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  1. where in Somerset are you?
  2. kinkydenn

    nappies for sale !!

    I'm very interested my email is [email protected]
  3. kinkydenn

    anyone from west midlands?

    Im in Bilston
  4. kinkydenn

    The Midlands

    Im in Wolverhampton
  5. kinkydenn

    Any free plastic pants

    I wouldnt mind some too, anyone in UK? Not bothered about state or condition of them
  6. kinkydenn

    Any Truck Drivers Wearing?

    Im a trucker in the UK and I wear all the time, partly for convenience, but mainly for fun. They come in handy when stuck in traffic! I just love using them whilst driving!
  7. kinkydenn

    Midlands Friends

    I'd love to have some fun in plastic pants
  8. kinkydenn

    Any Truck Drivers?

    Yeah, me I am. Im in Uk, you?
  9. kinkydenn

    Do U But A Dirty Diaper Back On After You Use It

    I love to wear a dirty nappy and plastic pants for as long as I can. I would also like to wear someone elses dirty nappy and plastic pants, cosI just love messy
  10. kinkydenn

    Gg Or Ts Mummy Dl Ab Switch Ok

    Hi, I'd love to help you out, I could be quite strict too if you wanted!
  11. kinkydenn

    The Midlands

    Im from Wolverhampton. Anyone nearby?