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The Special Girl

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In a nursery soft and cozy, quiet and warm,
Where pacifier use can calm any storm,
A baby's fretful cries, they start to cease,
As comfort reigns and anxious thoughts decrease.

A soothing binky, held in tiny lips,
Brings peace with automatic gentle sips.
Anxiety subsides, it fades from view,
In mama's arms, there's tranquility anew.

Bunny-soft diapers, taped in place,
Avert the worries, keep a snug embrace,
For little ones who giggle, laugh, and play,
puddle danger is kept at bay.

It's a safe talc-scented domain,
Where those in rompers will have no pain,
Carefree and happy, babies can explore,
Without a worry, on the nursery floor.

Cindy has a nursery, a haven so secure,
And in her locking crib, good sleep's ensured.
In an escape-proof high-chair, her tiny bootied feet,
Dangle as she suckles her bottle's teat.

In that cute world, she's still very small,
But the high-chair and crib both stand tall,
And she needs her diapers throughout the night and day,
But that doesn't phase the infant, Miss Cindy May.

Though now aged 20 she doesn't mind,
The loving pats on her behind,
From a mommy who's both strong and kind,
And who had this cosy space designed.

Mommy now cleans her tiny face,
Then bares her to the crib, in a soft embrace,
A fresh diaper awaits but these are loving chores,
And then it's nap-time for the one Mommy adores.

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