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Caught while in active duty

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Around 2002 while on active status at Fort Polk we had a Health and welfare inspection (basically a illegal search and seizure) the squad leaders of the company was searching our stuff they looked over everything and confiscated a "large trash bag of Moon travelers" they confiscated various fired brass and came upon a large foot locker full of abdl related items and one of the squad leaders asked * what's in there" I turned about four shades of color and said "it's my grandmother's stuff" it had a lock on there and was at the bottom of a big pile they just touched it and kind of knocked on it they tried to pull it out and couldn't so they left it there I was so relieved they didn't look in there but I could tell Sergeant s knew that was complete b*******. And later the first sergeant was talking about everything you found in the inspection any hollars "since Joe wants to have bottle rockets in the barracks everyone it's going to do police call" basically a sweep for trash and another time I didn't quite know how to cover my internet tracks and I was using my roommates computer and there was thousands and thousands of files in his temporary in that files and cookies locations when it came back from his girlfriend's in New Orleans he's like what the hell is all this I didn't know what to say I didn't say anything lol.


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