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  1. Excellent story. I would hope that Jeremy asks Val to use her magic to create some disposable diapers. So she doesn't have to work so hard and Jeremy can feel like he did when he was little. Nonetheless, this is an awesome story and I hope you could continued it!
  2. I'm hooked.
  3. This is getting...hot!
  4. I am intrigued. If I can find time,I'll see what can be done...
  5. Very cool update!
  6. I've only seen bits and pieces of that movie, but I'll concede that, that is fairly comical.
  7. Japanese. The Germans didn't have the logistics to even bomb New York.
  8. I love Emily. So jealous of her ability to speak Hungarian.
  9. Cameron's in love!:)
  10. I hope Mrs. Toadward babysits soon.
  11. I'm hooked! Love Aurora by the way. She seems like a dirty flirt.
  12. I'll patiently await the next chapter. Until then, just know that this is a good story!
  13. Babybb: I'm happy you enjoyed the ending and I'm sad that it's over too, but it's better than not finishing it. Coletheriolu: All good things must come to an end. I'll probably have a few short stories up in the future. SGTbaby: I apologize if it seemed short. I didn't want to drag it out and there wasn't much I could add without the story becoming repetitive. I mean, that's the main challenge of writing a decent AB story is making it interesting. Typically the life of a baby is very schedule oriented and mostly filled with babas and diaper changes. I feel if I kept writing the story it would have devolved into that. little Shao: I write a mixture of original stories and ABDL anime stories. Next up will probably be a story about Jessie and Cassidy of Team Rocket getting into trouble. As for the story itself, yes the ending was rushed, but this was due to a multitude of reasons. Basically I felt that continuing the story into a third or fourth day would not only lessen the effect of the first half of the story, but it probably would have been repetitive. I merely wanted to humiliate Nami and Robin, not break their wills like many other ABDL stories do. So, anything more then a day or two at Felicity's house might have been overkill. I'll admit that I could have probably wrote out a longer scene at the market, but I was feeling burnt out by the end which is why I wrapped it up the way I did. However, I'll keep in mind the fact that some of my readers desire a longer story and apply that to my regular stories. CDFM: I appreciate your continued feedback and I'm happy that you liked the story. It's hard to strike a balance when writing ABDL stories and I always feel that leaving the reader wanting more isn't necessarily a bad thing because that means my story wasn't stale or drawn out, like you said. Nonetheless, I probably should have had the pirates rescued after trying on a bunch of baby clothes in a public open air market. Well, I'll just have to consider all my options in the future before finishing a story, won't I? Thank you to everyone else who read this story!
  14. Very good concept.