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  1. Idk if my dad knows as when I started we had young children in diapers around (I started around when my niece was born, so it wouldn't have been so clear then that I was using any diapers) , but eventually with no children in Diapers in the house my mom knew, she never liked it (I'm still sure she doesn't, but I think she gave up on trying to get me to stop it) and still likes to mention diapers sometimes (questioning me if I'm wearing one, even when I'm not) and feels like pointing out how I walk different at times (which happens to be the few times I wear a diaper when I'm out of the house), even though I don't care and nobody else asks if something is wrong with me (because I "walk funny" or whatever). It's sort of like the classic "waddle" you get with thick/wet diapers, yeah it's a bit different from your "regular walk" , but if you aren't actually hurt I dont see why it is important to bring it up any more than when my Grandma (who is a Hypocrite, acting like a Christian but being racist and judgmental to people that are different, like if they are black or gay or anything like that) has to say something like "I think the waiter is gay" (when we are at a restaurant) , it's like "so what, he is still a human, it doesn't really matter".
  2. tyrantblade3500

    Black Friday

    Anyone go out on Black Friday? I'm hoping that I can grab a Switch early (6PM on Thursday for Walmart) to grab one and a cheap TV to set up in a spare room, I've been out for the last 2 Black Fridays, but both times I bough cheaper things and they had plenty of stock of what I wanted.
  3. tyrantblade3500

    Is adisc.org down for anyone else?

    I was able to log on up until around midnight or later in Saturday, but all of sunday after I got up until now it has been down, dont know why though.
  4. So I had placed an order with WearingClouds because I was really wanting to order PeekABU, but also ABUniverse is sold out and not knowing what size to order i went to WearingClouds, and ordered a bunch of samples (I think 9 or 10 different diapers) and it arrived in only 2 days. Of course ordering samples is expensive and it was close to $50 for the samples + shipping, but hey if something is hard to get/out of stock and you need to find out what size to order it is absolutely worth it. I test fitted the size Large PeekABU (they seem to only offer Mediums and Larges, so I ordered Large as I thought it might fit good) and it fits pretty good, plus I'm starting to lose a bit of weight so that helps (but I'm not gonna lose so much that I would fit into a size Medium PeekABU anyways, so ordering Larges will be safe), and I will have a full weekend to test the absorbency and also try another different diaper or two. So it will be a nice weekend.
  5. tyrantblade3500

    New PeekABU sizing

    I'm at the lower end of Large, so could I really just go with a Large? I guess it kinda makes sense since Larges already seem plenty roomy a smaller Large should still fit good, the only problem seems to be that PeekABUs are insanely popular right now and out of stock.
  6. tyrantblade3500

    New PeekABU sizing

    How many if you have tried recent batches of PeekABU, how do you find the sizing? It seems the sizing issue isn't as bad as it once was (I hear it's about half a size smaller than other ABUniverse Diapers, compared to a full size before, but I think that's because of Tab/Tapes placement), and I really wanna put in an order for a case of PeekABUs and the Hats. These days I strictly wear size Large (used to be towards the upper end of Medium, but a few inches added on the waist budged me up to the lower end of Large), so I'm thinking of ordering size XL so the smaller fit should make the PeekABUs feel like Larges to me (Larges on me are snug when I put tabs Semi-tight, not tight enough to feel uncomfortable, just enough to feel very secure) So worn down lately and not been enjoying diapers as often as I used to, but I still Pad up from time to time and new better job means more money, so my exhaustion and not having as much time as usual is worth it.
  7. tyrantblade3500

    What’s in the box?

    I have been asked a few times by my mom or younger brother, I think they both know anyways and I dont really feel like outright saying "its diapers", I feel like I shouldn't even be asked, I pay for a lot of the household bills (I have for years now) and i have my own money to buy things with.
  8. tyrantblade3500

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

    He should not only have to pick up roadside trash, I also think he should pay some kind of money to the Motorcyclist for the injuries they suffered and having a totaled bike. I really don't care if people want to live in filth in their homes (if they are the owners), otherwise there is no excuse for being such slobs in rented property or just using the world as your garbage can because it is apparently "so hard" to find a garbage can for these people.
  9. I'm sure most of us have seen a used baby diaper or two in random spots (grocery store parking lots, the beach, hiking trails, etc), in NJ they caught a man dumping loads of his grandsons used diapers near highways, even causing a motorcyclist to crash (minor injuries but the motorcycle was totaled). Apparently he is only being charged $1000 fine for dumping the loads of used diapers and seems to have done it for thrills. Idk why those parents cant at least put the used diaper in a plastic bag, tie it up and dispose of it a short time later. http://www.stgnews.com/news/archive/2018/10/24/apc-authorities-nab-suspected-serial-diaper-dumper/#.W9KZQPkpAwB
  10. tyrantblade3500

    Differece between store brand diapers and ABDL diapers?

    There is a huge difference here, any Adult Diapers available in the majority of stores are gonna be much thinner, less absorbent, and probably not fit secure or feel very good (dry or wet), I have pretty limited experience in what stores have. but if you want something worth buying that can provide a good fit, feel good (wet or dry) and also absorb a lot you at least have to go up to a decent medical style adult diaper (think something like Molicare or Abena as the starting point, theres also Dry 24/7 (also NorthShore Supreme), Seni Quatros, and then you have the medium to high absorbency ABDL diapers)
  11. tyrantblade3500

    Got a furbaby under tragic circumstances

    It really is great that the OP took the cat in, I have always loved animals and always had cats and dogs (plus various other animals at times) in the house, the most cats we have ever had was 5 at one point, some have been strays and we currently have 1 stray cat that is Orange and White, ever since my 1st Orange and White cat (which I had from when I was a young kid up to when I was a young adult) I just love that color combination. We have 4 cats and 2 dogs right now and i simply love every one of them and try to give them attention and talk to them and pet them a lot, animals like cats and dogs are just so great with lots of love to give to their owners and I hate it when bad things happen to good animals, but you cant save them all; you just gotta do a little and take pride in knowing you are helping with the situation animals are faced in, even if it is only a little. Hopefully someone from your friends family can take the cat soon and I hope the cat isn't too traumatized from their owner dying.
  12. I have only had a few jobs in my life so far, with my last job lasting 5+ years, but its been getting worse so I tried to jump ship to a better company last year; I didn't make it then, but I'm official as of today. It's not that hard to do (its probably gonna get boring and tedious, but so was my last job which paid way less than I'm gonna make at this new job), and even starting pay is great, and I kinda like the job; but the money is the most important and it feels great. People at my last job seem eager to see me fail and come crawling back to that job, but I'm gonna succeed and show them there is no reason for me to limit myself to a company that doesn't appreciate hard workers and doesn't want to pay anybody much above minimum wage (1 raise in over the last 2 years working there), except for the highest few on the ladder and a lucky few related to the bosses.
  13. tyrantblade3500

    PANTS IN A CAN!! That HAS to takd the cake!

    I remember when Walmart was offering Goodnite samples and they came in a can, like stacks of pringles lol.
  14. tyrantblade3500

    Playing Video Games in diapers

    I love being diapered while gaming too, it is great for gaming marathons as well as just out of convenience.
  15. Well, in my case I just dislike awkward situations when I know I'm not doing anything wrong and I shouldn't even be questioned about diapers because I have for years held down a full time job and paid whatever bills I had to pay; I do all my Adult Responsibilities so I think I should be able to enjoy diapers on my time off.