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  1. IP Addy for the mud has changed, is now ....... Make that: abmud.com, port 10185. We actually have a domain now.
  2. By the way. Couple quick things to note, since I've seen it happen a few times already today. 1) Pick a name, or at least something that sounds close to a real name. No handles or anything like that. I know a lot of the normal names are taken, but make an effort to find something at least moderately realistic. 2) No furries, etc. It's meant to be at least somewhat realistic (I use the term loosely). 3) And, a helpful hint. Walking around and immediately whining about your diaper or the like is the fastest way to drive people nuts. Conversation and playing a role is your friend!
  3. Your domain name was really weird when I saw you log in, and thus I was suspicious. I sorta err on the side of caution on things like that. I've removed the ban. So THIS is why I've been seeing so many new people.