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The World Is Noticing Us

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I'm a Navy vet. That's a long time ago, but seems like yesterday, just like being back in diapers. 

Has anyone else noticed an increase in places that are selling diapers, and especially pull-up disposable underwear? It's like the world just realized there is a need for these items. There's little embarrassment in buying them in big box stores. Nobody cares anyway. Some new folks fear someone will see their diaper sticking up from their pants. Honestly, I would fancy myself to think that anyone would care to even look at the back of my pants. I'm over 70, and aside from my dear departed mother, who would ask ages ago, "What underwear are you wearing?" Nobody has asked or cared what I wore, if anything."

Diapers at night spare me the trouble of getting up in the middle of the night, going to the bathroom, being dizzy there and risk falling. It's just the way it is. Sorry, but it's not weird, it's just a fact.

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I believe it's because of the Aging population and many younger people are coming out of the military from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with life long injuries and medical issues like Incontinence.

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Being older and having a real need for diapers, guards or shields I found I am no longer embarrassed buying what I need. Of course ordering on line makes it easier, I get my cloth diapers and waterproof pants that way. 

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Hello all I do not remember seeing this Vet's blog on here before. But anyhow I served 12 years active duty 10 years Mi. ARNG and Ca. ARNG was full time Ca. ARNG 1992-1993 working a project at Camp Roberts repairing equipment from Desert Storm. I Retired in 1998. Did a Retiree Recall 2006-2010. And then did some contracting work in Afghanistan 2011-2015. Got blow up by an Afghan Army Captain. I started have wetting issues not long after. I did have a fascination with diapers from as young as I can remember. But it really started when I was babysitting my niece when a 11-12 my sister-in-law diapered her in cloth diapers and plastic pants.  I fit in the diapers but not her plastic pants. I WAS HOOKED! So, I thought I was a freak and found a magazine where they had letters to the editor, and I found someone diapered in there I was not alone this was back in 1968.  So, after I got blown, I was not hurt just shock waves as I was able to duck under a table, but two teammates were killed, and a couple were evacuees to Landstuhl Germany (our whole Team was all Retired Sr. NCO's.) It wasn't long and I had urge Incontinence. As time went on I was wetting myself one day I am we got moved to a new area for our living as the pulled. I walk past a trash can and what do I see Pee Pants! I grabbed and used them off and on as I needed. I came for home for good and I was buying them at the drug store. Then it got worse I was stuffing size 7 baby diapers and then I started leaking through them. Up to this point the only person that knew was ME. So, I had an out-of-town meeting I ordered some Adult Diapers and put one on for my 3-hour drive. When arrived at the hotel and got to my room I was soaked diaper was close to leaking. Three years later after coming home from the hospital with Covid I was no longer able to pretend I was a ABDL after I came out of the coma in ICU the and I wet the bed for umpteenth time in two days the night nurse says would wear a diaper I said yes. Now I am home, and my wife knows I wear and use my diapers and plastic pants as I am Incontinent. The AB part she does not know, and she does not change me she has walked into our room as I been changing my wet diapers, but she has just done what she needed and left and continued changing my diapers. Long story but Thanks that I am not the only old soldier on here.

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Air Force, 81 to 07, dealing with getting older, leaking, etc, but have always been fascinated with diapers, wore for 6 months when driving semi, love the feeling of comfort and security, but wife is not open to me wearing for fun when  men's guard will handle where I am leak wise.


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