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    Ever Just Think Why?

    nothing else to say really
  2. bizarre123

    Ever Just Think Why?

    i know ive only been here five minutes and noone is really going to be that bothered about me off with a rant I just go between spells of giving into my subconscious and biological lusts and also spells of feeling more single-minded and determined to fulfil the goals of my conscious mind. Maybe its just that I'm so fucked up that sexual pleasure is not able to go hand in hand with genuine happiness for me; its just more like drug happiness. I think for the last month or so I've just been consumed by a feeling mediocre numbness; ive lost the urge to do many things i love and ive just been going for the easy thrills because thats all i could be bothered to do.
  3. bizarre123

    Why Are Kids In Such A Rush To Grow Up?

    when i was young i just wanted to grow up i found it frustrating having to go through the motions; childhood felt like one big warmup to me before i could reach freedom to live my own life and make my own decisions
  4. bizarre123


    i wonder if there is a greater percentage of asexuals in this community than of the general population??
  5. bizarre123


    hello - its interesting to be here im 19, and have an on off relationship with the ideas in this forum basically i am asexual i have no desire to have sexual intercourse with anyone; i am, however romantically attracted to women - my sex drive is generally focused on this and other minor fetiushes which are like a sex substitute; i am yet to practice in any nappy/diaper related practices but i think about it a bit - it almost seems like a kind of stress relief thing in terms of recessing to childhood and turning ones back on adulthood
  6. bizarre123

    Uniforms And Pvc

    i get quite excited by policwomen in their bulky uniforms
  7. bizarre123


    does asexuality come into the equation in this space? are there any other asexuals on here?