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  1. clandestinest


    nem 191 OMFG I laughed my ass off at your avatar...thanks for that Anyways I just got confirmation 24 hrs later that my diapers are ready for pickup in Vancouver so maybe try another e-mail.
  2. clandestinest


    Which one? Sometimes replies take up to 24 hours and they aren't around on weekends in Quebec.
  3. clandestinest


    Yeah I have ordered from their Vancouver and Quebec locations. Both are good and both ship in plain boxes. I prefer the Vancouver location though since I can just pick up my diapers from their storage facility. Seems like they have someone new handling their pickups though, cute woman but probably not AB aware and doesn't seem to know what's in the boxes that are being picked up there, lol. If you want Bambinos or Dry 24/7s though you have to order from B4NS. Hope that helps.
  4. clandestinest


    I smell a scammer.
  5. clandestinest

    Looking For A Mommy And Daddy

    Welcome and good luck with your search.
  6. clandestinest

    New Pampers Crusiers 3 Way Fit

    Let us know how they are
  7. clandestinest

    Bedwetting... Approved!

    Ah well I am glad you didn't have problems drying up again at night. I've got to give up the bedwetting too, it's just such a hassle when you want to go somewhere for the weekend. Thanks for the update.
  8. You did what you had to do, I don't even think she would have wanted you to help her end her life if she knew how much it would affect you. It's obvious to me you picked the right choice because you'd have really been wrecked if you had aided her. I am sure you are more aware than most that pain and death are inevitable, you can do your best to ease that pain but you should never do it if it's going to ruin your life.
  9. clandestinest

    Bedwetting... Approved!

    Time for an update!
  10. clandestinest

    Free Bambinos & Abus In Vancouver

    The offer is no longer available. I had hoped people who weren't in Vancouver wouldn't clutter this thread with BS but they did so I'm chucking them in the trash. It's easy. Honestly if you live thousands of clicks away then what do you care why I am givin'them away?
  11. clandestinest

    Free Bambinos & Abus In Vancouver

    I have about 56 Medium sized Bambinos both teddy style and plain white style as well as a bag of the scented booster pads and something like 20 ABU Kushies diapers: the kind with the cute patterns and the big single side tapes. You can have them all for free as long as you can come pick them up from my place in a discreet way. Some of the bags have been opened but it's not like I have any diseases or anything so... Send me a message here if interested. Oh yeah and I'm in Vancouver BC in case you were wondering, not Vancouver WA.
  12. clandestinest

    Bad Experience With Cashier

    Kudos to the OP. I think he's probably in a better position here to say whether or not the employee was being malicious and clearly that's the opinion he had. We ought to respect that. Working in a pharmacy and making any kind of joke like this is as unacceptable as a cop making jokes about taking bribes. When there's ambiguity surrounding the statement it is best to keep quiet. Personally I don't think the employee should even be working at the drugstore if he's that inconsiderate. I know I wouldn't have handled that situation anywhere near as cooly so kudos again to the OP.
  13. clandestinest

    So Took A Plunge

    I am happy for you
  14. clandestinest

    Diapers And Backpacking

    I'm not going to burn diapers in the alpine or subalpine or anywhere else for that matter. When I see people in the subalpine burning 50 -100 year old wood that took forever to grow to a small size I just want to make them eat their ashes. I hate spending all day huffing and puffing my way out of the trees just to discover a ridge littered with firepits. Lets not even get into the detritus of burned plastic. I'm thinking my best bet would be to just try to dry up at night (not impossible for me) and avoid all the extra BS.
  15. clandestinest

    Diapers & Mnmlsm.

    I wonder how many of you out there consider yourselves to be minimalists or at least admire or strive to live the lifestyle. Being an AB kind of flies in the face of minimalism though don't you think? Unless you're incontinent diapers are arguably unnecessary and the various other baby accoutrements are too. I've always found posessions to be generally limited in their ability to bring happiness but then some of them certainly facilitate happiness such as a good pair of hiking shoes or a bike on which to get around cheap. Where does one draw the line though? Can one be something of a mnmlst and still be an AB? Is the pleasure of waking up in a wet diaper snugly wrapped in a sleeper something one should embrace or try to get over? What say you Drifter?