, get rid of the lazy ones, and pay the better workers more money.
  9. tyrantblade3500

    Interesting conversation with a child minder.

    It would be cool if an ABDL DayCare type place was more common just to be able to enjoy being taken care of and not have to diaper up and change yourself; just as an every now and then treat.
  10. I almost never wear diapers outside of the house, and have never worn outside of town. Well, today I wanted to diaper up as this week I only have one day off (today), and me and my family went to an out of town Walmart (I like checking different Walmarts for clearance and different selections from time to time), then a KFC/Taco bell for lunch and then home, all the while battling some cleanse pills (I feel like it's an incomplete experience to just wet), but I won and got home before it hit me. It may be a while before I do it again, though it was nice not having to run to the bathroom as a distraction.
  11. tyrantblade3500

    Stomach pain again

    I never really figured out what happened last time, just suffered for 4 days and then it went away and now I'm experiencing the same thing again. For now I will go to sleep (or try to) and tomorrow I can see about getting a ride and seeing a doctor if it persists. Probably the worst thing is my Mom has basically suggested it's my own fault for eating too much, but I have even eaten for probably 5 or 6 hours before this pain started this time and last time it started early in the morning before I even ate anything, so that cant be true right? Idk what i ever did to be in this kind of pain and if I wasn't so strong and stubborn I would have curled up in a ball hours ago.
  12. Only if I take cleanse pills (kind of like a laxative of sorts, I take them from time to time (mostly as they make me have to poop or poop more than normal, which I like to do when I put a diaper on)), or have diarrhea. I've had bad gas before and people assume I have to poop, but it's usually a long time before I actually have to poop.
  13. tyrantblade3500

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I have never tried my hand at dating, if I did I would be wary, but also I would be open to a Girlfriend who isn't one of us, as long as they would let me be myself and the relationship would work out.
  14. tyrantblade3500

    Think Before You Act!

    I find it ridiculous that anybody would defend public exposure to an unknown mass of people that are highly likely to already have a very bad image of the ABDL lifestyle (if they have any knowledge of such a thing at all, the limit of their exposure might have been "Cringe, look how sick this is" type of videos that rely on shock value to get viewership and hopefully get subscribers on youtube type thing)
  15. tyrantblade3500

    Screw that

    I've been on Vacation (at my Brothers place in Florida) for 10 days, and not having brought diapers along (because they would be hard to hide and inconvenient to deal with) I had pooped on 3 days and all 3 times it was too much for the toilets to flush and it would have been convenient just to have diapers to poop in so it didn't happen; but thankfully it didn't take too much to get the toilets back to working order. That seems to happen a lot with me.