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  1. You aren't listening, I tried and they refused to take it off my bill, at this point I have to pay a debt collector, Capital One isn't involved at this point Like I said, I couldn't hit a but to see what I was agreeing to, that is the whole problem.
  2. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    Well, around here a lot of apartments dont seem to allow pets, or if they do it's only certain pets, and some places that allow pets have conditions that they dont allow certain breeds of dogs; the #1 banned pet in these place is Pit Bulls because of their "aggressive dog" reputation because of people that raise their Pit Bulls to be aggressive or even worse the ones that enjoy dog fighting and sometimes even put dogs in the area to fight or bet on which will win. I would like to see someone throw dog fighting enthusiasts in the UFC Octagon with a heavyweight and see if they enjoy fighting for their lives But that's neither here nor there in relevance to the topic at hand.
  3. Does anyone disagree that this sort of trickery should be illegal? I will fully explain the diet pill scam So at some point I had ordered a sample of diet pills, like a week later they had sent out a months supply (or more) of diet pills that i never asked for, and they had charged over $400 for it I explained to Capital One (the one i had the credit card with) that 1. I never asked to be sent a bunch of diet pills, and 2. I never received them So they took off the money from my account for maybe a day or two Then i realize it was back on my account, they asked me to send in a letter to plead my case, so I did. And then they still didn't take the money off of my account. Apparently tracking that says it delivered to my town (a small town, but still probably 200 or 300 houses) must mean I have the pills and that logic got applied to why I was required to pay for them. So i didn't, the account went into collections and Capital One had people calling me every day to harass me like "wheres my money" ; so not wanting to hear it and not having spare money anyways I blocked them. And then a few months ago (a while after the diet pill scam) this fiasco happened where it went to a debt collector threatening legal action in my county court and eventually a letter from the county clerks desk. So I had to agree to pay them and did and settled for close to what I actually owe, it still sucks though.
  4. tyrantblade3500

    Is adisc.org down for anyone else?

    It looks like it is down again
  5. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    It isn't Hell, he just needs to be more responsible, which he has shown isn't gonna happen if he has access to alcohol; and also he should be paying rent, but he has no motivation even when sober to actually try getting a job. It looks like the only way he is gonna get a job is if Walmart takes him back, apparently a manager and his coworkers want him back; but why would the district boss allow him to come back given his record (refusing to learn the register, not showing up because he was "sick" (from drinking before work) ; not showing up because he was over at his Friends house which was working a different shift, not being ready on time because he wouldn't check his schedule and they would often change it on him). My mom has been redoing his application at Walmart for over 6 months now as they led us on to believe they MIGHT rehire him, then said it is up to the District Boss, then a lower level manager and his coworkers want him back. But I think his ship has sailed with Walmart and they aren't going to give him a 2nd chance. They have also tried fast food places, but without my brother talking to them or actually showing up to follow through after an application they probably don't think he actually wants the job. One thing I haven't mentioned is he does stutter quite a bit, but I'm sure if he at least tried getting a job they could have him work in the back and not have to talk to customers.
  6. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    I would rather not board with strangers, at home I have peace of mind and can do what I want and dont have to worry about trusting anyone else, and lots of place don't allows pets and I wouldn't leave my dog with my brother more than I already have to.
  7. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    Probably not, assistance like that is reserved for low income and I'm making over $15.50 an hour. I dont wanna find another place to live. Just wished my brother had some kind of motivation to work. 240 a month is dirt cheap, and would have helped us a lot; we would not have kept getting behind with that extra money.
  8. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    But I cant find another place to live for $240 a month, so it is in my best interest to not do that as if I go anywhere else I would probably spend close to triple, an appartment around here alone would cost over $500 a month and that doesn't include everything.
  9. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    If it was just up to me I would've kicked him out a while ago, the house is technically in our Moms name, it's only my house in that we would not own the house if I wasnt around and didn't have a job the last 6 years and pay for a lot of the bills. He is no thief and doesn't need alcohol to survive, he just cant help himself when it comes to how much he drinks, whatever he buys he will drink in a binge is what his problem is, he isn't an "every day needs alcohol or he is sick" kind of alcoholic he is a binge drinking Alcoholic. The problem is my Mom isn't on the same page as I am, i have told her we need to tell him no more drinking and she still wants to allow him to drink on weekends, so if I'm working on the weekend (as I'm working today and its Saturday) he can get blitzed, pass out, sleep, and leave the dog outside in the freezing cold all alone (again) Regardless imma lay down some new rules, if he wants to get plastered and be irresponsible he will have to do it somewhere else. If he leaves my dog in the cold unattended I will throw him outside in the cold and lock the door.
  10. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    Well, he did it again (left the dog out in his Drunken Stupor) and he let the (now possibly pregnant) cat outside at some point. I was being a little considerate in allowing a half measure and giving him another chance. But now I'm gonna tell him absolutely no alcohol at all and hopefully our Mom decides to back me and do something about him, somehow I knew this would probably happen because it's always "Drunk O Clock" for him, hence why he lost his last job at Walmart. I'm just lucky that both of these last times I got home right in time to find my dog at the back door (instead of Roaming the streets, which means the Dog Warden would get called and we would likely have to pay a higher fine than the last time she was wandering after being left outside for hours, and then maybe she would get Ringworm again). If murder was legal I would have killed him as soon as I found out he was home, is it so hard to see why I value my dog above him? My dog is cheaper to feed, more responsible, her presence can keep would be intruders away (all she has to do is bark) and she is furry and warm and always makes me feel good and safe at night (she sleeps right behind me). What good is a drunken moron that is either sleeping or so absent minded nothing will get through to him once he has had a little to much to drink (which results in drinking way too much) ? If he had food stamps or a job that would help a lot, but he has no motivation for anything and you cant force motivation, I'm not even a bad influence here as I'm not drinking liters of Rum or Multiple Four Lokos (12-14% ABV, 24 ounces per can, cheap; drink 2 and you can black out and become a useless drunken moron). I have scaled down to 2 cans a week of weaker alcohol so I can have enough for that feel good effect without going way too far (as he always does if the alcohol is available to him, I hide my 2 cans so they dont disappear into his stomach). If he could only wait until I got home I wouldn't care that much how drunk he gets (I would still care that he isn't trying to get a job even when he is sober though). Such a disappointment.
  11. I'll be in decent shape when I start getting normal checks again, down to under $100 in the bank as I has just got a check for like 21.00 or something (1 day of pay, minus union fees, taxes, and $55 for insurance), all the devices I already had, except the Switch and a cheap TV were the only 2 recent acquisitions; and I'm getting back to taking away the entertainment while I'm at work. Just did 24 hours of work yesterday and today, 2 more 12s next week (plus 3 8s), even if I have any weeks off it will still end up being more than $21.00 pay because it would be a layoff if it happens and not me being fired for something I did, I would of got 4 12s next week, but they demoted a lousy mechanic to do what I do and help me out (which is needed anyways, as I'm one of few people always working my position after temps got laid off, people got suspended for being stupid, and some people up and left the job for who knows why). Its gonna be a lot better than I made it out to be, still sucks but if overtime keeps happening I can pay extra money to the debt collector, not to mention at least part of whatever I get back in taxes; I'm planning on getting the $1500 paid off in 6 months or less, depending on how much overtime keeps happening and what I get in taxes in a couple months.
  12. I'm already past the "interest" part as they tried to make me pay $400 for stuff I didn't intentionally order (stupid me for not realizing it was gonna be an automatic subscription service; where they completely hide what you are agreeing to) ; but shame on them for trying to make me pay $400 for what probably should have been $10 (one of the few things that could cost $400 a month is a car payment, not a month of frickin diet pills) ; extra shame on them for thinking calling me every single day would help matters ; extra extra shame on them for trying to charge $500 above that. I would probably have to sell everything I own to pay $1500 all at once, and I'm not gonna do that and having nothing to do (as I would have to sell all my electronic devices; and TV shows and gaming are 2 of the few things I enjoy in life) . It's not a matter of me overspending on things. It's the uncertainty of working for a new company, combined with the possibility they could shut down temporarily if they run out of materials, combined with not getting the full benefits that people that have worked for the company for years have; and if work slows down I may have to take a layoff. I can not predict the future guys, otherwise I wouldn't have to worry, I would just play the lottery and become a millionaire.
  13. tyrantblade3500

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    Well, my dad called and had a serious talk with my younger brother about Alcohol and the ways in which it (in a way) ruined my dads health; especially considering my dad has had diabetes for decades so of course alcohol (being a form of processed sugar) did my dad no favors, I don't know what will come of the talk; but my dad said he isn't gonna send my brother money if that's what he is gonna do with it. I drink too much at times, lately being one of those times (not an extreme amount, but several nights in a row) due to this debt collector BS; going forward I am gonna slow down again (I see no point in binge drinking) as I like to be able to function when I'm drinking and limiting my number of drinking days will also save me some money.
  14. I try to be a positive guy, but this thing with the debt collector is all I have been able to focus on since I got the notice that basically means that if I did nothing I will be paying $800+ in interest. So what could I do? The only better option on the table was to reach a settlement for less than I owe, which happened to be close to what I actually charged. So now I realize I'm $1500 in debt, so my 2019 is already gonna suck (before it even began) and I have realized this is probably what I should expect from life for now on; I wanted more but why should I delude myself and set myself up for many more failures? Yeah maybe to some of you $1500 isn't a lot, well to me it is, I might get $1500 if I sell everything I have and then I would be back to 0 at 27 years old, which does me no good. So back to the struggle I go I guess, it's all I have ever known and probably all I will ever know.
  15. I sent some angry texts to my mom at work (during one of my break times) about not including me in her "grand ideas" next time; I know she didn't mean anything bad by what she did; but with the "self lender" coming out every month; the winter season being slow at work (i had a $180 check, my lowest check in years and after next weeks check I will have no check for 1 week) and then this stupid debt collector BS (when i finally gained the ability to pay towards the credit card they decided to send debt collectors after me, so I had to agree to pay $1500, which is $1500, even $125 a month is $125 less I have to pay towards bills, less money to spend on hobbies, etc; and it hurts). I have already been struggling just with the slow season and Self Lender, plus I have to worry about if the company runs out of steel, or maybe their orders get cut down to almost nothing (or if they have production lines in changeover for several weeks, which seems to keep happening), and then I may have to take a layoff because I'm pretty new to the company and I have never had to take a layoff before, ever; so it is unknown territory and all this stuff is stressing me too much. And the stress seems to either throw me into Depression or Mania (I dont seem to have traditional Bipolar as I really dont seem to know how long I will be depressed, or manic, or whatever and I'm normally pretty stable and happy, but all this stress is just wrecking me). It also doesn't help having my younger brother not paying anything towards bills, pushing me and my mom further behind than we would be if he Manned Up and paid the low minimum $ amount we want from him (anybody in the US tell me you wouldn't jump at $240 a month and nothing else with heat and Electricity and everything included) ; which he obviously cant pay with no income. I mean I do pretty decent in an average month, and sometimes there is a fair amount of overtime; but I am a chronic worrier; always worried about the worst things that can happen (which sometimes does happen, I cant pay all the bills I normally would with a 1/2 paycheck). I can worry a lot less once I know they are going back to full production with no major setbacks, but right now I cant 100% enjoy the holiday season knowing any number of setbacks could happen in just a few weeks.