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My new life (A short story)


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It was a beautiful summer day with a light breeze. The kind of breeze that was a welcome from the heat of the day and came through often enough to make the day nice enough to do some yard work. So, I decided to mow the lawn. While in the front yard I noticed a van which had passed by the house several times to which the driver had finally stopped telling me he was lost and needed directions. As I was pointing down the street giving the driver directions to highway 25 I was knocked unconscious. When I came to I found that my hands had been bound, with a hood over my head, and tape over my mouth. The driver of the van had a friend with him as I could hear the two men talking. I had been abducted, but where was I being taken? As I struggled to free myself while making sounds through my taped mouth I was told to be still and shut up or it would be worse for me when we got to the destination point. As the van came to a stop, the door opened and both men took me to an unknown location as I remained hooded. I heard the two men say she would be hear momentarily and that I need to listen to everything she told me and that struggling was useless. Footsteps! I could hear footsteps and they were coming closer. These footsteps were not the heavy steps of male, but the sound of a woman's footsteps in high heel shoes. It was Rachel, my captor. She removed my hood and the light was blinding as I tried to make out the surroundings of where I was. Rachel, stood behind me running her fingers through my hair and thanking the two men who abducted me telling them that I would make a fine baby in training. She then sat on the edge of the table in front of me and, for the first time, I got a glimpse of my captor. Rachel was a very beautiful and petite brunette wearing a light yellow sundress and smelled like the roses my wife had planted in the front yard. Rachel told me that I was chosen to be trained as her adult baby. Rachel put a collar around my neck and connected a leash to it. She then asked the two men to take me to the training room as training was to begin immediately. As the two men led me away they told me they were Rachel's bodyguards and were there to protect her in the event I tried to escape or do something to hurt her. Upon arrival to the training room I was secured by the neck to a wall by chains that the collar around my neck was connected to. The two men also secured my arms, legs and waste to the wall with what appeared to be hinged shackles which were already secured to the wall. Rachel finally entered the training room; however, she was no longer in her light yellow sundress rather in all tight black leather. She walked to me and with a pair of scissors began cutting off my clothing. She told me moving forward I was to address her as Mistress Rachel or Mommy as I was going to be trained to be her personal baby and that I would do everything that babies do. She then leaned into me and whispered in my ear I do mean everything and asked if I understood. I didn't dare say anything so I just looked at her and shook my head. She then put a ball gag in my mouth and said let's begin. She grabbed some shaving cream and put it all around my private area and gently caressed my manhood and whispered in my ear that babies don't have hair down there. Picking up a razor Mistress Rachel began shaving me clean until she was done. She then removed the shackle from around my waste and put a diaper on me and forced me to drink water from a bottle. She said babies wet their diapers as she connected a long chain to the collar that had been forced on me so that I could move freely about the training room. She removed all the other shackles as the two men stood guard. She told me I could go to the bathroom any time I needed as I saw an open door to the bathroom just off the training room. As I had the urge to pee after drinking the water I tried to go to the bathroom to find the chain connected to my neck collar only allowed me as far as the bathroom door. Mistress Rachel smiled and told me I could go to the bathroom in my diaper as that would be my bathroom from now on. I was totally embarrassed from the yellow spot which appeared in the diaper as I wet it while standing in front of her. She walked up to me placing her hand on the front of my diaper telling me that I was a very good baby for using my diaper, but my diaper training wasn't over. I tried to struggle away from her grip as she tried forcing another bottle of water in my mouth. She put the bottle down and instructed her body guards to secure me as she grabbed a paddle and spanked my leg just under the padding of my currently wet diaper. Mistress Rachel once again instructed me that I would be doing everything that babies do, which included drinking my bottle as mommy knew what was best for her baby. As I was forced to drink my second bottle of water Mistress Rachel told me that it was time for bed. She took the leash and led me to what looked like a crib, but was somewhat different looking by design. She had me stand next to it as she put locking plastic pants on over my already wet diaper and then forced me into the crib. It had metal bars and a drop down lid with a lock. I was being locked in for the night. She told me the crib was made of metal bars as her previous babies had broken the wood bars on her former crib. Mistress Rachel turned off the light and I was locked in a crib wearing a wet diaper. As morning came Mistress Rachel entered the training room to find that over the course of the night I became excited over the feeling of being in my wet diaper. As she had removed my diaper and I stood in front of her she smiled at me and said after my morning bath she was going to have to work on my excitement issue. I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but I had a funny feeling I was going to find out what she meant. After my bath Mistress Rachel had her body guards put me back in bondage on the wall. Standing in front of me she declared I was no longer allowed to call her by Mistress Rachel. It was strictly mommy and if I didn't address her as such I would be punished. She said, that she had to deal with my excitement issue and then put a chastity device on me saying that should resolve the excitement created by the feeling of my wet diaper. Mommy instructed her body guards to take me to the table. It looked similar to a chiropractor table. The two men put me face down and secured my arms and legs to the table so I couldn't move or struggle. Mommy said, yesterday you learned that babies wet their diapers didn't you? I replied, yes. She then took a paddle to my exposed butt, and said how are you to address me? As mommy, I replied. She said answer me properly. I said, yes mommy. She then explained that babies have messy diapers too and inserted a suppository and put me in a fresh diaper. To be continued....








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