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  1. LOL! It's really nice to know that there's a few on here up for a chat Max.
  2. Wow! Ladies, I'm so far really suprised the outcome of this post and would be great to have a chat! As a straight guy, I've always been wanting to chat to females about the adult baby 'thing' and share views on different aspects of our interest So far, I've been on here for a good few months and I love it! Because at least it gives you the oportunity to discuss anything in confidence on here and not worry about what people might think of you in day to day life Huggies, Max xxxxx
  3. They tried to say that they delivered the wrong percel to me and my argument was that I did recieve the right product! I again confirmed with Attends what products I got and then Attends contacted them for the 2nd time to let them know that I did recieve the correct order And luckilly, I never got another knock on my door today from Pafcel Foce, wohooo! RELIEF! I won't be shopping with Parcel Force ever again, no chance! Come on Parcel Force, tighten up your belt lol! Max
  4. Hiya hun, Really nice to meet you, welcome I'm really just up for a nice, friendly chat MSN: [email protected] Max xxxx
  5. Hiya folks I ordered myself some Attends special care nappies/diapers the other day and eagerly awaited my delivery man lol I got my nappies/diapers and away I wen't lol The next day, I had a knock on my door from Parcel Force saying that my order has gone to the wrong address! My heart sank and thought oh shoot, I've already opened the packet and started to use them lol I said to the delivery man that it isn't the wrong products and that my parcel had my name and postal address on the packaging and therefore, no mistake on the order . So after my delivery man wen't, I phones Attends up telling them I've had a call in person from Parcel Force who told me the mishap with my order Attends said there's nothing to worry about, Attends will phone Parecl Force up to clarify that everything is tickerty boo! So I thought ok, fair enough, I hope Parcel Force doesn't come back knocking on my door So today, was here and again, a knock knock knock on the door and again, another call from Parcel Force I again explained to the guy that there is no mixup with my order and that everything has been sorted out and finalised. Again, I contacted Attends stating that I'm getting really hot and bothered about this mishap and that I wan't Attends to give Parcel Force yet another ring to sort this situation out once and for all. Attends emailed back within the hour and they confirmed that it will never ever happen again and Attends appologised on Parcel Forces behalf I wouldn't be that bothered about it if I had my own place but I'm stil living with parents! The first time Parcel Force came knocking on my door, I was out and my Mum spoke to them! Thank god Parecl Force didn't say that there's an error on the delivery from Attends! I would of been in the dog house otherwise! And today, when Parecl Force came round again, I was in but my Dad was in too so he answered the door and I quickly dealt with the situation Today, the delivery person asked me which company I've dealt with so I just said I don't know thinking that my Dad is like less than 10 feet away, I don't wan't my Dad to hear that I've bought some nappies from Attends Hopefully, I will never get another annoying knock on my door tomorrow Happy days eh! Has this ever happened to you? Huggies Max xxxxxxxxxx
  6. playtimes


    We should all meet up! I'm just up the road! Max xx
  7. Any UK girls give me a hola! Searched on here top to bottom and not many ladies from the UK on here Max xxx
  8. I'm near to Reading and I've got my parents going on holidays for 2 week so maybe it would be possible for us to meet up? I'm certainly up for a good time Max xxxxx
  9. Hiya, I'm in Oxofrdshire but really don't mind travelling (as long as it's not like 4,5,6hrs away! Parents are going on holiday soon and will be able to have fun! I'm happy to chat with anyone who's looking for friendship either by email or on msn - [email protected] Take care, Max.
  10. Hey nice to meet you Welcome on-board. Max.
  11. We live and learn every day I guess! I think adult kids, adult babies and the like are virtually the same, each with different abilities and fetishes I consider myself a big kid really having loads of fun, hugs and cuddles! Max.
  12. No need to be embarrased if you really like having a bit of fun Max.
  13. Hey Jenny! Nice to meet you sweetie hehe Max x
  14. I've dreamed about wearing a nappy quite a few times and in reality, I havn't messed my nappies whilst asleep. I personally think you've got to be very lucky to go to bed wearing a nappy and to mess it whilst asleep On the other hand, there's hypnosis CD's available for ab's/dl's and they are meant to make toiletting un-controllable. I don't know whether this is true or not, it's something I've read up on Hypnosis targets your subconscious mind so maybe, when your asleep and you've got the CD playing, might make you mess your nappy! Max.
  15. Hiya Sara Really nice to meet you Max x