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Dearly Beloved

“Stephanie Sweeney, you come out of that bed right now,” Kate sighed in frustration as she yanked on the covers.   The mound of ivory and green blankets wrapped themselves ever more tightly.   Despite their size, Stephanie’s bare legs stuck out from one end while strands of her crisp wheat colored hair stuck out of the other end.   The mound turned itself into a circle.

“No way Jose, I am a warm cinnamon roll,” Steph protested.   Kate sighed in frustration before dropping the covers and waiting.   The mound of blanket shaped itself into a funnel from which two eyes were poking out, “Catherine Sweeney, are you still there?” 

“Yes I’m still here you dork,” Kate snapped as she grabbed the blankets again and tugged, ripping them clean off the bed.   Blankets free, Steph stretched out to her full length, feet dangling off the edge of their queen mattress, hair framing the delicate features of her face.   She wore a pink camisole but was otherwise naked.  “Steph, what happened to your panties?” 

Steph giggled coyly as she bit her lip and seductively flexed her hips, slowly spreading her legs.  She put all of herself on display.   “Why Mrs. Sweeney, you’ve put me in a most compromising position.   Anything could happen.” 

Kate licked her lips as the familiar rhythm of her heart amped itself up.   Primary school as friends, High School as girlfriends, College as lovers, and then five years of married life.   From the innocent pitter-patter she had felt as a girl but couldn’t understand to the drumbeat of adult passion, she was grateful that the excitement had never died.   She couldn’t help but be drawn into Steph’s beckoning to come hither.   

“Why Mrs. Sweeney,” Kate replied as she leaned in for a kiss.   “Don’t you know we both have work today.  Now is hardly the time for bestial acts of carnal lust.” 

“I can’t help myself,” Steph pouted as she wrapped her hands around the back of Kate’s neck and pulled her in tight.   “Just the sight of you fills my mind with the most ungodly of thoughts.  My little pocket wife I just want to hear you make little squeeks of satisfaction all day long.   Kate wasn’t exactly pint sized, though at around five feet tall she was by no means large.   Less then one percent of American women were over six feet tall however.   

Lucky for me, Kate thought, that much more of her to love.   The squeeks Steph was asking for came fast as her arm drifted between Kate’s legs and began to play.   The gentle waves of pleasure washed over Kate like a current.  What strength she had left to prop herself up fled and she fell into Steph’s body, he giant wife’s arms quickly wrapping around her and squeezing tightly.   

“Seriously though,” she said after taking a few moments to indulge.  “Let me up, please? I’ve got to get to work.”   She pulled herself away as Stephanie’s arms released their hold over her.   

“How many dead bodies are you looking at today?” Steph asked as she rolled over from the spot she had been laying in and propped herself up in the bed.   

“Hopefully none,” Kate replied as she snatched her phone from the dresser.  “No text messages last night,” she turned to face Stephanie, letting the phone dance in her hands.   “I guess that means no one was murdered, I…uhhh Steph?” 

“Hmm?” Steph was sitting cross-legged on the bed, the traces of a seductive little smirk still on her face as she blatantly undressed Kate with her eyes.   

“Are those…skid marks?” Kate’s upper lip curled in disgust.   Stained into the bedsheets right where Steph had been lying were two very unpleasant looking spots in the filthiest of colors.

“Oh?” Steph spun her head back, glancing at the streaks.   “Whoops.” 

“‘Whoops’? Are you hecking serious right now?” Kate asked. She dramatically flared her nostrils as if an odious stench had crept into them.   The unconcerned look in her wife’s face continued t to enrage her.  “Don’t just keep sitting in it!” She grabbed her arm and yanked her, pulling her up into a standing position.  

“It’s….oww! I didn’t mean to,” Steph protested.   

“Ugh, just get in the shower while I wash the sheets.” Kate groaned.   

“I dun wanna,” Steph stamped her foot like an impatient toddler.  

“Just get in the shower you dirty girl,” Kate snapped as she shoved Steph towards the bathroom door.  “Honestly, who above the age of three argues about getting into the shower.   I’ll hose you down myself if you don’t get in there.” 

Steph wiggled her eyebrows, “That does sound like fun.” 

“IT WON’T BE A SEXY SHOWER!” Kate screeched as she pulled the door shut.  “I better hear water coming out of that showerhead.”  There was a muffled response from the bathroom but it was soon followed by the sound of running water.   

Kate had to choke back bile as she pulled the sheets from the bed.   She could do nothing but stare at the soiled markings.   Steph had never been the most hygenic girl but somehow this felt like an awful escalation of some of her worst tendencies.   

When Steph emerged she did look much fresher.   Her skin had turned a tender shade of pink and the fresh scent of lilac soap emanated from her body.   At least she had made an effort.  “I made your breakfast,” Kate waved her hand at the table.   “Sorry Mrs. Sweeney but I’m gonna be late for work if I don’t get going.”   She gave Steph a peck on the cheek as she pushed herself towards the exit.  

“Thanks Mrs. Sweeney,” Steph replied as she sat down at the table, fork practically in hand.  “I don’t deserve you.” 

“I know you don’t,” Kate grinned as she left.   

*      *.     *

“I mean I don’t want to hecking complain but it was beyond nasty.   Then I had to pour on a fake smile because I didn’t want her day to start with her wife being furious with her.   She’s under enough pressure already but, I mean, what’s next? Do I have to wipe her ass?” Kate scowled into her phone.   She was curled up in her car.   The engine was running and the heat was pouring out of the vents as toasty as she could get it.   A sprinkling of snow outside threatened absolutely frigid conditions.   She sipped from a styrofoam cup.  Gas station cappuccino.   Her stomach would hate her later.   

“Would you wipe her ass if she asked you to?” the woman on her phone asked.   A pair of thick glasses framed a face whose natural smoothness was giving way to age lines.   Salt and pepper hair hung from her head in a sensible bun.   A white medical coat hastily tossed over a short sleeve shirt left Kate envious.   Kate’s therapist was in southern California.   

“What kind of question is that?” Kate asked as she took another pull from her drink, enjoying the feeling of sugar and carbohydrates rushing about her body and flushing her skin.   “Of course I’d wipe her ass if she asked me too.   Why do you think I’m so mad? Of course I’d like her to have better hygiene but, like, if that’s what it took, I’d scrub her every day.” 

“It sounds to me like you want to baby her,” her therapist replied.   “Don’t you think she should learn how to take care of herself?” 

“Are you kidding,” Kate laughed.  “I’ve been taking care of her since we were five years old! Do you know in kindergarten I gave her my juice box every day?   She never got to school with a drink.” 

“Then maybe you’re not helping her,” her therapist replied.   “You’re enabling her.   She’s been dependent on you ever since you were kids.   She doesn’t know how to handle grown up things because you’re always there to do them for her.” 

Kate blinked.  “Is that a bad thing?  I mean, I love her.   I want to do things for her..   If she’s dependent on me, that’s pretty…” she let the thought linger in the air.   Stephanie wasn’t exactly a defenseless woman.   She played center professionally.   When they were in grade school she could already bodycheck all the boys.   Hell, she could probably play in the NBA and still be one of the best in the league.   The thought of Stephanie Sweeney curled up in a pathetic little ball of uselessness because she couldn’t pop the top on a can of fruit was stimulating.   It’s ok Steph, here let me do it for you.   

Kate had a rather good idea of what her therapist was going to tell her.  Was she enabling Stephanie? Of course she was.   She reveled in enabling Stephanie to be a co-dependent pile of nerves.   No matter how strong, fast, and powerful she was to the public, to millions of fans, Kate got to see that special side of Steph that no one else did.   So what her therapist said next shocked her, “Not at all.”

“Huh?” Kate blinked.   “I thought you were going to tell me I needed to stop doing things for her.” 

Her therapist smiled, “What you need is just a bit more patience.   You know how a mother gets really frustrated but somehow always manages to keep it together? I think that’s the best way to deal with your wife Mrs. Sweeney.” 

“You want me to be my wife’s mom?” Kate arched her eyebrow.

“Not exactly,” her therapist replied.   “Hold on, let me share my screen with you.”   She pressed a button on her keyboard and a static black and white spiral appeared on Kate’s phone.   With another movement of her mouse, the spiral began to spin.

“What’s this supposed to be hypnotism?” Kate asked.

“Don’t be silly!” her therapist answered.   “You can’t hypnotize someone like on television.  And who ever heard of getting hypnotized over a Zoom call?  No, this is just a relaxation technique.   Do me a favor Mrs. Sweeney and just stare into the center of the swirl.” 

“Ok,” Kate shrugged.  Why not, what’s the worst that could happen? She stared at her phone for a couple of seconds and had to admit that she felt a bit more calm.   Her coffee sloshed around in her hands and had it not been covered, it surely would have been all over her sweater.   She clumsily sat it back in the drink holder, her eyes never moving from her screen.   

“Are you looking at the spiral Kate?” 

“Uh-huh….” Kate trailed off.   The spiral was round.   It kept spinning.   She felt good when the spiral kept spiraling just like a spiral that spiraled around in a spiral over and over again just like a spiral spiralling.   Her trail of thought brook as she let out a soft google.  “I’m looking at the spiral doctor….” 

“Does it make you feel good?” 

“It makes me feel spirally,” Kate snickered, “like I’m all gloopy.” 

“Well, let’s see if we can’t reform that gloop just a teensy bit,” the therapist said.  “Now Kate, I want you to listen very closely to my instructions.”  Kate could hear her therapist talking.   She knew the words but couldn’t put them together.   Yet, somehow, new ideas were beginning to take shape in her mind.    She suddenly had quite a few ideas about how she should deal with little Stephy.   By the time the spiral disappeared from the screen to be replaced by her therapist’s face, she already quite knew what she wanted to do that night.

*      *      *

The workout had been intense, which was just the way Steph liked it.   Another member of the team was in town over the winter and they’d met up for some one on one and a tour through the gym.   All of her muscles had been touched and her limbs felt like they were on fire.   She was parked back on the couch at home with a towel wrapped around her neck.   

She felt a little bad about how the morning had gone.   It wasn’t that she tried to be slovenly or even hated being clean.   A hot shower or a good steam bath after a nice workout was heavenly after all.   She just never seemed to get it.   Plus, as bad as she’d felt about the whole thing, Kate had just made it right with a smile.   Somehow not cleaning had led to a delicious home cooked breakfast.   So obviously the wifey wasn’t that upset.   

“I’m home sweetie!” the door had opened and a voice called from the front door.   Steph lifted herself up on the couch and stared across.   A mound of boxes piled into Kate’s hands towered over her head.   

“You went shopping? How much did you buy?” she leapt from the couch and moved to Kate, scooping the boxes from her hands.

“Be careful Stephy, those boxes are heavy!” Kate said.   

“I mean it’s fine?” Steph was a bit confused.  She always did the heavy lifting.   Kate wasn’t out of shape but she didn’t exactly hit the bench either.   “What is all this junk anyway?” 

Kate giggled coyly, “Presents for my Superstar Princess of course!”  She had a vacant look in her eyes as if she was having trouble focusing.   Had she been drinking? No, definitely not.  She hadn’t taken something had she? 

“Really?” Steph picked up one of the boxes and examined it.   It was fairly large but made of plain cardboard.   The store shipping labels were on it but there was no indication of what actually was inside.   It was postmarked to a drop off location.  Kate had ordered all of this same day shipping for pickup? Why? “What’s in this one?” 

“Do you want to know baby?” Kate grinned as she wrapped her hands around Steph’s neck.   Steph couldn’t help but let out a low moan of pleasure as her wife’s tongue made its way along her earlobe, caressing the side of her face.   Kate whispered as her tongue retracted, “I’ll have to show you in the bedroom.” 

“Mmm, I’d love to,” Steph pecked Kate on the cheek.  “But I am exhausted, I did a hard burn today at the gym.   Unless you want me to just lie there.” She had returned to the couch and Kate descended upon her knees, straddling both of them and pinning her against the sofa.

“That will be perfect actually,” she said.  “Then I’ll have you right where I want you.  You’ll be helpless, my prisoner” 

“Kinky,” Steph beamed.  “But you know I’m not into chains and things, I hope that’s not what we’re doing.” 

“Of course not,” Kate replied.   “I’d never tie up my little Stephy…unless she was a really bad girl.  You’ve been good today, right?” 

“I’m too tired to be naughty,” Steph replied.   

“Come on then,” Kate stood back up and lifted Steph’s hand, pulling on it.   “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.   She selected two of the boxes, scooped them under one arm, and held Steph’s hand with the other.   Steph allowed herself to be guided into the bedroom.   “Ok, arms up!” 

“Uhh, maybe it would be easier if I undress myself…” Kate’s head didn’t quite come up to Stephanie’s shoulders.   There was no way she’d…”huh?” Kate had grabbed the bottom of Steph’s shirt and yanked upward with such force that Steph ended up stooping slightly and Kate was able to pull the entire shirt off.   It happened so quickly that Steph barely registered the action.   Her shorts and underwear came next, then her socks.   Kate took off everything.  

“Alright, can you lie down in the exact center of the bed sweetie?” Kate asked.  “And spread your legs a little, ok?” 

Wow she wants access already.   Is she trying to make up for this morning?  “Oh and close your eyes?” 

“Why is that?” Steph asked.   They usually didn’t do this kind of thing.   It was exciting but also a bit frightening.   When they made love, both of them chased what they wanted.   Kate was asking to top her in a way they’d never tried before.

“Sweetie, if you don’t listen, I’m going to blindfold you.” And what was with “sweetie?” Steph didn’t hate it but it wasn’t a common pet name that Kate dropped for her.   Steph shrugged as she set her head against the pillow and snapped her eyes shut.  Well just relax and see what she has in store for you.   

Steph could hear the sound of boxes being cut into and pulled open.   Packing material was crinkled and set aside.   Plastic torn.   More crinkling.   A lot more crinkling.   How much crinkling was there?   Steph wanted to sneak a peek but Kate had obviously worked hard on this scenario and she wanted to see it through.   

“I know this will be hard but can you lift up slightly for me sweetie?” Kate asked.   Without opening her eyes, Steph followed her instruction and raised he butt.   She could hear a crinkling sound and then an, “Ok you can sit back down,” from Kate.

She was on top of some sort of pad now.   It was soft and comfortable but crinkled ever so slightly as Steph sat on top of it.   The smell of fresh powder hitting her nose helped her put two and two together.   Kate wasn’t really…her eyes flew open and she watched in horror as Kate brought the front of a massive diaper up around her crotch.

“Kate, what is this?” 

“It’s a diaper sweetie.” 

“I know that, why are you putting me in one?” 

“Because your mushy little squishbutt may not be clean and I don’t want to wake up with soiled sheets again,” Kate answered.    

“That’s not funny,” Steph scowled.   “You’re being a bit of a bully Mrs. Sweeney.” 

“You can call me mommy sweetie,” Kate grinned as she taped the diaper into place.   She leaned forward again and kissed Steph’s forehead as her hand patted the front of Steph’s diaper, the loud crinkle was now unmistakable.   

“Look, just get up so I can take this off,” Steph replied.   “I’m sorry but I am really not into this roleplay scenario at all.” 

“Are you saying you don’t like your diaper?” Kate asked.  

“Not at all.” 

“We’ll have to change that then.” Kate replied with sinister glee as she produced a vibrating wand.   She dropped the wand to Steph’s diaper, dragging the nub along the front of it.

“Come on Kate, I really want you to sto…..oh!” Kate had turned the vibrator on and pushed it between Steph’s legs.   The padding of the diaper pushed against her as the vibration rumbled through her body.   Kate knew just the right spots to hold the wand to trigger Steph.   

The wave built quickly and within a matter of seconds, Steph felt like her body was ready to cry out in joy.   “Stephy, sweetie, do you want to make cummies?” 

“Uh-huh….” Steph didn’t even care that the weird roleplay was disturbing.   Kate had been so forceful about build up her arousal that her brain had already fogged up.   She could only think about how good it would feel to melt in Kate’s hand.

“Say it,” Kate said.  She had lifted the wand upwards slightly.   It still felt really good but was just missing the critical spot that would allow Steph to continue building to a rapturous climax.   “So you want to make cummies.” 

“I…” it was actually kind of embarrassing.   ‘Cummies’ come on that was a weird fetish thing to say but she wanted to let Kate know it was working.   She had to say it, “I want to make cummies.” 

“Where do you want to make cummies?” 

“Uh…” where were they going with this? In the diaper? Oh that was embarrassing too.   Was this a shame thing?   

Kate teased her briefly in a great spot before lifting the wand again, “Where do you want to make cummies Stephy?” 

“I want to make cummies in my diaper!” Steph shrieked.   Wailing it out and getting it out there would let them both move on.   Yes, she’d surrender to her wife.   She’d get that rush.  Then later she could lay down the law about this being weird.   

Kate sighed and shook her head, pulling the wand away and clicking the switch over.  “That’s a shame, only good girls who like their diapers get to make cummies in them.” 

“But I…” Steph swallowed.   Did she like it? Not really.   It was definitely weird.   But damn she needed to cum now.   She needed it.   “I do like my diapers, uh, mommy.   I like them a lot!” 

“I don’t believe you.” Kate clicked the vibrator back on but instead ran it gently across her chest.   A touch of scarlet came into her cheeks.   “Mmmm, it does feel good.   I wish I had a good little diaper loving girl who could feel it.” 

Damn it, how far is this going to go.  “That’s me mommy, I’m your good little diaper loving girl.  I love my diapers sooo much~~~” Steph felt like an idiot.   If this ever left the bedroom… 

Kate clicked the wand off again and stared directly into Steph’s eyes, a wicked grin plastered on her face.   “Prove it.” 

“How do I do that?” 

“That’s easy,” Kate said as she slid back slightly.   Steph would easily be able to extract herself from the bed now and walk away.   “A good little girl is going to wet her diapees instead of making a mess out of mommy’s bed.” 

“You can’t be serious.”  The thought instantly cooled Steph off.   She might not be the cleanest person around but she wasn’t going to just piss herself like a dumb baby.  

“I guess you need another taste,” Kate replied as she pinned Steph’s legs again, turned the vibrator on, and thrust it into the center of the diaper.   She let it dig deeper and deeper until Steph was shrieking with pleasure.   She had a thought to control her sounds so that Kate wouldn’t know how close she was but Kate knew.   Kate knew enough to bring her right to the top of the mountain and then take the wand away.   

“Please…” Steph hated to beg but she needed it so bad.  Maybe if she leaned into the roleplay, “Please mommy…please let me cum in my diaper.” 

Kate pressed her lips against Steph’s before lifting her head and tracing her tongue along Steph’s face, working her way to Steph’s ear. “You know what I want to see sweetie.   This can all end when you show me how committed you are to the diapers I put you in.” 

“I…can’t do that Kate,” Steph had tears in her eyes.  “I’m sorry…I can’t do that!” 

“Are you coming down again?” The vibrator was back on Steph’s diaper.  “I can bring you to the top all night long if I have to.   You will make cummies for your mommy my sweet little Stephy and you will do it after you show mommy how much you love your diapers.   Just surrender, it’s so much easier if you let mommy take care of everything.” 

“What’s with you?” Steph gasped.  “You’ve never been this aggressive before.” 

“Mommy had a little talk with her therapist today,” Kate replied.  “She taught me how to help you with your tushy tantrum.” 

“Well, I’m not going to….ahhhh!” Steph let out another throaty moan as Kate returned the vibrator and continued to tease her.   What the hell kind of therapist told someone to sexually assault their wife?!  Still, Steph knew how easy it was to push Kate away and make sure she knew this should stop.  Yet she couldn’t.   She couldn’t.   She wanted to cum.   Oh god she wanted to cum.  

I’m not going to be able to hold out am I?  She hated the idea of pissing herself.   She had no idea how she’d be able to get off in a diaper soaked in her own urine.   Maybe that would be for the best though.   Have the most amazing climax she’d ever felt or get rid of the sex haze so she could get away from this.   Both would work.  All she had to do was…

“Ok mommy, ok,” she gasped out between ragged breaths.   Kate had just pulled the wand away again after letting her build up.   “I’ll do it…I’ll prove I’m a good girl.” 

Kate beamed in triumph as she sat up and looked down at Steph’s diaper.   “Well?” 

“It’s…I can’t just do it…you know?” Steph frowned.   “Maybe if I sat on the toilet.” 

“You’re not going anywhere near a potty for a long time baby girl,” Kate replied.   She squeezed Steph’s hands.   “Your with mommy now, just relax.   Everything is going to be ok if you just relax.”   Just relax? Steph took in a deep breath and tried that.   She just relaxed.  Once it started, it was surprisingly easy.   

It was hot.   She kind of knew it was hot but in a way it almost felt like she was boiling.   Stewing in her own pee wasn’t so bad.   The padding taped to her groin swelled up hungrily as it absorbed the liquid pouring out of her.   She moaned slightly as she finished.   As expected, whatever stimulation she had been feeling was gone.   Sitting in a piss-soaked diaper was such a colossal turnoff that she sincerely doubted she’d be able to cum.   That was fine, all she had to do was shove Kate off of her and make it clear they weren’t doing this ever again.   

Kate pushed her fingers against the sodden padding, inspecting the damage that Steph had down.   A look of supreme satisfaction was carved into the soft flesh of her face.    She poked a finger into the swollen diaper, allowing it to squish against Steph.    “Thank you baby, you’ve made mommy very happy.” 

Steph had to look away, turning her head to the side.  “I don’t know why you’d want me to piss in a diaper.” 

“Because mommy would rather have you make your messies in your diapees then all over the floor and furniture.” Kate replied.  “And I think you’ll be happy with how tender mommy can be when you get your little didi changed.” 

“I really don’t like this Kate,” Steph struggled a bit.   She could easily throw Kate to the ground if she wanted to but she would prefer Kate took the signal and just got off of her.   “It’s disgusting.  I am not into whatever weird kink this is.” 

“Well then,” the vibrator reappeared with a loud hum.  “Mommy is just going to have to teach you how good a wet diaper feels.”   Any illusion Steph had about not being able to come in a wet diaper vanished as Kate plunged the instrument into her puffed up padding.   

The ride back up the mountain was so fast and the climax so slow and endeering that Steph moaned until her voice was hoarse.  “Mmm…nmmm….mommy…I’m cumming…I’m cumming in my diapee mommy!” 

“Good girl,” Kate kissed Steph on the head.   “You’re such a good girl Stephy.  You did such a good job.   Mommy is very proud of you.” 

The clarity that came from having her craving satisfied was much needed.   While it had been good, amazing even, Steph couldn’t help but think how much it disgusted her.   Diapers? Watersports? She was absolutely not prepared to add this to their bedtime routine.   “Kate, can you get off me? I really want to clean up.”   The implication was clear.  The game was over.   

“I just want you to promise me one thing,” Kate said as she slid off Steph.   “Before you completely give up on doing things like this, promise me that you’ll have a session with my therapist.” 

“Sure,” Steph nodded.   What was the harm in that? 




A/N: Originally posted to my DeviantArt page on 06/15/24.   Just a fun little quickie I wrote as a break from a larger project I am dealing with.   I really had fun working on the banter in the first scene and kind of want to return to these characters some day.   

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I want a session with the californian therapist too! 🥰😍

I'm ready to stare into the spinning thingies and listen to "suggestions"! 

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