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InControl Ideal Fit plastic pants


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Why not put a link to them?

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I take at that these are the same material as the other Rearz panty The fit is not what I am looking for

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Yes, the plastic film colors are the same as those from Rearz. The bright yellow, for instance, feels exactly the same as a romper I got from AC Medical twenty years ago. The butterfly print, glass-clear, opaque white, and opaque pink are the same as Rearz supplies.
So if you wanted to wear one of these under a same-color Rearz 16-inch skirt - assuming you were someone who would do that sort of thing - they would match.

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I think Rearz is getting out of the rubber panty market. I went there recently, found only one Christy and all the things from A. . Medical was in the clearance section and I could find not rubber at all, I was looking for a rubber sheet and there was nothing to be found

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I haven't been on the Rearz website for several months, but your observations confirm mine that the plastic-pants part of the business is being transferred to InControl. As I mentioned, google maps shows their addresses to be in easy walking distance, so it wouldn't surprise me to learn that they both operate out of one warehouse.

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InControl must be a subsidiary of Rearz. Now one would think that, given that Rearz tried to trademark 'ABDL", they would also keep up the traditional ABDL materials. If they are exiting that sector, I have no need or want of them and they are NOT showing the hustle of a company that has fire in the belly

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