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12 hours ago, Little Spider said:

The way the mother has the 2 daughters leaned over and spanked after they go poopies in their pants is kinda hot!??? Not gonna lie!☺️?????????♥️?

Is kinda hot. I really thought they were brother and sister.  Blue shirt and blue edged diaper makes me think boy.

It kinda fits my little side. Well beyond the age that I should be potty trained. I refuse to use the potty and get my butt paddled every time I go in my diaper. 

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If you want to keep the cartoon going @Kinkytwinkgamer, one with the one in blue on a changing table.  Dirty diaper off rolled up next to them. Mom holding his legs back, glowing butt exposed in the diaper position.  Mom says that a few more swats are in order as she holds the paddle monster high ready to spank his butt.

Sister stands next to Mom with her hands over her Dirty diaper butt waiting for her turn.

One last frame with potty monster giggling,  thinking wait till tomorrow. 

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