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  1. Very mad and very depressed

    Well, getting fired at this job takes a lot because they work us hard for minimum wage and we have to be pretty terrible employees on a consistent basis to give them a reason to fire us. I just dislike people that wanna give crap to the hard workers and basically do nothing about the lazy ones, so they keep being lazy.
  2. So I'm stuck at work for hours longer than I want to be because the big boss won't let me go home and my line leader (one step above a regular worker but below a supervisor/department manager) keep deflecting problems onto me that are not my fault, furthermore my line leader always has to be right, and if you don't do things his way you are wrong; he can't accept that for some things there is more than one right way. So for the rest of today I'm working in another department, then on Monday if there are further problems I will have to tell my line leader to cut the crap or I won't keep working in that area. I'm tired of having to do more than anybody else, and I'm getting yelled at for problems I didn't make. It's making me feel really mad and really depressed.
  3. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Because the medical brands can offer very good products at a lot less than the diapers made with the focus on the ABDL community; and not everybody wants diapers with a print or needs/has the money for the specialty ABDL diapers and the medical grade diapers are also a bit more low key (you don't have to think about what people might think of you as you can say it's a need; whereas what reason would you have for the printed diapers?). Still ABDL diaper companies are bring in huge profits, companies like ABU and RearZ probably make several million a year and I suspect this case is a much bigger deal for ABU than Tykables, after all; all Tykables had to do was change the name.
  4. Am I Good Enough?

    For me "good enough" is one of those subjective things; but no matter what you should feel good about yourself and the things that make you you. If there are things you want to improve about yourself, these things take time and I find that the harder challenges are the ones that will feel better when you achieve them. Like you there was a time when I barely put forward any effort in school and just passed everything, but continuing with the same attitude ended up being really bad for me as I fell behind in school and almost didn't graduate high school; and all the pressure I was under ended up getting to me in a really bad way. I ended up depressed most of the time for a few years, I also had manic times and self harmed on and off for a a few years. It took a lot of effort to get to the point where I am now, dealing with life a lot better; but I still get depressed at times due to my job and being back down to minimum wage and now I'm trying to figure out how I will pay for a couple dental implants as I will end up exhausting my resources and I don't make enough money to easily save up; but its all temporary and I do have a plan to get a better job, but it's a timing thing and I will need to hold on for a little while longer. Anyways, point is you should be comfortable with yourself and gradually do things to improve what you don't like and to lead a better life. I know it's not easy, but I don't think anything worthwhile in life is. And it sounds like you have some things that are going good, focus on that instead of the negativity; I find that helps a lot.
  5. Wearing Diapers And Not Using Them

    To me it just seems wrong to be wearing a diaper without the intent to actually use it (and that includes #2 as otherwise it doesn't feel like the complete experience to me); but the thing about ABDL is that we all fall at different parts of the spectrum and so I'm not telling anybody else what they should do; just expressing my opinion, of course anybody is free to do what they will and I expect no different.
  6. Do you guys have your own diaper box?

    I use a work box (I think that's what they are called), which if you don't know what it is, basically it's a long box made to be used in the back of a pickup truck so that you can store items in the back and lock it. The idea is that because it's not obvious what is there and it locks that your stuff won't get stolen; otherwise anything of value that is just left in the back of a pickup truck with nobody watching it is likely to get stolen. It works pretty good as a storage box that doesn't get moved often, and also hides my diapers to anybody living in my house; which is great because I try to hide it and I hate the awkwardness of getting asked about it (only my mom cares enough to say anything if she knows I'm wearing diapers at that time and I'm not in danger of getting kicked out, especially as I pay bills)
  7. Has shipping by ABU gotten slower?

    It's actually coming out of Baltimore Also great news, my order is now estimated to arrive on Saturday.
  8. Has shipping by ABU gotten slower?

    By this I don't mean how fast they ship out, which tends to be same day and that's great. What I mean is, are they using a slower shipping service than before? Or do estimated delivery always start out as absurd? Estimated delivery right now on my latest order is 6 days, which seems absurd for what is 2 states away (just putting Baltimore to NY in Google says the 2 are about 3-4 hours away, so even though I'm a little further than that I don't honestly believe it should take 6 days when it has only taken 2 full days and then delivery on the 3rd before). I'm only a bit concerned as I prefer my orders to come at a certain time frame to avoid being asked awkward questions about it This just being because I live at home with my mom and younger brother, and my mom doesn't really understand and asks why? sometimes and I just would rather avoid the awkwardness because she know and doesn't support this habit of mine, but I will always be welcome home especially as I pay money towards bills.
  9. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Completely agreed, ABUniverse diapers are very unique, impossible to mistake (for me and you anyways)
  10. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Apparently ABUniverse owns the right to use the word "Space" in relation to Diapers, anr as Tykables is going to make diapers they are calling "Space Cadet" Abuniverse is unhappy and has tried to talk them into changing the name; but Tykables doesn't want to. https://amp.reddit.com/r/ABDL/comments/7vkexj/abu_has_engaged_tykables_in_a_lawsuit_regarding/?__twitter_impression=true
  11. upstate NY?

    Wayne County actually
  12. Top 5 diapers?

    What are your top 5 from the diapers you have tried? My favorite is ABUniverse Little Pawz, 2nd would be Seni Quatros (ABDL diaper kind of absorption with a really good feel (fluffy and comfortable) and cloth backed so readjustable tapes), 3rd is Abena M4/L4, 4th is Molicare Super Plus; 5th by default for me is Dry 24/7; not that I hate them I just don't love them either compared to the others I have mentioned. I know this is due to change when I try more ABDL diapers later this year, I think next i may try ABU BareBums (in size Large as they have a smaller fit than other diapers in the same size so I'm on the lower end of Large whereas normally I'm on the upper side of Medium)
  13. I'm going to look for a different (meaning better (since anything is better than minimum wage)) job later in the year I would be trying to get a better job right now, but I really don't want to go to another job and not have the ability to take a vacation for likely over 1 year. I just hate how the government has decided to keep raising minimum wage in NYS (I know I've talked about it before) and it mostly results in everything costing more and the government getting more money (same % at higher pay = more money), but it doesn't make anything better for the working class people. I heard it's kinda like this in Florida, but in Florida I have family and it's warm which is way better for my Asthma and I wish I was still living there. But we have a plan to be living down in Florida again in 5 years time (maybe sooner, but we won't rush it), so I'm just hoping I do get a better job later this year (even Wal-Mart is better than the crappy factory I work for besides that my job is stable), and that nothing stops us from going down to Florida to live in 5 years time.
  14. upstate NY?

    I'm in the middle of a lot of cities/big cities in the Upstate NY area (for example sort between Rochester and Syracuse, also close-ish to the Finger Lakes). Hoping to be moving back down to Florida within 5 years though because having Asthma, winter up here sucks, warm weather is a lot better for my health and i miss living in Florida (lived there for like 10 years)