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Annie's introduction

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As I am up to posting my first story into the story forum, I wanted to introduce myself first before I dump the first 6000 words in there. 🙂 

I am Annie a story writer from Austria (Europa) ... So it is mountains and Mozart and not kangaroo. I speak German English and Spanish, and while I speak all of them quite fluently I up to now just wrote in German. But I want to change that. 🙂

I suffer from some kind of dyslexia, but I don't see that as an excuse to not focus on improving myself and my reading and writing skills. So if you see errors that I cannot, please tell me, and I will try my best to avoid them in the future. 

Speaking of ABDL and lifestyle, i am an Adult kid. I am about 8 years old but still in diapers for the most part. While in reality, I celebrated my 8 birthdays at least 30 times. Maybe me wanting to be little also has something to do with the persistent bed-wetting that I still have, especially when I get stressed





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Hi and welcome to DD. Nice to meet you, and glad to have you join us, especially a story writer. Come in, grab a high chair, and make yourself comfy. There’s lots of good likeminded people here. Oh, you forgot the family Von Trap, (from the Sound Of Music movie) They were from Austria 😄 We won’t mention that mustache person! 😝 I’m sure we know who. Anyway, relax, have fun, and enjoy!

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Thanks for the welcome. 

@Elfy yes ... i try my best. Thanks for your welcome. 

@AbabeBill hmmm yes he is from here too. But i hate his ideas and everyone who blames mistreat in the end kills people to gain power. Sadly people like him are rising everywhere in the world. 

And vila trap is nice but not too famous here. 

@Lil Leo Thanks 

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