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Aunty’s House (One-Shot)

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Unfortunately I’ve creatively run out of ideas for my last story (Transatlantic Troubles) so I’ve abandoned that for now. However I really wanted to start something new but because I don’t have time to write a story with multiple chapters I’m instead going to write a series of mini-stories using the same characters.

This series will revolve around 20 year old Charlie, who lives at home with his mum Sally. He’s been an ABDL for as long as he can remember and after a number of occasions where his mum has caught him in the act, he’s admitted his desires to Sally. Each story will be based around situations and events in Charlie’s ABDL journey.


The Charlie Chronicles: Aunty’s House

“Charlie has really been struggling at the moment. Dropping out of University seems to have made him even more anxious and reclusive as normal and it’s making me really sad to see him so down” Sally explained to her sister Emma over the phone. “I’ve tried to encourage him to meet up with his friends but he comes up with an excuse not to every time. He seems content with just sitting in his room playing on his Xbox all day”.

“Aww that’s really sad, a 20 year old boy should be out making the most of the best years of his life instead of moping around in his room all day. You don’t think it’s got anything to do with your little chat you had with him a few weeks ago do you?” Emma responded, referring to the revelation that Charlie had some ‘strange’ fantasies.

“Well I mean it’s a good chance it is. Gosh I really don’t know what to do with him”. Sally sighed.

“I’ve actually been thinking about what you told me quite a bit. Have you ever thought about giving Charlie what he wants?” Emma asked.

“What do you have in mind?” Sally inquisitively asked her sister…

One week later

Charlie had just finished a game of Fortnite, which he inevitably lost, and was making his way out of his bedroom and down to the kitchen, where his mum was sat on the dining room table working away on her laptop.

“You alright honey?” Sally said looking at her son, who was making his way to the fridge.

“Yep” Charlie half-heartedly responded.

Charlie opened the fridge door looking for something to have for lunch, opting for a slice of leftover pizza. He had a long afternoon of video games and needed to stock up before starting.

“You aren’t going to be playing on that Xbox all afternoon again are you?” Sally asked.

“Well there’s nothing else to do is there?” Charlie said before making his way out of the room.

“Charlie stop there, it’s nice outside why don’t you ask John or Chris if they want a kick-about or something?” Sally said as she grabbed Charlie’s arm to stop him leaving.

“They’re busy”, that’s the best excuse Charlie could come up with on the spot.

“Wow those two must be the busiest people in this town! Well if you aren’t going to make plans for yourself then I’ll do it for you. I was speaking to your aunty Emma last week and she really needs someone to clear out her spare bedroom and I’ve volunteered you to go to hers tomorrow and help” Sally explained to Charlie. “And I’m not going to take no for an answer, it’ll be good for you to get out of the house”.

“But mum!” Charlie protested.

“No arguing, I’ve told her you’ll be at hers at 9am tomorrow morning. And take a spare change of clothes because it could be all dirty and dusty moving the old furniture” Sally ordered. Charlie simply huffed and then went back up to his room, realising that he couldn’t really get out of the visit.

The most of the afternoon and evening was spent playing Fornite and FIFA. After dinner he went back up to his room and stuck on Netflix in the background while browsing the latest stories of Daily Diapers, and after finding the right story he inevitably finished the evening by masturbating, imagining himself in the story. Since he outed himself to his mum about being an ABDL after being caught with a package of cheap incontinence pants for the third time, he tried to be as private as possible about continuing his fantasies but the idea of his mum knowing about it made him feel extremely embarrassed.

The day of his visit to his Aunty’s had arrived and Charlie was woken up by Sally, who brought him a cup of tea. She told him she was going to work and reminded him of the arrangements for the day. After half an hour or so of scrolling TikToks, he finished his tea and headed to the shower. After drying himself he headed back into his bedroom and got dressed, first picking out a pair of light blue briefs. The reason he wore briefs over boxers was that they were more comfortable to wear when wearing sports, or at least that was the reason he gave to his mum. In reality he wore briefs because it made him feel more childish.

After picking out a light grey Hype tracksuit and some spare Nike joggers and jumper, he got himself ready and headed out the door. His Aunty’s house was only a 20 minute walk from his house and the weather was pretty mild so there was no need to get the bus. As he walked down the street on the outskirts of the town centre he looked across the road to see a younger mother pushing a buggy with a toddler riding inside. He noticed that the toddler wasn’t wearing any shorts of trousers and a pampers nappy was fully exposed, and this instantly made Charlie extremely jealous. ‘If only that was me’ he daydreamed.

It wasn’t long before Charlie was at the door of the small semi-detached house in a quiet urban street. As he knocked the door he was his Aunty walk towards him through the semi-transparent glass to the right of the door. The door swung open.

“Hey Charlie it’s so nice to see you!” Emma squeaked as she pulled Charlie into a warm embrace.

“Hi Aunty Emma” Charlie said as she squeezed him to the point of suffocation.

“You look great how are things” Emma asked as she pushed him away from her and ruffled his curly mop. “Let’s go inside and have a catch up”.

Emma led Charlie through the doorway and straight into the living room. Emma was divorced and lived alone, although she often had guests and therefore the living room was decorated in a very neutral theme. She told him to take a seat on the big beige leather sofa.

“You make yourself comfortable and I’ll make us a cup of tea” Emma said as she left him and headed to the kitchen. Charlie simply sat there politely looking around the room. He noticed a plastic storage box in the corner which seemed out of place but didn’t think anything more of it.

“Here you go” Emma said as she handed him a mug of tea.

“Thanks” Charlie responded.

“So how are things? How is the job search going?” Emma enquired.

“Yeah I’m fine thank you, no luck as of yet but I’m still looking!” Charlie said rather unenthusiastically. The search of a job had completely come to a halt truth be told.

“I’m sure you’ll find one sooner or later. Your mum told me you’ve felt a bit down recently are you sure everything is alright?” Emma asked. Charlie begun to think this was a bit of interrogation.

“Umm not really I’m fine, don’t know why she’s say that” he responded defensively.

Emma got up off the armchair and sat right next to Charlie, placing her hand his. “You know Charlie, don’t be scared but your mum told me about your little confession. About wanting to be a baby again?” she said rather apprehensively.

Charlie froze in his spot, feeling betrayed at his mum breaking her vow not to tell anyone about his ABDL tendencies. “Www… what?” he said as tears began to form in his eyes.

“Oh no no no Charlie don’t be scared it’s okay. I’m not judging you, in fact I want to help” Emma explained as she rubbed his hand. “To tell you the truth I don’t actually need my spare bedroom clearing out, me and your mum think you need some time to do what you want” she said, alluding to his secret desires. “What I’m trying to get at is we’d both like you to explore your fantasies a bit more. We’ve even got you all the supplies and they are ready upstairs”.

“I, I don’t understand” Charlie quietly said, hardly being able to say anything in shock.

“Charlie I’m going to help you live out your fantasy, you’re free to act like a baby all day and I’m going to look after you. I did used to work in a nursery after all?” Emma said as she smiled at him.

A million thoughts went through his mind. Charlie was shocked that his mother had gone behind his back and told someone else about his confession, but also felt like this was too good an opportunity to turn down. He had always been pretty close to his Aunty and she was the type of person who is willing to give anything a go. He really had to think about his response.

“Ummm I’m not really sure I’m comfortable with this? I’ve never done anything with anyone before” Charlie said sheepishly as he sipped his tea.

“Don’t be scared, I’ll guide you through all of it and I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do” Emma reassured him. “What do you say, do you want to be my baby for the day?”.

Charlie hesitated a few seconds before answering. His heart was beating so fast he could hardly breath. Was this really happening? He was on the cusp of fulfilling his deepest fantasy, how could he turn this down.

“Okay, but please promise me you won’t tell anyone” Charlie insisted.

“Of course sweety, it’ll be our secret. Come here” Sally said as she opened up her arms for a hug. Charlie obliged and they embraced again. He felt a warm feeling as she stroked the back of his head lovingly.

“Come on let’s go upstairs and get started” Emma said as she stood up and held his hand, leading him out of the living room. As they both climbed the stairs Charlie couldn’t help but stare at his aunty’s plump behind. The skin tight blue jeans she was wearing only intensified her incredible figure.

Eventually they entered the spare bedroom and Charlie’s eyes locked onto the objects laid out on the bed. He saw a small Thomas the tank engine changing mat on the single bed, with a bottle of talcum powder, a package of baby wipes and a stack of 3 Tena Slip Maxi nappies. His face went bright red.

“Now Charlie I want you to lie down on the changing mat and I’ll get you sorted” Emma turned and smiled at her nephew.

“I could probably do this part myself” Charlie pushed back.

“No no I insist. If you’re going to be a baby for a day we’re going to do it properly. Just relax I know you want to do this” Emma assured him. Charlie smiled and after a slight hesitation he sat on the bed and shuffled over so he was lying on the end of the bed with his legs hanging off the end. Emma then stood above him at the end of the bed and smiled.

“Let’s get these big boy trousers off” Emma said as she pushed up his hoodie and grabbed the waistband of the joggers and begun pulling them down his legs. Once they were off his hairless legs and blue briefs were exposed.

“Your pants are cute Charlie I like them!” Emma teased as she let out a little giggle, which only made Charlie more embarrassed. She then proceeded to pull them down his legs, “oh dear looks like you need some protection more than you think” she added as she held up the briefs to reveal a small wet spot on the front. He always dribbled the last drop of wee into his pants.

“Aunty!” Charlie said as he dropped his hands down onto the bed forcefully.

“I’m only teasing you sweety, now let’s get you into a nappy” Emma announced. The mere mention of the word got Charlie excited and he now needed to compose himself so he didn’t make the experience even more awkward than it already was.

Charlie watched as Emma picked up the nappy and stretched it out. She then patted him on the thigh instructing him to left up his bottom. He complied as he lifted his legs and bottom up as he felt his Aunty slip the nappy underneath, and as he sat back down on the soft padding. He was in dreamland as his Aunty sprinkled a generous amount of powder on his crotch, shocked that he had managed to avoid an erection.

“Nearly done” Emma teased as she lifted the front of the nappy over his genitals and strapped each side carefully. As he was fastened into the nappy the only feeling he had was pure elation.

“All done Charlie! Stand up and let me have a look” Emma said as she grabbed both of his hands and lifted him up onto his feet. As he stood up straight he looked down and saw the nappy encapsulate his lower waist and crotch. He could feel it’s presence between his legs, and by no means was it a bad feeling. 

His aunty then proceeded to feel his bottom and adjust the waistband slightly until she was satisfied. “Wow you look so cute, does it make you feel little?” she asked him.

“Yeah it does, it’s a bit big” Charlie responded as he then felt with his own hands. It protruded from all angles and it looked as authentic as a real babies nappy.

“Well it is a nappy silly!” Emma laughed. “Now, do you want to wear what you are wearing now or would you like something a bit more, let’s say, fitting?”.

Charlie knew this meant some sort of childish clothing but thought better of it, deciding to opt for baby steps in this experience. “Umm I’ll just stick with what I’m wearing now if that’s okay?” he said.

“Okay if you want, but let’s leaving the joggers off for now. I don’t think they’ll actually fit over the nappy!” Emma compromised as she picked his joggers off the floor and folded them before placing them on the bed. “Let’s go downstairs”. She held her hand out to her now nappied nephew.

Charlie took her hand and walked towards the door. Before they got to the doorway he looked to his right and saw his side profile in the full length mirror. He saw himself, wearing a grey hoodie, white sports socks and in between a large nappy.

“Like what you see? Come on” Emma teased as she swatted him on the bum signalling him to move on. Charlie’s cheeked heated up and quickly carried on until he reached the stairs.

They went back into the living room and both sat on the sofa. “Good boy” Emma remarked as he sat down.

“Now Charlie, you can dictate how far into your baby fantasy you dive. That big box over there is full of toys from the nursery I used to work at so if you want to play with them go ahead. I’ll put some cartoons on the TV as well in case you want to just relax and watch them” Emma explained. That explained why that big out-of-place box was there.

“Remember you are wearing a nappy so you have permission to wee or poo yourself if you want. I don’t mind changing you it was once my job to clean dirty bottoms!” she joked. This again made Charlie blush for the one thousandth time.

“I’m going to do some washing up in the kitchen, I’ll be back in a few hours with a surprise” Emma said. “Oh and I’ll just leave this here” she added as she took something out of her pocket and placed in on the coffee table. Just like a rapper dropping the mic, she left the room swiftly. As Charlie looked down at the table he saw a solitary purple dummy.

Charlie’s attention turned to the TV, which was now showing a cartoon called Bluey. He was sure he’d seen it somewhere before and eventually remembered that he’d briefly seen a few clips on TikTok. He sat for a few minutes transfixed on the TV and actually found himself enjoying the show. Periodically he’d look down and gaze at his nappy, poking and prodding it now and again to remind himself of what he was wearing.

After a few episodes he became a bit bored of Bluey. It wasn’t that he wasn’t enjoying it, but he felt as though he was wasting time as he could pretty comfortably do that at home. He instead got up off the sofa and and walked towards the toy box. He took off the lid and then peered in seeing a vast array of toys. He saw teddies, action figures, puzzles and even some rattles. After rustling through his curious it was peaked by some wooden train tracks and trains. It suddenly unlocked a childhood memory and remembered it was in fact Brio.

Charlie collected as much track as possible and began building his train network. As he connected the track together he perched on his elbows and knees with his bum stuck up in the air. To any onlooker he must’ve looked so babyish with his nappy exposed for all to see. Once the track was complete he began pushing the trains around the track, being taken over by an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

As he stood up and went over to retreat some more trains from the toy box he felt a twinge in his bladder but chose to ignore it. It’s not like he’d never wet a nappy before, in fact he’d wet and even messed nappies as recently as a few months before today, but hadn’t quite prepared to do it in the open and in the presence of anyone else especially his aunty.

While playing with the Brio, Emma walked into the room, stopping for a few seconds to see her nephew laying on his stomach with his legs kicking the air while playing with the train set. She couldn’t help but smile.

“Having fun Charlie” she said.

Charlie jumped in shock and immediately twisted around to sit in his bum and look up at his aunty. “Ummm just reminiscing with this Brio set I found” he replied.

“I remember you playing with that when you were younger, you’ve always loved your trains haven’t you! After all of that playing you must be thirsty?” Emma asked, keeping her hands behind her back. “Well I’ve got a little treat for you”. She then revealed what she was holding.

Charlie saw her holding a large babies bottle full of milk. She was clearly ramping up the baby experience for him.

“Come over here” Emma ordered as she sat down on the sofa. Charlie got up and walked towards her before she placed her hand in his chest signalling for him to stop. He stood confused in front of his aunty.

Her hand moved down to Charlie’s crotch, cupping the bottom of the nappy and then running her fingers along the edge of the nappy.

“All dry! Remember if you need a wee just let it go, that’s what the nappy is for” his aunty told him. She then patted on the sofa as he sat down next to her.

“Why don’t you get comfy and lay down, put your head on my legs here” she put her hand on Charlie’s back and he did as he was told, remaining silent throughout. Within seconds he was lying on his back with his head on his aunty’s lap, looking up at her.

“Good boy, here you go” she cooed as she lowered the bottle into his mouth as he received the plastic nipple. He began sucking and the warm milk flowed into his mouth. The intense joy of the drink made him shut his eyes, aided by his aunty stroking his fringe. They sat for a fair amount of time just relaxing as he finished off the bottle of milk.

“All gone! Wow you must’ve been thirsty” Emma announced as she lifted the bottle back out of his mouth. “Did you enjoy that?”.

“That was really nice thank you” Charlie said as he sat back up. His bladder was now beginning to ache as he realised it wouldn’t be long until he needed to release.

“Right I’ll leave you to carry on playing. I’ll put Finding Nemo on the TV for you in case you want to watch that instead and have a snooze” Emma said as she grabbed the remote and navigated to the films section. Once she pressed play she got up and went back towards the kitchen.

“Thank you Aunty Emma” Charlie said with a smile on his face.

“Aww my pleasure sweety. Just shout if you’d like anything to eat” Emma said. She suddenly turned back around and picked up the dummy off the table and in one swoop pushed it into Charlie’s mouth. She then bent down and kissed is forehead, before finally leaving. Charlie just let it happen, he’d fully loosened up to the baby experience at this point.

Speaking of loosening up, Charlie realised he pretty desperately needed to pee and couldn’t wait much longer. He glanced again at the doorway and listened out just to make sure his aunty wasn’t coming back in. Once he gave himself the green light he slumped off the sofa into a squat position with his back up against the sofa, then adjusting the nappy in between his legs. He looked up and began watching Finding Nemo, trying to relax so he could comfortably release his bladder.

After quite a few seconds he could feel the first few drops of wee come out, and after only a small push he felt a tidal wave explode into the front of his nappy. Due to his position, it washed over his balls like a tidal wave before being soaked up by the lower part of the Tena. He let out an audible sigh through the dummy as the warmth encapsulated his crotch. After moments of pure elation he could feel his wee come to a close, but to his surprise, as he pushed for the final time to make sure his bladder was fully empty, he received another call from his body.

“Uh oh” he whispered as he came to the realisation that his bowels were asking for release. Looking back he hadn’t had is regular bowel movement this morning before leaving so it was due, but unfortunately it had come at the wrong time. He did briefly consider finding his aunty and asking to go to the toilet, but he remembered what she’d said earlier and he;d already wet himself, he may as well go all the way and make the most of the nappy.

He switched position, seamlessly transitioning from a squat to being on all fours. As he stared at the TV, he began actively sucking the dummy as he concentrated on pushing. After a few hard pushes, he felt some movement. “Eughhhhh” he groaned as a large log squeezed out of his cheeks and crashed into the resistance of the back of his nappy. He kept up momentum as the poo broke and fell into the nappy, followed by some softer poo that smeared across him bum and the nappy. A couple of smaller pushes were to no avail, everything was out, and his nappy had gone from completely clean to pretty much full in a matter of minutes.

Charlie stood up and assessed the damage. As he stood up straight the softer poo smudged in between his cheeks and he felt the soggy material push against his skin. He looked down to see the nappy sagging between his legs, and began exploring with his hand as he felt in between his legs and on his bottom. He could feel the lump protruding behind as he felt his penis stiffen and sniffed the air, which was now twinged with an aroma of a dirty nappy.

Suddenly his attention turned to his surroundings. He decided the best thing to do would be to sit down and cling onto the faint hope that his aunty wouldn’t notice his wet and messy nappy. He backed up to the sofa before lowering down onto the cold leather, before committing and shifting his weight onto his bottom. The mess smeared all over his cheeks and even felt a small bit of poo travel up his bum crack, which caused a shiver to be sent up his spine. He carried on watching Finding Nemo and sucking on his dummy, awaiting his fate.

About half an hour later, Charlie heard some footsteps get louder and louder with every step. By this time his nappy had cooled and the poo had almost hardened like cement. He’d hardly moved in the time since he sat down. ‘Here we go’ he thought to himself.

“Hey Charlie, are you enjoying the film?” His aunty asked as she walked in with a duster in hand, waving it around the book cabinet next to the door.

“Yep it’s one of my favourites” Charlie said as calm as he could.

“Oh that’s good, I’m just going doing a bit of cleaning don’t mind m” Emma was cut off by something. She stood and looked around the room, before audibly sniffing the air three or four times.

She stood facing Charlie on the other side of the room and put her hands on her hips. “Charlie is there something you want to tell me?” she asked him.

Charlie sat silently.

“Hmmm, something in here smells and I think you might know what it is?” She asked him again. “And don’t think I haven’t noticed that blue line on the front of your nappy”, Emma peered down at Charlie’s crotch.

Emma slowly walked over to him and then sniffed again. “Up” she said promptly. Charlie slowly got up off the sofa and as soon as he was upright she grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. He then felt the back waistband of his nappy open before being pinged back into position.

“Just as I thought, Charlie has pooed himself! And it’s a smelly one too phewy!” Emma teased as Charlie turned around just in time to see her pinch her nose. Charlie’s eyes began to water.

“Is there something you want to ask me Charlie?” his aunty asked.

“Ummm, can you change me please?” Charlie said quietly, with his hands hiding his crotch.

“And why do you need changing Charlie?” she added, trying to make him feel as small as possible.

“Well… because, I, umm, I’ve done a wee and a poo” Charlie said in a more babyish tone, his desires beginning to take over.

“Of course you can honey. Are you able to walk or would you rather I carried you?” she asked him. Charlie simp,y held up his arms up signalling he’d rather be carried.

Without saying anything, she grabbed under his armpits and lifted him up in the air before moving her arms so she was holding him by his thighs, with his bum and messy nappy hanging between. He wrapped his arms around her neck and buried his head into her shoulder.

“Oh this stinky boy is heavy! Let’s get upstairs before I drop you” she said as she quickly headed to the stairs. Her tone of voice suggested she was really using all her strength to carry him.

After just a few seconds they were upstairs and he was lowered onto the changing mat. “Let’s take your hoodie off just in case” she said as she helped him take the hoodie off, leaving him in just a grey t-shirt, a soggy nappy and a pair of white socks.

Charlie remained silent as his aunty got to work on wiping his bottom and cleaning any area that the nappy had made contact with. He had his eyes shut the whole time, not being able to bear the site of his aunty wiping poo off his bum.

“There we go all clean, bet that feels better Charlie?” Emma asked as she wrapped up the dirty nappy and placed it on the floor.

“Yeah it does thanks” he responded, not quite as embarrassed now the deed was done.

“Now Charlie you have a choice. I can either put you back in your pants and you can head home, or I can get you into a clean nappy and I’ll call your mum telling her you’d like to stay for tea. What’ll it be?” Emma enquired as Charlie looked straight at her, with his light blue briefs in one hand and a folded Tena Slip Maxi in the other.

He looked at both items. If he chose the pants, he’d potentially be waving away the chance to indulge further in his greatest fantasy. If he chose the nappy, he would be indicating to his aunty and mum that he was a baby at heart but would be harder to deal with when he inevitably went home and back to reality. It was a real dilemma.

“Would it be okay to stay for tea?” Charlie answered. Safe to say his aunty wasn’t at all surprised by his answer.

“Okay baby, I’ll call your mummy” Emma said as she smiled at her nephew.

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Just want to send out a note of support alanders! I love this story, and I love your other stories both Transatlantic Troubles and especially Trip to Disneyland! You know how to find the right feeling of security, acceptance, and a teeny bit of motivation for your characters. Thank you!

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  • alanders changed the title to Aunty’s House (One-Shot)

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