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Chapter 1: The Cuckhold


“Ugh, Charles. What the fuck are YOU doing back this early”, Callie said breathlessly as she looked at him with disgust.

She was straddling a big muscular dude reverse cowboy so she was facing the door. He could see she was sweaty and her pussy was red and dripping around his huge rock hard cock.

He had come home and heard her moaning loudly in his bedroom. They were on his bed. His sheets. A picture of him and her together taken last summer on the nightstand.

“Oh my… oh god… Cass… I …oh GOD!” he stammered, in shock, tears coming to his eyes.

“Oh shut the fuck up!... ugh!”, she said as she she slid him out of her and sat on the bed beside the guy. “Another fucking ruined orgasm because of YOU!”.

“Get the fuck out. I’m busy here.”, she rubbed the guys rock hard 9” cock as she said this. “Go stay in a hotel tonight!”. The look of distain on her face hit him in the gut.

“But… It’s my apartment..”, he spit out.

“Jesus, do want me to get Dan here to fuckin throw you out?!”, she spit. “GO!”.

The “dude” was laying there with a wet throbbing hardon, looking at him with an expression that said, “Try me, pussy”.

He turned around and stumbled out of the apartment building and down to the parking lot crying. He started his car and drove aimlessly until he pulled into the nearest shitty low budget motel. He sat in his car in the motel parking lot weeping.


He checked into his room and laid on the bed in the fetal position. He got under the covers and set his alarm for work tomorrow. He was crying.

The scene played out over and over in his head.

He thought about how their relationship had deteriorated over the last year and how she had become more and more mean and dismissive of him. She kept reminding him how she was out of his league and how he was lucky she ever talked to him.

He felt like such a loser. He didn’t do anything!! He just rolled over like a wimpy little cuck. Let Dan continue fucking her in HIS bed…. Oh god… he cried about what a loser he was.

Then his mind wandered.

He pictured her sweaty and writhing, riding his big cock, until she came to a screaming orgasm – something he had not been able to do for her for the last year with his pathetic little 3” micro-penis.

He masturbated his little cucked baby dick furiously in the fetal position picturing this until he jizzed all over himself and fell a sleep in the seedy hotel bed.




Chapter 2 – The “Problem”


When he woke up the next morning and felt all clammy and caught a strong wiff of pee smell all around him

Oh shit!. WTF??? He had pissed the hotel bed in his sleep.

He realized the maid was knocking at the door and he was an hour late for work… the alarm was beeping but he didn’t hear it.

“Clean the room, Sir?”, the maid said through the door.

He was panicking. “OK…. Uhm, ahh, please give me another half hour please!”, he yelled.

He stood there horrified. The events of last night came back to him. He felt like such a pathetic little man-boy.

“oh God…”, the thought.

He jumped into the shower and got ready for work… he didn’t want to check out as he didn’t know if he’d be going home tonight or not. His mind told him “It’s “Dan’s” house now you little cuck loser. He would just have to leave the wet sheets for the maid and hope she wasn’t around when he got back from work so he wouldn’t have to feel the shame.


He couldn’t concentrate on work. He was at his desk just replaying everything that had happened in the last 12 hrs. His life had been turned upside-down.  What the hell was he going to do? It was completely fucked. His mind was a jumble.

His phone rang suddenly. He felt a squirt of pee shoot into his briefs. “Oh my god, no…” he thought.

He answered,… it was his boss asking him to come into his office immediately .

He nervously walked to the bosses office hoping that his briefs had absorbed the pee and that none could be seen on the front of his tan kakis … he’d been wearing the same cloths since yesterday as well and he thought he could sense that everyone noticed.

Charlene, the bosses secretary looked at him with distain as he approached. “He’ll see you now”. She looked him up and down and he felt his baby dick shrink further into his belly at her disgust at his pathetic-ness.

He walked into his bosses office. “Look Andrews”, he said sourly, “An hour late?... pfft… You know I’d LOVE to fire you, right?... PLEASE give me one more excuse”.

He stood their being berated for the next 5 minutes. Drifting off and thinking about the events of last night.

“Are you listening?!?”, his boss raised his voice sharply.

He started. He felt a small amount of poop slip out of his asshole and lodge itself between his cheeks. “Oh Jesus Christ”, he thought, panicking.

“Ok, uhm Dean, I’m super sorry…. Uh I have a teams meeting in 3 minutes… uh.. I have to go.”, he stammered.

He slipped out of the office quickly his boss exclaiming surprisedly…. He made his way to the men’s bathroom, trying to clench his butt cheeks together. He ran into a stall and pulled his pants down … his knees trembling together, little dick trembling between his skinny legs. He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped up the poo between his bum cheeks… it had already stained his briefs and he hoped no one would notice the smell.

He sat down on the toilet, his head in his hands and wondered what the hell was going on ?... How could his life get any worse?

Just then, his phone dinged with a text, he squealed a bit with a girly noise, a bit more poo dropped into the toilet.

It was a text from Cassie. “Hey. I’m gonna move in with Dan now, obviously. I need the apartment for a couple more days. I’m away this afternoon… you can come by and get some stuff then. I’m taking your TV, stereo and bed with me. Please be gone when I get back tonight. Also Dan fucked me so hard I think it started my period!... I need you to go pick me up some tampons and leave them here for me on the counter.”

She accompanied this with a selfie photo of her and Dan naked in his bed. She was rubbing Charles’s toothbrush on Dan’s wet dick… getting his cum all over it.

Charles’s little pathetic dick got hard seeing this and he felt completely humiliated.

He snuck out of work early and headed to the CVS to get Cassie’s tampons before heading home.

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From what I hear she is a real doll

She loves to get under Little Girls' babydolls with Dolly Andrea and feel their rubber panties


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Chapter 3: Dr. Lisa


He was in the Drug store in the feminine products area… confused… discombobulated… his life in the last 24hrs had flipped on its head… he didn’t know who he was and wondered at his intense sexual stimulation at being completely humiliated as a man.

He was standing there just hoping he could control his bladder and bowels for the next hour… WHERE the hell did this involuntary peeing and shitting come from? Its like he had lost all control of everything in his life  - including his ability to keep his underwear clean.

Some more peepee dribbled into his underwear as he stood there and he crossed his legs tying to stop the inevitable.

“Problems?”, it was a sultry female voice from his left. He turned quickly and his heart fluttered a bit.

A tall black haired gorgeous woman stood right beside him smirking and staring at him with the most beautiful light blue eyes. She was thin but voluptuous, dressed in a shiny black leather overcoat, he caught a slight view of fishnet stockings covered by high heeled doc martin boots.

“Whatcha looking for?” she chided in a sultry deep Eastern European accent. He felt she could see right through him and knew everything about him before he could even start to tell her.  He knew right away he would spill everything if she asked.

“uhm.. I… The..”, a bit more pee squirted into his underwear. His face turned bright red.

As if she knew exactly what happened, she said, “oh, haha, shhh… its ok, Listen, maybe I can help sweetheart”.

She moved her hand down to his crotch, and squeezed a little so that the wetness soaked through his kakis where her hand was.

“Aww”, she said. Her beautiful blue eyes were staring at his so close. He was intoxicated by her smell. All his inhibitions seemed to drop while staring into those eyes.

“hmm”, she moaned softly at him.

She removed her hand from his crotch and reached in her pocket to produce a business card.

“for when you wanna get better”, she said teasingly, a big smirk on her red lipsticked mouth on her beautiful goth-white face. “I’m a doctor. I think I can help.”

She spun around then and walked away not looking back. He stared longingly at her sexy shape walking away from him.

He looked at the card. “Dr. L. Vladislov, GP, Clinical Psychiatrist, Cosmetic Surgeon“

Yes. He’d go see her. He wanted to run after her right there and then. “Help! My life is falling apart!”

“Screw this!... I’m not getting your goddamn feminine hygiene products Cassie!”. He said to himself defiantly. Suddenly feeling empowered. He wouldn’t put up with this shit anymore!

He then proceeded to the checkout with the brand that she liked, hiding the wet spot on the front of his 2-day unwashed kakis from the checkout girl. He peed a peed more when she giggled at him under her breath as he paid.


Chapter 4: The Doctors Office


He woke up the next day in the hotel room. After returning to his apartment last night, picking up the bag Cassie had packed for him and dropping off her items, he had returned to the hotel and called the number on Dr. Lisa’s card. A young woman had answered and said that they did have an appointment for him at 10am the next morning. It was like she was expecting him.

He showered and called in to work informing them he had a medical appointment, then drove to the downtown address on the card.

It was a non-descript warehouse / office building in an industrial area and he thought it seemed a strange place for a doctors office. He double checked the address and went inside. It was kind of gloomy but he could see a forklift moving things on the far side of the warehouse section. There was a large sign that said “To Offices” above an elevator to his right – the card said she was on the third floor.

As he got out of the elevator, he headed down the dingy hallway to unit 303. On his way he thought he could hear faint male yelling coming from somewhere on the floor, he thought it strange, but proceeded to the door and knocked.

Almost as soon as he had knocked the door opened. A petite young dark haired girl in a nurses uniform smirked at him. “Mr. Andrews, I presume?”, she said it almost teasingly and stared him right in the eyes with her piercing blue ones. He felt a small squirt of pee dribble into his underwear and his cheeks turned red. “u-uhm- a ya ahem – that’s … ya”, I stammered.

She led him in to a full doctors office with medical equipment, machines, instruments, and an adjustable bed/chair with stirrups and straps. There was a desk in the corner and she sat him on one side and handed him a questionnaire and some paper work. “ be as honest as you can, hehe… I’ll be back for you in a bit.” She winked and left the room.

The questionnaire started with some pretty common stuff, personal info, medical history, etc…. but then by the second page the questions got progressively stranger.

It started with strange questions that made him feel nervous and want to pee himself again. “Do you feel inadequate regarding your penis size?”. “Do you enjoy the smell of a woman’s anus?”. “Have you ever had anal sex with a man?”

They morphed in the utterly bizarre on the last page. “Have you ever wished you were a sexually active young woman?” to “ Have you ever had the desire to soil your underwear in front of an attractive young woman?”. These were truly strange and he didn’t know how to answer them.

Just then Dr. Lisa entered in a labcoat with a stethoscope around her neck. She was wearing glasses with her black hair tied up in a bun on her head. She sat at the desk across from him staring directly in is eyes– took the questionnaire from him and asked, “So Mr. Andrews, how can I help you today?”

“Uhm… well my g-girlfriend uhm….. I’m having an issue with..”, his face was bright red and he thought he’d let his whole bladder go right on the chair through his pants. “I… my bladder… something…uhm wrong… and…”

“Hehe, yes I felt your ‘little’ issue yesterday at the drug store, Mr. Andrews”, she drawled in her sexy accent, “In fact, I specialize in solutions for boy..uhm.. ‘men’ just like you. Would you like me to help you with your “issues”?”

“Uhm, yes … yes please… I don’t want to feel like this anymore”, he pleaded.

“Ok Mr. Andrews, We can start today. Please would you sign the consent form at the back of your questionnaire?”

He signed and slid the forms to her over the desk. Thankful and relieved.

“Ok Mr. Andrews – we will start today. I must warn you my methods a bit “unorthodox”. But I guarantee you success. You will never know more happiness then when my treatments are complete”, she said(almost triumphantly), “I’ll send nurse Vanessa back into prep you and we can get started with the 1st treatment”.

She got up and left the room.

Almost immediately Nurse Vanessa entered with a folded paper garment, handed it to him, and said cheerfully,” Ok! Lets get those cloths off and get you into this.”

He was embarrassed and thought that she’d leave the room. She saw what he was thinking and made a pouty face at him as if to a child. “Mr. Andrews, we are medical professionals here- a little trust!”, she nodded to my cloths as if to just get on with it.

He was a little embarrassed taking off his shirt and exposing his pale skinny upper body… but that was nothing compared to when he removed his pants and his shrivelled little button of a penis was revealed. The wet stain in his underwear was also clearly visible.

The paper gown she gave him was very short and open at the back. It hardly covered his genital area and it was pink and had flowers and frilly hems.  He was very embarrassed standing in front of her. She had a smile on her face and not looked away the whole time he changed.

“Ok lets pop you up on the table over here.” she gestured.

It was angled slightly at the back so he was reclining – he wasn’t lying completely on his back. She lifted his legs and fastened them in the stirrups then spread them. His gown rolled up and his whole genital area and asshole were completely exposed to the room. She then took his arms and strapped them to the sides of the chair. “uhmm..?”, he protested. But she just smiled and said  “Shh, Shh.”

“Be right back!”, she said and left the room.

He was completely helpless. He felt very exposed and vulnerable in his position and he felt the straps tighten as he struggled slightly. There was at the same time another part of him that started feeling very turned on bu this… the sterile medical environment, being at the complete mercy of the doctor. He little stiff scared peanut stirred and grew a bit then… he squirmed against the soft tissue paper under his bum and felt the exposed coldness on his genitals. A small drop of pre-cum formed on the tip of his little penis.

The nurse cam back in the room with a tray and set it on the counter next to him. She placed a hot towel over his genital area and ass. It felt warm and nice.

She put on some rubber gloves and filled them with a handful of white foam. She removed the towel and started rubbing the foam all over his genitals and bumhole area. This felt amazing to him and he sighed – he started getting hard as she rubbed it all over … teasing with him and tickling his cock and bumhole.

“Don’t get TOO excited little boy!”, she said sternly, and flicked his hardon painfully with her thumb and middle finger. He gasped and his hardon disappeared.

She pulled out a straight razor opened it and showed it to him with a smirk. A pang of frighted went through him and he squirted a little pee from his limp dick. “Ew! Point that thing at someone else, naughty boy!”, she said as she slapped it away from her.

She proceeded to shave his whole pubic area balls and asshole very quickly and expertly with the razor. He was paralyzed with fright – but it was over with a few expert swipes, some tugging on his scrotum to get at the folds on his balls and on his taint and ass.

He was in shock when it was over, and after she wiped him off with the towel, he marveled at his completely bald little boy genitalia. She rubbed her latex gloved hand over is new smoothness and he shuddered.

“There you go”, she cooed, “All ready!... The doctor will be in shortly to begin the treatment.”. She left the room.

He felt the cold breeze of the office over his whole lower regions. Completely exposed. Again, in the silence of the empty doctor’s office – he squirmed against his restraints and pressed his shaved bumhole against the chair… he was secretly feeling more turned on than he ever had…. His red bald little member started to stand up in anticipation again.

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