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Disobedience is the path to infancy (with Kaylaindiapers)

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(Hi. Sorry for disappearing. There were family matters. But everything is fine now.)

"We need to give the baby some proper food before she goes to play. Suzanne, you can have a snack, while I'm feeding baby. Go to mommy." - Catherine cooed, taking Kayla onto her lap and taking out a bib and jars with baby food "Gerber" from diaper's bag.

Catherine tied a bib around Kayla's neck and opened a jar of puree peas.
“Be a good baby, otherwise I’ll have to spank you. Remember the scene at breakfast? I can spank you right here... and I'm done it,” - Catherine said sternly, stirring the baby food with a pink plastic spoon. “Open your mouth, sweetie.”

“What a cute bib you have, Kay-Kay,” - Suzanne said with a smile, while eating a burger and drinking wine.

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(No problem at all hope all is well) 

“Gross please please I’ll be good!” She cried as the baby food looked disgusting.. At the threat of a spanking she finally opened.. The stuff hit her tongue and it really had no flavor but the texture was unusual and she immediately spit it out and it was scooped right up and fed to her again.. Kayla knew the quicker she ate the quicker it would be over with.. It was like being at the dentist and you just have to hope it goes by quick but still having to go through it sucks… She cried as it was on her bib and her face… Kayla through her tears and her baby food on her face glared at Suzanne! 

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(Everything is great!)

Catherine sees, how Kayla spit out baby food and it crawled down her face to end up on her bib.
“Baby, you are creating problems for yourself. I told you, that you should eat everything I give you. Look, there is no sugar, no salt, only vegetables and water. You were fed this same thing very long time ago, you just need to remember this. And I I’ll help you. After all, you will either get this or nothing and remain hungry.” Catherine said with a smile, reading ingredients on jar with baby food. Then she scooped up everything that Kayla spat out with a spoon and put it back into her mouth and pinched her nose.
“Swallow it now. You’re apparently very little babygirl and need your mommy’s help. OK continue... Susie, do you see?”

Suzanne had finished her burger and was now taking photos on her phone of Kayla feeding and her face covered in tears and baby food.
"Oh, she really is a babygirl now. Grown-up girls eat well and don't get their faces dirty. I can't wait to show pictures to my friends at school." Susie answered with a smile.

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Kayla was now getting mad as she was being scolded and made fun of while she was being fed nasty baby food! 

“Gross ok ok!” She cried and opened deciding to be good.. She tried to wipe her face only to have her hands swatted away..

They treat me like I’m a real baby like I can’t do anything..

Kayla was claim until she saw Suzanne take picture and tease her..

”You bitch erase it now!” She yelled at Suzanne and went to get up to get the phone to delete those pictures she could only imagine what people at school would say.. 

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Catherine got very angry because of Kayla's tantrum.
She blocked Kayla's attempt to stand.
"Baby, you're in big trouble. Who let you get up on feet? Who let you interrupt the feeding? Who let you say those nasty grown-up words? You've earned your punishment. Right here and now." - Catherine scolded Kayla
"Susie this little one girl is naughty. She hurt you, I let you spank her. After the punishment, babygirl, I want you to kneel in front of auntie Susie and apologize to her."

Suzanne grabbed Kayla with a smile and laid her on her knees, threw on  back Kayla's baby dress and lowered the diaper, exposing the baby's buttocks without being embarrassed by those around her. Suzanne then began spanking Kayla's ass with her hand, hard.
“I once suffered from your bullying in school, but now you are a baby, and I am more important to you. I'm auntieSusie for you now and you are need respect me.” - Suzanne said...
After 30 spanks, Suzanne stopped and adjusted Kayla's diaper, over her very red bottom.
“And now I’m waiting for an apology and your baby kiss, babygirl ”- said Suzanne and turned her cheek to Kayla.

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“N- no one pl- please I- I’m sorry I’ll b- b good m- no it’s not fair!” She yelled stuttering begging not to be spanked.

Kayla was infuriated the girl she used to bully was now going to spank her she was pissed..

”I’m not letting her spank me!” She yelled but when she saw her new step mommy start to get up she did as she was told..

Without a word Suzanne grabbed her arm and quickly bent her over..

”N- no pl- please n- not you!” She cried as the first blow stung it felt like a wasp stung her then another she began kicking her feet and not only did the spanking and her pride hurt but now she was being scolded and talked down too.  

Kayla was glad the spanking was over as she was so humiliated and her ass was on 🔥 She truly was a cry baby now! 

”I- I-m sorry A-Aun—aunt Suzanne.” She said in between sobs trying to calm herself down. 

Kayla remembers her baby nephew giving her kisses but she never thought she would have to kiss like a baby. 

 Opening her mouth “mmm” she said kissing her even slobbering just like her baby nephew did her! 


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Catherine filmed the entire spanking on her phone, and then Kayla kissing Suzanne. "Those were the cutest kisses I've ever seen. I hope you learned your lesson, babygirl. You must understand, that you are no longer an adult. You are a babygirl  now and anyone adult, even a toddler over three-years-old, will be an adult for you. Do you understand? And now you can Let's go have some fun while I grab something to eat." - Catherine said.

Suzanne was delighted with Kayla's humiliation... And how she kissed her.
"Okay, apology accepted. I saw a playground nearby, shall we go?" Suzanne said, put a pacifier in Kayla's mouth and, taking her by the hand, leads her to where the playground is located; there were a lot of childrens of different ages there.
“Don’t be shy, they won’t hurt you, even though they’re all older than you. Let’s start with this,” Suzanne teased and leads Kayla to the horses on springs.
"Get on the horse. Feel like a cowgirl. I'll help you," Suzanne coos and helps Kayla onto the horse.


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Kayla laid there drinking her bottle as Suzanne insisted on cradling Kayla like she was a newborn teasing her as she fed her a baby bottle with baby formula.. To embarrass her even more Suzanne was planning on bullying her and spanking her.. She rubbed Kayla’s diaper and Kayla let out a little moan.. Quit you bitch! She thought as she kept drinking after that spanking she was determined to be good! She  didn’t think her ass could handle another spanking! 

Katherine looked on absentmindedly as the kids played she fantasized about Kayla being a baby and envisioned her playing running around toddling in a t shirt and little white shoes all with her diaper on display..

Catherine shook her head and smiled looking at Suzanne feed her new baby.. She thought to herself Kayla might never be allowed to grow up again I like having a baby! She deserves the punishment for bullying talking back staying out drinking! 

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Catherine with smile watched, as Suzanne played with Kayla and nursing her.
"Don't forget to burp the babygirl. Gases in their tummy are bad."

Suzanne smiled: "Last time I burped was my brother. He's six months old. Now I'll take care of you baby Kay-Kay." Suzanne cooed as the baby bottle was empty, and begins lightly patting Kayla on the back, placing her head on her shoulder.
“Do a good burpy for auntie - Suzanne coos - and then I’ll take you to the sandbox. Maybe you search new friends..”

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Kayla hated the taste of baby formula but it was better then her baby food.. She was mad how Suzanne cooed at her rocking her and playing with her diaper.. That bitch she thought as she was compared to a real six month old.. 

“Seriously!” She cried as Suzanne began patting her to get her to burp..

After a few minutes she did burp and she was grossed out as she also spit up..

Kayla was embarrassed she looked at the sand box and she was happy no one was there.. 

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Catherine gives Suzanne a plastic bucket and spatula for Kayla.

"Look what your mommy gave me. Build a sand castle and lots of sand pies," Suzanne cooed and handed Kayla a small plastic bucket and small spatula.

“Tomorrow I will show your photos to my friends. I will convince your mommy to throw yor baby shower. You will be very surprised at the number of guests. Now play in the sand, baby,” Suzanne said with a grin.

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“No please don’t please I’ll do anything!” Kayla cried begging as she would become the school baby and she knew it.. She knew Suzanne could probably talk her mom into keeping her in diapers.

Kayla’s mind was scrambling as she felt like a toaster was above her and she was getting hot fuming and Nervous!” 

Oh no seriously. She gave a sad face as she wet her diaper..

She didn’t know what to do she gave Suzanne a look like help me.. 

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“I don’t help you. You ended up where you belong, thanks to your actions. I suffered so much because of you and your friends... And now my only help will be to change your diaper or when you lose your binky. She’s here, baby, -  said Susie put a pacifier in Kayla's mouth and held it until Kayla started sucking on it - shut up, suck your pacifier and start building sandcastle."

Catherine, meanwhile, decided to sunbathe and stripped down to her sexy red swimsuit and now lay and read a magazine.
"Suzanne, take the baby's dress off. Let her sunbathe too." - Catherine knew that it would be humiliating for Kayla because she would never be able to even touch a swimsuit again.
Suzanne stripped Kayla of her dress, leaving her in only a thin white shirt and a slightly wet diaper.

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Kayla did as she was told as she now knew Suzanne no longer was scared of her.. Why should she fear me she can spank me and change my diaper… 

This is BS! She screamed in her hand as she built a stupid castle..

Suzanne couldn’t help but tease her saying the princess of the castle will be wearing panties cause she’s a big girl unlike you who wears diapers cause. 

“I’m a baby girl Wh- ser fine fine 

“I’m a diaper girl.” She said angrily cause she had already she she was a baby girl and that wasn’t good enough for Suzanne.. 

Kayla sat there in a little short shirt in her diaper she was so embarrassed!  

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Catherine looks at her watch.
“Ohh. It’s day nap time for babygirl. Today she will nap in the stroller. Come to me, baby. You built a very beautiful sand castle.” - Catherine cooed as she took Kayla onto her lap. She also holds a baby bottle of milk in her hands, to which she specially secretly added lightly sleeping pill.

Catherine sits down with Kayla on the bench and begins to cradle her and bottle feed while stroking Kayla's diaper.
"Start drinking, baby. You need a nap." Catherine teased bottle's lips Kayla's. 

When Kayla started to fall asleep, Catherine puts a pacifier in her mouth and puts her in the stroller and wrapped in blanket and opens the sun hood and rocks the stroller, until Kayla finally falls asleep..

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“B- but I’m n- not tired!” She said sounding just like a toddler but unlike a toddler she just wanted to go home she had enough being a baby in public for the first time.. 

After a threat of a spanking she did as she was told..

I hate this!” She yelled in her head as she was so mad and it seemed her diaper was mocking her as she walked she heard every crinkle..

Kayla wanted to sit up or at least hold her own bottle but her new mommy treated her like a newborn patting and rocking and cooing with a big goofy smile as she watched her drink..

Soon Kayla was sleeping like a baby..

Suzanne was trying to think of all the ways she could humiliate baby K as she was going to have so much fun with the new baby! 

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At this time, Catherine received a message on her phone from the repair team, that the repair of the nursery Kayla's was completed.
“Suzanne, help me rock the stroller so the baby doesn’t wake up, while I pack a picnic.” - Catherine said handing the stroller to Suzanne.

Catherine packs everything up and heads home.
“Great. She is so divine now, when she sleeps and sucks pacifier, like a real baby. Now the baby will sleep in her new nursery - Catherine cooed - You were a great help to me today Suzanne and I decided that you will be the babysitter for the baby K, when I am busy "

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Kayla continued to sleep as the medicine did it’s job… 

If she had any idea what was going on she would’ve jumped out of the stroller but her new mommy was making sure she had the baby right where she was wanted her.. 

The new baby didn’t even know she wet her diaper as she was sleeping.. 

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When Catherine with baby arrive at the house. She say goodbye to Suzanne.

Catherine, along with the stroller in which Kayla slept and goes to inspect Kayla's former room, which
now it will be nursery for baby.
Walls nursery's were painted pink, there was a soft fluffy rug on the floor, and there was a cute changing table with rattles and a pink-white crib with a mobile over crib that had bunnies and carrots attached to it.

Catherine carefully, so as not to wake Kayla, moves her from the stroller to the crib and, turning on her mobile, leaves the nursery.

“I’ll change her diaper when, she wakes up,” decides Catherine.

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Kayla was asleep so she had no idea she had been put down in her crib.. She was dreaming about when she was a big girl but from a distance she herd soft music.. It was very relaxing and calm of course she had no idea it was her mobile…

In her dream she was at a party having fun with her friends when everyone started laughing at her as she had an accident and her cute sexy Victoria’s Secret panties were wet..

”What!” She said startled as she realized she just went her diaper to go with her dream..

She looked around for the first time she saw her new nursery..

It was literally her room as she read the sign.  BABY K… In big block pastel baby letters…

”This is bullshit!” She got out of her crib looking for her mommy..

”This baby shit has gone far enough!” She said ripping off her diaper as this baby crap was done! 

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Catherine took the baby monitor with her and heard Kayla and her hysterics through it when she woke up. And going to nursery

“Baby, why did you get out of the crib? Who gave you permission? Why did you take off your diaper and why are you standing on your feet? You forgot all my rules,” said Catherine, approaching Kayla with her hands on her hips. “And you even say adult words. You earned additional punishment.” . I will wash your mouth with soap."

Catherine twists fibgers Kayla's ear and pulls her towards a chair near which there is a small paddle. "I'm spanking you now, this first. Lie on my lap, naughty baby."

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“I can’t do this a nursery seriously that’s for real babies most toddlers don’t even have a nursey!” She cried..

When Kayla knew what was going to happen she began crying and begging.

”Pl- please I’ll be good ow ow ow no please she cried as her ear felt like it was being ripped off! Kayla just realized she didn’t have her diaper on and was about to get spanked..

”Mommy mommy I need my diaper!” She cried frantically… She never thought Those words would come out of her mouth and she threw in the mommy to make her mommy happy and maybe she’s go easier on her.. 

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“You have to understand. You’re not a toddler. NOW. You’re very far from that age. You’re a BABY. Very little babygirl. And you need a nursery, you should be grateful to me. And now I’ll teach you to be in a good behaviour,” - Catherine said, putting Kayla on lap and starting to spank her.

Catherine does not stop, even when Kayla begins to beg her... “You apologized so many times, and I believed you so many times, and again you are lying to me and behaving very badly. Now I will spank you properly so that you clearly understand, that you just a crying baby."

Catherine spanks Kayla, until her ass turns crimson red.

Finally the spanking ends... Catherine adjusts the diaper on Kayla's sore ass and looks sternly into her eyes: “This is the last warning. I forbid you to speak, like an adult. You must only speak like a baby: with a lisp or sweet short baby's words. Is it clear? If I If I hear even one adult word from you, I will wash your mouth with soap for an hour."

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Kayla sat there crying as her spanking hurt so bad it now she was realizing she was going to be a baby for a long time or get a spanking like a little girl or even having her mouth washed out with soap..

She didn’t dare say anything or resist when her new mommy grabbed her hands and put mittens on tying them at the wrist then she watched as her mommy took her footsies as she called them and put them on her feet.. She flexed her hands and she realized her fingers were now useless..

She was mad that her hands were now useless and her mommy told her what would happen if she stood up she would now be forced to crawl like the baby she is! 

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