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  1. Hi there! You are beautiful, just thought I'd say. :-)

  2. Finaly got name sorted so gunna come here more know 

  3. Hey, sorry your favorite contestant lost.

    1. Pandora Foxx

      Pandora Foxx

      Lol silly dont worry sweetie 

  4. When I go there be one place were people will remember me and that's here.

  5. Honestly I don't now why I like it (ABDL) my mum told me a lot of stuff about when I was young that would explain but I don't think that's the reason I don't know who I am.

  6. You ever had to hide away your true self and not do the things you want Iv been doing it all my life going back I see how things went and how Iv destroyed my life I world have done things different some times I think why did I say that or do that but most of all I'm still hiding you want some one to love you for who you are but its more of , well if you love me then you want.