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Adult Baby Research Institute - Day 2 (Ch. 1-8) Day 1 (Ch. 1-13)

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# Preface

This is a completely shameless self-insert story.  I used to write stories for other ABDLs in a setting called "The Adult Baby Research Institute".  ABys would find my stories on Tumblr, and if they were smart/brave, they would message me and I would make them fill out an "intake survey".  After that there would be an in depth interview and I would craft them a very pervy story.  The setting was a fictional asylum / kinky medical facility staffed by caring sadists.  Unfortunately all the content was lost during the great tumblr purge. 

It was a lot of fun. But now I've decided it's my turn for a stay at this fictional asylum.

This is an intense story with dark themes of intense masochism.  It's all about turning everything to 11 and getting too much of good and bad things. This deals with themes of heavy duty ABDL, infantilism, sissification, gender fuckery, sadism/masochism, torture, medical fetishism, dental fetishism, force feeding, messing and more.  This story is not written for everyone, and I don't blame you if you want to nope out. Any time a chapter deals with an edgy theme in detail it will be called out at the start so you know what you're about to get into. 

This is a hard story. If you're looking for a feel-good story, you may want to skip this one.  There will be some feel good moments, but they'll be interspersed with sessions of deep sadistic torture, painful humiliation, and extreme sissification and babification. 

This is a sissy story.  I'm keenly aware of the link to that as a fetish and misogyny.  While I'm hoping that the gender fuckery is deep, I'm also trying to ensure that it isn't deeply misogynistic.  I'm not perfect, so if you feel I missed the mark somewhere I'd love to hear about it and understand if you're willing to share your thoughts.

# Day 1 Saturday
## Chapter 1

I sat nervously in the back seat in the middle of the van.   I was enveloped by the pink PVC padded seat while a 5 point harness pinned me down.  Even sitting down in the seat, my pink frilly and lacy dress wasn't covering my thick disposable diaper.  It didn't help that my legs were spread wide with a spreader bar attached to the pink patent leather ankle restraints that matched my Mary Jane flats.  My matching wrist restraints were clipped to the side of the car seat, not that I could do much with my hands since they were trapped in pink fingerless mittens.  I was sucking on a big pink pacifier gag, it's straps circling my head. 

"I'd like a cheeseburger happy meal with yoghurt, apple slices and an apple juice... and a McChicken meal with coke and fries."  That was Cloudy, my wife, my caregiver and the love of my life.  I was pretty sure she was getting the McChicken, coke and fries from the drive through.  Yuck.  Sounds like the rest of that was for me.  I hated process cheese... and yoghurt... and apples!

"That's $19.59, 2nd window please!"

"Mmmmmm ... McDonalds! Your favourite!" Cloudy smiled, knowing that while it was a guilty pleasure, it most certainly wasn't my favourite.  "I wonder if the McDonalds worker will see you?  Will they recognize you?"

I was so mortified as we drove up to the pickup window. Luckily the worker wasn't in my eye-line but how much did they see of me?

Cloudy continued, "They told me to make sure to bring a snack, because they aren't sure how long we're going to need to wait in the waiting room."

The rest of the drive was uneventful as we went across town, then just outside of city limits up to a nondescript building.  There was a smattering of cars parked here and there but it was otherwise a quiet summer afternoon. Cloudy parked the van in the back of the lot and cortisol flooded my system.  I was going to have to cross this parking lot dressed up like a baby girl. She turned off the ignition, turned around in her seat and saw the look of dread on my face.  

"It's okay sweety.  No one will know you're really a boy under there!" She smiled, and then unbuckled her seatbelt and got out.

"Ok, lets get you out of there." Cloudy sighed as she opened the van door, unclipped my restrains from the seat, and unfastened the unnaturally tight restraint belt.  

"Get your dolly and your sippy cup!"

I struggled to grab the sippy cup and doll with my mittened hands.  Cloudy made a show of impatience before tucking the dolly under my arms and grabbing the sippy cup herself.  She attached a leash to my leather reins, before grabbing our meals and a large pink diaper bag.  She stuffed the sippy cup in a side pocket of the diaper bag, shut the door and started walking to the front door, dragging me behind her.

With my ankles still attached to the spreader bar I was struggling to keep up to her brisk pace.  We finally got to the door and Cloudy held the door open for me while I walked through into a tiny vestibule.  On the other side was a thick windowless door with a heavy handle.  Cloudy went to an intercom unit off to the side and pressed a button.

"Hello, we're here for our appointment?" Cloudy said tentatively into the unit.


"Becky, it's for 1:15"

"Perfect, come right in." Said the woman on the other side of the intercom.  The door buzzed, and Cloudy hefted the heavy  door open. 

"In you go sweety!" Cloudy gestured, and I waddled through into the brightly lit room not knowing what to expect.

"You must be Becky" giggled a woman behind the desk, her coworker let out a wry smile.  Both of them were dressed in colourful nurses scrubs.

"You and your mommy can wait over there." The woman behind the desk gestured at the small waiting area with some chairs.  Cloudy took me over and sat me down on a low chair next to a table full of baby toys.  Cloudy sat down beside me on a comfortable adult chair and pulled out the food.  She filled my sippy cup full of apple juice and passed it over to me.  With my hands in the gloves it was hard to get and I dropped my dolly on the floor.

Just then the door buzzed, and a tall distinguished gentleman with silver hair and a short silver beard walked through.  

"Hello Sir" both of the ladies behind the desk called out.

"Good afternoon!" He replied in a singsong voice.  He turned over to me and smiled.

"Whoops, it looks like you dropped your dolly little one."  he smiled.  I was petrified.  He scooped the doll up, winked at me and put my dolly in a toy high chair on the table.

"There.  That's the perfect place for him isn't it?"  He winked again, before looking up at Cloudy and offering his hand for an introduction.  My dolly certainly didn't look like a 'him'.

"It's a pleasure to see you again my dear.  Thank you for agreeing to do this for us." The Director said to Cloudy.

"You're welcome." She smiled.

"I'll see you both once everything is ready." he said with a grin and away he went, behind the desk and down a long hallway humming to himself.

Cloudy unwrapped the cheeseburger and set it down on the table, following up with the bag full of apple slices and the squeeze tube of yogurt.  I wrinkled my nose.  None of that looked appetizing, and I wasn't sure how I was going to eat it with these mittens on my hand—much less the pacifier gag in my mouth.  I just idly busied my self with the bead maze and busy board. 

"Eat your lunch Becky, it's getting cold."

I looked back at Cloudy with a look of "just how exactly?"

"I see fussy eating is one of the treatments listed for Becky" one of the ladies behind the desk said.  "We can start treatment on that right away.  It will be good for her to get some food in her belly before we go over the full treatment plan."

She came over, pulling some thick metal clips out of the pocket of her scrubs.  She deftly attached them to my restraints and then restrained my hands and ankles to the chair.  She gripped my chin in her hand.

"Your mommy and I are going to fix you your food, we'll be right back.  Don't be scared sweety, okay?"

I looked up and nodded.  What did Cloudy get me into?

"Hi Cloudy, my name is Christine, and I'll be one of Beckys primary nurse caretakers."  She offered her hand to Cloudy. "Shall we get this little ones food ready?"

"Sure, okay"

Christine scooped up the meal and put it back into the bag—even the sippy cup full of apple juice. The two of them walked down the same hallway.  I could hear their conversation slowly drift as they walked away.

"Her obedience is also on the treatment plan."

"Well, it's not like he could eat with that pacifier in his mouth..."

"That doesn't really matter, she barely even tried!   A good baby slave would have found a way to at least gotten some yoghurt down.  She just stared at her meal."  Christine retorted with a smile in her voice.  "I noticed that you use he/him pronouns, but she is very clearly dressed like a girl. "

"Yeah, I have a hard time thinking of him ... i mean... her.. i mean... "

"It's alright. What are they comfortable with?"

"I'm really not sure, he says he wants to be referred to as he/him, but sometimes I wonder.  And when he is dressed like this, I know he would rather be she."

"Well, the good news is that  as part of the gender treatment plan we will be exploring that and will help you get to the bottom of it."

"Oh..." Cloudy trailed off

"Don't worry, you're an integral part of the treatment plan as well."

I strained to hear the conversation.  It sounded like they had gone to another room, and there was the sounds of banging.  Like some kind of equipment was being set up.

"What's involved in that treatment?"

Just then there was a high pitched whirring sound from the room where Cloudy and Christine were.  I could hear them both speaking, but couldn't make out the words.  Finally it stopped.

"There, we'll pour that in there.  And now the burger."

Again there was the whirring sound.  I knew what was going on.  My food was getting blended together and I was going to be eating that cheeseburger whether I wanted to or not.  It stopped and I could hear their voices again.

"Eeeww gross!"

"Hmmm, too far you think?  You're the boss, for now.  But if she was my charge—and she will be soon—this would all be mixed together.  Yoghurt, burger, apples and all.  And I would make sure that it was thinned out with formula too!"

I shuddered in a combination of anticipation and fear.  At the time I didn't realize how often that feeling would hold over the course of my stay.

"The selection of formulas we have available...Wow! Everyone here at the institute have tried them, and some are easier to choke down than others."

I could hear them coming back, the sound of wheels on the linoleum floor trailing with them.  Christine was pulling along an IV stand with her, a pair of large bags hanging from them.  An unappetizing brownish grey mixture in one, and a slightly pinkish one in the other.

"If you wouldn't mind taking off the pacifier gag we'll get this proper feeding gag in place and someone can have all their lunch they so rudely refused to eat!"

Cloudy walked behind me, unbuckling the strap to my pacifier gag.  Meanwhile Christine was putting on a pink silicone bib that said "Messy sissy" in big bold letters.   Cloudy pulled the pacifier out and strands of drool spilled out into the bib and before I could even take a full breath, the thick feeding gag was stuck in my mouth and buckled in place. 

"Now, burger first, and then your apple yoghurt desert."  Christine said, as she lowered the IV stand, letting me have a good look at the greyish brown bag.  I could see little flecks of orange process cheese.

"Cloudy told me just how much you love cheese, so I made sure to add some extra."  I did love cheese, but I hated the taste of process cheese.  Couldn't stand it.  Christine released the clamp on the bag, and I watched as the sludge slowly crawled down the tube, little orange cheese flecks and all.

"This might be the best meal you will have all week, so enjoy it!"

All week? I thought to myself.  The smell of it hit before the taste.  The burger was blended with apple juice.  The sweet of the process cheese and apple juice contrasting with the bun and the meat.  The blob of ketchup, mustard, pickle and onions were just a faint whisper in this sludge.   It finally entered my mouth and it tasted worse than it smelled.  The first blob that hit my tongue clearly had large chunks of pickle and cheese mixed in with the meat.  The texture was thick and chunky.  I couldn't help it and immediately retched.

Christine again gripped my chin.  "Try me.  Anything that comes up is going to go right back down again."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and tried to ignore all the flavours and textures and suck it down.  It was tough, and I almost lost it 5 or 6 times.  Finally the last of it was done.  And this was going to be the best meal?

"Good for you sweety!  Now it's time for your dessert!"  The tube was swapped and the slurry of yoghurt, apple juice and purée apple slices made its way to my mouth.  I had a hard time deciding which was worse.  On the one hand apple juice cheeseburger surprise was pretty nasty, but I hated yoghurt.

"Your mommy told me all about how much you LOVE yoghurt, so we're going to make sure that it's part of every meal during your stay with us."

I shuddered. 

Finally Christine took a syringe out of her pocket—without the needle—and pulled out a small bottle of medicine.  She uncapped it, put the syringe in and filled it up 2/3rds full of a thick, yellow, cloudy, oily substance.  The tube was pulled from my feeding gag and hung up on the IV stand and replaced with the syringe. The smell and taste of caster oil was unmistakeable.  She pushed my head back so that I could savour all 60 CCs of every drop.  I was going to be in bad shape in a couple of hours. 

"Alright.  I think we're about ready to start working on your treatment plan." Christine said, while the other nurse was pushing over the largest and kinkiest stroller/wheelchair I have ever seen.

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## Chapter 2

Warnings: Messy diapers, Humiliation, consensual non-consent

I'd only been at the institute for half an hour and I had just gotten the grossest force feeding I've ever experienced followed up with a large dose of castor oil.  Just as that finished a nurse was pushing over an adult sized stroller, but the wildest one I've ever seen.

The chrome IV pole that was on the back of the stroller had 4 hooks.  The head-rest was in pink PVC and had straps around it.  The bucket seat was also in pink PVC, and had a 7 point harness. The arms had clips on the side for my restraints, and there was a white tray with pictures of cute pink cartoon bunnies.   There were straps for my thighs and legs, and the footrest even had straps for my ankles and shoes.

"Alright sweety, lets get you strapped in."  Christine said.  Christine removed the clips from my wrist and ankle restraints that were attached to the little chair I was sitting in.   Then the spreader bar keeping my legs apart. 

"I'll hand that back to you."

"Thank you" Cloudy said, putting the bar in the diaper bag.

I was helped into the chair, and quickly I was trussed up really tight in the harness.  The car seat was nothing compared to this.  I was not going to be moving an inch.  This only served to make the addition of the thigh, leg, ankle and foot restraints feel excessive.  The tray was put on, and I could see that the cute pink bunnies were wearing diapers and in scenes of sadistic bondage and torture.  My wrists were attached to the arms of this perverse stroller and then my arms were attached, both at the elbow and up near my shoulders.  Finishing off Christine wrapped a strap around my neck above my collar, and then a final one around my head.  

"There we go, snug as a bug in a rug!" Christine exclaimed.

"He's not moving an inch!" Cloudy agreed.

"Alright, if you follow me, we can go to a consultation room to get started."  Christine wheeled me down the hallway with Cloudy following close behind.  The ride was smooth and comfortable, if not a little tight.

"Just one second, we need to make sure this little one has enough to drink."  Christine popped into the room she was in earlier.  Here I could see the cupboards full of baby formula, juice, and jars and bags of baby food.  She grabbed 2 litres of apple juice and poured it into a bag, then she topped it with water and poured in 2 kinds of powder.

"Some Pedialyte to keep you hydrated, and then some caffeine to make you nice and awake, and wet!  I'm sorry sweety, but this is going to be quite bitter!"

She hung the bag on the IV pole, and plugged the tube in my pacifier gag.  She unclamped it ever so slightly, so just a little bit of the bitter tasting medicinal apple juice would dribble in my mouth.  With that away we went down the hall to our destination.

Along the way we got to the elevator, and there was The Director from earlier. 

"Oh well, it looks like someone is ready for their treatment consultation hmmm?"

"Yes sir, she has been given 60CC of castor oil as you requested."

"Oh!  Oh No!  It looks like you forgot her dolly!" He exclaimed in mock horror.  It was true, in all the fuss of getting me strapped in my dolly was still in her toy high-chair.  I was mostly used to humiliate me so I was fine with it staying there.  

The Director quickly made a phone call.

"Hi Eva, do you see a doll in the waiting room?  Yes, that's hers.  Would you mind.... yes please. Thank you."  He slipped his phone back in the pocket of his lab coat.  "Well that crisis is about to be averted."  

He grabbed the stroller and wheeled it around effortlessly so I could see Eva walk down the hallway.  When she got closer she made the dolly dance her way over to me before giving me a playful boop on the nose, and nestling it in the crook of my arm.

"You could make a restraint system just for dolls or stuffed animals for that stroller." Cloudy offered.

"Oh, I like that!" Replied The Director.  "I think you're going to fit in just fine here."  He swiped a card on a card reader on the elevator and everyone except Eva got in.  My stroller was turned sideways, and I could see myself in the mirror.  A perfect picture of sissified pink perverse princess submission.  While everyone was engaged in idle elevator chit-chatter I was stuck watching myself slowly drink.  The bitter apple juice doped with caffeine and Pedialyte continued to dribble onto my tongue.

"Christine, why don't we do the consultation in my office?"

She looked surprised, and stammered a little "y...yes sir!"

"Perfect." he said, and self assuredly hummed as we made our way upwards, subtly signalling that the time for idle chit-chat was over.

The elevator dinged and The Director exclaimed "Here we are!"

I was wheeled out and  Christine unclamped the flow from the feeding gag sending a burst of the bitter juice into my mouth.  

"You'd better keep drinking or you'll choke." She whispered gently.

I struggled to keep drinking as I was rolled down the hallway and into a room.  Christine adjusted the flow back to a dribble and I breathed deeply, catching my breath.   We were in a nice corner office with a view of the grounds outside.  Over by the floor to ceiling windows was a giant oak desk.  Beside it against the wall was a low bookshelf and a side door beside that.  Christine gestured to the table at the front of the room and Cloudy took a seat. My stroller was unceremoniously deposited between the table and the desk where The Director had sat down.  He had pulled some papers from a desk drawer somewhere and was doing some paperwork.  I had a view of the table, but more importantly, everyone in the room had a perfect view of me.

There wasn't much to do except keep gulping down the apple juice.  I had two terrible choices, I could let it collect on my tongue and continue to taste the apple juice; or I could swallow it as soon as possible but get a bitter aftertaste of caffeine and medicinal Pedialyte, not to mention creating more suction for more juice to enter my mouth.  Neither one was great and  I kept oscillating between the two.

Christine started "Alright, lets get down to business.  So we've requested a stay of at least one week, though at the end of the week we may need him to stay longer...".

"That should be fine, he's booked off two weeks at work."

"Perfect. And the items you want to work on are: gender, behaviour, fussy eating and boundaries, correct?"

"Yes." Cloudy replied.  In the small silence between the conversation my tummy rumbled.  

"Okay, and you've read through the list of potential treatments and punishments, did you have any questions?"

"I did have one question, what happens if it is too much for him? How would you know?"

"Well, part of the charm here is that it will in fact be too much for her ..." Christine turned to look at me with a wry smile, my stomach gurgled a little more. "We are by nature of the job trained very well to identify when we're pushing our charges too far, that way we know our treatments are working.  But then, I think little Becky here is looking forward do that.  Aren't you sweety?"

Cloudy turned to look at me with a nervous smile and I nodded my head as best as I could.  This is what I wanted, or at least, what I thought I wanted.

"So to answer your question, nothing special happens, we will likely continue the treatment."  Continued Christine. "Now did you happen to bring the consent forms?"

"Yes" Cloudy said, as she dug the forms out of the diaper bag.

As this conversation was going on, I could hear my guts bubble and gurgle and my bladder was getting quite full. 

Cloudy pulled them out and Christine continued "Perfect.  So we'll be doing a full medical and dental checkup, and set him up to be a full test subject."

"Yes that's right."

"And evenings we can use him as a servant?"

"Of course.  I think he'll enjoy that.  Especially if he gets to wear his maid outfit!"

"Oh, he'll wear plenty.  And for school, what classes should we enroll her into?"

"Uhhh, I'm not sure."

"We'll set him up with our basic learning program then, we can always tweak it.  Alright, that about does it for us.  Did you have anything to add Sir?"  Christine looked over at The Director behind the desk.  I could feel his eyes burning into me.  That's when the cramps kicked in.

"Yes, just 2 questions.  On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being a marshmallow and 5 being gestapo, how strict shall we be on little Becky here?"

"Oh, I think a 5, don't you Becky?"  Cloudy asked me.  I blushed. I felt woozy. Everyone was looking at me. I was bloated, cramping and my tummy rumbled again quite loudly, causing Christine to giggle.  I nodded, knowing in my heart that this is what I wanted and I was going to live to regret it.

"A 5 hey, are you sure?" The Director asked, an edge in his voice.

I nodded.  My stomach made another gurgle as a series of bubbles made their way up.  

"Alright.  Make sure that's noted in her file Christine."

"Yes Sir."

"Finally, Cloudy, are you okay if I take Becky under my wing for some special treatments and instruction?  I have been going over his file and I find it very intriguing.  This would be in addition to our usual arrangement."   The cramps were hitting hard now.  I was sweating.  If I could move I would be writhing. 

"Yes of course" Cloudy said.  

"Good."  The Director stared at me. "I'll see you later this week."
I couldn't help it and let out a long wet fart.  At least, I thought it was a fart. It kept going and I was turning redder and redder, especially with all this attention on me. Then I realized just how wet it was. The warm sticky mess was squishing up and around my diaper.

"Looks like I'll be seeing you much sooner." The Director said.  There was a twinkle in his eye, but his face said I'd live to regret it.

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## Chapter 3

Warnings: Messy, Humiliation, Gentle cuckoldry

"BECKY!" Cloudy yelped "Did you shit your diaper?"

I looked at her with pleading eyes.  I couldn't help it.  Another wave hit me, this time coupled with nausea.  I filled my diaper even more.

"Well, looks like the castor oil is working quite well Sir."

"Yes, I can see that.  Make sure to make a note in her file that she is very susceptible to castor oil.  I must say this is the first time one of our charges has dared to mess their pants in the Directors office.  We'll need to make sure this the last." 

Christine had gotten up and walked behind my stroller and unzipped something behind it.  Cloudy was holding her nose and making faces.  The Director had taken out his phone and was making sure to to snap a number of pictures of me.   Christine in the meantime had pulled a clear plastic sheet out of the back of the stroller and a bundle of wires.  She clipped something on my ear and then unceremoniously dumped the sheet over my head and draped it across my body.  Soon it was velcro'ed to the stroller, containing me and my noxious fumes.  

Which was a good thing too, because another wave hit me and the poor disposable under me didn't stand a chance.  Hot wet mush was going up my back and up the sides of the bucket seat.

"There, you can just keep filling your pamper up and we won't have to smell it.  That pulse oximeter will let me know if you ever run out of oxygen in there.  Enjoy!"  Christine said.

"Please take care of her and make sure she is clean and ready for tonight."  The Director said. 

"Yes sir." Christine responded quickly. And with that, me and my plastic prison was wheeled out of the office and into the hallway. 

"No one at the school has ever been into the Directors office with a wet diaper on, much less had a blow-out.  You were lucky you didn't get any on the carpet little one...you're in enough trouble as it is."

There was another nurse—a male nurse—that met us at the hallway.

"Hi Cloudy, I'm Sam.  I'll be here to take you through your orientation.

Sam was a knockout.  He was clean shaven and had excellent hair.  He was clearly athletic and had a warm smile. 

"I'll see you later Becky."  Cloudy blew me a kiss and walked away with Sam.

"And now you're mine little one.  Let's get you to your first school class: Detention!"  And off we went, back to the elevator and down.  In the elevator I couldn't help myself and ended up messing my poor disposable even more.   Christine just patted my cheek  through the plastic and teased me. "That's it, you just keep filling your diaper and thinking about how you watched your pretty wife walk away with Sam."

I shuddered a took a big stinky breath.  My throat felt dry despite the persistent dribble of doped apple juice.  We were only 2 hours in and already this was much further than I could ever go.

I was wheeled off the elevator, down the hall and into a room with "Detention" emblazoned on the door.   Christine used a keycard on her lanyard to swipe in and pushed the door open with the strolller.

"Hello little ones." Christine called.

"Hello Madam Christine" the room full of ABDLs responded.  Most of them were seated in desks, but a couple of them were in strollers like I was, just as restrained.

I was wheeled up to the front of the class and turned around so that I could get a good look at the class, and they could get a good look at me.

"Now, you may be wondering why our new student has gone straight to detention. Well, little miss poopy-pants here was with the Director and messed herself. In his office."  There was an audible gasp. 

Then the room went silent.  It was clear this was bad.

Christine got some papers together and some crayons.  Most of them brown, then she put on a cloth face mask and then took off the plastic off of my stroller.  I was suddenly cold but able to breathe better.   The room full of ABDLs suddenly let out a chorus of "Eeeeewww!"

"Now Becky I want you to write 'I'm a poopy pants baby', 'I pooped my diaper' and  'I deserve to be punished for pooping my pretty pampers' on these pieces of paper.  There is lots of paper here, so write it as many times as you can but nice and neat.  I expect one line per sheet of paper, good and big so everyone can see."  With that she released my wrists from the arms of my stroller.  My elbows and arms were still strapped tight, and my hands were still in the mittens.

For the next hour I struggled to write my lines in crayon.  It would have been hard even without being strapped down so tight, but I was also dealing with constant cramps.  Every once in awhile a wave would hit and I would sqirt even more mess in my very dirty diaper.  I could feel the slurry squishing out of the sides.  This usually elicited remarks of disgust and giggles from the other adult babies in the area. The whole time there was the slow dribble of bitter caffeinated apple juice going into my feeding gag.

Finally the door opened and a bunch of caretakers, all dressed up in scrubs entered the room.  Most wrinkled their nose, and some commented on the terrible smell.  I just sat and blushed.   Each one would go and retrieve one of the ABDLs from their seat.  Sometimes it was fast, a caretaker would tap them on the shoulder and they would grab their hand and walk out.  Sometimes it was more involved, requiring the undoing of lots of bondage straps, only for the straps to be done up again and the ABDL to hobble uneasily with a leash attached to a collar, or wheeled away in a stroller like mine.

One of the caretakers noticed my lines and said "You most certainly are! I bet you're the lucky baby we'll see tonight hmm?"

Then a figure walked into the room.  They were dressed head to toe in pale green rubber with a white rubber apron overtop, reminiscent of both an old-timey nurse and a maid from a maid cafe.  White rubber gloves covered their hands.  Their face was covered by a white rubber gas mask.  Perched on their head was a rubber nurses cap, but instead of a red cross there was the silhouette of a butt plug.  

"Well, lets get you cleaned up." I could hear Christines muffled voice say.

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Ask… and ye shall receive!

### Chapter 4

Warnings:  Messy, Enemas, E-Stim, Chastity, Anal, Rubber, Force Feeding.  Buckle Up kids!  From here on in the wild ride starts and may not be suitable for all readers.

I had spent the last few hours in "Detention" writing humiliating lines in crayon about how I had messed my diapers. Then Christine came back, dressed head to toe in soft green rubber and a gas mask.  Her nurses cap emblazoned with a red butt plug.  It was weird.  Hot and weird. 

Christine put the crayons away and wasted no time and put the plastic cover back over my stroller before wheeling me briskly down the hallway.  We wheeled into a room with the title "Messy Cleanup" on the door.  This room was white and smelled thick of powder and disinfectant.  The wall to my left had cupboards and a counter; to the right there was a giant change table and a sink.  On the opposite side was a door, which was where we were headed. 

This next room was bright and in white tile everywhere.  The floor gently sloped down towards the middle centered by a big drain.   Christine just let go of the stroller and I slowly rolled down till I was pitched slightly forward.

"First, the Director wants me to collect a specimen."  She took a jar from a compartment in the back of the stroller and then fiddled with the bottom of the seat.  I could hear a little dribble of fluid.  

"Now this is going to be cold.  Get ready." I could barely hear Christine through the gas mask.  She was right. The blast of cold water hit me like a tonne of bricks and I was immediately shivering.  She walked in front of me and I could see she was washing me with a shower hose, not at all caring about what I was wearing.  She blasted my crotch and I could feel the diaper soaking up the water before the poor disposable burst, it's messy sap spilling everywhere.  All of the effluent was washed down the drain along with the sap, and I was left soaking and shivering.

A second caretaker entered the room, also dressed in a rubber suit just like Christine.  Christine took a chain from the ceiling and lowered it to just above my head, while the second caretaker was taking off the tray and unbluckling my harness and arm straps.  Finally my upper body was free for a second while my dress was taken off.  It was quickly deposited on the ground with a "splort" and then my wrists were restrained to thick cuffs on a spreader bar, and then that the chain.  Christine had hit a button on the wall and I was pulled off of my stroller while the straps were taken off of my thighs, legs and ankles while I was slowly hoisted up into the air. 

I was left hanging painfully and helplessly from my arms, and another blast of water hit me, this time it felt scalding.  After a quick rinse I watched as  one of the rubber figures poured a generous helping of baby shampoo on a big pink sponge and started to scrub me down.   Another set of restraints was attached to my ankles, and my legs were lifted up high and attached to the chain, and  they were hoisted up painfully with my back arched.

Then I was lowered down and my face was roughly washed with the sponge.  The feeding gag was removed and I felt a soapy rubber glove enter my mouth, and my face was washed—inside and out.  I was choking and sputtering baby shampoo.  

Finally another harsh cold rinse.  One of my caretakers spent a lot of time on my face, making sure I got facefulls of cold water to rinse out the soap. The other rubber figure took all the wet clothes and bondage gear that was on the floor and dumped it into a bag.  Finally I was lowered onto the ground.  I Gasped in pain and still trying to spit out the soap in my mouth.   I was unshackled and helped up, and unsteadily taken by the arms into the other room.  I was helped up onto the change table, and found my wrists quickly strapped in on the sides.  My legs once again spread, and in manacles, and pulled up by a mechanical winch in the ceiling. 

"You'll be spending quite a bit of time here I think."  Christine said behind her rubber gas-mask.  "It's such a pain to get dressed for, but we certainly don't want any of that on us, so it pays to be protected."

"I'm sorry.." I started to say

"Shh.  Be quiet." And before I knew it, a whole new gag was stuffed in my mouth and bucked behind.  

"Now, we need to make sure you're fed and cleaned out for tonight."   Christine busied herself by pulling out a bunch of items from the cupboards on the other side of the room.  I recognized the enema bag, and I was pretty sure I saw a chastity cage, but there was a lot of other items coming out too.  She was loading up a small metal trolly full of all kinds of tools, tubes, and bags.

She rolled over the trolly and set it in front of my face.  I could see everything on the top shelf of it clearly.  Prune Juice, Ready to feed formula, mineral oil, tubing, 4 bags, a speculum, a metal anal plug, a pink plastic chastity cage, wires of some kind, and a black box with some controls on it.  

"Well, lets get started, shall we?"

Christine grabbed the chastity cage.  I had no idea how she was going to get it on.  I had been turned on since before we got into the van, and it hadn't subsided throughout the whole lovely ordeal.  Well except the cold shower. 

I could hear some water running, and then suddenly felt the head of the change table rise up putting me in something like a sitting position before another blast of icy cold water hit my crotch.   When I finally shrivelled up, Christine wrapped my flaccid penis in a baby wipe and use that to pull it into the pink chastity cage.  I felt her manipulate my sensitive balls around the ring and then everything was locked into place.

Christine grabbed the black box and some wires, and I could feel her plug 4 of them into the cage.  I knew what was happening next.  Suddenly I felt the jolt of electricity, a deep sharp pain.  I grunted into my gag and tensed up. 

"Well we know that works" I heard Christine say.  Finally after what felt like minutes the feeling stopped.

"Now lets get you fed and cleaned out."  

The head of the change table was lowered and I was flat on my back again, but then it kept going so my bottom was raised slightly.  Christine hung up 2 of the bags on an IV pole close to my head, and I watched as she poured in 2 containers of "Ready to Feed Alamentium" formula into one of them, and then filled the other with prune juice. She attached a tube from my pacifier gag to the bag full of prune juice and released the clamp. The brown fluid slowly crawled down the tube and trickled into my mouth.  Thankfully it was not a fast feeding. 

Next she filled a bag full of water and added some Johnson and Johnsons baby shampoo and hung it on another IV pole on the other end.   I watched as she made a big show of lubing up the double balloon nozzle.

"Okay sweety, open wide!" Christine said, as she popped one of her fingers into my asshole, spreading the lube in and out.  She took her time, making me strain in my new cage. I started to move my hips in time with the movement of her finger, my breathing getting shallow.  Suddenly she pulled out her finger quickly and I felt a delicious a sharp pain, only to feel her jabbing in the nozzle.  I was on the fence as to how delicious this pain was, it felt good, but it also hurt. A lot.

I felt her pump up the inner balloon, until I was nice and full. The outer balloon followed, making a tight seal.  She connected  the tube to the bag and looked down at me.  I saw her eyes through the gas mask.  I saw them smile as she released the clamp and warm soapy water rushed into my bowels. 

I was getting filled up from both ends.  

I heard the door open and saw The Director enter.

"I see her treatment is progressing nicely.  Good job Christine, I knew I could trust you with this one."

He pulled out a phone and took some pictures, making sure to get different angles.

"And were you able to collect a specimen like I asked?"

Christine wordlessly produced a small jar of brown fluid from the trolly.  I shuddered.

"This will be perfect for this evening." He said.   "I'll leave you to your work then." And off he went.

The cramps hit, and I moaned through my gag.  I looked up at the enema bag emptying into me.  I still had 1 and a half litres to go.  Christine just opened the flow a little more and I felt the water rush into me, the cramping hit even harder.   She wordlessly set a timer in front of my face for 15 minutes and walked out of the room, leaving me to my cramps and prune juice.

I sat there moaning in pain and pleasure.  The slow dribble of prune juice into my pacifier gag, and the warm rush of water into my bowels.  It felt great, and it hurt bad, and I loved every minute of it. But I wanted it to stop, the cramps were too much.  I tested my bounds.  I could barely move my wrists, and my legs were spread up high. The best I could do was move my hips a little.

Finally she came back justI heard the *DING* of the timer.  She raised the head of the change table, this time up super high, and I could see that the foot of the change table would just drain right into a sink. She deflated the nozzle and gently pulled it out of me.  I felt some water dribble out with it.

"Okay little one, it's time to go potty."

She pushed one of her fingers back into me and pulled it out again a couple of times.  I blushed as I squirted brown soapy water all over her gloved hand, down the change table and into the waiting basin below.

"Such a messy baby. That's it sweety.  Get it all out."

Finally after what seemed like hours of straining and massaging, I was done.  All that was left was a few wet farts and dribbles.  Christine hit me with a soft jet of warm water, and it was all washed away.

"There.  All clean. Now we need to wash out that soap."

I watched in horror as she filled up the bag full of 4 quarts of warm water.  Again the  head of the change table was lowered, this time even lower still, my ass high in the air.  Since my head was lower the prune juice dribbled into my mouth faster. The nozzle was pushed inside of me, inflated, and I could feel the warm water rush inside me again.  Once again I was hit with cramps, and made to retain the enema.

This time Christine set the timer  30 minutes, and topped up the prune juice flowing into my gag before leaving the room again.

I heard her come back just as the timer rang.  She raised my head up just like last time.  I felt the water slosh around my gut.  Again she deflated the nozzle, but this time only a little bit.  I moaned and pushed as she pulled out the nozzle.  She stopped, and pushed it back in causing me to grunt a little.  This went on for a couple of minutes before she stopped teasing me and pulled it out.  It came out with a pop and a torrential gush.

"So very messy.  We're going to need to take care of that aren't we sweetheart."

I blushed beet red as I spewed a large jet of water down.

"I asked you a question, we're going to need to clean you up, aren't we?"

I nodded and mumbled "uh-huh" through my pacifier gag.

"That's right, so make your dirty poopies okay?" Christine coo'ed through the gas-mask.  She continued by massaging my abdomen.

“Is my little baby making messies?  Mmm?  You know grown ups sit down on a toilet and make number two.  But you just let go when ever and where ever you like.  It’s clear you’re just a little baby.”  Christine was staring me in the face through her mask the whole time. Her muffled teasing and cooing making me feel smaller and smaller

”Look at all this poopy water flowing out of you. We’re going to need to make sure you stay in diapers.  Maybe tomorrow we can do a little bit of potty training hmm?  I’ve got plenty of fun toys for that, and we even have a special room for it too!

”Would you like that?”

I nodded again, feeling to small to really say anything, but my cage strained tight.  I was in sweet humiliation heaven, and it sounded like more was to come!

Finally, the last of the water dribbled into the basin and drain at the foot of the change table.  Another gentle jet of warm water followed and then it was done.  Or so I thought.

Back down my head went, and I was level with the floor.

I watched as Christine grabbed the speculum and lubed it up and then felt the cold steel invade.  I gasped as she ratcheted it open, and make a big show of examining me, using her rubber glove to feel around the inside of my rectum, taking special attention around my prostate.  She held up 2 or three different metal plugs and found one that she felt was the right size.  

"Alright sweety, one more enema and you're done.  For now."

I groaned through the gag.  This time the bag was filled only a quarter full of mineral oil. That was still a litres worth. 

"We'll need to make sure you get plenty of fluids.  Your insides will be well lubricated by the time you're done retaining this one."

The tube on my feeding gag was taken off of the bag of prune juice and connected to the bag of formula. I watched the white formula slowly dribble in.  When it hit my tongue I grimaced.  The formula must have curdled with the prune juice.  I sucked it back quickly trying to get the horrid bitter taste out of my mouth.

Nope.  That was just the taste of this baby formula.  It was bitter and milky at the same time. Christine in the meantime had lowered my head more, thus making the horrible formula come in faster.  She re-introduced the nozzle and re-inflated it, and proceeded to give me my mineral oil enema.  In no time flat all the oil was inside and Christine took out the nozzle.  This time however I was still laying with my head back.

I felt a coldness on my anus and the plug was slowly pushed in.  I gurgled through the gag in pain/pleasure until I felt myself close around the flange.  She massaged the place before I could feel something get attached to the plug.  Before i knew it  I was writhing in pain as what felt like 50,000 volts was coursing through my prostate. 

I began to choke and sputter.  Finally the pain stopped.

"There.  We're almost done."

Almost...?  What was left?

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Than you both Christi  and m_kohrt!  If you liked the last chapter, I think you’re going to be ready for the next few. ☺️

### Chapter 5

Warnings: Nostril Play, Imobilization

After an intense shower and a long session of multiple enemas and force feedings, getting a chastity cage, and a plug, that turned out to be electrified, Christine told me there was one thing left to do.

In retrospect it was obvious what that was.  A big fluffy BunnyHopp disposable diaper of course.  Just 2 tapes, but the power fresh scent was overpowering.  It was placed under by bum, and a massive glob of baby lotion applied.  This was finished off with a generous dusting of baby powder. 

Christine lowered the chain holing the spreader bar and my legs and I was taped up nice and tight.  Then she said "You just wait right there, I'll meet you in a bit for your preparation tonight." I was excited, I guessed that would mean I'd be dressed up, probably in something very sissyish and pink and pretty.

Off she went and a few minutes later another caretaker appeared, this time in blue scrubs.  She was pushing a new stroller in front of her.

"Okay  poopy-pants, in you get." She said, undoing the straps and restraints.  Unsteadily I got off the change table and into the stroller.   Again I was restrained in, this time 'just' the 9 point harness, with wrist and ankles re-attached. 

"Of we go!  If you liked this afternoon, you're going to love tonight!".  My stomach sank.  Or maybe that was the castor oil?  The prune juice? This whole experience had been the hottest thing I had experienced in a long time but the intensity was almost too much.  I wasn't sure if I could handle what was coming next.  I shivered. 

"We're only just beginning with you poopy-pie" she said, as if she was reading my mind.   I looked up at her with shock.  "This isn't our first rodeo you know.  But this is the first time someone has messed their pants in front of The Director like that.  You're really in for it!"

We arrived at the elevator.  This new caretaker swiped the card reader and hit "B". When the elevator stopped my stomach—and bowels—wanted to keep going but the thick metal plug wasn't going to allow it.   We went down a hallway towards a very tasteful set of double doors.  There was a podium set up and a smartly dressed young man with short brown hair was standing behind it.

"Well, this is a new face!  Is this Mr. Stinky Pants?"

"It sure is!"

"Is he here to get ready for tonight?"

"He sure is!'

"Well, have fun little one!"

Instead of going into the fancy area we turned a corner and went down a long hall facing a pair of tall metal double doors.  The front of the doors extolling the importance of wearing proper protective eye ware, respiratory gear and ear protection..  The caretaker pushing me swiped her card and there was a mechanical click as they opened automatically.

I don't know what I as expecting, but this wasn't it.  There was a vast array of machines everywhere.  The smell of sawdust,
grease and metal was thick in the air.  Christine was at the far end of the room, standing between 2 work tables.  The first one had a large metal ring, around 7 foot in diameter.  The second had some supplies.  The very large pacifier gag and tubing caught my eye. 

"I brought your little one!"

"Thank you Janet.  I appreciate your help earlier too."

"You're welcome.  I may trade shifts with Steven just to get a chance to take care of him."

"Well..." Christine Paused, and looked me dead in the eye before stressing "SHE is turning into quite the hot little commodity. I'm sure that after tonight it'll get worse.  If I were you, I would lock that in ASAP." 

"Thanks for the heads up!  I'll go call him right now!"

"Alright Becky, lets get you ready for tonight."  Christine proceeded to release me from my straps, taking only a few second to do it.  It was clear she was an expert.  She offered a hand and I unsteadily got out of the stroller.  My knees were still a little weak from everything that happened in the last few ... hours?   had it really only been a few hours?

Christine had sat me down on a short wooden stool.  From the table she grabbed a pink nasal aspirator.  With her other hand she grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back.  She gave both of my nostrils a good and firm cleaning with the aspirator.  The tickling of the puffs of air contrasted with the sharpness hair pulling.  Then she pulled out a nasal spray bottle, giving both nostrils a good squirt of medicated spray before aspirating them again.  This time she took her time making sure I was good an uncomfortable.

"Now Becky, I'm going to unbuckle your gag so I can get you ready.  I want you to be quiet, and only speak when spoken to.  Is that understood?" 

I nodded and Christine took my feeding gag off setting it beside the much larger and stranger looking one.   She pulled a small bundle of silicone tubes off of a table and then examined my nostrils.  

"Ok, this is going to get a little uncomfortable. Breathe through your mouth."  She opened a packet of sterile lube and greased the outside of the tubes, before grabbing my hair once again, and slowly sliding the pair of tubes up my nostrils.  It felt slimy, odd and uncomfortable.  I started to cough and sputter a little. 

"That's right, here we go."  

Christine was taking her time and obviously enjoying it.  It felt like the tubes were hitting my brain. Finally she stopped and sucked out any mucus or lube stuck inside using the aspirator.  Then she took some kind of flesh coloured putty, and filled in any space between my nostrils and the tube.  After that was done, she painted over it with what smelled like liquid skin.

"Ok.  Close your mouth and breathe through the tubes."

I did.  I caught a big whiff of the liquid skin solvent while I was at it.

"Can you breathe okay?"

I nodded.

"Good.  Turn around, bend over and grab your ankles."

I complied, and Christine Took the tapes off of my diaper, leaving my rear exposed.  

"Spread your legs sweety."

Again I complied and the perfectly dry disposable fell to the floor.    I felt something wet get applied around the edges of my butt cheeks with a paintbrush.  What was going on?  This continued all the way around, even my taint.  Then something was stuck on.  

"Okay.  I want you to get up onto that table and lie down face up in the middle of the big ring".

I did, using the stool as a step, gladly accepting Christine's hand up.  As soon as I stepped on the ring I felt the rubber beneath my feet.  I laid on the rubber sheet on the table.  I had no idea what was going to happen next.  Christine grabbed my legs and pulled them apart, and fussed with whatever was attached to my backside before setting them down again.  She attached some black restraints to my ankles and then to my hands.   Finally she fiddled with something in the big metal ring and attached the restraints to it.  I was laid out like the Vetruvian sissy.  I turned my head and watched her as she grabbed the giant pacifier gag.  

"Open wide!"  I did and she gripped my face with one hand before settling the bulb into my mouth with the other.  It was thick and heavy in my mouth.  She inspected her work and then lifted my head so she could strap it in tight.  And it was tight!  She finished off with an earbud in each ear.

"There we go."  She was clearly not really talking to me.  She fiddled with something at the other end of the table I was on, and then I felt a cool thick rubber sheet being pulled over my legs.  Before she got to my crotch, she picked the disposable off of the floor and laid it out overtop so it covered up my frontside, the back of the diaper down towards my knees. Finally the rubber sheet was overtop of me.  Through the semi-transparent rubber I watched as she cut some small holes near my face and fed through the nostril tubes.  Then she worked a little on the pacifier gag, making sure that it was attached tight to the rubber sheet.  Suddenly I heard footsteps and voices muffled by my rubber blanket.

"Alright, thats done!  How can I help?"

"I just need a bit of help attaching the rubber to the inner ring here like this... yeah! That's perfect!"  I felt the rubber stretch a little and tighten. 

"Next we can work on the nipples."

"Ohh, this is the good part!" Janet exclaimed.

I felt one of them cut a large circular hole around my chest with a blade, it's tip just ever so lightly dragging into my skin.  I started to shudder.

"Be still sweetie-pie or this will go in deeper, and it's not time for that." Christine said.

"Yet." Janet added, to which they both let out a laugh.

Once the hole was cut in the rubber and my chest exposed, I again felt one of them paint something around where the hole had just been cut.   Then I felt something get clipped to one of my fingers.  It must have been another pulse oximeter.

"Alright, I'm going to give you this button.  If asked I want you to press it.  This will be the only way you will be allowed to communicate with anyone over the course of this evening."  Through the rubber Christine put a tube with a button on the top of it in my right hand, positioning my thumb overtop.  

Plugging the device into the big ring she finished off with "Alright, press the button if you understand."

What else was there to do?  I pressed the button.  It had a lot of resistance.  When it let go it bounced back hard and heard a tiny beep.

"Good.  Now I am going to start the vacuum. If you find you can't breath I want you to press the button."

I gave the button a small click as if to say "Ok I understand." 

Through a not-unfriendly-but-yet-menacing-sneer Christine said "I wouldn't press that again unless you're asked.  Think of it like a game of Simon says, except if you screw up the consequences are much more dire.  Only press it if you've been explicitly told to."  And with that she flipped the switch on the vacuum.  I felt the sides of the thick rubber sheet collapse against my skin.  It was tight.  I tentatively tried to move but I couldn't move an inch.  I could only see blobs of light.  I heard the muffled voices of Christine and Janet.

Through the earbuds I heard Christine say "Okay Becky, press the button if you can breath just fine." I clicked the button, and the reason for the resistance and bounce back was apparent.   With all the negative pressure my thumb would have been stuck in the on position.

I felt myself getting hoisted up, and then set down vertically in some kind of stand? Contraption?  I wasn't sure what was happening, but after much metallic banging and fiddling I was put in place.  Again I felt the poke of the knife, but this time on my backside and some of the air started to hiss back into the bed.  My rear felt cold as it was exposed to air again.  Soon whatever was happening back there was done, and the vacuum was turned back on.

Again I heard Christine announce through the headphones "I'm going to assume everything is okay in there, but if you can't breathe then just hit the button.  Enjoy your say in there."

How long was I in here for?  After a minute or two the vacuum shut off and I was alone with my thoughts.  My ass and nipples out in the world, but the rest of me trapped, immobile in this rubber prison.  This was day one.

Correction, this was day one, and I had arrived in the afternoon.

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On 11/8/2022 at 7:55 PM, SGTbaby said:

Almost like a rebirth? Looking forward to more!

Oh, that is such a good idea!   Maybe I’ll explore that a later in the story!

On 11/8/2022 at 7:46 AM, christi said:

Hummnn....  I'm wondering where this is going.  Thanks for sharing.

Somewhere wonderful and horrible all at the same time. ;)

I’m glad some of you all are enjoying the story so far.  :) 

### Chapter 6

Warnings: Torture, Breath Play

Trapped in my round rubber prison I was left to think about what I had gotten myself into.  All this alone time gave me a chance to feel all the summersaults in my stomach again.  The prune juice and formula sloshed around in me.  Suddenly I started to fall sideways and panicked.  I could hear the two ladies howl with laughter. They clearly noticed my flinch. I felt myself get rolled slowly upside down, and then back up again.  I was taken by cramps again and before I had a chance to breath through them back around I went. This time I was kept upside down.  Then back up again.  

We were moving!  I was being rolled down the corridor.  Along we rolled for a little while and finally it stopped. I was thankfully right side up.   I could hear muffled conversation.  I strained to hear the content but could not.  The tone came through just fine however.  It was the kind of banter you would trade back and forth when you were waiting for something.  Then a massive click and I heard what sounded like doors opening and I felt myself get rolled onto a carpeted surface. Then suddenly the entirety of my rubber prison was lit up bright. I heard The Directors amplified voice, but couldn't quite make out what he said, and what sounded like applause.  Was I on a stage?

I heard him speak for a little while , but was unable to catch what he was saying.  Then suddenly I was rolling quite quickly—which shot me into a panic.  I could hear the applause start suddenly and grow and grow.  What was happening? I was slowing down and came to a stop upside down.  My stomach gurgled and another wave of cramps hit.  Then I was whacked very hard on the ass with something that felt like sharp fire.  I yelped through the gag. I heard the laughter of a small crowd before quite suddenly being pitched forward.  Now I was right side up, completely disoriented and instead of butterflies in my stomach I was pretty sure I had pigeons. 

"And now Christine will give us a full demo of the Vetruvian Vac Bed." I heard The Director say clearly through my earbuds. 

"It can handle the weight of any adult less than 350 pounds, and a reinforcement upgrade if you need it.  The unit comes with reusable mouth-gag and nose tubes that are easily sterilizable with boiling water.  We provide an easy to use clip so that you can restrict the airways of one, or all three."

Suddenly I could no longer breathe.  There wasn't any air to pull out of any of the tubes.

"Of course, safety is our number one priority, and you can see that there is a pulse oximeter connected to the display near the head.  Here we know by the reading our little one inside must be starting to panic.  That's alright, we have a little while to go before we need to worry."

"Our special quick drying liquid latex application allow you to set up strategically placed holes.  We're happy to report that we have finished making both the nipples and bottom available..."

Just then I could feel someone grab my nipples sharply and twist them really hard. I yelped into my gag.

"What's that little one? I thought I heard something, lets take the mic over to her.  Christine, please do that again so we can show off how quiet this is."

Again I felt the sharp sharp pain in my nipples and I yelped into my gag.  He was right, I could hear it inside, but it seemed like none of the sound transmitted through. 

Just then the headphones cut out and I could hear the Director speaking.   I was running out of air and really starting to panic now.  Should I press the button?  Surely now is not the right time.  I was already in heaps of trouble, and while I found everything pretty intense and enjoyable so far, I had no idea how far this would go. 

"Ok little one, if you want to breathe again, press the button."

I wasted no time.  My thumb hit the button and I heard the buzzing, not a second later I could finally breath again.

"As you can see, we've provided an external microphone wired to earbuds inside that you can easily turn off and on.  You can see whether or not your charge can hear you based on the icon above their head, next to the heart rate and oxygen content. We're working on getting a line on a more accurate set of oximeters, but as always, play safe!"

"Speak to your hostesses Anna or Ester for pre-orders. We'll make the Vetruvian Vac Bed available for demo after we eat.  In the meantime, enjoy your dinner!"

There was applause all around, and I heard the clinking of silverware against plates, the clinking of glass and the laughter of friends. I was stuck inside my rubber prison feeling deep cramps every minutes or so.   I slipped into the terrible rhythm of being stuck in timelessness while the cramps and the conversational din outside carried on.  It would have been easier if I couldn't hear what was going on outside, but I think that was the point. 

I was sweating, i was getting parched and the nostril tubes were bothering me.  My jaw felt sore with the massive gag in place.  My rear end and chest were freezing cold where they were exposed to the room, but underneath the rubber I was hot.  I needed to pee but I was scared of using the diaper.  Did I mention the cramps?  The prune juice was certainly doing something!  Had it been that long ago or was that still the castor oil?

After what seemed like hours I started to hear voices.

"Well Christine, you've certainly outdone yourself."  It was an older gentleman's voice.

"Thank you!  We could have shown off the basic version, but suddenly this opportunity sprang up." Christine replied, while tapping me lightly on the face.


"Yes, he made quite a spectacular mess of his pretty pink diaper in my office today." The Director responded. 

There was a round of "Uh ohs" and "oh boys".  There must have been a small crowd of 20 people nearby.  I could hear them clearly through the microphone, but I got the impression that was the point.

"How long has he been here?" Another voice asked

"SHE has been here for... about... 6 hours." Christine responded

"6 HOURS?!? And already she is a floor model?"

"You should have seen what she did to The Directors office today. She is in for a very long stay."

"Can you do that?" Someone else asked this time a little too eagerly for my taste.

"No, we have a maximum of two weeks, but we will squeeze every ounce and every hour out of her that we can." Christine replied.

"So she's clearly yours." Someone else offered

"It seems that way, though she will prove to be quite a handful.  I'm going to need a lot of help with this one.  Just transporting her is already proving be a pain.  She is to be in strict bondage the whole stay."

"That 9 point harness stroller design of yours?"

"Yup.  Cleaning her was a bitch.  Luckily I had help."

The Director interjected "That reminds me, I brought the sample.  Shall we start with our first demo?"

"Of course sir" Christine replied.  I felt Christine start to fiddle with the tubes again.  First the mouth tube was closed off and then something was happening with the nostril tubes.

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Chapters 1-6

I am so glad you’re all enjoying the story so far!  I really do love reading your comments. 

This is where the intensity starts to really kick off.  Please heed the warnings, both at the beginning of the story, and the specific topic warnings.

### Chapter 7

Warnings: Torture, Breath Play, Very Mild Scat

I was locked up in a rubber prison callled "The Vetruvian Vac Bed" amongst a crowd of sadists with my nipples and ass exposed.  What could go wrong? I was going to find out.

"This vial is a small sampling of what this little one did in my office. " The Director started, and immediately I could hear a chorus of "ewwwww!" from the crowd. "You can imagine its contents don't smell great.  Christine has worked tirelessly on a system that makes sure our charge here can savour every scent while keeping the rest of the room pollution free.  The unfortunate part—at least for our little one here—is that it also makes it much harder to breathe."

I felt more fiddling around with my nostril tubes.  First it was hard to breath out, and then on my next breath in I could smell it.  That nasty acrid smell from earlier this afternoon was back.  Not only that, but in order to breath properly I really needed to work at it. I had to work extra hard to smell my poopy diaper from this afternoon.  This was torture.

With that diabolical attachment to my nostril tubes making each breath a terrible labour, I was not prepared for what was to come next, but I really should have guessed.  

The Director announced "Okay everyone, for the next couple of hours, she is yours to punish.  There is a wide variety of nipple toys available at the front, and of course spaknees and floggers at the back.  Also at the back you will find an electro-stim box attached to his chastity cage and the plug.  Christine has a cool new prototype to show you there for you electro enthusiasts. Finally, the mouth tube can be opened up for liquid or mush feedings if you so desire.  I see you're both here Beth and Albert.  We'll be using what you brought as a special treat for later."

"You called her 'he' and yet Christine is adamant that he is a 'she'." Someone pipped up.

"Ahh yes.  She is going through our gender program.  We're pretty sure she is a non binary sissy, so she goes by both pronouns.  I switched to he so that it's clear what that cage encircles.  Any other questions? "

"Any limits?" a hopeful voice asked.

"Almost None.  You have free reign with most of the tools in front of you.  We ask you don't mess..." The Director cleared his throat at the unintentional pun " ...mess with the nostril vial, and if you do close off her nostril tubes that you make sure her blood O2 level is above 90.  Make sure nothing beyond a scar is permanent and have fun!"

That was a lot to take in.  I was in trouble.  This is what I wanted, right?  Looks like I might have some scars to contend with.

Someone wasted no time setting up a feeding gag for me, and before I knew it I was tasting a slow dribble of apple flavoured Pedialyte.   Not long afterwards I felt someone with thick fingers grab my nipples and twist hard, making me yelp into my gag and squirm—in so much as I could.  This continued for a minute or two before the audio feed to my earbuds was cut and I was left to the muffled din of the room and the sharp pains being applied to my nipples.  On and on this went until finally I was given a little bit of reprieve. I was breathing the acrid air heavily through my nostril tubes when suddenly that lifeline of air was cut off, and again the torture on my nipples continued.  I was left grunting and yelping and writing and felt like I was about to pass out before I was able to breath again.

That's when the first spank hit me.  I tried to arch my back but was made completely immobile by the vac bed. It HURT.  It was sharp and stingy and it felt like fire.  Then a flurry of blows rained down on me.  I tried in vain to wriggle away but I wasn't going anywhere.  My yelps and screams through the gag increased in volume. I knew the feeling of a cane well, and this was clearly a very thin, and very flexible one.

That's when the nipple pain came back in full force.  It felt like someone had put one of them inside of a vice grip and started turning it, then the other nipple.  The strokes of the cane continued—and continued to be the source of most of my yelps until I felt very tiny teeth bite into my already squished nipples.  Again I tried to arch my back and moaned through my gag at this new level of pain.  I felt the sharp clamps bite down on my nipples even deeper and I cried out, almost choking on the apple Pedialyte dribbling into me.  I started to cough.  

I was in heaven this was so hot.  I was in hell this was so painful.

Suddenly the flow stopped, the spanking stopped and I was left with just the cruel clamps and vice grips on my nipples. But before I knew it there was a torrent of Pedialyte that hit the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow or choke.  Not long afterwards a new flurry of cane-strokes hit my ass, while my nipples were getting attacked by sharp needles.

The caning stopped but I was only given a moment or two of reprieve before it was replaced with a wooden spoon or spatula.  The sharp flat sting unmistakable.  My nipples were getting crushed by what felt like vice grips, twisted, bit into with tiny little teeth, and the tops of them continuously poked at.  I had to keep gulping at the Pedialyte coming down the force feeding gag.   Sometimes the torture of my nipples or my backside would stop, but only be replaced with others.   

I could guess at what they were hitting me with on my ass: paddles, floggers, canes of various widths and sizes, wooden spoons, riding crops, slippers, hair brushes, belts and even a tawse. I had a harder time guessing what was happening to my nipples.  After I got used to what was happening I would be given a small reprieve and a different kind of torture would begin.  I felt them getting squished, twisted, poked, pulled and bitten. Sometimes all at once.  I could barely breathe, and what breath I could draw was only through my nostrils forcing me to smell my accident from earlier. If it wasn't being cut off entirely.

I still had to pee.  My stomach was cramping from the castor oil. I was sweating like a pig. I was thankful for the anal plug because I was sure I wouldn't be able to hold anything back. 

Finally after what felt like hours the brutal torture stopped and I was left panting.  The cruel vice grips and clamps were removed and I was no longer being force fed.  I took a long shuddering sigh of relief.

"Don't get too comfortable Becky".  It was Christine whispering through the earbuds.  Her tone standing my hairs up everywhere.  

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Chapters 1-7

### Chapter 8

Warnings: Torture, Breath Play

I had just endured what felt like hours of the most painful nipple torture and spanking I've ever experienced, smelling nothing but my messy diaper, and tasting horrible apple Pedialyte all while trapped in a rubber prison, desperately needing to pee and dealing with castor oil cramps.  I was finally given a break when Christine whispered a menacing message through my earbuds.  

"Dont' get too comfortable Becky". I'm not sure if it was the sudden AMSR, the edge in her voice, or her clear excitement, but each and every one of my hairs were standing at attention.

Unfortunately my hairs were the only thing standing at attention.  My penis was sheathed in a chastity cage, and this evenings activities have strained it and my balls quite harshly, I was not able to grow any harder.   The large plug in my rectum was still conspicuous, sometimes the spanking would smack it as well.  I was thankful for that, knowing that if it wasn't there—well there would be a mess to contend with.

Suddenly what felt like lightening was shooting inside of me.  This dulled to a series of sharp spikes.  The Electro-stim machine was being used on my plug.  It felt great.  It felt horrible. It felt like I was getting fucked by electrical sandpaper.  It felt like a million bees stinging my insides. Then it stopped.

Then searing white hot pleasure-pain on the head of my penis.  It was so much it was hard to describe.  I writhed and moaned and tried to get away. It was too much. I didn't want it to stop. It went on for too too long and finally it stopped. I relaxed all the muscles that I had been clenching. 

Then the pain came again, this time both on my cock and in my ass. Then it morphed somehow and felt like it was inside of my gut.  It felt like my nerves were a strand of Christmas lights and some one had found a way to twist them around their fist and pull them out popping the bulbs along the way.

Then it felt like... well I had no words for what it felt like. It was pleasure, it was pain, it was both.  I had felt sensations that I never felt before.  Every once in awhile there was a tiny reprieve and I would be hit with even more electricity. 

I was clenching muscles I didn't even know existed. 

Finally it stopped.  I was even allowed to breathe a little fresh air.  At first I took it in big gulps and then settled my breathing. I was still trapped in my sweaty hot rubber prison but at least the torture stopped.  White noise was piped through the headphones and I felt myself disassociating and slipping away. 

I rested.

Then the voice of the Director was clear in my ears, he was addressing the room.  I felt my consciousness slowly return.  I could hear him speak clearly but couldn't understand the words until I snapped back into reality.  Suddenly I was keenly aware of my cramps and aches and pains.  My entire pelvis felt like it was vibrating.

"And now, the grande finale.  Each contestant will be given the opportunity to make the little once wince.  Our judges will determine which torture zone—the e-stim, the ass or the nipples—is the cause of the most pain and award points.  The winner gets an afternoon and evening on Wednesday here at the Institute with this little one."

I barely had time to process what was happening before a new wave of tortures hit.  On the one hand it wasn't as intense as before, they were clearly going easy on me.  On the other hand after all the previous attention I was sensitized.  I started to notice a pattern.  Any time the nipple torture got intense enough to elicit moans and winces, the spanking would ratchet up and become more intense and I'd react to that, which would cause the tens to become more painful which meant I would react to that, then the nipple torture effort would redouble.

I was a sweating, moaning and panting mess.  Someone had closed off the tubes and I was being asphyxiated and tortured and zapped.  Finally I was allowed to breathe, but this time only through my nose and I was back to smelling my stinky mess.

On and on it went.  Taken to new highs of pain.  Eventually it would turn into pleasure, but then it would only flip back into pain as each team vied for the best reaction.  I was like a living instrument being played to death.  What I thought was intense before only paled in comparison.   This built up to a crescendo, people cheering teams on as they tried hard to devise more and more devilish tortures. 

"One minute left!" the Director bellowed.  The teams had to get really creative now.  Someone from the spanking team had stolen a wartenberg wheel that they ran roughly across my ass in between brutal cane shots and paddles.  The tiny little pins felt like fire on my hypersensitive skin.  This only raised the stakes even further so the nipple team had clearly stolen a crop and my nipples were getting beaten senseless.   Each of these sneaky manouvers and my reaction to them bringing shouts of glorious laughter from the Director.

"30 seconds!" The Director bellowed and the pace got more and more frantic.  I was a writhing mess.  

Everyone started counting down in unison:
"...10!" I could swear the wartenberg wheel was digging all the way into my flesh. Were they burying the sharp points to the hilt?
"...9!" I was pretty sure they were piercing my nipples now.
"...8!" It feels like they bypassed the e-stim unit and plugged my electrodes right in the wall.
"...7!" I'm going to die of asphyxiation aren't I?
"...6!" Is that blood running down my ass cheeks? Or did I spring a leak back there?
"...5!" Now they're just twisting my nipples right off aren't they?
"...4!" They've swapped the e-stim for a defibrillator.
"...3!" I'm going to pass out. I need to stay conscious. I can feel it. Just 2 more.
"...2!" They've broken me.
"...1!" Thank god they've broken me. I love how broken I have become.

Finally it stopped.  There were cheers and high-fives all around.  The clamps were all removed and some kind soul was gently massaging blood back into my nipples.  The e-swim unit was turned off. 

The sounds of the raucous party outside was cut, and I heard Christine's voice again. "I'm proud of you Becky, you took that extremely well.  You have one more ordeal to get through at the party tonight, before we can get you snug in your crib.  You just sit tight and relax for a few minutes."

I took it to heart and floated off a little.  I even finally was able to wet.  I had been needing to for what felt like hours.  I could feel the wetness get soaked into the diaper covering the front.  I wondered if it would mess with the vacuum system at all.

After awhile I could hear The Directors voice piped into my earbuds, again addressing the room. "You've all done wonderfully. The judges have had a hard time deciding which team did best, but they have come to a decision.  The winner will get to choose a 3 course menu for this little ones late dinner tonight.   Beth and Albert have prepared quite a variety of options.  Some of them specifically geared towards this little ones dislikes, some of these other ones are going to be universally reviled in the feeding room I'm sure.   During that feeding they get to do a victory lap for as long as it takes this little one to eat her dinner."

Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no no no no.

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Chapters 1-8

This is the last of the intense chapters … at least for day 1! The next chapter is a lot more soft. 

### Chapter 9

Warnings: Torture, truly terrible baby food,  retching, hot-saucing

Oh no.  I had been tortured to what felt like an inch of my life and was finally being given a rest, and now there was going to be a torturous "victory lap" from the winning team all the while being fed... what exactly?  I was sure it wan't going to be good.

The Director started announcing the winner.

"In 3rd place is the Robertsons!"  There was applause and cheers.  "You guys got the short end of the stick, the e-stim can only go so high, and but you guys worked it like experts.  Maybe you'll get a second chance someday soon."

"Now the grand prize winner is... Beth and Albert!"  There we screams and cheers. A few people chanted "Fixed! Fixed!" But the Director shushed them. "Our tie breaker judge doesn't even know who they are, and she chose them fair and square.  You must admit that move of stealing the wartenburg wheel was a coup!"

There were good-natured muttered agreements across the room and laughter.  

I could hear a lady say "Can I speak to her while I feed her?"  That must have been Beth.

"Certainly" replied Christine.  "She can hear you now, or you can use this mic. Just press this button here and it goes direct to her ears."

Through the earbuds I heard her whisper "Oh little one, Robert told me what you did to his office.  The second I heard that I knew I wanted to win you for an evening.  We're going to have so much fun, and tonight is just going to be a taste."

The main audio feed was turned on again and I heard The Director ask "And what are the three courses for this little ones dinner?"

"Liver and Green beans first."  Replied Beth.

"Eewww yuck!  Next?"

"My special cheesy strawberry salmon casserole."

"That's a good one, that was just for this one wasn't it?" The Director asked

"Oh yes!"

"And for the last course?"

"A very special desert that I have been wanting to test out.  It's a surprise.  I am sure it is going to make a lot of your charges unhappy Robert!"

Well, I knew three things:  1) The Director's name is Robert.  2) he and Beth are close enough that they know each other on a first name basis and 3) I'm really in for it. 

"Are you ready to get started then?" The Director asked.

"Almost, can we move one of those bar-stools over there so I can have easy access?" Beth asked.  

"Certainly my dear.  And anything you need Albert?"

"No, I just want to try the e-stim unit!".  Finally I heard the husky voice of Albert.  He sounded like he weighed 600 pounds of pure muscle.  He was clearly the force behind some of those spanks.

"Christine, why don't you help him with that."

"Yes sir!" Christine replied.  

"All set up Beth?  Good.  Your 5 minutes starts... now!"

For a bit nothing was happening.  I started to feel the e-stim on my plug. It was positively gentle.

"Now Becky, this is going to be the first of many feedings I'll be giving you.  Wednesday we're going to have a lot of fun."  I heard Beth say.  I felt something get attached to my mouth tube.   Then I tasted it.

The puréed liver was really grainy in texture and green beans had clearly been boiled for awhile. I wasn't a fan of liver under normal circumstances and hated green beans. If this was fois gras that would be a different story, but I was the one being force fed not the owner of this poor liver.

"I have so many recipes I want to try with you.  Most other babies just try and spit it out after the first or the second spoonful, but I have a captive audience tonight, and in a few days you'll be my captive audience in the feeding room." Beth singsonged as I gulped down the horrible concoction. 

In the meantime the plug inside of me was starting to sting from whatever Albert was doing back there.  He was really playing with the settings.  First it would throb, then it would squeeze, then it would poke and spike, and then it would go between all of them. The intensity slowly ratcheting up.

The last of the liver and green beans slid into my gag and I quickly gulped it down so I wouldn't have to taste it any more. 

"Goooood Giiiirrrrl" Beth coo'ed. "Now are you ready for your next course sweety?  I made this one just for you.  I know that you really do like salmon, but really hate process cheese. I thought I'd add jam so you have a nice sweet and savoury dish, which you love so much!" She kept talking as the new slurry squirted into my gag and into my mouth. 

Wow.  The blast of process cheese, strawberry jam and overcooked salmon was intensely horrible.  I retched.

"Shhhhh.  Don't do that little one.  There is only one way things go into your pacifier gag: Down.  If you puke you're just going to have to fill your cheeks and swallow it."

I whimpered and she rubbed my cheek and massaged my throat through the rubber.  I choked down the horrible concoction as fast as I could.  The salmon was dry as a bone.  The Jam was sickly sweet and was clearly made from artificial flavours.  I retched again but managed to keep it down.

"Ok Becky, It's time for your last surprise.  I'm going to let Albert here turn up the power on everything 100%, and we're going to keep it that way till the end of our 5 minutes.  That is unless you can keep this next serving of baby food in your cheeks for 30 seconds.  Are you ready?"

I felt the power go up to my plug and my chastity cage.  I was on fire. It felt like A million pins and needles shooting into my pelvis.  Each one of them red hot lightening bolts.  

Beth grabbed by throat through the rubber, squeezing tightly.  I would have a hard time swallowing whatever was coming next.

"Here it comes.  Remember, don't swallow for the next 30 seconds!"  I tasted pumpkin, and something else spicy. It wasn't bad at all but It was hot.  More kept coming in my gag, the hand on my throat got tighter.  The spicy pumpkin got hotter.  The taste was good, a nice pairing even.  But as the seconds ticked by it got hotter and hotter.  I held it in my mouth, even though it was hot, it was much better than the searing pain down below.

"We can give you an extra 15 minutes if she swallows" The Director said.

"Really?" Exclaimed Beth.  She sounded really excited at the prospect.  "How much time is left of our victory lap?"

"1 minute" the director replied.

"Maybe you should just swallow Becky.  I promise if you do Albert will turn down the power. " I could sense a change in her demeanour.  What was supposed to be a punishment if I didn't keep the food in my mouth turned into a perk for Beth.

Her hand immediately released from my throat and I felt a massive squirt of the fiery concoction into my gag.  My cheeks were puffing out, no small feat considering I was sill in the Vetruvian Vac bed. 

"You could just swallow sweety." This was a trap.  She wanted that extra 15 minutes, I could tell.  "It's just going to get worse you know.  Those are Carolina Reapers."  She had started to massage my throat and rub my cheek. "I promise nothing else I brought tonight will be as bad as what's in your mouth.  So why don't you make it easy on yourself."

It was getting hot. Brutally hot.  My cheeks were stuffed full and starting to burn.  It was like liquid iron was on my tongue, my cheeks, my gums and the roof of my mouth.  It was worse than the brutal zapping of the e-stim.  But I knew I couldn't trust her, If I could just hold out a a little longer the e-stim would be gone.

I held on. I was sweating and crying and trying desperately not to swallow the molten lava in my throat.  I felt Beth lean in close through my rubber prison, she hissed close to the mic "Come on, swallow for me. Come on." She grabbed my nipples and twisted heard. I wasn't going to quit. I had gone this far. I didn't want another 15 minutes. But the pain was too much.

"OK, Fair's fair.  Little Becky here has preformed admirably." The Director said.  "Becky, you can swallow."  The double-entendre in his voice was so thick it threatened to split and tear.

I wasted no time and gulped it down.  It hurt coming down too.  I cried out again.   but thankfully the e-swim was cut.   I took another gulp, wincing as I did.  It hurt but it felt good to get it out of my burning mouth.  A few more swallows and I was done. Breathing heavily through my now un-blocked nose and mouth tubes.  Each new breath like hot fire.

"Good job Becky, but remember, Wednesday you're mine."  I could hear the playfulness in her voice, but it was dwarfed by the undercurrent of menace.

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Chapters 1-9

Okay, after the intensity of the last few chapters, he is one going back to the ABDL roots.  I hope you enjoy it!

### Chapter 10

Warning: Messing, Humiliation, Soft cuteness

I was both spent and destroyed.  The burning in my mouth was getting stronger and stronger.  I was sobbing gently, I  didn't have enough energy for a full cry. The audio feed was cut, and not soon afterwards I was rolling away.  I could hear the din of applause through the rubber.  We didn't roll that far before coming to a stop.  Which I was extremely thankful for.  Every turn took me upside down and gave me opportunities to burp up fiery salmon pumpkin liver strawberry cheese surprise.

I felt myself being lifted up and then laid on my back. There was a rush of cold air all around the sides.  I felt fingers releasing my wrist and ankle restraints from the ring.  I shivered and whimpered.  My skin ice cold from the sweat and relative coolness outside.  My mouth burning hotter and hotter.

"There just like that, the ring is on the floor and she is on the change table.  Now lets get her out of that rubber and cleaned up." Christine said.  I felt something being applied to my chest and the top sheet was taken off. Soothing cream was applied to  my nipples.  My sweaty skin being given a wipe down with a nursery scented baby wipe. I was rolled to the side and then slid over so I could be laid on my back.  

First a wipe down with another wipe.  This really stung and I involuntarily kicked out and yelped.  

"Shh!  I know it hurts little one but it will be over soon."   Christine cooed "If you're a good girl and just let us work, we'll make sure you get a bottle of milk and a warm set of PJs, Okay?"

Milk sounded good.  I knew it would help with the burning. I nodded and whimpered a little.

"Ok, get ready, we're going to take the rubber off the backside." I gripped the top of the change table and yelped when it was torn off, tugging at my extremely tender skin. 

"Wow, they really beat this poor little one didn't they?"  This was an unfamiliar mans voice.

"Yes. She really got it." Chrstine replied.

After that was done I felt a cool wipe all over my back, arms and legs.  Then some soothing baby lotion, which I relaxed into.  I was still shivering and my mouth was still burning but this felt good.  I was rolled back on my side, slid over and on my back again.  I was able to look around a little.  I was in a room  with a change table in the center.  One of the far walls had a bunch of supplies on low shelves, and each wall had wide windows.  There was a crowd of smartly dressed people outside this room staring inside.  I felt quite naked. 

"She must be headed home?" The man asked.  He was dressed in pale green scrubs with cute little teddy bears riding trucks and cars. He had stylish and short cropped auburn hair and was quite built.  He seemed tall.

"No, this is her first night."


"She's an All-5, and you should have seen the mess she made in The Directors office."

"Ooohhh, I heard about this one.  Her sign-up sheet is FULL.  I tried to get on, but I think I'm too nice."

"You ARE too nice, thats why you're here Dan.  I'm pretty sure you'll get a little more time with her!"

"Well I hope it's more than just diaper duty."
"Speaking of doody, lets make sure she has lots of barrier cream applied. Her next change isn't till morning.”

"With those sores? Ouch.  Look, she is still bleeding."

"Good point, pass me the liquid skin and lift up her legs."

I felt Dans strong arm lift my legs up effortlessly, folding them over towards my head and exposing my rear.  He looked down into my eyes and smiled.  

"This is going to hurt little one. I want you to be good and keep still okay?" He cooed.  I nodded.  Dan made me want to be really obedient.  Maybe it was the overstimulation, maybe it was the cocktail of endorphins, but he could have told me to go back into that rubber ring for another do-over and I would have.

He stroked my hair and I felt liquid skin stinging my butt cheeks.  The sting was soon gone however.  All that was left was the deep stinging in my mouth still burning white hot.  I could feel and smell the sticky Destin cream applied in great big gobs all over my butt checks.  My legs were lifted up and I was laid down onto a really fluffy disposable diaper.  Christine took out the plug —making me gasp in shock—and disposed of it in a zip lock bag, while Dan gently rubbed even more Destin deep in my buttcrack before finishing off with a very liberal dose of powder all over.  He folded the diaper up and over me, and expertly taped it on.  I sighed happily through my feeding gag and he grinned.

Next he threaded my feet through a pair of transparent locking plastic pants.  He pulled my legs straight up, forcing my ass off the table so Christine could quickly tighten the chain and lock it. He grabbed a pair of warm padded pink PJs.  He held up one of the feet of the PJ and said "Look, bunny paws!".  Sure enough, the feet of the PJs had pink rubber toe beans.  He put them on my feet and slid them up my legs before helping me sit up and threading my arms and hands into the sleeves.  When they reached the bunny-paw mittens he brought them up to my face.

"See? Bunny paws too! You must love bunnies,"

He quickly moved my hands out of the way. "Peek-a-boo!"

I shyly smiled  This felt really silly, especially with all the onlookers, but it was also really sweet.

Christine attached a cute little lock to the zipper at the neck and locked in place.  

"Hey, aren't I supposed to be the sweet one, and you the strict one?" Christine joked.

"Yeah, but according to what... gender?" Dan said, shrugging in reply.

I looked down at my PJs.  There were frills everywhere, and were made out of a soft pink fleece. I loved them.  They made me feel soft and warm and pretty and secure—especially after earlier tonight.

"Okay, lets get your gag and nostril tubes out." Christine sighed.  She started by covering my eyes with her hands and spraying something at my nostrils before brusquely tugging them out and depositing them in a plastic bag.  Dan came over and softly unbuckled the large feeding gag, making sure my hair wasn't tangled up in it. As he pulled it out, long strings of drool fell down my chin making Dan chuckle a little.  He grabbed a wipe and gave my chin a  quick one before depositing it in the trash and the feeding gag in another plastic bag.

"OK little one, what's your name?" He asked 

This felt weird.  I knew what I was supposed to say.  I was supposed to use my sissy name. But it felt weird and awkward with another man. 

"It's okay.  Don't be shy." he gently prodded

"I .. uhh... Becky"

"Well Okay eye-uh-Becky.  That's a real funny name."  Dan pulled up the hood to my sleepers, with bunny ears flopping over my eyes.  He grinned and placed my hands on his shoulders, and gripped me under the armpits before pulling me off the change table.  I felt like rubber but he expertly maneuvered me into my awaiting stroller. 

"It's... It's... Becky" I said, looking up at him.

"I knew that silly." he said with a smile.  He started to sing a little nursery rhyme while strapping me to my stroller.

"Time to make baby safe and tight!
We don't want her falling tonight.
First it's her diaper strap, click click click.
Then up the chest? yes. thats the trick!
Next is her shoulders, her arms and her.. uh oh!"

He stopped to retrieve a set of pink fuzzy wrist restraints and buckled them in place, locking them on and clipping them to the side of my stroller.

"...and her wrists.
She's being so good, she deserves a treat, 
just 8 more to go,
2 thighs...
2 shins... UH OH!"

Again he stopped, retrieved another set of pink fuzzy ankle restraints and bucked those with their own lock, before they were attached to the legs of the stroller.

"Where were we? right....
And then 2 cute little rabbit feet!
Now we'll finish off with her neck and her head.
And look at that, she's ready to be taken to bed."

It was a sweet little song, and I felt even more secure and snug.  He left the room and came back with a pink baby bottle full of milky white liquid.  He attached it to a bendy arm on the side of my stroller and said "Open wide" before moving it towards my mouth.  Immediately I tasted warm vanilla toddler formula, and guzzled some of it down to ease the burning.

"Do you want to put her to bed tonight?" Christine asked.

"I'd love to! She is adorable!" Replied Dan. 

"Okay, her room is all ready for you.  Her caregiver will be there in about an hour."

Then I was pushed out of the change-room-with-a-view and into a large foyer full of applause.  The Director wandered over and as a group we went to the door.  I yawned and drank my bottle, enjoying the ride, the peace, and the security.  Then it seemed like there was a receiving line of sorts.  There were many goodbyes between The Director and his friends, some short, some long.    I felt my tummy rumble.  Loud. 

Dan leaned and whispered "It's okay baby, you just make a mess in your diapers.  That's what they're there for.  We know you're just a baby who can't hold their poopies."

I was a little queasy, I couldn't do it again.  I was sure the consequences would be dire do mess in front of The Director.  Again.  I shut my eyes and tried to breathe.  There was a large group of obviously close friends. They were all getting ready to leave, but enjoying each other's company so much that they couldn't. The cramps I was having earlier came back in full force. 

I couldn't hold it any longer, and started to mess my diaper.  Since my diet had been mostly liquid and mush for the past few hours it came out wet. The same consistency going out as it came in.  Since my intestines were coated with oil it came out slick. Since I had swallowed a lot of air, well, it was quite loud. 

I was mortified.

There was some nervous and some genuine laughter.  I turned red as a beet.  Dan just leaned over and patted the top of my head whispering "Good Girl."

That did however seem to kill the party, as many were afraid of the impending stench.  So they all started to file out slowly and surely.  Beth and Albert were last.  They spent some time talking to Christine about her latest invention.  I was so tired I had my eyes closed for the most of it, but I felt someone grip my cheeks and opened my eyes.  An older lady with short spiky platinum blond hair was inches from my face. 

"You did well today kiddo" She lightly tugged on my cheek.  "I'm sad I didn't get to spend an extra 15 minutes with you, but I will soon!". I recognized that voice.  

Sanding up she looked over at Christine, "You make sure and fill that stomach full of food for the next few days and make it grow and grow.  I have got a lot a foods I want to try with her!"

"Yes Ma'am!" Christine smiled.   "Anything special?"

"Just lots of fibre. Make she she is full and always moving."

The Director interjected "I can assure you my dear, plenty of fibre is already on her menu." He laughed. "but We'll make sure there's more!"

"Alright, it's time Albert and I took our leave, goodnight all,  And you my sweet one, I'll see you on Wednesday."

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Day 1 Chapters 1-10

Another soft chapter for you all.  I hope you enjoy it!  Dan is easily one of my favourite characters. 

### Chapter 11

Warnings: None!

Dan wheeled me down the corridor while The Director and Christine walked the other direction engrossed in conversation.  Dan slowly  pushing the stroller.  

"So little one, did you enjoy your first evening here?"

I thought about it, and stopped drinking my bottle. "I think so, yes."  This was the first time that I had really been engaged with as a person, not a plaything. 

"Pretty intense though huh?"


"Are you going to be able to handle the next week?"

"I really don't know. I could barely handle tonight."

Dan laughed and tousled my bunny-ear-hood "Did you have a choice?"

"No, I guess not."

"Do you think you have a choice now?"

"Come to think of it, I no one has given me a safe word." I responded.  It was weird having a conversation with him, getting pushed along, dressed like this, a diaper full of liquid poop. 

"That's right little one.  Every baby gets an interview at the directors office, and he asks every baby the question 'On a scale of 1 to 5...'  When were were first starting out every excited baby would say 'five' gleefully, but we quickly found out that a 5 really meant a 2 or a 3."

"Wait what, really?"

"Yeah!  I mean, it's not as if these little stinkers weren't kinky.  It's just, they couldn't take too much.  Or they had boundaries like no urine, no enemas, no spanking... even no baby food!  We got that one a lot."

"That doesn't surprise me!  I bet you got a lot of babies who wanted it, but once they experienced the reality..." I trailed off.

"I don't blame em, that stuff is nasty!"

"You've had it?"

"I sure have, couldn't keep it down.  I don't know how you're going to last a week."

"Wait, When did you try baby food? Are you an ABDL?"

"One week a year every staff member must go through the program themselves.  I'm a big wimp, so I've never gone through nearly what you brave kids go through.   Christine though... Well, lets just say at a certain level there is a competition to break some caretakers."

I sat and drank my bottle of formula, and let the implications settle. "I really signed myself up for a lot of trouble, huh?"

"Yeah kid, you're famous!  Everyone wants a piece of you. Literally. The Director put his best on you. "

We got to the elevators.    Dan pressed the button and then he pointed at a picture of me hanging on the wall.

"Look who that is?"

I was shocked.  There I was in the "Vetruvian Vac Bed".  There was a picture-in-a-picture that was a close up of one of my nipples.  Well, that explained why they hurt so bad.  They were crushed and twisted between a tiny plastic vice, then what looked like tiny bear traps were clamped on tight.  There was a sharp pin poking into the very tip of one, and a wartenburg wheel on the other.  They sure were fast putting the picture up.

"Did that hurt little one?"

I nodded, still sucking down vanilla toddler formula. My nipples _still_ hurt.

The elevator dinged and its doors opened so he pushed me inside.  On our trip up he made sure to rock me back and forth.  I started to drift.  We hit our destination floor and he pushed me into the empty corridor.  The sound of his soft footsteps bouncing off of the white shiny linoleum floor.  He must have noticed that I was dosing because he was just softly humming a lullaby. Before long we hit my new room. I opened my eyes when we came to a stop.

The white door was just big enough to fit my stroller.  It had a single port hole and a key swipe lock, My name was written on a large card in a nameplate beside it.  Beside that there was a sheet of paper hanging off a clipboard with a bunch of names beside it, all in different handwriting.  Up at the top was a gold star with a 5 in the middle. 

He swiped his card and opened the door.  We wheeled in and the door shut with a heavy clank.  My room wasn't very roomy at all.  Most of it was taken up by a large hospital crib. It had an IV pole on either side and it even had a top.  Between the steel bars was a pink plastic sheet and sitting on top of that a pink fuzzy adult sleep sack with an alarming  number of straps.  There was a counter off to the side with a sink, a mini fridge, a bottle warmer and a blender just for baby food. On the other wall there was another counter.  This one was pure white tile and had a pump-bottle of what was clearly lube, and hanging on the wall was a quite impressive array of some deeply perverted toys.  I was too tired to focus, but there were all kinds of tubes and plugs that went in all kinds of places.  Toys to tease, punish and torture.  I was sure I would experience them soon enough. 

There was a small bedside table with a little Eyeore lamp on it.  A large set of headphones sat beside that. Hanging off of the back bars of the crib was a busy board and a mobile.  The front bars had a clip-board with some paper on it. 

Dan wasted no time getting me out of all my restraints.  He lowered the crib bars and grabbed the clip-board.

"It says here you're to be put to sleep in your crib, in the bunting bag, tightly restrained. A bottle should be set in the warmer and ready, but it's not up to me to feed you.  Damn.  And... oh..." he trailed off. 

"Oh?" I asked?

"Well, let's get you ready!"  He was deflecting.

He helped me out of my stroller and onto the crib, getting me nestled into my bunting bag.  Outside was warm fleece and the inside was lined with pink plastic. It even had a place for my head.  I was in a pink fuzzy plastic cocoon.  Looking up at the ceiling I saw myself staring back at me through a mirror.  It was big enough and angled enough I could see the door and the rest of the room.  Dan opened a drawer under one of the counters and pulled out a pair of fresh rubber gloves.  From a different drawer he grabbed some wires, and before I knew it, his hands were underneath the leg bands of my locking plastic pants and my diaper and I felt him plug my cage into them.  

I blushed at his manipulation and he smiled, "It's okay little one.  I'm sure by the end of the week you'll be begging for someone to touch you."

That only made me blush even deeper red.

After that he made sure my legs were properly set up in the bunting bag and then zipped it up before bucking them in, and buckling them to the crib.  Working his way up, he shoved my mittened hands in, and I was stuck tight already.  He fiddled around with the cord connected to my cage and made sure it was connected to a little box on the bedside table.  He fiddled with it and watched me.  I felt the e-stim again. Gentle.

"Feel that?" He asked

I nodded my head as best as I could in the bag.  

"Good" he said.  He didn't seem that excited by it.

He pressed a button on the crib, and my head was raised maybe 3 inches.  He buckled up my pelvis and chest, made sure the hood was in place, and finished making sure my head and my neck were tightly buckled down.

"There we are, snug as a bug in a rug!" He booped my nose and I blushed. 

I watched as he pulled a big empty bag with some tubing off of the toy wall, and another pacifier feeding gag and put it on the tiled counter.  He followed up with a pair of nipple clamps and almost as an after thought pulled a pink pacifier out of a drawer.  Not just any pink pacifier, but my favourite pink pacifier that Cloudy and I had decorated together one night. 

He pulled out a big jug from a cupboard and a can of baby formula, a bottle of powdered laxative,  another jar of a mystery white powder and a hand mixer.  I watched through the mirror as he prepared a large quantity of Reguline baby formula in the jug, added a precise amount of the mystery white powder, and blended it up.  Dan Filled up a new pink bottle full of formula and put that into a bottle warmer.  He finished off with putting the big jug into the mini fridge.

"Okay Becky, looks like you got a few minutes before your next visitor."  He popped my pacifier into my mouth.  "Hopefully we'll talk again soon.  Sleep tight little one!"  he booped my nose one more time and then swiped his card with a beep and walked out of the room. 

Visitor or not, it wasn't long before I was out like a light.

"Becky.... Becky..." I heard a familiar voice and felt a hand on my cheek.

I opened my eyes and my lovely wife Cloudy was staring down at me.  She was sitting on a rolling stool next to my crib.  Even though I was forced to look straight up because I was trapped in the tight sleep sack I could see that in her hand was the bottle that Dan had put into the warmer earlier.

I was hot and sweaty in my plastic lined cocoon.  I was in a very thick and messy disposable, with plastic pants, then fleece PJs, then in a plastic lined fleece sleep sack.  It was going to be a long night!  At least I was tired.

Cloudy had stuck the bottle nipple between my lips and I drank.  I was clearly sweating out all my fluids.  I let my eyes drift close and I guzzled down the formula.  It had a bitter after taste but I didn't care. I was thirsty. 

"So did you have a good day today Becky?"

I opened my eyes.  Cloudy was still holding the bottle, expecting me to drink.  I made a noncommital "uuuhhhhhhhhh" noise through the nipple.

"Was it too much?"

I responded with an emphatic and affirmative "Uh huh!"

"Was it everything you desired?"

Again, nothing to do but respond with an emphatic "Uh huh!"

"Do you want to stop it?"

I wasn't sure.  I was really tired.  Tonight was HARD and it was only day one.  Who knows what tomorrow would bring. I tried to shrug my shoulders, but it was impossible to move.  Cloudy clearly noticed my indecision.

"Well, it doesn't matter.  You're hear till next Saturday night whether you like it or not.  You told me this is what you wanted!  To experience 'too much' and 'be trapped with no way out'. I'd say you got that huh?" I tired to nod and mumbled another affirmative "Uh huh" through the bottle. 

"Do you regret asking for it?"

Again I wasn't sure. I mumbled "I dunno" through the nipple, releasing the vacuum and letting a stream of bubbles into the bottle.

"I think you might by the end of the week. But in the meantime you're also going to have a lot of fun."

AgainI responded with a very emphatic "uh huh!".

The bottle gurgled as I finished off the contents.  Cloudy took it out of my mouth.

"So did you enjoy your time with Christine?" Cloudy Asked.
"She was tough.  I had a hard time gulping down lunch!" I responded. 

"..and she said that was the best thing you'd have all week!"

"So far she was right.  My mouth still hurts."  

"When is that lady coming?"

"Wednesday."  I had a look of dread on my face.

"That's going to be tough.  She really had a good time feeding you some pretty nasty things.  How as the liver?"

"Not as bad as the cheesy strawberry jelly salmon."

"Ugh" Cloudy shuddered.  "I bet.  You're just going to be a puddle of goo when I take you home next Saturday."

"I can't believe I haven't even been here a whole day."

"And How was your time with Dan?" Cloudy asked, a sing-song in her voice with a slight undercurrent of jealousy.

I blushed deep red. "He's ... really nice."

"And I'm not?" She retorted

I looked up at her, she smiled.

"I'm not nearly as nice as he is." She continued.

"No, but that's why I love you. I love how tough you are with me!  But he did make me feel really small, and really special."

"I get it!" Cloudy smiled down at me. "I'll have to keep an eye on you two! "

I blushed redder still.  

She patted my cheek and gave me a long kiss on the top my forehead "Well, I should let you sleep" she sighed, putting the pacifier back in my mouth.  I almost immediately fell asleep as she scanned her keycard and left.

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Day 1 Chapters 1-11

We’re nearing the end of Day 1.  Day two is when I really start to get my writing legs under me and I get the help of an amazing editor around chapter 4.  It also deals with a lot of dark themes as well.  As usual though I’ll be flagging them with warnings at the top of each chapter so you don’t get caught unaware.

I hope you all are enjoying the story thus far!

### Chapter 12

Warning: Stalker behaviour, e-stim, even more messy diapers

I awoke to the fire of what felt like 50,000 volts across my caged penis and yelped.  I opened my eyes and was staring up though the now closed top of the crib.  I could see that the feeding gag that Dan pulled out earlier was in my mouth.

"There you are.  I'm glad you're awake." It was the Director.  He was fiddling with the box a little.  It jolted me quickly, then gently, then stopped. 

He went to the fridge and poured the entire jug of formula into a large clear bag with a hose and hung it on the IV stand.  

"Most babies only get a few hours of sleep during the night, so I thought tonight we'd simulate the experience for you."

He wandered over to the cupboard above the fridge and I saw him grab 3 bags of prune babyfood.  He twisted the cap off and plugged it into my feeding gag, quickly squeezing the contents of the first bag into my mouth.

"I've read your posts on Reddit you know.  I've seen your Fetlife profile. I made an intern find every image you loved and save it for me.  Every group post you made.  I've archived every version of your website.  Hell, I've even gotten ahold of a few of your chat logs."

He unscrewed the cap of the second bag of prunes, squeezing its contents into my gag and into my mouth.  I was forced to quickly swallow the goop.

"You go pretty deep into this.  Not many others play quite as hard as you do."

He unscrewed the third cap and started to squeeze it's contents into my gag before I was finished gulping down what was in my mouth.  My cheeks puffed up.

Continuing, he took the hose from the bag, and attached it to my feeding gag.  "Every little bit of compassion that Dan shows you, I'll make sure will be followed up with even stronger and stricter punishment.  We're going to have a lot of fun with you this week.  We so rarely get someone like you, someone who pre-consents to any and all treatments.  When we do, it's even rarer still that they come back."

He released the clamp and the formula dripped into my mouth still full of the prunes I was gulping down.

The director grabbed the pair of cruel nipple clamps shaped like bear traps and found my nipples through hidden pockets in both my thick sleep sack and my PJs.  This wasn't his first time.  I winced as they bit into my tender flesh.  He opened a drawer and pulled out a short length of chain, and attached the clamps together, before then attaching that chain to the barred top of my crib.

"There we are, nice and tight.  We've spiked your formula with caffeine so you won't have much sleep tonight."

He pulled out a sleep mask and put it over my eyes and looped around my ears.

"There, you'll have plenty to think about till morning when Christine gets you ready for the day.  We'll talk soon!"

I heard him fiddle with something and it felt like the e-stim got a lot sharper and more painful.

"Goodnight!"  I heard the keycard scanner and the door lock shut.

"It's going to be a long night." I thought to myself.  That's when the cramp hit me like a tonne of bricks.  The mineral oil enema from this afternoon made it impossible to hold on, and I found myself pooping the firy hell I was fed earlier.  I could feel it's white hotness spread around sticking to my skin, and making it burn slightly.  

The dribble of the feeding gag was just enough that I had to stay awake and keep swallowing.  

My nipples were pinched and pulled quite tightly.  

The e-stim attached to my cock kept changing.  First nothing, going harsh, then a small trickle, and then unbearable at random intervals.  It was impossible to predict if the next 10 seconds were going to be pleasureable, painful, or a relief. Sometimes they would stack together.  Just a little tickle, and then almost nothing, and then a tickle again.  Sometimes I could get bursts of pleasure, then even more pleasureable. Sadly the cage prevented the kind of relief I really wanted. Sometimes  I was really unlucky it was more pain then I could bear, only to be followed up by even more pain.

Every once in awhile I would get into a groove and feel like I could last, and then I would get a really sharp blast from the e-stim and it would knock me off balance.  Usually when that followed I would squirt another painful messy load of Carolina Reaper into my diaper.  

It was a long night.  And it was my first night here.  And it only just started. What the hell did I get myself into?

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Day 1 Chapters 1-12 - The end of day 1 draws near!

Another short chapter, I hope you’re enjoying it. :)

Chapter 13

Warnings: force feeding, gratuitous messing, unclear and possibly fictional physiology of wettings with e-stem

I heard the beeping of the card lock, and footsteps.  Then there was some kind of preparation.  2 different kinds of blenders were run.  

It was breakfast time! Finally! I made it.

I heard some liquid being poured, and then some kind of goop getting poured into a container.  I heard someone walk closer to me and my feeding stopped and I felt the tube get pulled off.  I heard liquid getting poured, and then something connected back onto my feeding gag.  That's when I tasted something new, it was puréed spinach and prunes.  This was pretty nasty. The spinach was steamed and it was clear the leftover water from steaming was used in the purée because it was so bitter.  The sweetness of the prunes didn't take away any of the spinach flavour, only added in making it even worse.

I gulped it down. I couldn't do anything less.

After I was done I felt a different tube get attached to my feeding gag and I tasted more formula—at first mixed in with the remnants of the spinach and prune. My belly was pretty full and I moaned a little. I was rewarded by having my nipple clamps tighten and the chain pulled a little higher, stretching my nipples even more.

Then I heard the footsteps walk away, the card swipe beep and the door open and shut.

Just then the e-stim switched power and my cock got a severe shock.  I moaned in pain and in anguish of being left alone and un-able to sleep.

I heard the card lock beep again and someone came in, footfalls heavy.

"Shhhhhh!" They whispered harshly.  "Babies need to be quiet during the nighttime."

I felt the e-stim stop for a second and it began it's brutal assault. Soon I found out I was only going to be oscillating randomly between pleasure, pain, more pain, and searing white hot pain.   There was no reprieve at all.  The interval between each one was longer too.

"Now get some sleep." The stranger whispered.

Sleep was the last thing on my menu.

I settled back into the rhythm.  Gulping down formula, breathing through the intense bursts from the e-stim, holding back cramps as long as I could but giving up and messing my diapers—trading the pain of the cramps for the pain from the Carolina Reapers burning my anus on their way out, burping from all of the air I was digesting. 

The second time someone came In I thought maybe it was morning.  Again I heard one of the blenders, and again I was fed another round.  This time the unmistakeable flavour of over-cooked pea puree was forced into my mouth, and then even more formula. 

I was left alone again. Drinking, burping, pooping.  Another long stretch of pain from my nipples, from the e-stim attached to my cock, and the Carolina Reapers—both as they came out of me, but also as I lay in the slurry.

The third time I gave up thinking it was morning.  This time it was broccoli. Yuck. Again came the formula.  

I squirted more liquid fire into my diaper.  I also really needed to pee.  There was nothing to do but to try as best as I could and relax and let go. It was hard with the estim.  It took a long while to get started, and when I was finally able to pee, I could only do it for a little while before there e-stim would switch to a high setting and the spasm of my muscles would stop the flow.

The fourth time I had a visitor I was fed some kind of bean.  It was dry and the texture was hard to contend with.  More formula followed and then my clamps were tightened again, and my e-stim was set to a mode where it was always pain.  The only difference was how much.

I was left alone again. Drinking, burping, pooping.  Finally the Carolina Reaper pain was subsiding, even if the pain of the clapm and e-stim were still present.

I lay there, awake and yet tired.  My head swimming.  Burping and drinking the slow drip of formula dribbling into my feeding gag.  Trying desperately to pee.  I was laying in a slurry of yuck that made my skin burn and itch, and I was sweating profusely.  I ticked the minutes down, focused only on the pain and discomfort I was feeling.  Sometimes a moan would escape past my lips and I would immediately recognize it and clamp down on the urge to vocalize, lest things get worse. Could they get worse?  Of course they could;  At any excuse they would. 

The fifth time someone came in I was fed puréed prunes.  This time no formula.  Thankfully my nipple clamps were removed and the e-stem turned off.  My pacifier feeding gag was removed, and replaced with a normal pacifier.  A break at last.  Exhausted I finally flooded my diaper and  I quickly fell asleep soon after.

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  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Day 1 Chapters 1-13 - What a night!
  • 2 weeks later...
  • Sissy Becky changed the title to Adult Baby Research Institute - Day 2 (Ch. 1-8) Day 1 (Ch. 1-13)

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