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  1. Hi all! Not sure if this is the right part of the board to post this, so can delete if it's not welcome I have a daddy who lives a few hours away and we talk a lot through text I was wondering has anyone got any fun ideas or games we could play over text? I'm quite into being humiliated and he often asks me to video doing things but just looking for new stuff really
  2. Hi all i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Basically well I haven't had any sex for a long time, coming onto 8 years now and that includes any physical interaction with the opposite sex All the sex I've had was in my early 20s, now I never even try for it. Ive always been in and out of nappies my whole life but now I seem to be wearing a lot recently. I seem to find far more pleasure in wetting or messing myself, than having a wank. When I do wank I'm always flaccid now, I literally never get an erection anymore and if I do it's still really floppy and will go flaccid very quickly When I see videos of porn it makes me feel scared, thinking I will never be able to do anything like that, just feel terrified of the idea of having to try and have sex I literally never pursue any women anymore and the thought of maybe having to get intimate scares me Do you think I am actually regressing now? As I used to be really into sex but now I never get hard or want sex and am always in a nappy thanks
  3. The pain seems to have weakened alot since i stopped using the talc. I did a bit of research and it seems that talc has a habit of causing cystitis. i'm using a barrier cream now, which is working well. Really gets stuck on your hands the stuff lol I've found a UK supplier for zeasorb, so i'll give that a try. Do you use it just like a normal talc?
  4. Thanks for all the replies I'm using disposable nappies at night and was using johnson n johnsons talcum powder. The stinging is in the inside and the tip. I've recently had an STD test and it all came back negative. I stay quite well hydrated and drink loads of water through the day. Last night i dumped the talcum powder and used sudocrem instead and haven't had the pain today. So maybe it was the talc that was doing it?
  5. Hi there, i was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto my problem. I am a bed wetter and been using nappies for a while. Over the last couple of months i've started getting symptons that are similar to a urine infection. Now i've been to he doctor and they say i have no infection. It normally comes on in the morning and it makes my penis sting through out the day. Has anyone had this problem? Maybe its the talc i use or lack of barrier Any help is much appreciated xx
  6. i recently became a bed wetter again.
  7. I recently started up wearing at night again and within a week i had 4 wet nights, when i dont remember wetting. Now i wet every night. You dont really need to drink loads of water. Just get used to always wearing and going potty in your nappy. Eventually your body will just let it happen
  8. I managed to start bed wetting in a couple of weeks. I do so for a few months waking up wetting wet pretty much every morning. Sometimes i would remember going and sometimes no clue i'd wet.
  9. the only reason really why i wanted to tell her was to help me feel more comfortable about it. as ive told friends and girl friends in the past and it defo makes a big difference with accepting that this is what u into what she wont know wont hurt her i guess
  10. the reasons stated for no is exactly what i was thinking, i wouldn't tell her about the things i do in bed yes i am very close and honest with my mum i feel like it is a bad idea. as a while ago she asked why do i look on websites with men and women in nappies. She said could you just stop doing it
  11. basically i've been thinking about telling my mum. im really not sure though as its really none of her business but i have this feeling of wanting to tell her. as really i use them to turn me on, so you wouldn't tell your mum what else you do in bed. ?