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    Hi there, I’m Darcy. I’m a 20 year old submissive from a small town a little while away from Brisbane. I can’t drive or host gatherings, but I’m enthusiastic about rail travel, so I’ve got that going for me. I also like to make dorky cards on your birthday and regularly eat my weight in nachos. I’m looking for a few different things, so if you fit one or more or the following descriptions then please don’t be shy and send me a communique of sorts.     I’m looking for: An ABDL Daddy or Mummy for a relationship who: -Is between 20 and 30 years old. -Is single -Is experienced -Is firm but snuggly at the same time. -Is okay with public play (will take me to events or out to feed the duckies) -Can host -Can spell -Can change a diaper -Interested in the possibility of a traditional relationship as well as a Daddy/little girl setup   P.S, I’m very open to meeting but I’d prefer to chat online for a while first. PP.S, grammar is incredibly sexy. You’ll get so many bonus points if your opening message to me has correct spelling and /shudders with delight/ paragraphs. PPP.S, I make a mean iced coffee.