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Dirty girl (Chapter 6 & Epilogue added 10/11/22)

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This is my first story and I'm not a native speaker, so please be gentle.

Tags: lesbian, wet, messy, diaper girl, humiliation, erotic, spanking

Some tags will be relevant in later chapters.

Dirty girl

Megan comes home early and finds out her young flatmate is not as innocent as she thought.

1 - A surprise

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Megan had been home early and still not used to having a flatmate had wandered through to her bedroom to get out of her work clothes without announcing her presence. It came as quite a surprise when she walked by her flatmate's room and saw her, back to the open door, kneeling on her bed and humping one of her pillows. Not that she minded, in fact she was enjoying the show. She had been quite taken with young Lisa from the moment she walked into her life. She liked them young, shy and tiny and Lisa, barely 19 years old, fit that description perfectly. With her long blond hair, beautiful face and youthful body, she was very sexy, at least in Megan’s opinion. And here she was, humping her pillow, giving Megan the show of her lifetime.

It had all started with a call from her mother, who had been living next to Lisa's parents for at least 20 years. They were good friends and when Lisa's mother had mentioned to her that Lisa wanted to move to Megan’s hometown to go to college there in fall, it had taken her all but a few seconds to suggest that Lisa rent a room in Megan's big condo. Megan herself had been here for the last 13 years, first for college, then later to work at the company she had been an intern for during her first years. It had been a small company at the time, but with some luck and the right strategy, they had risen to be one of the bigger employers in town. And with Megan being part of it almost from the beginning, she herself had risen to be one of the senior employees in the company, now being responsible for 20+ other employees. She had bought her condo only 2 years ago, giving herself the treat of getting the penthouse of the 4 story high building, which added privacy and a big balcony to the deal. It was almost too big for her alone, but she had fallen in love with it the moment she had stepped into it and bought it a short time later. She knew she could easily afford it so the decision had been easy. So she hadn’t been looking for a flatmate, not needing one and enjoying her freedom from her former flatmates, and had been less enthusiastic than her mother thought she would be, when she had told her about Lisa's plans. She had known Lisa since she was a baby of course, she even had babysat her from time to time. But it had been 5 years since they had seen each other, and now being 19 years and going to college, Lisa might have changed from little girl to a drug addicted goth for all Megan knew. It had taken her mother almost half an hour to convince her that Lisa was still the shy, pleasant girl she had been back then. They had agreed to Megan visiting her parents and having a talk with Lisa about her plans. That had been 3 months ago and it took Megan all but 5 minutes to decide that Lisa could indeed rent a room from her and that she would have to restrain herself from seducing the girl on her first evening there. Since then it had been a constant struggle for Megan to not be too obvious, not wanting to scare innocent little Lisa away.

The same innocent little Lisa, who was now right before her own eyes, not so innocently humping her pillow while squeezing her small breasts and moaning like a pornstar. Megan couldn’t tear her eyes from the view, now leaning against the doorframe and starting to massage her own breasts through her blouse. She watched fascinated, as Lisa continued for almost a minute, then stopping abruptly and leaning slightly forward. At first Megan thought she had been seen and slowly backed away a few steps. But Lisa didn’t look at her or made any move at all, just leaning slightly forward. Then a grunt, and bending a bit further. Now it looked like she was having some cramp or pain. Megan looked on, now slightly concerned for the wellbeing of her flatmate. That is until Lisa gasped in relief and then started humping the pillow again in earnest. Megan looked on, now confused about that little interlude until it started again, Lisa leaning forward a bit more this time and now exposing her little butt to Megan. Megan almost gasped at what she saw at that moment, holding her hand over her mouth in shock. Lisa wasn’t wearing panties as she first had thought. They had looked a bit childish to Megan, with small animals printed on them. But now Megan recognized them as some kind of pull ups or diapers, and Lisa was right in the middle of filling them to the brim. It took her a few seconds more, then she gasped again and resumed humping her pillow. By now it had been a few minutes of Megan watching Lisa, and Megan was unsure of how to react, when Lisa’s moaning got a bit louder and then stopped suddenly. Looking up Megan saw her shaking all over her body and then slump forward, panting like she just ran a marathon. Megan was still confused but she knew she had to leave or Lisa would see her right away, which would be very awkward for both of them. So Megan slowly backed away towards her own bedroom, still somewhat unsure of how to react. 
When she entered her room, she tried to analyze the situation she had just seen. Was Lisa really wearing a diaper while she masturbated? It could have been some odd panties. But she had watched her mess herself. Could she just have misinterpreted the grunts? Perhaps she was in pain. But then Megan shook her head. No, she had seen what had happened. Hell, she had smelled what had happened. Little innocent Lisa had humped her pillow while wearing a diaper and messing herself, and from the looks of it, she had had quite the orgasm in the end. Who would have thought Megan thought to herself, now smiling and starting to undress from her work clothes. With the confusion and concern for Lisa out of the way, Megan's arousal came back with full force. It had been quite the show and to Megan’s own surprise, the kinky behavior of Lisa hadn’t been repulsive at all. When she had thought about scat and similar stuff before, it had been quite disgusting for her, not being sexy at all. Now looking back, when picturing Lisa with her filled little diaper on her pillow, it only added to Megan’s own arousal. She started squeezing her breasts again and it only took her a few moments to let one hand slip into her panties, which were already quite wet from the show earlier. With the picture of Lisa in her mind, she started masturbating again and it only took her a few minutes to finish with a very satisfying orgasm. An orgasm and a decision that would change hers and Lisa’s relationship quite a bit she knew.

Megan had taken a shower in her ensuite afterwards and had put on some casual clothes again. Now she was hungry and went down the hall to the kitchen. When she reached Lisa's room, things were unchanged from when she had left. Lisa was still lying in her bed, fast asleep. Megan almost laughed when she saw it, but then she started thinking that this would be her perfect opportunity. She continued on to the kitchen and started making something to eat as fast as she could. A few minutes later she returned, now entering the room and sitting down right next to the girl on her bed. She was still sleeping, and Megan looked over her with hunger in her eyes. She would make Lisa hers, of that she was sure. And it would be so much fun to do it, too. Megan looked at Lisa's butt again and saw that her suspicions had been right. Lisa was wearing some pull ups, and looking at them from the side, Megan could see an opening in the back where the leghole was. Lisa obviously had made a big mess, bigger than what the pull up could handle and it had pushed back against the pull up so that she could see the mess from where she was sitting. It was quite a surprise for her to not be disgusted by this but to look forward to cleaning up her little dirty girl in the future. But that would have to wait, today Lisa would be very embarrassed and it would be Megan's first priority, to make her comfortable again, preferable in her arms. 

With a deep breath and steeling herself for what would come next, she gently touched Lisa on her shoulder, slowly caressing her down her arm and ending on her hip, just touching the side of Lisa’s diaper. 

“Lisa honey. Wake up, it’s time for dinner.”

Lisa's eyes fluttered a bit and she started moving, but it took her a while to open her eyes and look around in confusion about what was happening. Megan smiled down at her and gently patted her on the hip.

“Come on sleepyhead, it’s time to get up. I prepared dinner.”

“What time is it?”

“Almost 6:30. You were fast asleep and I thought you would like something to eat before you go to bed again.” Lisa smiled at Megan’s grin, knowing that she was just lazily wasting most of the day since she had assembled the last of her furniture in the morning, which had been quite tiring. “That and I think you need a change.”

With that Lisa’s eyes flew open in shock. She had completely forgotten what she had been up to before she fell asleep and now it came back to her. And Megan had caught her. Slowly she was fumbling for her blanket to cover herself, knowing that it didn’t really matter anymore. Tears started running down her cheeks while she looked up at Megan with fearful eyes.

“It’s alright, Lisa.” 

Megan was still caressing her side and now looked up, seeing Lisa’s hand becoming frantic in her search for her blanket. 

“Shhh, it’s okay. Here, let me help you.”

With that, she pulled the blanket over Lisa’s still mostly naked body and then resumed gently petting her on her shoulder.

“It’s alright, you’re not in trouble. I know you’re embarrassed, but I’m really okay with it. You know, why don’t I go back into the kitchen and look after dinner again, while you get up, go take a shower and then join me and have something to eat, okay? We can talk about it then.”

She was looking into Lisa’s eyes and then nodded her head and with a small hug started to stand up and slowly leave the room.

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Great you dared to publish in English, I wouldn't have done it. I've always wondered what's the point of publish a story on ABDLScandinavia in English, rather than reaching for an English speaking audience.

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17 hours ago, igel said:

Great you dared to publish in English, I wouldn't have done it. I've always wondered what's the point of publish a story on ABDLScandinavia in English, rather than reaching for an English speaking audience.

I've been lurking there for several years now, google translate works good enough for that. So I thought it would be fair to post the story over there, too. 

2 - Awkward cleanup
It was 20 minutes later that she heard the shower starting. Megan had been sitting in the kitchen, watching her pasta cooking while trying to read a few pages in her book. It was impossible she knew after having to reread the first page 3 times, her mind drifting back to Lisa every time. Instead she had been thinking about her plans for Lisa. She had always had a bit of a dominant streak in her, but never had the opportunity to experience it. That would change with Lisa.
When Lisa entered the kitchen Megan could see that she was still red eyed and sniffing. She didn’t say a word and instead prepared a plate for Lisa and herself. During dinner nobody said a word. Lisa was desperately trying to avoid eye contact while Megan was deep in thought about what her next steps should be. When they had finished, Lisa quickly put the dishes into the dishwasher and was already on her way back to her room, when Megan finally broke the silence.

“Lisa? Can you please say something?”

She was standing with her back to Megan on her way out the door when she stopped in her tracks. Tears started streaming down her cheeks again and Megan could see her trembling. Megan walked up behind her and slowly pulled her in an embrace from behind.

“I know this is really awkward for you and I understand that you are ashamed. But I need you to know that there’s no reason for that. Can we please talk about it? I really don’t want us to be like that from now on. I consider you my friend and I can see that you’re hurting.”

Megan slowly pulled her towards the living room and sat down on the couch, pulling Lisa with her so that she sat on her lap with her side to Megan. Gently she pushed Lisa's head to her shoulder and put her arms around her again.

“You know there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I just want you to know that you can talk to me about these things and that I won’t judge you. I want to help you and I’m a bit concerned that you’re hurting yourself. Can you tell me how this started?”

Lisa was still trembling in Megan's arms and it took her a few moments to start talking.

“I… I’m so sorry, Megan… I promise I’ll never do it again. It was just… I don’t know what happened. Can we just forget this, please? It was just an accident.”

Megan pulled her in tighter when Lisa started crying again. It took her almost 5 minutes to calm down again, with Megan rocking her slowly back and forth and whispering small words of encouragement to her. When she finally stopped crying and had calmed down a bit more, Megan started talking again.

“I know this is really personal, but I am a bit concerned about your health. Now we both know that this wasn’t an accident. You could have accidentally pooped yourself, but you don’t accidentally poop a diaper that you normally don’t need. So please don’t lie to me, I really don’t like that.”

She had pushed Lisa away a bit so that she could look her directly in the eyes and when Lisa looked down in shame she quickly put her hand under her chin and made her look up again.

“As I told you, you don’t need to be ashamed, it’s perfectly normal to experiment with your sexuality, even if it’s a bit more out there than usual. And there are really only two reasons we’re sitting here talking about it. First of all, like I told you, I don’t judge you. And the sooner you accept this, the sooner we can go back to normal here. I really like you and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me. This is your home now, too. The second reason is my concern for your health. Now there’s nothing wrong with experimenting, but using a diaper like you did poses some risks. Do you know what I mean by this?”

Lisa didn’t know what to say to that. Of course she knew that you had to be extra careful and clean yourself ‘down there’, but more than that…? Megan looked at her doubtfully, with Lisa’s ‘deer in the headlights’ look she was not convinced.

“There are bacteria in your poop that could lead to an urinary tract infection if they reach your vagina, you know. This is a huge risk and it is very painful and might lead to incontinence or worse. It’s really important that you clean yourself up thoroughly after you had your fun time. Do you know, how you clean yourself up down there? Did you use a douche?”

Lisa didn’t know what that was. Her mother had never mentioned a douche to her when they had their very awkward ‘talk’ and when she had showered just an hour ago she was still shaken and pretty much on autopilot, so more than anything she had cleaned her dirty butt, without really paying attention to her vagina. So when Megan asked her directly, if she knew how to clean herself, all she could do was blush and look down ashamed of herself. Megan on the other hand had hoped for something like that. 

“Oh honey, you didn’t clean yourself properly?”

Tears started to flow anew and Lisa buried her head in Megan's shoulder again.

“Shhhh… It’s okay. It’s o-kay. It’s not that bad, we can still get this sorted out. You know that is exactly what I meant earlier when I said that I was concerned for your health. I know it’s difficult for you, being so young and away from your mother. Now I don’t want to be your mother, but I really want you to talk to me if you have problems like these. I’m here to help, okay? Okay. Now. We still need to get you cleaned up properly, so why don’t we go to the  bathroom and see what we can do.”

She pushed Lisa up and then stood up herself. Lisa still stood with her head down, not knowing where this was leading. When Lisa didn’t make any move towards the bathroom, Megan took her hand and slowly pulled her there. 

“Come on, we need to take care of this, before it’s too late. I’ll help you, so no need to be afraid.”

When they arrived Megan let go of Lisa’s hand and started searching the cabinets for her equipment. She hadn’t planned for any of this so she didn’t have any extras for Lisa, but she cleaned the nozzles very thoroughly every time she used them so she thought it would be okay this time.

“This will take a second, so why don’t you have a seat over there and we can talk about this.”

Lisa was becoming more and more agitated by the second. She didn’t want to be cleaned by Megan. Megan was like a big sister to her, she looked up to her and even had some kind of little girl crush on her,  and all this was extremely embarrassing for her. She desperately wanted a way out of this situation and looking nervously around the bathroom, her eyes finally fell on the toilet. Yes, that’s how she would get out of this, she would tell Megan, that she needed to go to the bathroom and Megan would leave her so that she could take care of it and Lisa would then try to escape to her room. Actually she felt her bladder being filled to the brim so she really wouldn’t be lying.

“Megan? I have to pee.”

Megan had found her old bulb douche and an unused nozzle to go with it. It had been part of a set of nozzles and this one was the biggest. In addition she had a razor and shaving cream. She wanted to clean Lisa up completely. It would be just so much sexier, having the girl with no pubes in front of her she thought. When Lisa said she needed to pee, Megan had to think quickly. She didn’t want to give Lisa an opportunity to regain her composure without her.

“Actually that’s perfect dear. Can you hold on for just a few minutes more? You know peeing is the easiest way to clean your urethra from any bacteria your little adventure could have put there. But we need to prepare this properly, okay? So hang in there for another few minutes.”

Lisa was shocked. Megan wouldn’t let her go and wouldn’t give her any privacy at all. Thinking fast she couldn’t make up any other idea and finally resigned.

“I… I can hold it for a few minutes.”

“Perfect, sweetie. Now let’s see. I think we’ll start with shaving your pubic hair. Now don’t look so shocked, it’s really not a big deal. I would guess that at least some girls your age do this simply for fashion. And it is so much more hygienic, especially with your dirty little hobby. It will make cleaning up much more simple and on top of that it’ll look and feel really sexy, believe me.
After that, we’re going to clean your vagina out with this douche. I know, the nozzle looks a bit frightening, but it’s the only unused one I have. We’ll have to shop for a new one, but for now that’s it I’m afraid.
When we’re finished with that there shouldn’t be any bacteria left so we can flush the rest out with your own pee. So then you should be squeaky clean and ready for a new adventure. So what do you say?”

Lisa didn’t know what to say. She had lost complete control over herself and there was really only one thing she could do. She started crying again. Megan had her in her arms the second the tears started to roll down her cheek and it took her another five minutes to calm Lisa down enough to start.

“Now first I want to examine you, so I know that it’s not too late. So please strip out of your pants and panties and lie down on the towel.”

Lisa was now on autopilot, just following the instructions of her older friend. When she had stripped out of her panties, she laid down on her side and waited for Megan to get ready. Megan was ready for her and slowly pulled Lisa onto her back.

“Lisa… You need to bend your knees a bit. I can’t see a thing when you’re lying on your side with your legs closed. That’s better.”

Megan now knelt down between Lisa's legs and got her first direct look at the girls most private parts. After a few seconds of admiring the girl's beautiful privates, she slowly put her hands on the inside of the girl's thighs and began to push outwards.

“Come on, just a bit further apart. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you know. I think you’re really pretty down there.”

Nobody had ever said something like that to her before. Then again nobody had ever seen her privates like that before. Lisa didn’t know what to say or do, so she hid her blushing face behind her hands.

“Okay, let’s see. Hmmmm. You know I can’t see very much with all that hair in the way. Best shave it a little.”

Megan had no intention to shave ‘just a little’. But best to start it slowly, so she started clipping some of Lisa’s pubic hair, followed by applying a generous amount of shaving cream. Lisa was still shaking, but now looked down at what Megan was doing. When Megan was finished with her first sweep and had cleaned the remaining shaving cream off with a towel, there was still some pubic hair left, but much shorter than before. Lisa actually liked it like that, it wasn’t too bad and it actually felt nice when Megan touched her most private parts. She even was a bit wet and hoped that Megan hadn’t noticed her arousal. Of course Megan had deliberately touched the girl more than necessary to get exactly that reaction and was delighted to see her work paid off. Now she started her second examination of the girl's pussy, but soon stopped again with a sigh.

“I don’t think I can see enough yet. Perhaps it’s best to remove all the hair. It’ll only get in the way and it’s not like you don’t like me shaving you, right?”

Lisa was blushing even more than before. Megan had noticed. She would think that Lisa was a pervert, getting off on Megan shaving her private parts. But then again Megan already had to think of Lisa as a pervert, with what she had seen her do before. So Lisa just spread her legs again and let Megan do whatever she wanted to, and becoming more and more aroused during the process. 

“Okay, I think we’ve got everything. Just let me check and then we can have a better look for any obvious signs of an infection.”

With that Megan started rubbing the freshly shaven pussy in front of her, checking for hair and arousing Lisa more and more in the process. Lisa had started breathing heavier and was moaning silently, desperately trying to suppress her feelings. When she finally gave up and tried pushing her pussy up against Megan's hands, Megan stopped her examination of the freshly shaven pussy and with a grin looked at Lisa's face.

“Naughty girl, this is supposed to be a clean up after your sexy time, we’re not starting all over again. Now let me have a closer look.”

She pushed the girl down again and spread her legs even further. After pushing and pulling on Lisa’s private parts for some minutes, and commenting on everything being wet and slippery down there, Megan finally declared Lisa to be reasonably clean.

“I think we’re still good, no infection that I can see. Your lips and clit are a bit swollen and red, but I think we can safely assume that that’s not due to an infection, just you being still a bit naughty. What do you say?”

Lisa couldn’t say anything. She had almost reached an orgasm when Megan had first shaven and then examined her. Slowly coming down from her high she was embarrassed beyond belief, hoping for the floor to open up and swallow her. Instead, Megan pulled her up to her feet and guided her to the shower stall.

“Now after we have cleaned your pubic hair, I think it’s time to start with your insides. I think it works best with you standing in the shower stall. That way it won’t be a problem if something spills, okay? Oh. And I think it would be best if you take off your top now, too. We don’t want it to become wet, do we.”

Lisa only nodded and pulled her top over her head. She hadn’t been wearing a bra so she now stood naked in the bathroom. Megan pushed her into the shower stall with her back to her so Lisa had to lean against the wall, pushing her butt out.

“Wow, you know, you really do look sexy. And I love this hairless look on you, makes you look so innocent and all. Spread your legs a bit more… Yes, like that. Oh. I see we’ve missed a couple of hairs. Can you reach back and pull your cheeks a bit apart?”

Lisa was blushing furiously again. Here she was, naked in front of her friend, bending over and pushing her butt out so Megan could shave some left over pubic hair from between her butt cheeks. Megan quickly removed the last hair, not without using the opportunity to arouse Lisa some more. When she finished Lisa was wet and breathing hard again.

“I think someone’s enjoying the shaving, hm?”

Megan was teasing of course, trailing a finger along Lisa's butt, then ending with a small slap. Lisa yelped but didn’t dare protest too much, knowing that Megan was right. She was enjoying Megan's touch more than was proper.

“Okay, douche time. Let me get this thing filled up. You know if you watch you can do it yourself in the future… Then it won’t be such a big problem if you’re having your fun time with your diapers again.”

But Lisa couldn’t look up now, she was much too embarrassed, so all she did was look down. When Megan had filled the bulb completely, she came back to Lisa, who was still bent over in the shower stall.

“Okay, if you want to, I can help you in the future, too. It’s no problem and actually a bit fun, don’t you think? Now push your butt out a bit more. Yes, just like that. Now this will feel a bit weird. It’s a big nozzle, but you’ll be alright. I noticed while examining you that you’re not a virgin, so you’ll be able to take it.”

In fact Lisa was a virgin. She had broken her hymen when she was little, probably when she fell off her bike some years ago, but nobody had ever touched her there. Not before today. 

Megan put her left hand on Lisa’s belly and then slowly pushed further down, until she had her fingers over Lisa's pussy, then spreading her by pulling her fingers apart. Lisa had almost fallen over when Megan touched her there, still highly aroused from before. But Megan was pushing her up and further back with her hand. Lisa tried humping the hand but Megan reminded her to stay in position.

“This isn’t supposed to get you off, young lady.” She told her in a mock stern voice. “Now here comes the nozzle… Say aaahhhh.”

When Megan pushed the nozzle in, Lisa did indeed moan. The thing was huge and touched all the right places inside of her. Megan slowly started moving it inside of her, trying to stimulate the girl even more, but without pushing her over the edge. That would have to wait. So just when Lisa was working herself up and started grinding in a small rhythm, Megan stopped and instead pushed down on the bulb and sprayed Lisa with the cold water. Lisa gasped in shock and shuddered as the cold water cleaned her out, trailing down her legs into the shower. Megan pulled away and watched the girl standing there, still humping the air until after a few seconds she slowed down, blushing again.

“My, that was a good cleanout, hm? You sure didn’t mind that too much.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh it’s alright, as I told you in the beginning, nothing to be ashamed about. You’re still exploring what turns you on and perhaps you’re just a bit more adventurous than the rest of us. Well in fact we can agree on that, don’t you think?”

Lisa was blushing furiously again, not knowing what to say.

“Well as I said before, I’m here to help, and if I can make you feel good in the process, it’s a burden I’m willing to carry. As long as it’s not completely one-sided, you know. You can help me out too sometime…”

Lisa wasn’t sure what Megan was talking about. Did she just offer to sexually please her if Lisa did the same for her? Would that be something Lisa wanted? She did have a little crush on Megan, but was it sexual? Or was she talking about helping her clean up.

“I think you could do something for my health too, you know. Do you know how to give massages?”

So that’s what she had in mind. Or was it? Lisa looked over her shoulder at Megan, but couldn’t read her expression. It was all too much and she quickly looked down again. Megan was her friend and trying to help her with her health, and here she was becoming aroused like never before and thinking naughty thoughts about Megan being just as perverted as her. 
Slowly she started to stand up and was about to turn around and get out of the shower, when Megan interrupted her.

“Not so fast, Lisa. You still need to clean out your urethra and bladder. Best do it in the same position as before, that way I can see if something’s wrong.”

Lisa turned back to the wall and waited for the next step. When nothing happened she looked back at Megan, who was standing a few feet away, arms crossed and clearly waiting for Lisa to do something.

“Well? What are you waiting for, I’m not going to pee for you, you know. You do still need to pee, don’t you?”

“Like this?”

“Yes, of course like this. It’s a bit messier, but I’ll be able to see any problems and we can clean you up afterwards.”

Lisa turned back to the wall in shame. She did indeed have to pee quite badly, but like this? With Megan watching? It took her a few minutes, but finally a few drops appeared and a few seconds later, a steady stream left her, flowing down the inside of her tights.

“Good girl. Push it all out. It’ll clean the last bacteria from you.”

When the stream subsided and only a few drops fell from her pussy lips, Megan gently patted her on her butt.

“You really had to go there, hm? Well it’s good that you did. Now let me clean you up a bit and then we’re finished here.”

She took the shower head and slowly sprayed Lisa’s lower body, paying special attention to her pussy so that the water hit her right on her sensitive spots. Lisa was beginning to get worked up again but Megan soon stopped the shower and instead started drying her off with a towel. 

“Okay, I think that’s it. I declare this operation a success. Let’s get you into something comfortable for the evening and we can cuddle on the couch a bit more, what do you think?”

Lisa only nodded, following Megan to her own room. She was still aroused and wouldn’t have minded a little alone time, but it wasn’t going to happen and she was too afraid to complain. So when Megan pulled out some childish pajama bottoms with a small top, she let herself be dressed without protest. The bottoms were a bit small and pushed themselves between her legs and butt cheeks, so she had to stifle a moan when Megan pulled a bit hard, but that was all the sexual stimulation she was going to get. When they finally sat back on the couch, Lisa again on Megan's lap cuddling, she calmed down and became sleepy.

“I think that went well, don’t you? And I kind of enjoyed helping you like that. It was almost like my maternal side made an appearance, with just a bit of naughty mixed in with you getting off on it and all.”

Lisa was blushing again, but not too much. She finally started to accept the fact that Megan seemed okay with her being aroused. 

“Now I think we need to talk about some rules. It’s clear to me that you enjoyed yourself and that’s okay, but I don’t think that you will do it right without my help. And I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself because you did something wrong, okay?”

Lisa didn’t know what to answer. Megan was of course right, half of the evening she didn’t know what had happened to her, with her mind in a thick fog of embarrassment and arousal. So all she could do was nod.

“Okay. So first of all I want you to tell me, when you’re doing something like that again. I’m not convinced that you keep yourself clean enough down there, so if you want to touch yourself, then come to me beforehand and we’ll figure out what to do.”

Lisa was shocked by that. She would need to tell Megan, if she wanted to touch herself?

“Don’t look at me like that. I know it’s a bit unusual, but for now I think it’s best. We don’t want you to become ill or hurt yourself, so this is what we’ll do. So you will come to me if you want some naughty time and if I have the time we’ll make it possible, okay? Now we both know that you’re into some kinky stuff, but we’ll manage that, too. I’ll go shopping tomorrow for some proper diapers. They’ll fit you better and we won’t risk you messing something besides your own butt. They’ll be real diapers, not those small pull ups, so I’ll help you put them on and clean you up afterwards. We can give them a trial run the next time you need to poo, so don’t do that without coming to me and getting a diaper on your butt, okay? And last but not least, I think we should repeat our little clean out session from today regularly. It’s good for your health and I think it helps us bond a bit, too. So let’s say we’ll do it every other day, that way your pubic hair won’t itch. So what do you say?”

Lisa was too shocked to say anything. All she could do was bury her face in Megan's shoulder and start crying again.

“Shhh, it’s alright. I know this is much to take in, but I think it’s for the best. And we’ll become even closer friends than we already are, don’t you think?”

Lisa nodded her head but couldn’t look up into Megan's eyes. She was still too embarrassed. 

“Okay, now I’m going to do a lot for you, so there will be some things that I’ll require from you, too. I’m thinking about some massages and such things. So you won’t have a problem with these things, when I tell you to do something for me, won’t you?”

“No, I can do that.”

“Okay, perfect. Now I think it’s been a long day, why don’t we go to bed. Tomorrow will be a new day and things will become clearer.”

Lisa nodded and was about to stand up, when Megan stopped her again.

“I know you’ve become quite aroused during our cleaning session. Do you need some relief? I want to remind you of our new rules, no touching down there without coming to me first. It’s okay now, we don’t have anything else to do, so if you need it, it’s alright…”

Lisa could only shake her head, blushing furiously in the process. She was still aroused and under normal circumstances she would have enjoyed a good orgasm, but she couldn’t tell Megan that. So she choose to just go to bed instead.

“No, I’m okay. Thank you.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want. I won’t push you. But don’t go behind my back, you know I don’t like lying and disobeying the rules. And I know for a fact that you were quite horny in the bathroom and didn’t get any relief. In fact that pajama bottom is small enough to see your little pussy all swollen. You’re sure you don’t need any relief?”

Lisa just shook her head again.

“Well okay. Then off you go to bed. Sleep well.”

Finally Lisa could stand up and leave, kissing Megan good night on her cheek and leaving with still trembling legs for her bedroom. When she finally was under the covers, she thought about what had happened that day. It had changed her life completely. Megan would control most of her body, even when she would be able to touch herself. It frightened her and she was very ashamed of what had happened. But Megan was such a good friend, not once being mean to her. And when she was honest with herself, she liked that Megan was pushing her a bit. She was a bit submissive she knew, and when Megan almost manhandled her, she had become quite aroused. It would be quite humiliating in the beginning, of that she was sure. But perhaps it could be very satisfying, too. Thinking about it she could feel her arousal rising some more and without thinking, she slowly pushed her hand down to her pussy. The pajama bottom was a bit small and had already ridden up between her legs. It felt good and when she pushed with her hand from the outside it felt even better. She was just about to start in earnest, when her bedroom door opened and Megan looked inside.

“Just checking on you. Everything alright?”

Lisa didn’t dare to move. Just 10 minutes ago they had talked about her new rules, and here she was breaking the first one and Megan's trust at the same time.

“Uhu, I’m alright.”

Megan came over and sat next to her on the bed.

“Good. I know it was a lot to take in, but tomorrow everything will be alright. Now sleep tight.”

She leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, then stood up leaving the room. When she reached the door, she took one last look at Lisa.

“And remember: No touching without coming to me first.”

And with that she closed the door again.

Megan was beside herself. That had worked perfectly, in every way possible. Not only did she get to see Lisa completely naked, but she had touched her, shaven her and almost brought her to an orgasm. And on top of that, she had established enough rules to make sure that there would be other opportunities. She would be able to control Lisa sexually in no time at all. When she had entered Lisa's room she was sure Lisa was already breaking the no masturbation rule. Megan was quite happy with her timing, she was sure that Lisa would now go to sleep frustrated, and it would help her establish her dominance further. Lisa would learn that sexual relief would come through Megan. And that would require Lisa to do some favors for Megan, too.
Megan was horny as ever and when she reached her room, she tore her clothes off and pulled out her favorite vibrator. She didn’t care that her door wasn’t fully closed, Lisa would definitely hear her. It would drive her even more crazy. With that thought she brought herself off for the first time that night. It would take her another half hour and 2 orgasms more to finally be able to sleep. When she finally collapsed on her bed, taking deep breaths, she thought she heard a small whimper from the other side of the door. With a smile, Megan finally fell asleep.

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30 minutes ago, Gabb said:

I've been lurking there for several years now, google translate works good enough for that. So I thought it would be fair to post the story over there, too. 

May I ask you what's your first language. I supposed it was a Scandinavian before you wrote that.

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3 minutes ago, igel said:

May I ask you what's your first language. I supposed it was a Scandinavian before you wrote that.

I'm German, but sadly there are very few story sites in German (and a lot of those are not my taste).

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3 - The next day
The next morning Megan was up early. She wanted to make sure that she would wake up before Lisa, so she could wake her up without an opportunity for Lisa to touch herself. When she entered Lisa's room, Lisa was lying on her side with her blanket between her legs, slowly humping in her sleep. Megan sat down on her bedside again and gently shook her on the shoulder.

“Wake up, Lisa. It’s time for breakfast…”

Lisa was slowly waking up and looked up at Megan. The memories of last night rushing back into her head. Her masturbating with her pull ups, Megan finding out and helping her, arousing her in the process like nobody had ever done before. And the new rules that Megan had told her, not being able to masturbate without Megan's approval. She remembered how she had almost broken that rule right after they had agreed about them. And even now she became aware of being horny and having her blanket between her legs. She was blushing furiously again, looking up at Megan, who was looking down at her with an amused expression on her face.

“My, my, you are one horny girl, hm? Did you have some naughty dreams? You know humping your blanket like that... It’s not exactly breaking the rules because you didn’t do it on purpose, but we’ll have to think about something there. It’s not very hygienic to sleep in your used blanket like that. Now it’s time to get up. You can’t keep your lazy ass in bed all day, and I have some errands to run.”

Lisa was unsure of what to do. She really was very horny, even after a nights sleep she could still feel the wetness between her legs. She looked at Megan pleadingly, but Megan only shook her head slightly.

“I know, sweetheart, but I really have to go soon. There’s no time for that, I’m sorry. Perhaps later, when I’m back.”

Megan stood up again, leaving Lisa's room.

“And don’t forget. I’m buying some proper diapers for you so you can test them in the evening. So don’t go number two today.”

With that she left Lisa behind and left the flat to start her shopping trip.

When she returned in the late afternoon that day, she had to make several trips from the car to her flat, to get all the things she had bought. It had cost her a small fortune, but if all went right it would be worth it. Lisa was sitting in her room, listening to some music and browsing some magazines. Normally she would have asked for Lisa to help, but most things she had bought would shock her too much so Megan chose to bring up the stuff herself. 
Besides the usual groceries she had bought a large pack of diapers. She had been in the diaper aisle of the pharmacy for some time when the sales girl had asked if she could help. They had talked about 5 minutes about Megan’s 'teenage sister, who was moving in with her after her parents couldn’t care for her anymore’. The girl had been very helpful and after telling her that Lisa would need protection for heavy wetting and messing, the girl had shown her exactly what she needed to buy. So after a few minutes she had left the pharmacy with a large pack of very absorbent diapers, some powder and oil, a changing mat and a rubber sheet in case the diaper leaked. On top of that she bought a douche and enema set for Lisa, including a bulb, an enema bag and a large nozzle.
After that she went to the local adult book store to get some things there. It would probably take some time before these came out, but she still wanted to be prepared. 
All these things were now in her own room, most of them hidden in her closet. When she finally called for Lisa all that was visible was Lisa's first proper diaper in her adult life.

Lisa had been nervous all day. She hadn’t bothered changing out of her pajamas, feeling like being lazy after a day like yesterday. She had touched herself again between her legs for a few seconds, but scolded herself for betraying Megan's trust in her. So she was quite frustrated all day. On top of that she had remembered Megan's last order for her: Don’t go number two. It had been quite difficult. She usually was very regular and it was already getting late when Megan finally arrived from her shopping trip. She had been tempted to just go to the toilet, but didn’t want to disappoint Megan. Now, as she entered Megan's bedroom and saw the diaper, her diaper, on Megan's bed, Lisa wasn’t so sure anymore.

“Come in, Lisa. Hey, you’re still in your pajamas. Another lazy day at home?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to do anything. I was still exhausted from yesterday, you know?”

“That’s alright, I know it was a lot to take in. Now come here and take off your bottoms.”

When Lisa moved to Megan’s bed, Megan was already pulling at her pajamas, pulling it all the way down and helping her step out of it. All she had left was her top, when Megan slowly guided her onto the changing mat on her bed.

“I don’t think they’ll fit you with your diaper on, so we can leave them off for now. We can always buy some new ones. They do look good on you, so we should do that someday. What do you think?”


“Okay, bottom up. There you go. Now some oil. You know that looks kind of sexy, your bare pussy with the glistening oil. Are you excited about your new diapers? You look a little excited.”

And with that Megan slowly drew her oiled finger up and down Lisa's pussy, getting a low moan from Lisa.

“Hm, I think someone’s excited.”

With that, she closed the diaper over Lisa's pussy and patted her front crotch.

“Okay, there you go. Do you need to go now or do you need a bit of time?”

“I… I think I still need some more time... “

Lisa did have to go, but no way could she do it right here right now.

“Okay, then we’re finished here. If you have to go, come find me, okay?”

She wanted to watch?! Lisa could only nod her head, too afraid to say anything.

“Okay, why don’t you go back to your room and listen to some more music. If nature calls, just yell and I’ll come to your room. Off you go.”

And with a small slap on her diapered bottom Lisa was shoved out of Megan's room, who busied herself with cleaning up the diaper supplies.

During dinner that evening Megan could clearly see Lisa was squirming in her diaper. Obviously the girl was desperate for the toilet, but didn’t want to use her diaper, especially with Megan’s request to be there when it happened. When they had finished eating Megan pulled Lisa to the living room for some cuddle time again. They sat for about 5 minutes, Lisa frequently getting cramps, when Megan finally said something about it.

“You know, I know you’re desperate. It’s not like I can’t feel you squirming around and all.”

Lisa was blushing again. So it was obvious she had to poop badly.

“Now I don’t know if you have to poop yet, but if you want to masturbate now, I think it’s okay if you do so from outside of your diaper, okay?”

Oh god. Megan had misinterpreted her squirming for her being horny. Well she was still horny, but most of all she needed to use the bathroom.


“It’s okay, come on. I’ll help a little bit.”

And with that she turned Lisa on her lap so that she was facing away from her, sitting on one leg with her crotch rubbing on Megan’s tight.

“You’ll have to do the humping yourself, you know.”

Of course Megan knew that Lisa’s squirming wasn’t because she was horny. She had no doubt that Lisa was horny, she could see her very hard nipples through the thin top. But pushing her to masturbate while she really needed to go was just a bit mean fun for Megan. Lisa would have to tell her.
“I… Megan, I really have to go to the bathroom. May I please go to the bathroom?”

Lisa was begging now. She didn’t want to use the diaper in front of her friend, it was humiliating enough that Megan knew what she was about to do in a minute, and she was sure that she wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer.

“Oh, I see. So how do you do this? Do you need something softer to hump? You can use the pillow here.”

Lisa didn’t know what to do, so she did the only thing that came to her mind, get up and run to the bathroom. Unfortunately Megan still had her arms around her from behind, so when she tried to get up, Megan held her and Lisa fell back down. After a short struggle Lisa was finally standing in front of Megan, but it was too late. With a short grunt Lisa's body took over and pushed with all her might. At first nothing happened. Lisa had been desperate for some time so her poo was a bit harder than usual. She almost sighed with relief, but it was only for a second. Then her body pushed again, and this time there was no holding back. With more grunting and crackling, her poo slowly left her body, accompanied by some pee she had been holding all along, too.

Megan was watching Lisa with great interest. She was fascinated by her display, and again not at all repulsed. When Lisa finally finished, Megan was there to pull her into her arms and give her a big hug. Lisa was crying again, having messed herself in front of her friend. She didn’t know how it came to that, and didn’t know what to do. So she was very relieved when Megan took her in her arms and after some minutes guided her slowly back to Megan’s bedroom. She could only watch when Megan pulled out her changing mat and pushed her down on it again.

“Are you okay, Lisa? I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would be that urgent or I would have helped you. It’s alright you know. The diaper worked perfectly, no leak, nothing dirty. Well except for your bottom, but that’s to be expected. And I’m sorry that I thought you were horny. But with your behavior last night and this morning and your little nipples standing out like that I thought that you needed some relief. I’m not angry at you. Well, I’m a little bit angry that you touched yourself last night right after we talked about that. But it’s okay, I’ll forgive you. I think that was embarrassing enough so we don’t need to further punish you, okay?”

Megan had opened Lisa’s diaper in the front and just let it sit there for a moment while she talked to Lisa. She had started to caress Lisa’s inner thigh, wanting to arouse the girl some more while being in her mess. But Lisa would become cold soon, so she started the process of cleaning the girl, paying special attention to her pussy again.

“So the good news is that we don’t have to clean you up like yesterday. As you weren’t humping your diaper this time, it’s mostly contained and the baby wipes will do.”

When she finished, Lisa had stopped crying and was now just laying there. She first looked up when Megan started to apply some more oil to her crotch. 


“Shhh. It’s okay. I’ve been thinking about you humping your blanket this morning. I think it would be best if we put a diaper on you for the night. That way you don’t have to worry about messing your bed in your sleep. And I think you like the feeling anyway.”


“No Lisa. I can’t have you humping your blanket. We can’t wash it every day and it would be way too dirty to sleep in it again. So as long as you don’t have a better solution for your little problem, I suggest you accept this.”

“But it won’t happen again, Megan. Please, believe me. I’ll be good.”

“I know that you want to be good, but I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. We’ll try it out and if it doesn’t work, we’ll look into something different. But for now, that’s how it’s gonna be.”

And with that she closed Lisa’s new diaper around her. Lisa was pouting, but didn’t want to push Megan or disobey her directly. She was her friend and idol after all, and if she was completely honest to herself she did like the feeling of a diaper. And the change she received from Megan.

“But what if I have to go to the loo?”

“Well, you come to me and I will help you.”

And with that the discussion was over. Shortly afterwards Lisa went to bed and was almost asleep in her new diaper, when Megan again opened her door and entered the room.

“How are you feeling tonight? Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome, sweetie. I know some of the things don’t seem fair to you, but I think it’s for the best.”

“It’s just… I’m so confused.”

“It’s okay, you’ll sort it out eventually. And I’m sorry that me changing you makes you feel awful. I hope that you’ll get used to it at some point. Or we can stop doing it in the future. But right now I think it’s the best way, okay?”

“I… It’s not awful… You know I really like some of it. It’s humiliating and … I don’t know. But some part of me likes it.”

Lisa was blushing again, but Megan was now smiling as she had never done before. She couldn’t contain herself and gave Lisa a big hug and a big kiss on her mouth.

“Oh Lisa, you don’t know how happy you’re making me by saying that. Here I was thinking it was awful for you, but deep inside you liked it. I’m so happy… Wait here, I have a little present for you. I wanted to give it to you when we were a bit further, but I think you deserve it now. Just a second.”

Lisa watched confused as her friend jumped up and left her room, running across the hallway to her own. When Megan returned, she was grinning and holding something behind her back. She sat down next to Lisa again, then slowly pulled the new vibrator from behind her back and showed it to Lisa. Lisa had never seen anything like it. It looked like a long drop, but was bent, almost like a small hook. 

“Do you know what that is?”

She didn’t so Lisa shook her head slowly.

“Oh… so then it’s going to be even more of a surprise.”

With that Megan pulled the blanket back and opened Lisa’s diaper on one side. Lisa was shocked but Megan gently pushed her back down and told her to relax. Then slowly she opened Lisa's pussy lips and pushed the vibrator into her, leaving only the thicker portion of it resting against Lisa's lips and clit. Lisa’s breathing was getting deeper again, and when Megan patted the front of the toy, all she could do was moan a little. Then Megan closed the diaper again.

“Uhh… so it’s a dildo?”

“Well well. Not so innocent after all, are we? You see, it’s not exactly a dildo, because dildos can’t do that.”

And with that Megan pushed a button on the remote control she had hidden, slowly starting the vibrations. The effect on Lisa was clearly visible. Her eyes opened wide, her mouth formed an O and her hands tried to reach for her crotch.

“Ah ah ah, no touching, remember. Only on the outside of the diaper…”

And with that she pushed another button on the remote control and Lisa lost control. She shook and moaned, pushing her hands on the front of the diaper, while Megan sat beside her, squeezing her inner thighs and smiling down at the young girl. When she finally approached her orgasm, she pulled her in for a hug and a deep kiss, the first of many to follow.

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4 - Early morning needs

When Lisa woke up again it was dark outside. It took her a few seconds to orient herself, but then she remembered what had happened. Wow, that was an awesome orgasm. She smiled to herself and pulled her blanket higher, cuddling into the soft material. Then she felt the reason why she had woken up. She needed to pee. With a sigh, not wanting to leave her bed when it was so comfy, she stood up and made her way across the room. She was almost to the bathroom, when she remembered her diaper around her waist. Great. Megan had told her to go to her if she needed to use the bathroom, but she didn’t want to wake her friend in the middle of the night, especially since she knew that Megan had to go to work the next day. But she didn’t know what else to do, so she slowly walked over to Megan’s room and knocked softly on the door. At first nothing happened, so she knocked a second time. She was about to give up when she heard Megan inside the room. She opened the door and Megan had just turned on the lights inside, looking sleepily at her.

“What’s the matter sweetie? You can’t sleep?”

“Ah. I’m…”

“Come here, it’s alright. You can lay down beside me, my bed is big enough. We can cuddle a bit.”

Lisa walked over and let herself be pulled into Megan's bed and under the covers. Megan had put her arms around Lisa and was almost falling asleep again, while Lisa was still wide awake, her bladder becoming fuller and fuller.

“You need to relax, sweetie. You’re stiff like a board.”

“It’s just… I really need to pee…”

Megan looked at her for a second, then a smile spread on her face.

“Oh. Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“Ah... “

“It’s okay. I can get you out of your diapers… Hm… On the other hand…”

Megan was grinning now and Lisa looked a little scared at her friend. 

“What do you mean?”

“Well… It’s a diaper you know. It’s supposed to catch all your pee.”

I… I don’t think I could…”

“Oh. Well I can help you if you want to?”

“Help me?”

“Okay. I’ll help you.”

And with that Megan swung her leg over Lisa's body, pinning her down under her and started tickling the girl. Lisa started squirming immediately, trying to defend herself, while laughing all the way through it.

“Hahaha, please Megan… Stop… Haha, I need to.. You’re making me… Oh… Please, I can’t hold… Oh….”

And with that she started wetting her diaper. Megan could easily see the change on Lisa's face and stopped her attack. Instead, she lay down beside Lisa and pulled her into a tight hug, cuddling her some more.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Uh, it was okay. I think… Can you change me now?”

“Hm. I think those are nighttime diapers for a reason, they’ll hold a bit more if you need to go again. And I really don’t want to get up now. I have to get up in an hour anyway, so please just let us cuddle some more and I’ll sort you out later, okay? I’ll even throw in a little reward for you.”

Lisa didn’t know if that was okay, but she didn’t really have a choice. Even though Megan was now on her side and not on top of her anymore, the older woman was holding her tightly, using her as a second pillow. And it didn’t feel too bad. It was warm and soft. The wetness wasn’t that bad either. So she finally relaxed and fell asleep again.

It was getting brighter outside when she woke up again. Megan was laying beside her and looking into her eyes with a little smile on her face.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep well?”

“Hm, yeah, thanks.”

“That’s good. How does your diaper feel?”

“It’s… I don’t know. It was okay tonight, but at the moment…”

“Okay, I can understand that waking up in a cold and wet diaper isn’t as much fun as they tell you it is.”

With that she stood up and went for the supplies in her closet. When she returned she had a fresh diaper with her and pulled the blanket away, looking down at Lisa in her wet diaper and pajama top.

“You look lovely, you know?”

“Thanks. Uhm. Why do you have another diaper with you?”

Megan grinned.

“Well, I told you I had a little surprise for you and the diaper will help with that. It’s not too bad, is it?”

Lisa slowly shook her head. No, she could deal with it. Suddenly Megan grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the bed so she lay flat on her back squealing.

“Come on, I have to leave soon.”

With that she removed the tapes and pulled down the front of the diaper, revealing Lisa’s shaven pussy.

“Hm… Delicious. Now let’s clean you up.”

Taking some wipes she slowly cleaned Lisa up, making sure to gently caress her in the process. She could easily see Lisa was enjoying that. She had closed her eyes and was slowly caressing her breasts. But Megan had other plans and taking hold of Lisa’s ankles, she raised the girl's legs up in the air exposing her butt with the little rosebud in the center of it. Using some oil, she slowly started to caress her there with her other hand, resulting in a sharp intake of breath from Lisa and some nervous winking by her anus.

“Has anybody ever touched you back here, sweetie?”

“N.. No. It’s dirty…”

“Hmmm.. Yes it is. Very dirty. But you’re not afraid of becoming a bit dirty, are you Lisa?”


“I know, I know. You’re ashamed that you like being dirty, but it is who you are… And I’ll help you with it. Now relax...”

With that, she slowly pushed the first finger into the girl's anus. First the tip, then with slow thrusting motions all the way. Lisa was moaning now and blushing furiously.

“That’s right, I thought you’d like that. What do you think, can I add another finger? Let’s try, shall we?”

Megan had pulled her hand back a bit and added another fingertip, stretching Lisa’s anus further and further. Lisa was grunting now, the second finger stretching her almost too much.

“That’s it. Just relax. Push down a little, like when you go poo into your diaper. Hmmmm… You know, I can feel it in there. Just a little bit. It’ll probably make my fingers dirty, too. Just like you.”

Lisa couldn’t respond to Megan. She was breathing hard now, very aroused, and the humiliation by Megan's actions and words only added to that arousal. So she was very disappointed, when Megan slowly withdrew her fingers.

“That was nice, wasn’t it? But we’re not finished yet. Do you know what that is?”

Megan had wiped her fingers clean with a wet wipe and then took one of the new butt plugs into her hand, slowly lubing it up with some oil. When Lisa shook her head, Megan just smiled, and slowly started to push it into Lisa’s bottom.

“It is a reminder for you, my dear. It goes in right here, right up your beautiful, but also dirty little poop chute. It’ll remind you of my fingers up there. They did feel wonderful, didn’t they? And it’ll help you keep your poop in, too. Isn’t that nice?”

And with that she pushed the largest part of the plug past Lisa’s sphincter, eliciting a groan from the girl. Satisfied with the result, Megan took the new diaper and positioned it under Lisa's butt, then lowered the girl's legs.

“There you go. Now all we need to do is close your new diaper and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. You see I want you to leave your little plug back there in place until I return, okay? It’s very important that you leave it. And leave the diaper on as well. If you have to pee, you can use it, that’s what it’s there for. So no removing your diaper or your plug, okay? Think of it as containing your inner dirty girl until I return.”

She knew Megan only wanted her best and all she had done since last night had given her the best sexual releases ever, and she was still horny beyond everything she had ever known. But it was all so humiliating as well. Why did Megan have to talk about her being dirty? But deep down she knew. It was part of why she was so turned on with Megan. The caressing and fondling was only part of it, most of it came from Megan taking control and humiliating her in the process. But she also knew that Megan didn’t judge her about it. She accepted Lisa as she was, even if Lisa was dirty. When she realized that, a small tear appeared, and when Megan saw it and came to her to cuddle her for a few more minutes, she couldn’t hold back.

“Oh Lisa… Is it too much? Are you hurting?”

“N.. no, it’s just… I never felt like this before.” She was sobbing now, not sure if anything she said made any sense at all. “I feel so…. I don’t know. You take care of me and I really like that. And I am sooo horny. But it’s also embarrassing and confusing and … and you take care of me, even though I’m so dirty. And I think I… I think I love you…”

A new wave of sobs came from her and Megan pulled her in tighter.

“It’s okay. I love you too, you know. And even more so since I discovered your dirty little secret. At first I thought I’d be disgusted, but you see… I kinda fell in love with the dirty girl, too. And I love that you blush all the time. It’s so sexy.”

It took them some more minutes to calm down again, with Megan slowly rocking them back and forth. When Lisa had finally calmed down enough, Megan gave her a small kiss on the lips and started to rise.

“I’m really sorry, but I have to go to work now. I’d love to stay here and cuddle all day, but I can’t. But I’ll miss you, and when I return we can cuddle a bit longer, okay? And no messing with your diaper or your plug, okay? Remember, they’ll keep the lovely little dirty girl contained while I’m away. And when I’m back, and we had our little afternoon cuddle, we’ll see what we can do with her, okay?”

Megan grinned and when Lisa blushed again, she leaned down for a last little peg on Lisa’s cheek.

“Oh you, if I don’t leave now, I’ll never arrive at work. So stay out of trouble, I’ll be back before you know it.”

And with that Megan left.

Lisa was still sleepy, so she pulled the blanket back over her and tried to sleep some more. She thought some more about her current situation and came to the conclusion that she really meant what she had said earlier. She was in love with Megan. And she loved what Megan did with her, humiliation and all. She knew she could trust Megan not to abandon her or become disgusted. So she didn’t need to hide, all would be okay. And with that thought and a smile on her face, she fell asleep again.

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5 - A misunderstanding
When Lisa woke up again the sun had come up. She lazily looked at Megan’s alarm clock and saw that it was almost midday. Smiling to herself she cuddled back into the warm bed sheets, remembering the events of the previous day and the morning. She almost fell asleep again when she felt her bladder twinge. She had peed during the night and Megan had changed her, but now she had to pee again, and again it would be in a diaper. Megan had been very clear about it, don’t open the diaper, if in need, use it. Lisa was hesitant about it. Sure she had done it only this morning, but then she had thought Megan would change her immediately. And Megan had “helped” by holding her down and tickling her until she had peed. Now she was alone with no help and really no excuse to not use the bathroom except Megan's orders. Could she really do it?

She didn’t know what to do so she decided to wait a little longer and instead went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Or lunch. She was becoming lazy, she thought with a smile. After eating a healthy meal, she was famished after only eating very little yesterday and skipping breakfast this morning, she cleaned up the kitchen a bit and went back to her room. It was a strange feeling running around with her diapered butt, slightly embarrassing and arousing. She decided that for her these feelings seemed to go hand in hand, at least to some point. She probably was still horny from this morning, when Megan had put two fingers up her backside. Her “poop chute”, as Megan had called it. She blushed again feeling her anus twitch around the intruder that was still there. The plug had felt huge in the beginning, but she had relaxed fast and was almost used to it. Sure she felt it with every step and sitting down too fast had pushed it in a good bit, almost making her jump up again. She had finally settled down slowly and while it still pushed up her butt a bit, it didn’t feel uncomfortable for the most part. All it did was remind her of Megan's fingers, like she had said. And the fact that she needed to go number two. Megan had said that it would help her refrain from doing that, so that she could wait until Megan returned. She wasn’t too sure if it really helped, but she had to accept it. Megan would be disappointed if she didn’t, and Lisa would do almost anything to please Megan right now. 

She was still in her pajama top and had only her diaper on below her waist, so she decided she needed something to at least cover her diaper. She wanted something comfortable, so she tried her pajama bottoms, but those were way too small. After going through half her wardrobe, she finally settled on some leggings. She had wanted to cover up a bit, and technically they covered her completely, but they didn’t hide her diaper at all. Finally she shrugged and gave up, knowing that there wouldn’t be anything else. She liked wearing tight-fitting clothes and now didn’t have anything that would accommodate her diapers. Oh well. 

She went to the living room, sitting down on the couch and putting the TV on. She didn’t really look at any show, she had too much to think about. And she started to feel her bladder again, which was now demanding release in earnest. Looking at the clock she knew Megan would still be gone for at least two to three hours, and she would never be able to hold it that long. So finally she decided to just let it go. But it wasn’t that easy. She thought about Megan tickling her, but tickling herself was next to impossible. Next she tried poking at her belly right above her bladder. She could feel her full bladder, but all that did was hurt. And too much poking would make her need to go number two increase, so she stopped that after a short while, too. Finally she decided she needed to trick herself into thinking everything was normal. She went to the bathroom and lowered herself on the toilet, thinking that would do the trick. Finally she did make some progress, feeling her bladder relax a little.

The door to the apartment opened, giving Lisa a start and making her jump from the toilet seat. The shock had pushed her bladder, making her pee herself for almost  a full two seconds before she was able to stop herself again. It took her a moment to recompose herself and she had to almost laugh at herself. She had tried to pee and was finally able to, only to be interrupted and trying desperately to stop herself from doing so. She turned around and flushed the toilet, only to blush again when she realized nothing was in it. Then after washing her hand, she left the bathroom to go greet Megan.

Megan couldn’t wait any longer at work and had finally decided to take half a day off and go home early afternoon. It really wasn’t a problem, she had enough overtime and she was well up to date with her work, so nobody thought anything about it. She had gotten some smiles and good-natured ribbing for radiating that morning, and her leaving early would only encourage her colleagues to continue the next day. But she didn’t care.

When she arrived home, she announced herself, but didn’t get any reaction at first. A minute later she heard the toilet flush and Lisa appeared from the bathroom. 

“Hi Megan. You’re early.”

“Hi Lisa… Honey, did you just use the bathroom? You know I told you to not mess with your diaper…”

Megan had put on a stern face. Of course she knew she couldn’t forbid Lisa to use the bathroom if she really wanted to, but she had thought she had established her authority enough. Now she wasn’t so sure anymore. At least Lisa was looking down in shame, only stammering a little about having to go.

“I’m a bit disappointed in you, you know. I thought we had talked about our rules and my expectations. And I thought that we had fun together this morning. Did I read too much into it?”

Lisa was sobbing now, unable to form any kind of complete sentence. She hadn’t done anything wrong, at least she thought so. But Megan was so disappointed, she could see it in her face. So she ran over to Megan and hugged her tightly, crying openly now and begging for forgiveness. Megan pulled her in and stirred her slowly to the couch, where she sat down and pulled Lisa into her lap again. It took her five minutes to calm Lisa down some more, time she used to think of a plan to salvage the situation. When she finally came to a solution, she was quite pleased with herself.

“So what do we do now? I really thought we had advanced our relationship a big step yesterday. I thought you trusted me, that I wanted only your best. I know some of our rules are strange at first, but they are there for a reason. I want you to be healthy and happy. I think even if they seem strange at first, you’ll come to be able to accept them over time. And I really thought we had some fun in the process, too.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, Megan… I…”

“Shhh now, just listen. So I’m quite disappointed now. I had planned a nice evening for us, even going out later today. And I even thought about your dirty little needs. All I expected was for you to follow the rules. But it seems that you’re unable to do that. Perhaps it’s my fault. Did I ask too much from you?”

Lisa was about to answer but was interrupted again by Megan.

“Perhaps I was just to lax. But as I said, the rules are important for your health and your well-being. So you can’t just abandon them if I’m not around. You have to learn that they are important, and that there will be consequences if you don’t obey them.”

This time Lisa only nodded, not trying to say anything.

“Do you understand what I’m saying, Lisa?”

“I… I think so….”

“Well I’m not sure, but you’ll find out. From now on there will be consequences when you disobey me. As I said, I want what’s best for you. And if you lack some discipline, I’ll be happy to provide that as well in the process. Now stand up.”

Lisa stood up, not knowing what would happen next. Megan took a hold of Lisa’s leggings and pulled them down to her knees in one swift motion. Then she pulled Lisa to her side and the next thing Lisa knew, she was laying across Megan's lap with her diapered bottom in the air.

“As this is all quite new for you and it is your first punishment, we’ll leave your diaper in place this time. I want you to think about our rules, and that they are there for your own good. And I want you to think about how much you disappointed me.”

And with that the first slap landed on Lisa’s behind. It wasn’t too bad, most of it was caught by her diaper. But she did feel it. What was worse was the feelings she had during Megan's speech. She had disappointed her friend, badly. She was crying again like a baby, only half listening to Megan talking about the rules some more. It was around the tenth spank, when her bladder finally gave out and she started filling her diaper completely.

Megan felt it the moment it happened. With Lisa laying across her lap, the sudden rise in temperature was hard to miss. She stopped the spanking, now looking confused at Lisa's diaper, which was filling clearly now. Why was Lisa peeing now? Didn’t she use the bathroom just when she returned home some minutes ago? It was impossible the girl had to go again so shortly after peeing, so something different was going on. She decided to let Lisa finish and instead of spanking her further, she started to caress her butt and her upper thighs.

It took a while for Lisa to notice that the spanking had stopped and Megan had started caressing her, talking in a soothing voice to her. When she finally calmed down a bit she tried to push herself up and look at Megan, but Megan pushed her down again, holding her over her lap.

“Lisa honey… You just peed your diaper, did you know?”

Lisa could only blush and shake her head.

“Honey, didn't you just use the loo before I came home?”

“I…. “

She sobbed again, and the dam broke. She told Megan how she had to pee so badly, how she had tried to let go, to tickle herself. And how she had finally decided to sit on the toilet, just before Megan had arrived.

Megan was smiling now, looking at Lisa who still lay across her lap.

“Oh honey.. But why did you flush? I heard you flushing when I was in the hallway.”

Lisa could only shrug her shoulders. Megan finally pulled her up a bit and hugged her.

“I am so sorry for thinking you disobeyed me. It was all my fault to think that you’d do something like that. I hope you can forgive me.”

Lisa just hugged her a bit tighter and Megan smiled again.

They had been cuddling on the couch for almost an hour, only occasionally whispering with each other. Finally Lisa had calmed down completely and was starting to doze off. She felt so comfortable in Megan's arms, even after the spanking she had received. It hadn’t been so bad, but it was clear for Lisa that the rules were important to Megan. She believed her that they were for Lisa's own good and the spanking had shown her once more, how much Megan cared for her.

Megan was very pleased with herself. too. She didn’t think that she did too much damage to Lisa's butt, and after they had resolved the misunderstanding, she felt that Lisa was that much closer to her. And she now knew what to expect when she really disobeyed Megan. So she was savoring the feeling of closeness to her and the power she now had over her. She was just thinking about what to do next, when she noticed Lisa fidgeting a bit in her arms. She was still in her wet diaper and while it wasn’t that long since she had peed, the spanking, while not very harsh, would have added to the discomfort. She finally gave Lisa a peck on the cheek and pushed her up to stand in front of her. Lisa looked groggy.

“Am I forgiven?”

Lisa only nodded and was pulled down into a small kiss, then Megan stood up herself and started to pull Lisa behind her.

“Thank you, honey. Now I hope I didn’t do too much damage to your behind. Let’s get you out of your wet diaper and have a look, shall we?”

Lisa was escorted to Megan’s bedroom again and pushed down on the changing mat Megan had again put on her bed. Megan pulled her diaper open and removed it, cleaning her front with some wipes in the process. She didn’t linger this time and Lisa only reacted slightly to Megan touching her pussy. Lisa already had pushed up her butt so Megan could put another diaper under her, a fact that Megan took in with a smile, loving it that Lisa was now expecting herself to be diapered all the time. Instead Megan put a hand on Lisa’s pubic bone and slowly pushed her down again.

“Not yet, Lisa. First we’ll take a look at your bottom. Now scoot down a little and turn around, so you can kneel in front of the bed and lay down your head on the bed. I think that way I can have the best look.”

Lisa did as she was told, and Megan was soon admiring Lisa's butt in all its glory. She started caressing it a bit, slowly moving from her butt cheeks to the center, where she found the butt plug where she’d left it that morning.

“Well, it doesn’t look too bad, but we’ll still put some ointment on it, okay? How does our little friend here feel?”

She had put her thumb on the butt plug and slowly pushed down on it a bit, eliciting a groan from Lisa.

“It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“N… No, just.. Ugh… I just feel full…”

“Hm… I see. But not too uncomfortable, right?”

“Ugh.. It’s okay, I guess. Can we take it out, please. I think I really need to go…”

“Hm. I think we’ll leave it there just a few minutes longer. You see it’s quite normal to feel the need to go. It probably felt that way the moment we put it in this morning, didn’t it?”

Megan was of course right, Lisa had to admit that she had felt quite full when Megan had pushed it up her butt this morning. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was now. Lisa almost felt like it would come out any second. So she tried pleading some more.

“I.. ugh.. I don’t know, I don’t think I felt that full this morning. What if it comes out?”

Megan was still pushing the plug with her thumb from time to time, giving it an extra push now and laughing a bit.

“I don’t think it’s that bad, you’re just a bit tender back there now. The spanking had more of an effect than I thought. But it’ll be better in some time. Now let’s apply the ointment and get you back into a diaper. Lie on your back again please while I fetch it.”

When Megan returned Lisa was laying on her back again, and Megan pulled her feet up into the air until her butt was lifted up, too. Thank god Lisa was such a tiny girl. Megan pushed the diaper under Lisa's butt, then started putting on the ointment. She used the opportunity to fondle Lisa's butt a bit more, sometimes straying to her pussy area. She also used it to push on the butt plug some more, making Lisa groan and squirm some more in the process. Finally she let Lisa lay down again and closed the diaper, not without noticing some wetness between Lisa's legs.

“Good girl. Now I think you’ve been lazy enough all day, so let’s finally get you out of your pajamas. It’s almost 4 in the afternoon, I can’t believe you’re still in them.”

Lisa grinned shyly. She knew she was a bit lazy, but it felt so good. And she had looked for something to cover up.

When they entered Lisa’s bedroom, Megan went straight to Lisa's wardrobe. Looking at Lisa she dismissed pants almost immediately, instead focusing on her dresses. She finally pulled out a nice summer dress with flowers on it, and tossed it on the bed. She turned to Lisa and pulled her pajamas over her head, then pulled down her leggings, leaving Lisa standing only in her diapers in front of her. She smiled at the again blushing girl, pulling her to her chest shortly, then with a small slap to her backside told her to get dressed. Lisa was just turning towards her cupboard where her underwear was stored, when Megan pulled her back to her, a mischievous grin spreading across her face

“Think you can go without a bra for a short time? I think you’ll be okay, and it’ll set the right mood for later if you know what I mean…”

With that, she pulled Lisa in for another kiss, then she left Lisa in her room.

“Come get me when you’re finished.”

Lisa looked at the dress Megan had put on her bed. It was an older one, which she had since she was way younger. It still fit her quite well, since she hadn’t grown much lately. And of course Megan was right, she didn’t need a bra. So she shrugged to herself and put the dress over her head, pulling it down until it fell just above her knees. She went to the mirror and looked at herself. She looked almost like a kid again. She turned around a bit, looking at her butt. It wasn’t too obvious what she was wearing underneath, it almost gave her more womanly curves. Looking up she stopped at her nipples. She knew that she was aroused again, and her nipples reflected that fact quite obvious through the thin dress. She smiled again, thinking about Megan's comment. Setting the mood for later. She felt her pussy leak some more wetness into her diaper, while her butt clenched on the butt plug again. It was becoming uncomfortable now, but having Megan controlling her that way was a huge turn on she had to admit. She pushed her hand down the front of her dress and moaned a little. Yes, it was a roller coaster ride, especially the spanking. It was horrible at first, but after she knew Megan wasn’t angry or disappointed anymore, she thought back and didn’t find it too bad anymore. And the rest was just a wild ride from one blush to the next, becoming hornier every minute on the way. Perhaps that’s what she needed. She smiled, and with a last look on her diapered bottom, she left her room looking for Megan.

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  • Gabb changed the title to Dirty girl (Chapter 5 added 10/09/22)

6 - Ants in her pants
Megan was sitting in the kitchen, going through some mail while she waited for Lisa to arrive. When she did, Megan looked up and smiled at her, looking her up and down. 

“Wow, that looks nice. It’s the right mix of innocent and naughty little girl. Your diaper isn’t showing that much and your nipples are quite the distraction. I could eat you up right now.”

She hugged Lisa again, then patted her diapered butt and pushed her slowly to the entrance of the apartment.

“So I was thinking. Since you were here all day today, yesterday and the day before, it’s time you went out some, get some fresh air. What do you think about getting a coffee and some cake in the little café down the road? It’s not too far.”

Lisa of course was not in favor. She liked the café, but leaving the apartment with a diaper on her butt was not something she wanted to do.

“Megan, we can't go out now… Not like that, not with the diaper and all.”

Megan had taken some sandals out and held them towards Lisa, expecting her to take them.

“Ah come on… It’s not like you can see it easily. I can’t even see it properly and I know you’re wearing it. Now don’t be such a cry baby and put your sandals on. It’s just down the block, get some cake and a cup of coffee and then we’re back again. You can’t stay in here all day long.”

Lisa still pouted, but put her sandals on. When she was finished, Megan pushed her out the door, closing and locking behind her. Then, taking Lisa’s hand, she started walking towards the café.

It took them only 10 minutes, but Lisa was constantly checking for people looking at her. Megan at first ignored it, but after the tenth time of Lisa turning around, she stopped and looked sternly at Lisa.

“Lisa, stop it. You’re alright, nobody can see anything. The only thing people see is a nervous young girl. You’ll draw attention to yourself just by that alone. Now relax, we’re almost there.”

Lisa tried, but she couldn’t stop completely. But nobody paid any special attention to her butt, so she calmed down a little. When they arrived at the café, she was relieved. The café was next to a small park and they had some tables there, out in the sun. Megan pulled her towards one of those and sat down on a small bench, pulling Lisa right next to her.

“See, nobody noticed. Now relax, I want to enjoy this.”

Lisa of course couldn’t relax. She was still very aware of her diaper. On top of that, sitting down she felt the plug again, which didn’t help her full bowels at all. So she squirmed a bit around, while looking at the other people around her, hoping that nobody would notice. Megan of course did notice, and had to hide her smirk on her face. A small moment of panic for Lisa was when the waitress arrived. Lisa could only stammer and Megan had to order for her. The waitress had a huge smile on her face, and after taking their orders took an extra second to watch the young girl squirm in her seat before she turned around and left.

“She knoooows….”

Lisa was whining, and Megan couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Lisa, what do you think she knows? She can’t know about… you know your underwear. You’re sitting on a bench…”

“But she stared at me.”

“I know, but that’s because you’re squirming around like you got ants in your pants. Sit still and it’ll be alright.”

“But I have to go….”

“Shhhh, you can hold it a bit longer. We’ll eat our cake and then we’re back at the apartment. Now sit still…”

Megan had put her hand on Lisa’s thighs and it was still there, when the waitress returned. Lisa of course was still squirming around, and blushing furiously on top of it. The waitress just smiled and put their coffees and cake down. While Megan paid the waitress, not wanting to push Lisa too far by delaying them even more, the waitress looked Lisa over again and her grin returned.

“That’s a lovely dress you have there, dear. I love that you can put some light dress on in the summer. Too bad it’s getting colder already.”

Her eyes flickered down to Lisa's breasts for a second, then over to Megan, who couldn’t help but chuckle at that remark.

“Enjoy your coffee.”

And with that, she was gone. Lisa looked down for a second and snapped her head up, putting an arm across her chest. Her nipples were still very prominent and the waitress had seen them. Megan pulled Lisa to her some more and laughed.

“Oh that look on your face. Come on, relax. I think she liked it. Now eat your cake.”

Lisa could barely concentrate, now even more aware of the show she gave. Halfway through her cake Megan had pulled her arm down so Lisa could finally start eating her own cake. Every time the waitress moved around, Lisa followed her with her eyes, seeing the waitress checking her out several more times, even winking at her two times. When they finally left, they almost ran into the waitress, wished them a nice evening. Megan smiled at her while Lisa tried to hide behind Megan.

On their way home Megan was still amused about Lisa's predicament. She was walking slowly towards their home, while Lisa was almost pulling at her hand, trying to get there faster.

“Hey, slow down… I already told you, it’s not that bad. Only the waitress noticed, and all she could look at were your nipples.”

“Well it’s not funny… And I really need to hurry.”

Lisa had started an odd waddle and suddenly it dawned on Megan, what the real problem was. Things had settled while they had sat on the bench at the café, but now Lisa had to struggle to keep herself from filling her diaper. Megan picked up the pace now, not wanting to make Lisa have an accident on the street. She put her arm around the girl, resting her hand on her butt right on the plug. Giving it a little push in the process. Lisa almost fell over, but Megan held her and together they walked on.

“Does it help if I put my hand on it like that?”

Lisa could only blush and nod. The way back seemed to be endless, and when they finally arrived, Lisa sighed with relief. Megan had closed the door behind them and pulled Lisa back into her, now hugging her to her front.

“Oh Lisa, that was close. You really have to go badly now, hm? You look so desperate, and that little waddle was really cute. Really sexy. Now come with me, we’ll take care of this.”

With that, she pulled Lisa into her room and sat down on her bed. Lisa was confused, she had hoped to go to the bathroom, but Megan obviously had other plans. She pulled Lisa's dress over her head, leaving her naked except for the diaper. Then she pulled her down on the bed pushing and pulling until Lisa was kneeling on the bed, facing away from her and towards the headboard. Megan quickly stripped herself and knelt behind Lisa, putting her arms around the confused girl again.

“Megan… I really need to go, please…”

Lisa was desperate, Megan could feel her flexing her muscles. She slowly started to caress her from behind, first on her stomach, but then her hands strayed some more, touching Lisa’s chest, thighs and diapered front in the process.

“I know sweetheart, but I promised you something special. Now hold on to your little helper in your butt a little longer, and I promise you you’ll not regret it.”

Megan now concentrated on Lisa's breasts, lightly pulling on her nipples in the process and making them stand out even more than before. Lisa was moaning, it felt incredible. But she really needed to go.

“Shit, I almost forgot. Don’t move, and don’t let go.”

Megan jumped off the bed, leaving Lisa behind looking confused at the door. Only seconds later Megan returned, putting some disposable latex gloves on her hands. She resumed her position behind Lisa, playing with her nipples a while longer. But soon, one hand slowly drifted lower, until it was just above the waistband of Lisa’s diaper. Then, after a short break, it moved lower, entering the diaper and going straight for Lisa's pussy. Lisa moaned loudly now, slowly gyrating her hips back and forth.

“Hm…. feels good, sweetie? You’re so wet down here. And we still have to release your dirty girl from behind your little plug. Imagine what will happen then. Oh you’re gonna love it.”

Lisa couldn’t reply. She was almost on the brink of her orgasm, still humping Megan's hand and moaning loudly. She heard what Megan had said, felt herself blush even more. But it really didn’t matter now. All she cared about was her burning desire, and her need to relieve herself.

“Hm, what do you say, are you ready to let your dirty girl out to play? You think we should release her? See what happens?”

“Oh god, yes…. Pleaaaaaaase….”

“Hm, let’s see. You really have to hold on now, while I’ll release her, okay? Lisa?”


“Okay, here we go.”

Megan still had her hand in the front of Lisa’s diaper, slowly caressing her lips, clit and even penetrating her a little from time to time. She could feel Lisa’s wetness, the girl was almost gushing now. With the other hand, she released the nipple she had been playing with, slowly caressing Lisa down her side until she reached the diaper. Then she turned herself a bit, so she was on Lisa’s side. She wanted to see Lisa's butt when it happened. She grabbed Lisa's butt cheek nearest to her, then slowly pushed her hand into the back of Lisa’s diaper through the leg hole. It was a tight fit, she had put the diapers on Lisa really well. But it worked, and for a second, she caressed the girls valley between her cheeks until her fingers finally found the plug and gripped it.

“Ready? Remember: Hold on for a few seconds more.”

Lisa didn’t answer. With a mental shrug, Megan took the plug in her hand and pulled it out, pulling it out of the side of Lisa’s diaper until it was free of it, leaving a small brown stripe behind. Lisa groaned and for a second, held perfectly still. Megan put the Plug to the side. She would have to clean it later. Now she wanted to enjoy Lisa, so she put her hand on the outside of Lisa’s diaper, right above her anus.

“Now, where’s my dirty girl?”

With that, she pushed two fingers up Lisa's pussy, while her hand pushed against her clit. Lisa yelped and shuddered. Then she pushed her butt out even further, letting out a long groan. Megan could feel Lisa's pussy contracting, indicating a powerful orgasm. And then it happened. She could actually feel Lisa’s poop poking into the back of the diaper. She started playing with Lisa’s front again and the girl went crazy. She moaned, cried, shuddered and humped Megan's hand all the while the mess in the back became more and more. It took her almost two minutes, until with a final grunt, she was finished. Her body relaxed completely, peeing some into Megan’s hand, and fell almost over, only Megan holding her stopped her from hitting her head on the headboard. Slowly Megan removed her hand from the girl's diaper, removing her gloves in the process. She lay the girl down on her side, spooned her from behind and held her. Lisa was fast asleep and didn’t even notice Megan fondling her shit filled diaper while she masturbated herself to an orgasm right beside her.

7 Epilogue
It was almost an hour later when Lisa finally stirred. Megan had already washed her hands and had taken care of the latex gloves and the butt plug, putting on some comfy clothes afterwards. She was now back laying beside Lisa, softly caressing the girl's arms and sometimes her breasts. When Lisa finally opened her eyes, she smiled down at her.

“Hi there…”

“Uh.. hi.”

“Are you okay?”

“Uhh… I don’t know. Exhausted?”

“I hope that’s not all you’re feeling.”

“Uh well…”

Lisa had started grinning now and Megan smacked her on her thigh.

“You’re bad… Here I am, giving my best to get you off like you’ve never come before, and you’re exhausted... “

Megan was mocking a pout now and Lisa quickly turned around and hugged her.

“Oh Megan, that was so amazing. I felt so embarrassed, but also so aroused. And then when you put your fingers there and … and the plug and… Oh god, I think I’ll come again just thinking about it.”

Megan was laughing now. She had pulled Lisa on top of her, the smaller girl looking down at her friend was a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Ah, to be young again. But I think we still have some cleaning up to do, don’t you think?”

With that she patted Lisa’s diapered butt, causing the girl first to push back her butt, then blushing furiously again. Megan laughed again and Lisa smiled sheepishly. Then Megan pushed Lisa off of her and stood up. Lisa groaned, still groggy from the experience.

“Okay, another 5 minutes. I’ll prepare everything in the bathroom until then.”

Megan had to shout 2 times for Lisa to come before she finally entered the bathroom. Lisa looked rather disheveled, waddling with her filled diaper into the bathroom. Megan had to laugh again.


“Ah honey. If there ever was a definition of well fucked dirty little girl, it would be you.”

Megan laughed again while Lisa stuck out her tongue.

“Don’t make me spank you, you know I will… Now lie down here so we can get rid of that diaper of yours. It does smell rather badly, you know.”

And with that, they started the process of cleaning Lisa. It took them almost half an hour before Megan finally declared success. She had refrained from trying to get Lisa off again, the girl almost fell asleep standing. So all she did was clean her up, then put a new diaper and pajama top on her. Lisa was already back to bed when Megan had finished dinner, and had to be reminded two times to finish eating before falling asleep.

When Megan was getting ready to go to work the next morning, Lisa finally emerged from her bedroom looking a bit more refreshed again. She still was sleepy, but it wasn’t as bad as before. Just before Megan was ready to go, Lisa hugged her and thanked her again for the evening.

“You’re very welcome, honey. It was fun watching you.”

Lisa blushed again, hugging Megan tighter than before.

“Uhm. Could you, you know, change my diaper before you go?”

Megan just nodded and together they went to Megan’s room, where all the supplies were. Megan expected Lisa to lie down, but she stood there in the middle of the room. It took Megan a couple of moments before she recognized what was happening. Lisa was peeing herself in front of her. It was a fascinating sight, and when Lisa finished Megan pulled her into her arms again, hugging the girl and kissing her again. Lisa was blushing but smiling. She knew Megan wasn’t into all her dirty fantasies, but watching Lisa humiliate herself seemed to be her thing. Lisa only wondered how far she would have to go.
When Megan finally left for work, Lisa was back in a clean diaper and already falling asleep in her bed, thinking about all the things the day would bring.

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  • Gabb changed the title to Dirty girl (Chapter 6 & Epilogue added 10/11/22)

You are welcome and it's the ending. I really dislike unfinished stories so I chose to start posting only after I had the end already down. And with how much time it takes for me to write, it would've taken forever to get to another ending. So this is it. Perhaps that way you can add on your own, either in your head or here.

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Only reason I asked is because the epilogue is directly after the scene and not down the road a day or week or whatever.

I've done a little writing and believe me I know it takes a LOT of time especially if you reread several times looking for errors.  Thanks again for sharing!

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I know the story is over but I'll still say I'd love to see another one of their adventures even if it's different.  Or another small slice of their lives should you ever decide to share such.  Thanks again for a good, and naughty, story.

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