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    • Hailey smiled at Rosie then picked her up like she was a toddler an Carried her to the bathroom. Hailey found a changing table and laid the pad down the Rosie.  “ just be cool and no one will suspect anything “ Hailey said pulling down her pants. Hailey took out baby wipes and started to clean Rosie with them.  “ honey we forgot to grab your clothes out of the car. I only have a pull up sos you have to wear until we get home “ Hailey said pulling out the Sophia the first pull up. 
    • "I think she'll like the zoo better " Hanna says as she goes over looking at the baby shoes next to the swings "mya look at these there so cute and these will make Emily really walk like a one year old " Hanna says showing mya 
    •      My wife was ok that I wet.But she Died in jan 2016.I meet Mary in March 2016.she wet too we were just friends at 1st finely on Fathers day my 2 adult daughters told me it was ok do do some thing. Mary was more than willing.She all most makes wetting fun she loves sex like my wife did is all ways in the mood.
    • While Chris was in the kitchen fixing a snack, and perhaps eating it, David and Molly's bus pulled to its stop.  Only five minutes after that, did David bring Molly into the house, him holding her bookbag with one hand, and her hand with his other, and his own bookbag over his shoulders. "It's okay," David told Molly.  "It's okay." He guided her into the kitchen and looked at Chris. "How did it go today?" he asked his big sister wondering if she was wet or not.
    • (Sorry I've been so busy with work this week that I haven't had time to come on here. I hope this is okay) Rosie began to feel very uncomfortable in her wet pants which were starting to cool and make her feel cold. She didn't want to be carried, nor did she want to walk. She just wanted to get home and get showered but Hailey wasn't allowing that opion. She didn't feel she could argue with her, after all if they fell out at this stage then Rosie might find herself homeless before long. She made a submissive gesture and put her arms out for Hailey to carry her. Being so small in size made her lighf enough to carry.