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  1. colectable items.

    A list would be great are you selling on e-bay too. Dan
  2. Vintage Attends Question...

    these were first released in 1993 and they do have sap not tons of it but a little of it . in 1995 procter and gamble made them thicker and more sap and are the ones everyone likes the best ..In 1999 the company was sold to paper pak and they changed them a little bit .the tapes are narrower and the padding was not as far out in the wings but was thicker were a man or a woman pees 'called a dry patch by paper pak. either of the 1995 or 1999 are my favorites .in 2001 paperpack changed the tapes of the ones made in canada to a white tape with blue attends written on the ' the plastic was changed alittle and the tapes held better .in 2003 they were discontinued and any made after 2002 are very inferrior to these.
  3. yardsale fail

    Bought 30 bags of 1987-1992 diapers from craigslist last year .the were pampers huggies and luvs and most were at least size large or bigger.paid 70.00 a bag for them .The lady i bought them from owned a nursery that closed down when she got sick in 1992 .I always loved the 70's pampers but after this buy I see how nice diapers were in the late 80's to early 90's don't think i'll ever get a buy like this again .
  4. rearz has great selection and keeps them all in stock .i dont order cause US shipping is high as they are in Canada.
  5. Crinkle/Noise

    Any depends made before 1996 is by far the noisiest disposable adult diaper made its not even close been wearing since 1970's .old school attends with the blue tapes are very nice but as soon AS your body heat hits them they become very quiet.