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  1. 2040

    fair enough but to be honest it wasnt like i really left on a cliffhanger but i do take your point i will do more tonight probably; i do mainly do it for my own satisfaction it just so happens that internet forums are a far safer place to post this stuff than on my own hard drive or on paper if you dont like it, dont read it if you take political offence then you need to take a pinch of salt because im not trying to make any kind of political point here, im just trying to create a good, high-concept platform for this story
  2. 2040

    yeh ok sorry for being a drama but surely acting childish cant be frowned on too much on this site
  3. Ever Just Think Why?

    nothing else to say really
  4. Ever Just Think Why?

    i know ive only been here five minutes and noone is really going to be that bothered about me off with a rant I just go between spells of giving into my subconscious and biological lusts and also spells of feeling more single-minded and determined to fulfil the goals of my conscious mind. Maybe its just that I'm so fucked up that sexual pleasure is not able to go hand in hand with genuine happiness for me; its just more like drug happiness. I think for the last month or so I've just been consumed by a feeling mediocre numbness; ive lost the urge to do many things i love and ive just been going for the easy thrills because thats all i could be bothered to do.
  5. 2040

    its just a stupid story of comic book proportions - i wasnt even thinking rationally when i conceived the propostrous idea - if such a radical and ridiculous thing were to happen it might hijack the term without really standing for it
  6. Why Are Kids In Such A Rush To Grow Up?

    when i was young i just wanted to grow up i found it frustrating having to go through the motions; childhood felt like one big warmup to me before i could reach freedom to live my own life and make my own decisions
  7. 2040

    ill try and write some more soon im surprised at the reaction i thought it might be perceived as a bit hammy but there you go
  8. 2040

    [thought id post this to see if its worth writing on] It's 2040 and Britain is one of many countries to be ruled by feminist politics. It's been like this for four years and the same party has just been re-elected - they have started a policy of creating a largely male free state - the map is not vastly covered in what are called pink zones; which means that they are free of men; these have spread out from london and have now reached the midlands. The rest is made up of purple zones; which are normal diverse places like my home in the west country, there are also small pockets within the pink zones called blue zones which basically are used to hold males captive. They might not have seen it coming 30 years ago but with the ability to choose a baby's gnder and the increase of single mothers the female population just started to rise from about 2015; then they had more voting power and more power "period". So obviously for a normal guy like me things looking increasingly worrying, the police (all of whom are obviously now female) search my house on regular basis and ive been arrested for just reasoning with them; its really made me begin to loose faith in womankind; how could they start such a culture? And now with my native south west becoming more and more pink, I feel it must be worth the risk to head to scotland which will be safe due to some debates in the scotch parliament over the governments behaviour. So basically I'm filling up the tank and heading for edinburgh in search of safety from mad politics but the geographical pink belt is unavoidable so hopefully i can justify myself. So I get as far as Bristol without as much as a funny look and I'm feeling much more comfortable, confident enough to pass through the pink border without dressing in drag. So after a few more miles in the car, I get to the border, as I roll down my window the attendant's exp​ression is turned into one of disgust. "You do know this is a pink zone." She barked. "Yes, I'm just passing through." I replied. "Very well, but if you arent in Warrington in the next 10 hours there will be a warrant for your arrest." Said the attendant in sharp tone. So now I wasn't sitting so comfortably I just wanted to get to Warrington pronto without being unfairly arrested. I was keeping an eye on the speedometer because I knew they'd get me for anything they could. Then I froze as I saw a Police car emerge in my rear-view mirror and the sirens began, I had no choice but to accept my fate and pull over. I was then greeted by a cheerful young lady with fair hair and blue eyes, there were a number of attachments to her uniform which made feel rather threatened. "Good afternoon, sir, are you aware you are speeding and also that this is a pink zone?" She politely enquired. "No and yes." I replied rather coplacently. "Well I have no choice but to place you under arrest." Her partner, a tall bunette with sweet little beady eyes, emerged from the car with some handcuffs and a non-descript box, the first thing the two officers did was to strip me from the bottom up, they then used every ounce of their combined bdy weight to restrain me face down and to be honest I didn't try to move. I felt injections going going into each butt cheek and then I worried because this was a shock to me. The blonde radioed for backup. "Can we get a van out here now." She promptly ordered. As I was becoming more relaxed and vacant I could see the beady-eyed brunette go out to the car and back with what seemed to be a great big nappy and I wasn't even embarassed because being stark naked on the side of the road is as low as it can get. This rather cute brunette (who I found out was called Ami) started to talk to me as she was applying this nappy whilst the other officer (Ellie) restrained my top half just as a pure precaution because I was quite docile at this point. "You must be cold." Remarked Ami in a rather sympathetic tone. So she took off her thick yellow jacket and put it over my frozen torso, it was so nice to have the feeling of her warmth over my chest mixed with the calming influence of the drug they injected into me. Ami kept carressing my legs to keep them warm, she was maintaining eye contact and lending reassuring smiles. "We have to seize your clothes and car for hygene purposes and quite frankly noone likes the smell of male sweat." She gently informed me. "What have you injected me with?" I desperately asked. "One was to calm you down for your own safety and the other is testosterone surpressant, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately the combination of these two drugs will render you incontinent but we felt it is a sacrifice worth making for your wellbeing.Now just relax sweetie." After this seemingly long conversation I saw the long-awaited van materialise and two rather stern looking officers walked towards me. "One, two, three and lift!" Yelped one of the officers from the van as I was being lifted horizontally toward the van with Ami's warm jacket still draped over me. "Don't worry, I'll sit with him." Reasoned Ami as if it were a chore to keep me company however judging by her tone and eagerness to volunteer for such a burden I'd say she was quite happy to sit with me in the back of the van. The girls lifted me delicately in to the back of the van and my self-appointed heroine, Ami, subsequently followed me in. After the back doors were slammed she got me into a comfortable position, she was sat on the floor of the van with both her arms wrapped securely around me and her jacket so I felt safe and warm for the first time in a while. "Don't try and talk, sweetheart..." She whispered in my right ear. "...I'm going to take good care of you now." On that note I drifted off in her tender embrace knowing that my fate was at least in one pair of safe hands.
  9. Asexuality

    i wonder if there is a greater percentage of asexuals in this community than of the general population??
  10. Hello

    hello - its interesting to be here im 19, and have an on off relationship with the ideas in this forum basically i am asexual i have no desire to have sexual intercourse with anyone; i am, however romantically attracted to women - my sex drive is generally focused on this and other minor fetiushes which are like a sex substitute; i am yet to practice in any nappy/diaper related practices but i think about it a bit - it almost seems like a kind of stress relief thing in terms of recessing to childhood and turning ones back on adulthood
  11. Uniforms And Pvc

    i get quite excited by policwomen in their bulky uniforms
  12. Asexuality

    does asexuality come into the equation in this space? are there any other asexuals on here?