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Aunt Roberta

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I like scenarios where an immature older teen or young aqdult is FORCED to accept step by step going from being an apparently popularb your lady to full infancy.


I like her to be shamed in front of peers.


Anyone want to be such a problem young lady?

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If I could do a counter offer?

You get a foster girl who is 14 years old.  She has been in one other foster home for nearly 10 years, but something happened, and she was taken out of that house.  Whatever happened involved the police.  Now, over the last three months, she has been in nearly ten homes, no one really wanting to deal with her for more than a week because she seems to be out of control.  Some of the homes even claim she lies, steals, and bullies other kids.

Your character decides to try to take her on, but after a week or two of seeing some of her behavior, we can start your character trying to shame her into behaving.

I do have a limit though.  I'd rather not be forced to act younger than 6 or 7.  I'd rather not have a lot of baby furniture, though a bed that has bars like a crib, but not a baby crib to make getting up on her own difficult is okay.  I don't want a high chair or car seat.  She could be given a few age appropriate toys for kids between the ages of 6 and 10, if you like, and have all her electronics taken away, except on special occasions where they may be needed, for example, a camera for art class or while on vacation, but that would still be okay to be up to you if she has any electronics at all.  She can also be forced into diapers at night since she's not supposed to get out of bed in the middle of the night, or even in the morning until your character comes to get her.  

Okay, so this might not be exactly what you wanted, but I'll wait and see if you respond.

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I would be interested!

My character would be Vivien, a young girl at the age of 21. If it's ok for you it would be great if Vivien is trained to make cummies in her diapers after using them thoroughly. I ask this because for me using diapers is a big turn on. I like praise a lot and my character quickly becomes submissive after she is put in her place.

I love this concept of getting what she deserves very much.

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