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Jerry sat in his high chair, watching his Mommy make him breakfast. She walked back and forth accross the kitchen, taking a pile of food out of the fridge and setting multiple pans on the stove. He leaned with his elbow on the table of his high chair, bored. Normally he wasn't waiting that long.

"Mommy, what's taking so long?" he whined.

She looked at him, smiled and waved a finger. "Tsk tsk! Don't be a bratty little baby!"

He rolled his eyes. "Sorry Mommy, I just mean, its taking longer then ususal. What are you making?"

She looked at him again. "Eggs, bacon, beans, toast, and a fruit and berry smoothie with bran powder."

He shook his head, suprised. "Oh, Mommy, I don't want all of that. Since when do you make that much for breakfast?"

"Maybe I just want to make sure my baby is well fed."

"Yeah but..." he tried to think of what she might be doing. It was far more then he normally ate, and more then he could normally stomach. "I don't think I want that much. I can't finish it all, its ok."

"Oh, you will finish the breakfast Mommy makes for you. You're a growing baby and need your strength!"

"Technically I stopped growing years ago and I'm just going to be lounging around in diapers all day."

She laughed. "Nah, you're a growing baby who needs his strength, and we'll see about that."

"Wait what?" he sat up straight in his high chair. "What do you mean? You said I could just play baby all weekend. I even got my cutest diapers on! See?" He lifted up his baby-blue shirt to show the colorful prints on his diaper, then wiggled his bottom to make it crinkle.

"I mean we'll see about that. And you will DEFINITLY be playing baby all weekend," she smiled.

He stared at her. "Yeah... thats... thats what I said. You know... cutest diaper." He pointed down at it. "See Mommy? Cutest diaper? And in high chair? Playing baby? What?"

She smiled at him. "Yes sweetie, you look very cute in your Crinklz and high chair. Keep being a good baby ALLLL weekend."

"Uh huh." Jerry had learned not to ask too many questions. Very often, seemingly innocent questions would lead to much larger questions like "How many spanks can Jerry take and still sit comfortably at the work the next day" and "do you REALLY need a diaper change right now, or is that more a personal problem?" This might lead to arguments, and he hadn't found a solid counter to the pure logic of "You're a baby and I'm the Mommy," and "I have the paddle."

Instead, he watched her take out a plastic plate and pile a mountain of food onto it. Given how he was dressed, he was nervous about the use of a mountain of beans. Those didn't tend to play well with his gut, and since he'd be playing baby, the person feeding him would be in charge of changing his diapers. This lead him to the question: What possible benefit could Mommy have with ensuring his diapers ended up as dirty as possible?

He gave a look of suspicion to the mountain of beans, eggs, and meat that was plopped in front of him, followed by a giant baby bottle full of blended fruit and berries. She tied a plastic bib around his neck.

"Are we planning on just not eating again this week, or...?"

Mommy smiled at him. "Just open wide for the airplane. You aren't getting out of that high chair until this is all down the hatch and on its way to your diapers."

"What did my poor diapers do to deserve that?!" He pointed at the cartoon animals dnacing accross the front panel. "See? These poor guys!"

She shrugged. "They are in diapers too, they'll understand. Now! Open for the airplan!"

No sooner had he obeyed then the first spoonfull was shoved into his mouth, quickly followed by another. He kept eating, and as he did, he let his eyes wander around the kitchen.

It was then that he noticed, to his suprise, that there two luggage bags set in the far corner of the kitchen.

"Wait, Mom... Mpph," he said as another was shoved in. "What ARE we doing this weekend?"

"I told you! You are going to play a little baby!"

"Yes but what will YOU MMPH.." he swallowed another spoonfull "YOU be doing?"

"What do you mean?"

He pointed at the bags. "I mean that!"

She looked over her shoulder. "Oh, that's nothing. Just a bag for me to go on a work conference this weekend while you are being punished in the Delinquent Daycare."

"WHAT?!" he shouted, followed by another "Mmph" as more beans were shoved into his mouth. "The Delinquent Daycare?! You can't send me there!"

She put a hand to her chin as if thinking. "MMM actually yes I can. Seems a perfect place to leave you, where you can play baby ALLL weekend."

"But its not for me! It's for..."

"Misbehaved abdls, littles, subs and sissies, to learn the benefits of proper obedience," she said, as if quoting. "And you, my little diaper boy, fit that perfectly as an ABDL and my sub."

"Yes but... mmph... I'm not a brat!"

"What are you doing now if its not bratting? Arguing with your Mommy isn't "Good boy behaviour."

"MMPH," he rolled his eyes. "Ok yes but GENERALLY! I'm not misbehaved! I'm even eating all this insane amount of food for you! I'm the best behaved diaper boy in town! Ask anyone!" He folded his arms in a show of stubborn refusal.

"You mean ask the huge number of people who definitly know you wear diapers and can judge your behaviour? Should we tell more to get a relevant number?"

"ASK. ANYONE. Who knows already." He added the last part quietly. "Annnd who won't just lie to see me punished."


"Sooo... no one."




She shrugged. "Eh. You can be a bratty baby sometimes. Anyway, every sub needs a reminder punishment once in a while. Yours will just happen to last all weekend."

"All. Weekend!?" He gawked at her. "You hear what they do to subs there? Its so mean!"

"Don't worry sweetie, Mommy will make sure you don't get anything which won't help you. Anyway, I'm not hearing a safety word, so I guess its what you want and where you know you belong."

"Uh huh," he said. He looked at the food and swallowed another bite, then clamped his mouth shut.

She pushed the spoon toward him. "Hey now! Don't be naughty! Open for the airplane!" She said in a sweet voice.

He didn't budge.

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"Sweetie, don't make Mommy mad!"

"Well if I'm supposed to be a brat who needs to go to the Delinquant Daycare, then maybe I should play the role better," he was going to say. However, instead he got through "Well if... MMPH!" before another heaping load of beans was pushed into his open mouth.

He glared at her. She glared back.

He opened his mouth and spat out the beans back down his bib. "WAHH WAHH!" he shouted, rolling his eyes back. "Since I'm such a BRATTY BABY I've decided I don't want to eat Mommy's beans anymore! "

"HEY!" she shouted, scooping the beans back up and shoving htem in again. "You eat that like a good baby!"

He spat them out again. "But Mommy, I CAN"T be a GOOD baby if I'm going to the DELINQUENT DAYCARE. That's only for BAD BABIES. How can I be a good baby if I'm going there!"


He turned his mouth away from another spoonfull, dodging it with his head left and right. "I can't! I have to be a bad baby since I'm going to the Delinquent Daycare! Only good babies do as they're told! This must be NORMAL for you!"

She grabbed his head and held it in place as she pushed a spoonfull in. In reasponse, he lifted an arm up and swung it accross the high chair's table, knocking the food to the floor.

"Oh you bad baby!" she shouted. She waved the spoon at him. "You are going to eat that off the floor, then you are going to the daycare where they will teach you how to be a good baby for your Mommy!" She said it again in the same tone of voice as earlier, as if quoting it off their website.

"NO!" He shouted. He grabbed at the high chair table and shook it. "I'M A BAD BABY WHO NEEDS TO GET PUNISHED AT A MEAN DAYCARE! I'M GOING TO BEHAVE LIKE ONE! WAHHH!!"

She slammed her arms down on the table to stop his shaking then put the plate, halfhazardly recovered with the food from the ground, back in front of him. He leaned back with his arms folded and glared at her, and she glared back.

She pointed at the plate. "Now, listen buster. You are going to eat every bite of this food I made you are I will dump it straight into your diaper, then you'll HAVE to behave if you want a diaper change, so I'll make you eat a double portion. Make. Your. Choice."

He knew it must look ridiculous to see him glaring while sitting in a high chair, wearing a bib, t shirt, and diaper, but he didn't care so he glared harder. Deciding on something more fitting, he stuck out his toung and blew "PHBBTTT!" at her, making sure to get some spittle on her face, and letting the eloquence of his counterargument speak for itself.

She wiped it off carefully. "Ok, if that's the way you want to play it, one bean filled pamper coming up." She leaned toward him, pulled his back away from the high chair, and lifted the plate up.

"NO NO NO I"LL EAT IT NO... AGGGHHH!" he shouted as the sloppy mess was dumped into his underwear. He leaned away from her and pushed his back against the chair, only to see her with his open baby bottle held in front of him. "No I'm sor.... EEEEP!" he shrieked as the smoothie was dumped into the front of his diaper. "Oh my god that's so cold on my freaking dick holy f..."

"No swearing or your next meal will be a soap bar."

"Fudgsicles. Cold like fudgeicles," he said. He settled back down into the diaper and felt the mixture of cold and warm food. "Ewww, this is even grosser then my normally messy diapers."

"Mhmm," she said. "I think anyone with a nose and who isn't wearing them would disagree. So you'll finish your plate?"

He sighed and hung his head. "Yes Mommy," he said, and she went back into the kitchen to cook again.

He drummed his fingers on the high chair as he watched her, thinking of his options. He knew he would end up in the Delinquent Daycare of course. There was no changing that, espescially since she had already paid, and it seem at least a bit exciting.

He had read into it before. It was explicitely an adults only kink service, simmilar to a dominatrix or BDSM dungeon. They had full facilities where they promised to bring submissives to their knees, generally themed diapers and littles. The punishments they described seemed to be all well above what he'd normally get, but that didn't mean he wasn't interested in pushing boundaries.

However, there was no way he was going to let his Mommy off scott free for sending him there. She had effectivly checkmated his earlier bratting with the food-in-diaper manuever, as his role meant he'd normally never change his own diaper while his Mommy, and he didn't want to be in it for too long. With most of his dirty diapers, he had a play against her by using his smell to make her want him changed to, but he sensed that the smell of bacon and mixed berries wouldn't have the same effect.

So, for now, if he wanted a diaper change, he needed to be a "good boy." However, she would have to change him before they left, which would give him plenty of opportunity for more bratting latter without the threat, and also knowing since they'd be driving to the nursery there wouldn't be much time for reprisal. If she tried to make him stay in it longer, he'd argue that their agreement on no dirty diapers in public unless he agreed should include "dirtiness" from undigested food as well as its digested counterpart.

She put the plate in front of him, interrupting his plotting. She pushed a spoon toward him and said "Open for the choo choo train!"

He opened his mouth and stuck his toung out while keeping his arms still folded. "New vehicle this time? Did the plane crash?" He said with a mouth full of food.

"Nope! They've arrived at the airport and are heading to the hotel! Here comes a taxi from the train station!"

He swallowed another spoonfull. He ate until his stomach was bloated and full, and finished the plates.


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"Let us never speak of that particualr diaper change again," he said.

"The colors. I've never seen colors like that in a diaper, and I never want to again," she replied, and shuddered.

Her and Jerry was standing outside the bathroom, he still in a t shirt and his now fresh diaper, and her holding her bags.

"Oh right!" he said, suddenly remembering that he was suppsoed to be bratting. He sat flat down heavily on the floor.

"Babykins, we need to go."

He reached his arms up toward her, making grabbing motions. "I can't Mommy! I'm too much of a baby! You have to carry me!"

"What!? No, crawl if you want."

He made a show of trying to get to all fours, the collapsing on the ground. "I can't Mommy! it's too hard for a bratty little baby who needs to be put in mean daycares like me!"

She roled her eyes. "Ohhh you are such a brat!"

"I know Mommy! That's why I'm going to the Deliquent Daycare!" He remained lying on the ground with his hands in the air toward her.

Mommy dropped her bags, then reached down and grabbed his wrist, then began to drag him accross the floor toward the door. He slumped down as much as he could, turning himself into complete dead weight to her efforts.

"You... spoiled... pampered... brat," she strained.

"Look mommy! It's like I'm dead! BLLAARRR!" he tilted his head back and stuck his toungue out.

"Alright, here," she panted.

"Mhmm. Say where are our bags?"

"FUCK!" she said, and headed back to get them.

"I don't think you are supposed to swear in front of babies! I'm impressionable, what if I say it now and its your fault!"

"Then I'll rinse your mouth out with soap!"

"That's not fair! It be your fault!"

"Life isn't fair! And neither is soap!"

As she walked to get the bags, Jerry slowly got back up on all fours. He began to crawl into the next room as quietly as he could.

"WHAT?! You can move now! Come back here!" she shouted.

"EEEP!" Jerry shouted, and got up and ran back into the kitchen.

"NO! HEY! COME BACK!" Mommy shouted as she blocked him off around the table. He tried to dart to the right around it, then switched to the left.

"Gotcha!" She shouted as she finally grabbed him by the wrist, and he stopped.

"BLARG dead again!" he said, and slumped back down with his toung out.

"Oh you. You are going to that daycare whether you like it or not," She began to drag him.

"I think technically you are supposed to CARRY babies, not drag them. This feels wrong somehow." "Technically I'm also not supposed to change babies back into their old diapers, but you're verging on that too."

"Eeep," he said, and went back to playing dead.

They arrived back at the door, and she sat him down, then put his pants and shoes in front of him.

She looked at him expetently. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"We are going out. You need your clothes."

He shrugged and rolled his eyes. "Oh no Mommy! I'm such a dumb, bratty little adult baby I totally forgot how to get dressed! I think someone needs to do it FOR me!"

She looked at him with her hands akimbo. "Alright, I can do that for my baby." She bent over down to his legs.

"Huh." He said. That argument was far too easy to win, and he sensed she had something else planned.

"First foot!" She said, and he lifted one. She put a sock on it.

"Second foot!" She said again, and repeated the processed.

"First foot again!" She said. He lifted it, and she attatched a shoe to it.

"What?" He said, suprised.

"And final foot," She picked up his last foot.

"What about pants?" he asked.

She tied his shoe laces. "And done!"

"OH MY GOD WHAT ABOUT PANTS!?!" he shouted.

"What about them? Babies don't need pants, they are fine in just their shirts, shoes, and diapers."

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An absolutely lovely start! Great dynamic between mommy and baby. I look forward to seeing Jerry interact with other babies at the daycare!

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On 3/21/2024 at 9:15 AM, Faustus1 said:

An absolutely lovely start! Great dynamic between mommy and baby. I look forward to seeing Jerry interact with other babies at the daycare!

LOL thanks! And yes they are a cute couple :) 


"ANNND," she interuppted. "Since you're such a helpless little baby who can't do anything himself but also happen to weigh as much as a full grown man, albeit a short and scrawny one,"


"I don't think I can manage pants. So, your butt will be in pampers and nothing else.

"But we can't do that! We're going into public! We agreed no one would see" He looked at the front door in panic.

Now it was her turn to role her eyes. "Oh please. We'll be going from our front door to the then the car to their front door. Both buildings are surounded by trees and the windows of our car are tinted. No one will see your diapers who isn't into the kink and fine with it. So, as per her agreement, no one will see your widdle diapies."

He paused, considering her rock solid logic. He saw absolutly no gaps, so went to his second to last resort. "NO!" he shouted, and began to crawl away.

"Oohhh no, we aren't doing that again," she said. She leaned forward and scooped him up onto her shoulder, then lifted him high into the air.

"OH SUDDENLY YOU CAN CARRY ME SOOO EASY!" He shouted. He hung with his ups straight on her shoulder, bottom forward, and head town toward her waist. She held him with one arm over it and another on his bottom.

"Sudden burst of strength. Happens when dealing with babies. Its a well documented science thing."

"Hmph," he said as she carried him toward, then out, the front door.

"Better stop whining now that we are out, might attract attention to your diapered butt," she said, and gave it a pat to demonstrate.

He looked to either side, blushing. She was right, their lot was surrounded by trees, there was realistically no way for anyone to see them. Still, the thought was stuck in his mind.

He considered his options. His first, which was his last resort, was the safety word. However, with a well covered lot, he didn't think it was neccessary. Instead, he considered forms of bratting.

Though the lot was covered, she was right that too much noise may attract attention, so whining or shouting wouldn't be a good idea. Fighting might lead to them both being hurt, and being able to overpower his Mommy wasn't within his role as "Baby."

He considered making himself mess his diaper now that it was right next to her face. The smell would get to her pretty quickly, and it would be decent revenge. However, that would mean a car ride sitting in his own mess, followed by showing up to the nursery already dirty. More importantly, he wasn't sure that he could mess or not, his breakfast wasn't fully digested.

So, he just slumped again, and ler her carry him. She opened the door to the car, and sat him down into his adult sized baby car seat, and locked him in.

"Really impressive they can make these adult sized now."

"Right? Really it should make no sense given the dimensions required and the size of a standard car, and yet here we are."

She set the belts in, effectivly locking him in place.

He sat waiting patiently as she left for the bags, and returned with them. She reached into one, took out a pacifier and a teddy bear, put the pacifier in his mouth and bear in his arms.

"There, now be a good, quiet little baby while Mommy drives, ok?"

"Not likely," he mumered from behind the pacifier.

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"What's that?"

"Nothing," he said.

Mommy walked around to the front and got into the driver seat, turned on the car and began to drive.

"So... Deliquent Daycare," he said.

"Yep! That's where you're going. And I'll make sure they know ALL about your behaviour this morning."

"Right. And I think we've both seen the sort of things they do in different videos."

"Yep! Seems perfect for you!"

"Hmmm..." he thought. "Well you know, I have the right to refuse any spankings or physical punishments if it gets too painful, right?"

She paused for a moment. "Yeeees," she said slowly and thoughtfully.

"Well, I just think I'm really not feeling that today. Just already ready feel my butt is aching from the beans in my diaper this morning, plus those EXTRA HARD butt pats you gave me on the way into the car, so I can't take a spanking."

"Hmmm," she said. "Well, there are always thighs, and wrists..."

"No, no, honestly I just ache all over. Must be a sign of aging. I'm going to have to say no physical or painful punishment whatsoever. You know, since I just can't take pain this weekend, and I have the right to decide that."

"Hmmm," she said, thinking carefuly. "OK!"

"Yes I know you're going to argue, but I really think... wait what?" he said.

"I said OK. I'll make sure there are no physical punishments this weekend."

"I... see..." He did not expect her to agree easily to that, and had prepared for an argument.

"No, I don't think they'll need any kind of physical punishment at all. You did say physical punishment, or anything causing pain like spankings?"

"Yes..." he said.

"Ok, none of that. Not neccessairy."

"Huh." Somehow that was more terrfying, and he sat back silently in his carseat, nervous to say anything else.

He sucked his pacifier and stared out the window and the passing buildings, thankful for the tinted windows.

They stopped at a light, and a red, top less convertable pulled up beside them. The driver, a young blond haired woman, looked at him.

She made a face, and he panicked, then remembered the windows were tinted.

She poked the man sitting beside her and pointed directly at him. They both stared.

"The windows are tinted but not black sweetie. That would be illegal."

"Oh," he said. "Oh god." He looked at the couple, who were still staring. He took out his pacifier, closed one eye and stuck his toung out with his mouth open, and shouted "BlAAAAHHH!"

They both laughed, and replied with the same look.

The light changed, they drove off, and he put the pacifier back in his mouth. He turned forward and hunched over in the car seat.

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The light changed, they drove off, and he put the pacifier back in his mouth. He turned forward and hunched over in the car seat.

"I'm sorry sweetie," Mommy said. "It really depends on the lighting outside, and they didn't have windows at all, so...

"It's ok," he said, but kept leaning back to hide in his car seat.

They drove out further into the country, and turned into a massive, wooded lot. Jerry saw some things he recognized. Black iron gates that were presented as keeping the submissves trapped inside, but actually served to keep creeping eyes out. Multiple play structures of the kind you find in parks but sized for adults, well hidden by the trees, that he'd seen submissives get "public" exposure or punishments on. A large, rectangular, grey stone building, with a slight resemblance to a castle or a prison that appeared before each video and added to the feel. And, standing outside, a line of women he recognized.

There was Mistress Joanna in black leather and high healed boots. There was Nurse Joy, a name he was sure was stolen from some show or another, in her uniform. There was Mommy Caroline in her cozy sweater and long skirts. Others tood around them.

A few things they all had in common, however. They were all gorgeous. They were all strong looking and statuesque in how they stood, made to handle and intimidate wayward subs. They were all, as he noticed when he got out, taller then he was.

He swallowed his nervousness down as Mommy took him by the hand out of his car seat and led him up. It occured to him that, based on the videos he had seen, he was being filmed. In fact, he was playing a part in all the videos he had seen where the nerovus sub is brought up, sometimes whining and complaining, sometimes ignorant of where they are, but never excited, toward their fate.

Jerry, in just his shirt and diaper, and with his pacifier in his mouth, knew he'd make quite an introduction if this ever got inline.

They paused by the front of the building, his Mommy held him back at a hand signal.

Another couple was coming out. A red haired woman was out a blond male submissive, visibly thickly diapered beneath a pink skirt.

"Miss Kacey, your litte sissy baby is the brattiest sub we've ever seen. We did what we can with the morning, but think he could use a LOT more time."

"Yes, that figures," she said, rolling her eyes.

The blond submissive caught Jerry's eyes. "Sorry new guy. I'm the old guy, and I think I left them REALLY angry. Hope they don't take that out on you!"

The red-haired woman spanked him hard. "Stop being a brat! You're in for MORE spankings when we get home, and you better behave if you want out of that dirty diaper!"

"Since we're stuck in the same car that seems as much an issue for you as it is to me."

"Ugh," she sighed.

They passed Jerry, and he coughed and covered his nose at the smell as they did.

"Yeah that's what you'll smell like after this too. Have fun new guy! Hope they aren't any meaner because they are mad at me and taking it out on you!" He said at jerry over his shoulder.

Mommy watched them drive off. "WOW he stunk," she said.

"Yes, they often do when they leave, so you should expect it for your little, Jerry, was it?" the woman Jerry recognized as Mistress Joana said. Jerry gulped at the implied threat.

"Who were they?"

"Oh, just a brat. Don't pay attention to his complaining, they are some of our regulars, he's always like that. You can see details online."

"Anyway, this is Jerry? Cute outfit Jerry, though I think we can find something more... hmmm..." she considered her next word. "Disciplinairy."

"Uhhh..." Jerry said.

"Ahem," she replied. "I don't know how it is back home for you, but here if you are in a diaper you speak when you are spoken too, understood? Same with any other subs, but particulairly little brats who are to helpless to even figure out how to use a toilet."

"Yes Ma'am," he replied.

"I didn't say speak."

"Uhh so..."




Jerry squeezed his mouth shut.

"Good sub. Now, we have some paperwork for you, Miss Jessica, just general stuff." She held out a clip board to Mommy, who took it and began signing.

"Oh, and please indicate what kind of punishments you want for him. We have him booked overnight, so there is plenty of time for whatever you want or think he needs."

"Of course, of course," Mommy flipped through the forms, checking or crossing things off. Jerry looked over her shoulder and gulped at what he saw. Forced crossressing, being locked in messy diapers, knee bounces, enemas... anything he could think of was on the list, and getting circled. Mommy finished, then returned it to Mistress Joanna.

Mistress Joanna raised her eyebrows. "No spankings? Or thigh switchings?"

Mommy nodded. "Yes, we agree no physical punishments and nothing painful. Everything else- humiliation, dirty diapers, outifts, chores, time outs, teasing, enemas, forcefeeding, mean names, locks, are all fine."

Jerry immedietly regretted his earlier demand.

Mistress Joanna smiled and nodded. "Ok, we can work with that. Absolutly no physical punishments, but absolutly anything else."

Mistress Joana walked up to him and grabbed his hand. "Now, we are going to take your little pet. Please have fun on your trip, I promise he'll be well taken care of. Say goodbye now Jerry!"

Jerry was terrified, but obeyed. "Bye Mommy," he said. She replied with the same, then bent down and kissed him. He waved and she waved back, then left as he was lead into the giant stone house.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jerry shook as he entered the mansion. He had heard stories of it, and worse, seen the dozens of videos that proved those stories true. It was a place where any subs worse nightmares, or sweetest dreams, could come true- normally both at the same time.

He immedietly recognized the lobby where dozens of subs were scolded, told of how misbehaved and naughty they were, and had their days full of humliation and punishment laid out before them so the cameras could show them blush and whine at just the thought of what they were about to experiance. In the front and sides of it the stone was left bare and grey with wooden beams at regular intervals. In front of him was a magnificent wooden stair case leading to a hallway painted a deep red, and with a solid bannister where many submissves had found themselves tied up, helpless, humiliated and visible to anyone entering. Steal rings hung from the walls between painted portraits of the domiants, showing off the power and money they got from their trade. The effect was something between a castle, a palace, and a old jail, and it made Jerry shake more.

He knew from those videos that he was being filmed, and look into the corners of the roof to confirm. If his "Mommy" gave permission, his actions would be edited down to the most embaressing moments for their channel, and there was a decent chance people were watching him be live streamed as it was. The thought made him blush even more, and put his hands over his face.

"Put your hands down, Diaper Boy. Let everyone see your pretty face."

Jerry lowered his hands and forced himself to meet her eyes, though he was still blushing deep red. The idea that all these strange, powerful woman, not to mention anyone who might see the films later, were seeing him wearing just a diaper and t shirt made him want to hide, though he also couldn't deny his excitment.

Mistress Joana looked down, then back up to his face. "Already having fun, are we?"

Jerry gasped. He looked down, then back up at her, and blushed even deeper. "Uhhh uhh uhh," he said, stuttering for an answer. The women around him laughed, and he stopped talking. He looked down again, and back up when it came back into his view, making them laugh again. The laughter only added to his embaressment, which added more to his excitment, and he felt the tapes of his diaper stretch and crinkle.

Mistress Joana shook her head. "Tsk tsk tsk, what a dirty little boy. Don't worry sweetie, we are going to fix all those problems with you."

He looked back up at her. He knew this part. This was where the dominent woman for a particular sub told them all the horrible things they allegedly done, scolded them, often into tears, then ran through the long list of punishments they would experiance while there. Each humiliating or painful detail would be laid out in front of them to think about and anticpate until they were wringing in fear. Some would beg, or whine, or fight, others couldn't hold back their excitment. Jerry, instead, just looked at her, knowing he looked terrified.

He dropped his hand from where he was nervously holding his own arm.

"Now, I've heard a lot about you little Jerry."

He gulped.

"It seems you're a naughty baby, isn't that right?"

"Ummm... yes."

"Yes ma'am."

"Yes ma'am."

"First off, you are dishonest, you lie to your mommy and to the entire world.


She raised an eyebrow. "You are a little diaper baby, aren't you?'

"Yes ma'am."

"Then every time you claim to be a big boy, dress in big boy clothes, or pretend to be a big boy at work or in public, you are lying. Every time you wear any underwear other then diapers, you are lying. Every time you try to use the potty, you are lying. The only time you are telling the truth is when you are soaking your diapers, little baby clothes, and sitting in your playpen while silently sucking your pacifier. Understood?"

"I..." He had no reponse.


"Yes ma'am."

"Furthermore, you are an ungratiful little brat, letting your Mommy change you and feed you, putting up with your stinky diapers, and barely even thank her, as if you are entitled to it. You act up all the time, throwing childish tantrums when you don't get your way, and no matter how much she punishes you you still act up."


She held a finger up. "In fact, she told me all about your brattiness this morning when you found out you were coming here, refusing to eat your breakfast and complaining about coming here. Imagine that?"

He swallowed again. "Yes ma'am. I did ma'am."

"And... it seems you are also a dirty little boy who gets easily excited," she pointed down at his diaper. He blushed, and she smiled. "Don't worry though, we'll get you nice and clean."

He looked down again. "Yes ma'am," he squeaked.

"So first thing, we're going to be cleaning out your insides with a nice big enema. We'll give you a plug so it stays in as long as it needs. Normally we'd spank you, but since you removed that, we'll just have to make your enema extra big."

He gaped at her.

"Then since that mouth is also dirty and full of lies, I'll put a big bar of soap in it, and leave it in while you stand in the corner and think about all you've done. Should be easy with you gaping like that."

"Soap!? NO PLEASE!" Jerry had sampled multiple flavours of soap in his time as a submissive, and considered himself something of a connoisseur. Old spice had a tangy taste that went well with chilli or other spicy food, ivory was more subtle and reminded him of the simple but elegant recipes his grandmother used to make. His overall verdict was that all of them were absolutly disgusting.

"Yes. Soap. And once again, since we normally use spankings to ensure obedience but we can't do that with you, we'll just keep the bar in longer."

"You...!" Jerry began, glaring.


He hung his head. "Nothing ma'am.'

"That's what I thought. From there, we'll see how long you can hold your enema, until you beg me enough to fill your pampers. Then, we'll see how long we can keep you bouncing in your own mess."

He groaned. That was a near guaranteed win on their video page, making it a near guaranteed punishment for subs.

"From there, we'll have you try on some outfits for us, and we'll see after that, but you can expect to be sleeping in a dirty diaper tonight, and going home with a great big diaper rash."

"What? But..."

She shushed him with a finger. "But first thing first, this" she pointed at his clothes. "Will not do. You're pampers are cute, but have FAR too many people paying to see our videos to have a twink like you walking around in boy clothes. Come with me, we're going to get you into something a little more appropriate." She grabbed him by the wrist and began to drag him.

"WHAT!? No boy clothes?" he let himself be lead, bulling just enough to show his desperation. He knew where that was probably going, and it was something he DEFINITLY did not want on camera.

"Is there an echo in here, or is some little brat about to earn extra time with the soap?"


"We are going to put you in some nice, cute little baby girl clothes so you can feel like a pretty princess when we rinse your mouth out, and everone can see what an adorable sissy you are."

"But... No! I'm not a baby girl, I'm a baby boy! I mean, I'm just a boy! I mean man! NO!" He rambled on as she dragged him up the stairs and down a hallway.

"Tut tut little baby girl, remember the soap? We can have you sucking on bar after bar until you can't speak anymore. How would that look, you think? You in a dress sucking on something, frothy white foam pouring down your cheeks..."

"Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," Jerry said.

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They entered another room Jerry recognized. Nominally it was a bedroom, though he didn't know how much actual sleep occured in it. A massive, corner posted bed sat in the middle, made out of elegant carved oak wood, and a dresser sat beside it. From there, anything "normal" changed. The blankets of the bed were lifted just enough to show a wooden dog cage underneath it, and the headboard and foot board both had slots for a head and two hands or feet. Handcuffs dangled from another corner, where he saw more then one submissve locked as they were given enemas or suppositories, and then often left until they lost control and filled their diapers. He knew behind another door was a full adult sized nursery with a 'crib' that included a locking top. If he was lucky, he may end up there for the night. If not, the dog cage waited.

He cringed. Even with all the play he had done at home, it was embaressing to think that his "lucky" option was sleeping locked in an oversized baby crib on camera for strangers to comment on.

She pulled Jerry toward the bed and lifted lifted his hand up into the air. He heard a snap, and  felt his hand being pulled toward the top corner. She grabbed his other wrist and did the same.

Jerry groaned as he was stretched out, spread eagle into the air. She bent down behind him, and he felt her pull his legs to the side.

"Good sissy, give me your foot," she said.

He groaned again but obeyed, and he felt her space his feet apart with a bar and attatch them to the foot of the bed. He tried to wiggle pull at the chains, but found them unbreakable.

She stood up and rested a hand on his bottom. "Good sissy, though a bit whiny with those groans. Nice to see you just give up and let me tie you to my bed. What a good, spineless little sub."

"Hmph," he said. "You don't have to say it out loud like that, ma'am."

She chuckled. "Don't pout, we all know you are enjoying this. You look like you're about to burst the tapes on your diaper."

"HEY!" he shouted. 

"Are they comfy? And inescapable?'

He pulled at them and wiggled again. "Yes ma'am."

She laughed again. "Good. Normally we'd tie you into the stocks for this, but I'm afriad if I left you bent over it be too hard NOT to spank this adorable little bottom," she squeezed him through his diaper "So I guess you'll stay standing and stretched out. Just wait here while we clean you out and pick an outfit for you."

"Clean me out? What do you mean, ma'am?"

"Aww silly baby. What do you think that means?" 

From behind the bed she held up a large, red rubber bottle with a long tube stretching from it. 

"An enema?! No please ma'am!" Jerry had remembered the discussion earlier, but thought complaining about it again might add to any vidoes they may make. As much as he hated having his punishments streamed to a wide audience, he also loved having his punishments streamed to a wide audience. As he had no way to avoid it, he decided to let the second part take over for now.

She smiled. "Yep, you're going to have a nice, big, warm soapy enema, and you are going to hold it until you are begging me to fill your diapers. You think you'll do that? Beg me to fill your diapers?"

"No..." he said.

"Oh you will. And you're going to behave like a perfect little angel until I decide you can release, or you'll just be cramping all day. Then you'll get to spend the rest of the day in your dirty diapers, sound fun?"

"No please! No no no!" Jerry started wiggling again, making a show of fighting against his bounds.

Mistress Joana ignored him, and pulled down his diaper.

"No no no," he said as the tube penetrated inside him. 

"Errrr," he groaned, and looked back at her as she lifted the bottle high into the air.

Immedietly the warm water hit him. He groaned as he felt his insides turn to make up for the new weight, and cramps hit him like a wave. 

Within seconds, he was yelping and panting out loud as his stomach grew. He gave another wiggle, knowing that the cameras were recording his bottom and each pathetic whine and shake.

"Ma'am please! It's so much!" He begged, with tears in his eyes.

"Good! Then you'll have all the more reason to obey and to fill your pampers for our fans."

"No..." he whined, and shook again.

He had seen dozens of subs experaince the same in these videos. The most popular ones were always the loudest, whining and complaing as they took the painful cramps. 

Part of him told him that then, in order to ensure as few people saw his humiliation as possible, he should try to remain calm. However, within seconds it was impossible, and he was whining. Then, and entire new part of him spoke up. He remembered all the humiliating messages, the teasing, everything comments said about the misbehaved subs being punished for their ammusment. He had watched those vidoes and read the comments with excitment, daydreaming about being in the same situation.

So, his excitment again overwehlmed him, and he instead exagerated the punishment, moaning and struggling as much as possible. If he had no way to avoid giving them a show, he'd give them the best one. The idea of that, and even the knowledge that he was enjoying, made the humiliation increase, but that only made it even more exciting. He pulled at the chains again, knowing they wouldn't break.

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Who keeps replying with crying signs? That's so sad! 😢He's into it! Don't cry, cheer for him!

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  • 5 weeks later...

Mistress Joana returned to the bed. "So, I think I'm going to have you try out a few different outfits. I always like playing dress up with my dollies."

He moaned again.

"But for now, I'm going to put you in a cute little dress, so we can avoid anyone confusing you with a big boy."

"Ohhh no please ma'am! No I don't wanna dress like a girl!" He whined.

"Awww don't worry sweetie, I'll make sure you look nice and pretty for our cameras."

"Awwww," he pouted.

As his stomach was still filling up, she began laying lace and frilly clothes in front of him. Long baby-pink socks were drawn along the bed, along with platform shoes. She placed a short skirted dress with ruffled shoulders and a wide bow around the waiste  over it. 

"Nooooo noo," he groaned again again at the dress, and again with the lac white gloves and broad hairband with a flower standing as a pom pom. Finally, she ended with a cover for his second diaper, this one bright pink and covered with flowers.

"Yes yes," she smiled, and patted his bottom again. "You are going to look sooo pretty as soon as we fill your bottom up. Unfortunatly, I think your diaper may be too thin for what we are going to make you do to it, cute as it is. So, we'll have to double up with our thicker one so you don't leak."

"Ewww that's so gross ma'am I don't wanna be in double diapers and a dress!"

"Awww well, you don't have a choice, and you'll have to behave if you ever want to release that enema. Do you?"

He nodded. The weight of all the fluid inside him was becoming unberable. He was already full from breakfast, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to last long without release. If he wanted it, he'd have to listen.

"Good girl. Now," she removed the house, and replaced with a large plug. He sighed in releif as the weight finally stopped increasing, but still winced at the pain.

She took him by the hand and lay him on the bed. With a pair of scissors, she cut holes in his current diaper, then taped the second one on. 

"Ta ta," she said when he reached for the socks. Instead, he simply pouted as she helped him into his socks and shoes, then helped herself to a squeeze of his now double-thick diaper. She pulled him to his feet and put his dress and hair band on, then put a pink pacifier into his mouth. Finally, she pushed a red teddy bear into his arms.

"There," she said. "You look so pretty! What a pretty little girl!"

"No noo..." he moaned.

"Yes! Do you feel pretty?"

He paused and pouted, then nodded.

"You feel bonita?"

"I feel bonita."

"Good girl! Are you going to be a good little princess for me?"

He nodded again.

"Good girl! Now, next up, you said a lot of naughty words and we have to rinse those out of your mouth."

"NO! Please ma'am no!"

"No no no," he pleaded, but she ignored him and dragged him through a door and into a bathroom.

She opened a drawer, and he saw a tray of varying soap bars.

She pointed at them. "Do you have a favourite flavour?" she asked.

He groaned, then rolled his eyes. "Its almost St Patrick's Day, isn't it? Lets go with Irish Spring."

She laughed and grabbed a bar. "Excellent choice, very festive." She took the bar out of its box and ran it under the water, then swirled it in her hands until it was frothing. He watched the process with a growing pit in his stomach, already anticipating the disgust.

From the same drawer she took out a small strap with a leter pouch, and attatched it to the soap.

"Kneel," she said.

"Ma'am?" He asked.

"Now. Kneel." She said again, and he obeyed. She dropped a big over his head. "So you don't ruin your pretty dress while enjoying your meal," she told him.

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  • 3 weeks later...

She took his pacifier, then lowered the soap bar to his level. She grabbed his hair and tilted his head back so his mouth opened, then pulled it forward toward the soap. 

She grinned down at him. "Suck on it, sissy girl," she said, and begain pulling his head back and forth.

The taste was bitter and sour, and it made him gag, but he obeyed. The bar went in and out of his mouth, filling it with foam until it dripped down on his chin. He knew what it looked like from any camera angle- himself on his knees, sucking something coming from her loins, white fluid going down his chin. The dress, along with her more masculine clothes, only added to the appearance.

She laughed at his embaressment, then, when she determined his mouth had enough of the bitter suds in it, she tied the straps behind his head. She pulled him to his feet.

"Now, does that taste good, little sissy?"

He shook his head.

"And does your somach feel comfy?"

He winced and shook his head again. As if in reply, his stomach grumbled, and he almost doubled over from the pain.

She smiled. "Good. Then we can make sure you are good and obedient. Come with me," She took him by the hand and lead him into the main hallway. She took him to a corner, placed in full view of the house. Two arrows stood beside it, one labelling the intended occupant "Naughty," the other labelling them "Loser."

She pulled him into it, and pushed his nose into the corner.

"Now, my naughty little loser, you are going to stay in there as long as we decide you need. We have a long humiliating day of punishments for you. When you are out, we are going to make you fill your pampers on camera, and bounce up and down in your mess until you are whining and crying. THen, we are going to make you pose wearing in all sorts of fun costumes over your poopy diapers for our fans, before settling on whichever makes you blush the most. You're going to spend the rest of the afternoon bouncing up and down on our rocking horse, then get a nice big dinner of laxatives and babyfood before being locked for the night in your crib, still in your poopy, stinky diapers, and wait to have a nice rash for the morning. We want you desperate, doubling over in pain and disugst, so we can ensure you agree to all of that with no argument. Sound fun, you pathetic little loser?"

He shook his head and mumbled "mmm mm!", but the soap didn't allow for any argument.

"Good sissy, I knew you loved it. I'm sure you've seen it all, since you're clearly sich a naughty little pervert." She tapped the front of his diaper, which was still straining. "Now enjoy your soap and enema for the next little while, we'll come get you when we want more. I already know you're too much of a submissve beta to leave the corner when I say otherwise."

She patted him on the bottom hard, and he groaned, knowing she was true.

The taste in his mouth was awful, and every time he turned his attention to it he wanted to gag. However, when he ignored it, the pain in his stomach returned, gumbling and cramping each moment it could, leaving him whining and panting while patheticllay shuffling his feet.

He could only imagine how it looked from behind. Himself, in a dress and costume that would be embaressing enough as it was even if it didn't leave his thick double diapers visible, punished with corner like toddler, squirming and moaning but too spinless to even dare move.

Normally, this punishment was simply boring, and a bit embaressing. Now, with the enema and soap added, it was also painful and disgusting. He looked up as his stomach groaned again, trying to ignore the pain. The move was a mistake, as it forced more of the soap back down his throat, and he coughed lowered his head. His mouth became raw, almost numb to the flavour, until another wave of saliva in his mouth turned to suds and re-emphasized the taste. He had now idea how long he was in, or how much longer he'd be.

Within a few minutes, he was whining constantly. A few minutes later, and tears formed, then sobs. He tried to hold it back, but the combined feeling in his gut, taste in his mouth, and overall humiliation of the situation and boredom of the corner was too much. When he was finally crying outright, he heard footsteps behind him.

"Awww, poor widdle crybaby sissy. Had enough of the corner?" she stood beside him and shoved a camera into his mouth.

He made eye contact with the camera."Mmhmm!" he nodded.

"FACE THE CORNER!" she snapped, and he obeyed. "Want to get out and take that nasty soap out of your mouth?"

"MMMHMM!" he nodded again, vigoursly, but still faced the corner.

"Would you do anything at all, obey any command no matter how humiliating, if we let you out?"

"MHMMM!" he shouted.

"Good sissy. Come here." He turned, and she untied the straps on the bar and removed it.

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Instantly he began coughing and gagging. She held out a bottle and a spit bucket, and he switched between drinking water and spitting it out into the bucket, still crying as he rinsed the taste out.

She petted the back of his head. "Good sissy. Rinse every bit of your naughty words, your arguing, your lying about being a big boy, out of that dirty mouth."

"Yes ma'am," he panted, then went back to rinsing.

When he was done, he straightened back up. His mouth was still numb, but the taste mainly gone.

His stomach grumbled loudly again, and he doubled back over from the cramps, then stood up.

She laughed. "Good sissy. Seems your stomach knows whats next. Want to fill your widdle pampies for us, sissy?"

"Yes ma'am," he said quietly.

"Are you sure? You didn't sound enthusastic."

"Yes ma'am!"

"Beg me. Beg me to fill your pampers on camera so I can show the entire world what a pathetic little sissy baby you are."

He groaned, but continued. "Please ma'am! Please let me fill my little sissy diapers in my little sissy dress! I want the entire world to see how much of a stinky baby I am! Prove how helpless and disgusting I am! Please ma'am!"

"Good sissy. Turn around." 

He turned back into the corner. 

"Crawling position."

He got down on his hands and knees.

He heard her set up the camera directly behind his bottom, then she patted it. She opened the back of his diaper, and he gasped as she pulled the plug out of him. "Good sissy. Now, push in your diapers like the pathetic sissy baby you are.

He tried to push, but no part of him needed to. As soon as he relaxed his bottom began dumping the liters of water and mashed food into the back seat of his diaper. He moaned again, this time in pleasure from the release, knowing that the entire thing was being recorded for her website.

"Ahhh ahhh ahhh" he gasped as more poured out of him. The beans he had been force fed added to it, and he heard as much as felt as they poured into his waiting pamper.

"Good girl, good girl," she encouraged, patting his behind as it inflated behind him.

Soon, it was over, and he let out a long shudder.

"Good girl," she pushed a hand into his diaper, and he squeeled as the mess was pushed into him. "Such a sad, stinky little girl, filling your pampers like that." She kept patting him, making him gasp each time. "Now, wiggle your booty for the camera."

She backed up, and he obeyed. He shook his bottom back and forth, feeling the mess around him shake with it.

"Good girl. Now, turn your hips up and down. Twerk for us."

He groaned his displeasure but obeyed.

"Good girl. See what you look like?" She held a cell phone to his face so he could see his own bottom and the wreck he made of his diaper. Thick, lumpy, and and stained brown, the once perfect pink designs were now soaked through two diapers, and there was no question what he had done. 

However, she gave him no time to complain. "Come, crawl and follow me."

She turned the camera so any audience would get a good view of his inflated and brown-stained behind as he crawled behind her. He did his best to wiggle his bottom again as he did.

They returned to the bedroom, then through and into the nursery. This he had seen before. It had a massive crib, diaper changing table, and a large pile of toys for any occupant. The "Good" visitors got to play with them, and were normally happy to do so. Others found themselves locked in the crib or doubled over a bench for a spanking.

She took him to a rocking chair,  picked him up by the hand, and pulled him onto her lap.

"Good stinky sissy! Time for your  knee bouncing!"  She said in a gleeful voice.

"Noo," he replied, but let her drive her knee into the mess.

"Bounce for me! Come on sweetie! Ride the horsie!" She bounced her knee up and down, and he bounced with it. Each motion drove the mess further into him, making his stomach turn. 

"Eww ewww eww!" he said. He whined and squeezed his eye shut

She reached behind him and squeezed the mess in his diaper, making him whine again. She patted it a few times hard.

"Still not a spanking, stinky sissy," she said. "Just some pats."

He nodded and sucked his pacifier for comfort.

"Now, up," she lifted him. "Turn around, sit back down, and back to bouncing."

She held him on her lap facing the opposite way. "Ewww!" he shrieked as she began bouncing him again.

He had seen dozens of submissives go through the same punishment. It was always a popular one, and somehow always got thousands of views. He imagined himself in their position, and all the people who would see him whining and bouncing in his dirty diapers, sadistically enjoying his suffering. The thought made him cringe.

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When she was done, she had him stand up, and dragged him to a rocking horse. She made him sit on it, then tied his wrists to the head and his feet to the stirrups. She puhsed a button, and he began to rock.

"EWW!" he shouted at the feeling.

"Tsk tsk," she said. "No more whining."

He sighed and looked at her, trying to keep his face from contorting in disgust.

"I want you to suck your pacifier and keep quiet. I have some other work to do, and you are going to stay on that rocking horse, quietly bouncing up and down in your poopy, disgusting diapers, until I come get you for your fashion show. Is that understood?"

He nodded. 

"Good sissy. Enjoy."

She turned to walk out of the room, and left him whining on the hourse.

Time passed slowly. He eventually grew numb to the feeling, but knowing that any point someone could log on to see his punishment live streamed, or watch it sped up later, made him cringe.

He had no idea how long it was until she retunred, this time with the other dominents around her. She walked up to him, untied him, and stood him.

"Tsk tsk, stinky stinky stinky. What a stinky little sissy girl you are. Have fun bouncing in your poopy diapers, sissy?"

He shook his head.

She smiled. "Well too bad. Time for you to pose for our photos."

She dragged him out to the center of the room, where he was surrounded by the dominents, each holding a camera.

"Good girl. Lift your skirt and push your bottom out." 

He obeyed, and heared the photos snap.

"Smack a hand into your own diaper and look at it."

He obeyed the embaressing instructions again, and more cameras snapped.

"Down on all fours and crawl."

More blushing, and more photos.

She laughed. "Sit on the floor with your legs out."

He sat, wrinkling his nose at the feeling and smell, and they took there pictures.

"Good sissy. Now, on your knees, paci out of your mouth, look up at an angle and hold your mouth open."

He obeyed, and she went in front of him to take photos from above. He knew what it looked like, and what the laughter meant when she forced a baby bottle of milk into his mouth at the same angle, but he obeyed all the same. Kneeling in his dirty diaper and dress, gagging at his own smell, he didn't have any will to argue.

More came. They had him bouncing on laps, patting his own bottom, and playing with different toys. When they got bored of that, they switched out his outfits, and he repeated the same in a black leather corset, maid's dress, and another dress that said "Mommy's Sissy Baby" on the chest.

He eventually ended up in long, pink footed pjs, this time with "Poopy Princess" written across the chest, and a picture of a cartoon skunk with a tiara, crying in a used dia[er. It was the sort of outfit you could only get from specific request, and it ending up as his outfit only seemed fitting after the day he had.

The others cleared out after his photo shoot. "Good sissy. That photoshoot will be sold at a premium on our website, and it will help your mommy pay for our services. Isn't that nice?"

He blushed at the thoguht and nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"Good sissy." She reached down, scooped him up in her arms, and lifted her to her wasite. "Phew!" She said, making her nose wrinkle and smiling. "You really do stink. Its so much worse here."

He only nodded. He let her carry him and cuddled into her chest, worn out from the mixed emotions and punishments.

"Its ok sissy, I can tell your tired. Its dinner time now, and after we'll put you down for an early bedtime in your stinky diaper, ok?"

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He chuckled. "Sounds SOOO fun," he said sarcastically, though he knew he needed the rest.

She sat him in the high chair, and locked the table in front of him. He then watched as she went into a small fridge and took out her ingredients. Peas, brockilly, spinach, onions, beans, and a pile of other ingredients, none of which looked appetizing.

She saw him watching her, and smiled. "Just some veggies to make you grow big and strong."

"And make my diapers grow big and messy," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" she said.

"NOTHING MA'AM!" he said louder.

"Good. I'd hate to make this worse for you, since its going to be bad enough as it is."

She dumped the food in a blender and turned it on. The vegtables became swirled and degraded into a disgusting, green-brown mush, which she dumped into a giant bowl. She took a bottle of water from the same fridge, and didn't bother to hide as she first poured baby formula milk, then a laxative, and finally castor oil.

Though he was worn out, he still put in effort for the video. "No no not that Ma'am!" He whined at the castor oil, and she smiled at him and added more, making him groan again. 

He made a show of squirming and whining in his dirty diaper. "It's so itchy and stinky Ma'am! I'm getting a rash! Please give me a diapie change!" He begged.

She only smiled again. "I don't think so. Your mommy didn't pay for that, and I promised to deliver you to her in an EXTRA stinky diaper. Don't want to dissapoint your mommy, do you?"

"No," he pouted.

She came to him, and for the second time that day he saw himself locked in a high chair and looking at a massive pile of food, this time even more unappatizing as the morning.

"Open for the airplane!" She said, and pushed the first spoonfull into his mouth.

He groaned, but obeyed.

The feeding was long and humiliating. She teased him constnatly for his smell and for being fed, and he could only groan and eat. He quickly became uncomfortably full, but kept eating, knowing complaining wouldn't get him anywhere.

"And there!" She said as the last spoon full went in. She raised her eye brown and made a show of scooping more off his chin, putting it in his mouth, and wiping him down with a face cloth.

"Enjoy that, sissy?"

"No," he whined.

SHe shrugged. "Well, too bad. Its bedtime anyway."

"But mistress!" he complained. "Its still light out!"

"Plenty late enough for a baby. Besides, no one wants to smell your stinky diapers anymore. Time for bed!" 

He grumbled his complaints, but let her undo the high cahir locks and pick him up over her shoulder. "Whew! Smelly!" she said, and patted his behind. He replied by kicking his feet, trying to look as pathetic as possible as she carried him to the cage-crib.

She lay him down on the blankets, and tucked him in. She then tied his wrists to bars at the head. She lifted his feet up to the top bars, and tied them in place so that he was left with his bottom bent and feet in the air. Finally, now that he was helpless, she replaced his pacifier with another strapped one, and locked it behind his head.

In the end, he was left stuck, immobile and silent, watching as she smiled at him.

"Ok sissy. Have a nice, long sleep in your dirty diapers. Those laxatives should take over half way through, and you'll be filling your pampers again around midnight. Enjoy!"

She walked out and turned off the lights, leaving a night light illuminating the room and a camera filming. He was left squirming and struggling in his binds. Slowly, he fell asleep.


Jerry woke up. 

Something was wrong. There was strange noises, and a strange feleing.

The first thing he noticed was that his stomach hurt, bad. Something was happening, and he felt the pain lessening. He then noticed that his bottom burned. He went to reach for it, and pannicked when he realized he couldn't move his hands or feet.

He looked around, and saw the bars in the glow of the nightlight. He remembered where he was.

He whined. The memories came back, along with the knowledge of what was happening. He had woken as the laxatives took over, and he was helplessly filling his double diapers for a second time that day.

He wiggled and kicked his legs in their binds as the mess poured into his pants, adding to the already massive pile that coated him. The noises he had heard were coming from himself, and he swore they were as loud as thunder. Even if the feeling hadn't woken him, that would have been enough.

Though the humiliation was still exciting, after a full day of it, it was getting to be too much. Part of him wished he could have simply slept through this part and forgot it happened. Instead, he experainced every second of it, helplessly filling his diaper. The clips on his onsie strained, and he felt some of them snap open.

When it was finally done, he looked at the camera. It glowed, and he heared and saw it zoom in and out, capturing every second of his ordeal. He felt tears pour into his eyes.

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