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  1. Hi Jay What town are you in ? Looking for a new friend also, like that your gay, and maybe interested in "something more" me too. LOL
  2. sounds good to me - how do I contact you privately to talk and set something up soon for me to visit you ?
  3. are you interested in visiting me in Stoddard. have top notch smoke. if so, tell me how to contact you to chat first. Plymouth to Stoddard is about 1hr 15 mins
  4. Hi all - New to Southern NH - located in Stoddard - hoping to meet another DL soon - only into wetting, never messing. Love to be changed and change a special friend.
  5. The Tranquility ELITE Diapers
  6. Please tell me the differance
  7. flyfisher

    Robot Vagina?

    Sounds nice - i think if you add a nice butt plug it would be complete. I know !