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Creative Image Apps

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Here are some programs, all freeware, that I have used, except for Blender. Some are standalone, theat can be put anywhere you want and some require installation There are some links. The apps are either image creation or imag editing. I have mentioned or linked to most of them. They are exceprted from my web creation studio  FairyWand

What you get are graphics programs, some are standalone, needing no installation, one or two are links and the rest are on a Ninite installer, which means they are free of bundled software or links

I drawing/painting software
1. mspaint; standlone, the XP paint, still useful for quick jobs
2. krita; on installer, a paint app, used by Age of Asparagus to reporduce one of Bob Ross' paintings (see the link)
3. GIMP: the famous "poor man's Photoshop' this install properly
4. Inksape; installer. Scalable Vector Graphics. like Illustrator
5. Blender; installer. mutifunction 3D creative app
II editors
1. IrfanView; installer, highly-rated image viewer and editor. Very complete and easy to use
2. FastStone; installer, another hihgly rated image viewer and editor
3.unFREEZe. standalone, create animated gif's (AniGif)
4. splitz; standalone. image mapper for htiml image maps. This carves up the image then reassembles it with the links you assign to each part
III Links
1. RGB color search. Input a color, get the RGB code, also color wheel and chart
2. Bob Ross with Krita: Age of Asparagus digitally dublicates a Bob Ross painting


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