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Antony, 9 years old, had decided to spend the day with his friends a group of rowdies widely disliked by the residents of the area. While they weren't a violent group, the most serious offense committed by them was drawing graffiti, none of them appreciated being looked down upon, especially by the Gorian women, and officers often annoyed them for simply walking on the sidewalk. What else can you expect in such a harshly matriarchal society? They weren't really violent or dangerous kids, in fact no one in the neighborhood feared them or considered them dangerous for some reason, but the women who had have to deal with them considered them very rude, but they weren't bad boys. He and his small group of friends simply lived the entire Gorian context with a lot of intolerance, because It left them no prospects for the future. Antony had had tried to talk about this topic with his mommies but he didn't succeeded to explain his frustration and he had argued with them, feeling bad for two weeks because it. He was a sensitive child after all.

However, a day he and his friends decided to skip the school to go to play skateboard, but  to avoid to invest a woman fell on the goods on display in a greengrocer's shop, ruining all the goods. The shop owner denounced him and his friends the judge summoned their legal  guardians, along with Antony's mom and her girlfriend, deciding to enroll him and his friends in a re-education program for unruly boys. Some days later, Nanny Alexandra, the designated nanny for Antony's re-education, rang the doorbell of Antony's house and was welcomed in a very cordial way by Antony's mom and her girlfriend.

(if you are interested you can contact me privately)

immagine IA 2.jpg 

(this is Antony)


this is nanny Alexandra

immagine IA 3.jpg

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It was when the doorbell rang that Lydia's as well as Stephanie's heads snapped up. This was it. The point of no return for their little boy. The two of them walked to the front door and opened up. It might be a little on the harsh side, but they had to do it now, in fear of it even growing worse. 

"Good afternoon. You are from the re-education program?" Lydia asked after she opened the door, watching the lady that rang the bell.

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The nanny smiled very kindly when she was greeted by the two ladies. "Yes! I'm Nanny Alexandra, and it's a real pleasure to meet you," she said, shaking hands with the two ladies and letting herself be guided to the living room where she was invited to sit.

"Apologies for the delay. I had trouble finding the address," she explained to the two ladies before taking out a pen and a notepad. The old woman noticed immediately the low humor of the two women "So..." she continued with a calm and professional tone, "I imagine your first question is: what is the program and how does it work? That's what everyone asks me... Well, there's no fixed pattern. Each rehabilitation program is personalized and based on the character of the child in question," the nanny explained. "I've sent you a list of things necessary for the program via email; I hope you've received it," she said to the two women in front of her.

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"Wonderful." Lydia commented shaking her hand. Stephanie did as well before inviting her in and walking her to the living room.

"Don't worry, we are glad you finally have arrived." Stephanie gave a little smile, before dropping it. Lydia sat down as well, looking at Alexandra. She seemed to be the perfect stern type she had imagined they needed.

"Well, yes, it would be nice if you could elaborate on some points." Lydia nodded. 

"Oh, I have them, please let me fetch them. Can I offer you something to drink. Coffee, tea? Something cold?" Stephanie said just as she was about to sit down, refraining from doing so.

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Nanny Alexandra offered a gentle smile as the women invited her into the house. She followed Stephanie, taking a seat on the sofa.

"The program is highly personalized based on the little boy's temperament and personality. It would be best to define it in detail after I have a chance to get to know him personally," she explained to the two women. "However, there are some basic guidelines and rules to follow," the nanny continued reassuringly. "Don't worry! The rules are very simple and can be counted on one hand."

"Oh, and yes, I would love a cup of tea."

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Stephanie returned, carrying a tray with a pot of tea and three cups. "Here you go." She kindly said as she put the tray down and poured three cups. 

"Would you mind going over the basic guidelines again? Then I believe it is time for observation, right? Anthony is playing his console in his room right now." Lydia explained. Stephanie sat down next to Lydia and gave her hand a soft squeeze.

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"Of course!" the nanny responded to the woman. "The guidelines are based on the fact that most Gorian boys, approximately 80%, aren't more mature than 5-year-old children. Therefore, the guidelines are established solely on this criterion. I understand from experience that many children may feel uncomfortable with this, but in 72% of those cases, it's just a rebellious phase, which is part of the 80% I mentioned earlier."

She explained while presenting papers with statistical studies related to her discussion. "I'm here primarily for this reason: to assess whether your son is part of the 20% of genuinely mature boys or if he is simply going through a rebellious phase. If it's the first case, I will report it, and it will be immediately concluded. If it's the second case, we will need to apply the guidelines that I discussed." the nanny said accepting the cup of tea from Stephanie

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"All right, that sounds quite clear. How long do you need before you have finished your observations?" Lydia asked, as Stephanie watched the graphs to see if she could come up with any more questions. 

"I guess by the time we know that, everything will become clear, right." Stephanie asked. "I am sure he won't be happy, but I am sure that will be just because of the adjustment." She mused.

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"Then, thanks to my 36 years of experience, I can usually determine it in about a week," the nanny explained to the women. "However, your answers to my questions could simplify my work and expedite the process. So, I ask you to be as sincere as possible to avoid complicating my work," she gently requested.

"I'll need to observe him 24 hours a day, which means I'll have to stay here all the time," she explained to them. "Of course, I'll strive to be as unobtrusive as possible for you," she assured them.

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"That will be no problem." Stephanie nodded. "We have prepared a bedroom for you to stay in for as long as needed. Are there specific requests you will need fulfilled so you can do your job as best as possible? Besides the questions you need us to answer." Stephanie then smiled at Lydia, who smiled back at her for a moment. 

"Ask whatever you need to know." Lydia agreed. 

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"Thanks for your understanding and collaboration," the nanny responded to Stephanie. "If my assessment reveals that the child is immature, you will need the items listed in the document I sent you," the nanny added before taking a notepad and a pen. "Now, let's start with general questions before delving into specifics. Okay?" she asked before posing the first question. "So, let's talk about your son Antony. What kind of little boy is he? How would you define his temperament?" she inquired of the two women.

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"Anthony is usually a calm boy, he listens most of the time, but when he does not agree, his temper easily explodes. That is usually kicking and screaming. He has even done that since he was toddler." Stephanie explained.

"And he is very, very easily influenced by his peers, which usually leads to more conflict." Lydia added. "I think he might have outgrown the shyness."

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The nanny took notes of what Stephanie said. "So, can we say that he has a tendency to throw tantrums, right?" she asked, jotting down Stephanie's observation. "Does he do it frequently or only occasionally? Allow me to clarify: could you provide me with an approximate percentage of the times he exhibits this behavior?" Nanny Alexandra inquired, looking at them kindly.

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Stephanie took a moment to think about it. "It is not every day, but at least three to four times a week on average. Maybe sometimes often in the weekend, concerning chores and things like that." She then looked at Lydia. 

"Yes, something like that. Holidays are not easy either." Lydia nodded.

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The nanny took note of the two women's answers. "When he reacts like this, I assume you discipline him such as taking away his video games or putting him down for a few days. How does he react? Does he calm down or does he continue to have tantrums?", she asked the two women. “And was there a case where he hit something or someone during a tantrum?”, she asked again.

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"Any time, no matter what kind of discipline, he usually only throws a bigger fit until he tires himself out." Stephanie nodded. 

"Well, he only hits if we pull him along or try to restrain him." Lydia added.

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Tata Alexandra took note of the response of the two women before speaking to them again: "Okay. Now let's move on to another topic," she said before asking another question, "Tell me... how does he manage his personal hygiene? Is he completely independent, do you assist him with anything, or do you take care of everything for him?

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"He does shower by himself." Lydia nodded. "That one time in the week we can convince him to do it. We do help him with a quick morning wash every morning though." 

"Something like that, yes." Stephanie agreed. "Once it a while he still wets the bed. And then it is nearly a hell to get him showered." 

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The nanny made a note in her notepad, jotting down information about bed-wetting as well. "How often does he wet the bed? Is it once a week or more?" she asked Lydia and Stephanie. "Have you ever tried suggesting night protection to him? If so, how did he react?" she inquired. "Have you ever taken him to a pediatrician for this issue?"

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"Maybe once a week, sometimes once every two weeks." Stephanie mused.

"I have taken him to a doctor, but he assured that there was nothing wrong as it kept on this frequency. Just to watch not to drink to much after dinner, and that he needs to use the loo before going to bed." Lydia ticked the points off with her fingers. "I spoke with him once about the protection. He did not want to hear it, and I agreed that if it did not happen more than once a week, I was not going to make him wear it."

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"of course I understand," she said, taking note of Stephanie and Lydia's responses. Meanwhile, Antony was still in his room, having turned off the video game. Feeling bored, he decided to go to the kitchen for a snack. While doing so, he noticed someone unfamiliar in the living room, so he shyly peeked through the door to see who it was.

"It seems like someone has decided to keep us company," the nanny said with a sweet smile, referring to the blond child who hoped to go unnoticed.

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Lydia was kind of glad she was not going to get chided by the nanny. She turned around when suddenly Alexandra's attention shifted. 

"Hello love. Why don't you come to Momma? Then we can introduce you to the nice lady that has come over." Lydia softly smiled at her son. Stephanie offered a little smile and scooted over a little.

"Come on, wedge in between." Stephanie invited as well.

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Antony went to sit between his two mothers, looking at the nanny with a mix of surprise and curiosity, his gaze fixed on the unfamiliar woman in front of him.

"Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Alexandra, but you can call me Mrs. Alexandra or Nanny Alexandra," she explained to the child. "I'll be your guest for a week, but please, during this time, behave as if I'm not here. Okay?"

"Okay," the child replied to the nanny, maintaining eye contact with the woman.

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Lydia softly smiled and gently rubbed her boy's back. "Good." She then softly praised. "So what was your reason sneaking downstairs?" She inquired, still smiling a little.

"Would you like another cup of tea?" Stephanie then offered to Alexandra.

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"I came downstairs because I was hungry and wanted a snack," explained the child to his mother, glancing a bit cautiously at the lady. The nanny chuckled very gently at the child's wariness. "Hey, look, I don't eat children... the doctor forbade me," she said to the child, winking at him in the hope of breaking the ice and eliciting a shy smile.

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