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[Mia's Stories] + Demo | (Hypnosis) Update 1.5


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Hello babies!
It's been a long time since I posted updates and it's because I've been working on a new project called "Mia's Stories".
I've been working on this game for many months and I hope you really like everything I've done.

What is Mia's Stories?
Mia's Stories is the last project I'm working on and it's going to consist of several ABDL games in the same launcher. I am currently developing Hypnosis, the first Mia's Stories game.

What is Hypnosis about?
Hypnosis is about a young woman named Clara who has had urinary incontinence since she was little, however lately she has stopped having accidents at night and is finally going to be able to stop wearing diapers.
However, her mother de ella has gotten used to having her little baby de ella pampered by her and she is not going to let her stop wearing diapers, so through different methods her mother de ella will make her wear a diaper again.

You can download the demo from Itch.io and if you want the latest version of the game you can download it on Patreon.
Of course I will be developing more content for Hypnosis.
When I make an update I will publish a changelog in this post, you can also see all the changelogs on patreon for free.

Demo Link (Itch.io): Here
Download Link (Patreon): Here
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah
Discord: https://discord.gg/Bn8JKDvCzZ

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[Release 1.3] Mia’s Stories! - Hypnosis. (29/09/2023)

Good morning my babies!
Today I bring you a big update on the second day of Hypnosis. I’ve been working on the story and I’ve made good progress.


What’s new in this update?
As I have already told you in this update, I have continued with the story of Hypnosis. The last update ended right at breakfast, in this one after breakfast we will have to go to school.

When we leave the house we will be shown a small cinematic of the mother picking up breakfast talking about how much she missed when Alice was little. After this we will go to class and we can enter the building.

The first class that Alice has is mathematics , here we will check if the homework you did the previous day is correct, and if you have started the game on day 2, half of the answers will be marked as correct. After this the teacher will continue with the class and Alice will little by little begin to feel sleepy.

Shortly after, Alice falls asleep in class and begins to wet herself with the bad luck of not wearing any protection. Her friend Mia notices her and quickly wakes her up, however it is too late.
Her teacher sends her to the infirmary and there she will wait for her mother to arrive so she can change her clothes.

After changing your clothes you can talk to mom again and you will return home together. Once home you will have to leave your class things in your room and go down to talk to mom again.


And that’s all for now for the story, it’s quite a bit of content, it’s a bigger update than normal and that’s also due to all the time that’s been involved.
From now on there will be much more abdl content, especially on days 3 and 4 but there are still some scenes on day 2.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah
Discord: https://discord.gg/Bn8JKDvCzZ

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[Release 1.4] Mia’s Stories! - Hypnosis. (29/10/2023)

Good morning my babies!

Today I bring you a small update continuing the Hypnosis story!

What's new in this update?

In the last update our character Alice had an accident in class and her mother was going to pick her up from school, after that we got home and you had to talk to mom.



In this update we will be able to talk to mom about what happened, after that we will go watch TV for a while while mom finishes making food.



When mom finishes making food she will come to the living room and ask us about the series we are watching, then you will go to eat together and Alice will have an accident with the glass of water, falling the glass to the floor.

After that, her mother gets angry and punishes her by using a sippy cup the next time. After eating Alice is a little sleepy and she will go to her room to sleep a little.


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah
Discord: https://discord.gg/Bn8JKDvCzZ

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010# | Mia's Stories! - Hypnosis [V1.5] (ChangeLog)

Good morning my babies!
Finally a little more content! Sorry for being late but I haven't been in the mood.

What's new in this update?

I have been working on the end of the second day of Hypnosis. As you may remember in the last update we had to go take a nap, I have made progress with that and now it has dialogue. After the nap we will have a small scene in the bathroom and finally we will have to go to the basketball court next to the school to train.
Once there we will have a scene where Alice, the protagonist, will play with her friends, they will mess with her and everything will be solved when the game ends. Also Alice will have an accident while playing.
I've worked a lot on animating and teleporting characters in this scene, it turned out pretty cool.
After finishing the training you will have to return home and for now we will finish there. I have 2 scenes left to do that you will have in the next update and with which we will end day 2 of the 5 days that I had planned for this story.
At the beginning of January when I post the last version of day 2 you will also have a vote to choose whether to continue developing this story, start with another one or continue with AWWID.
Have a happy holidays!

SubscribeStar: https://subscribestar.adult/abdlmiah
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013# | Mia's Stories! - Hypnosis [V1.6] (ChangeLog)

Good morning my babies!
Today I bring you the last update of day 2, I have implemented many very nice dialogues and scenes.

What's new in this update?

Well, as I already told you, in this update I have been working on the ending of day 2 of Alice's story, Hypnosis.

In the last update we left it just as Alice was getting home from basketball practice, now when Alice gets home she will try to avoid her mom who will see her arrive and talk to her about how her day went, realizing that Alice had a accident in his Pull-Ups.

Her mom will accompany her to Alice's room where she will change her Pull-Ups into her sleeping diaper, after that they will go down to dinner but Alice will not want to have dinner because there are vegetables. Mom will force her not to get up until she eats the vegetables and Alice won't be able to take it anymore and will pee in her diaper.

Her mom will comfort her but she won't change her diaper because she doesn't want to waste a new one. After this Alice will go to sleep and later her mother will go to her room to play an audio that will hypnotize her so that she will be incontinent when she says the word diaper.


And with this ends "Chapter 2" or day 2. I will soon put up a post with a vote to see what you want me to continue developing now. There will be quite a few options.
Kisses for everyone! Have a nice day! ❤️
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