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Looking for a mommy to make happy


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I thank those who have visited my other postings. It is with sincerity that I am searching for a mommy in the Atlanta area. I welcome all who want to chat and will honestly answer all questions to the best of my ability. My profile explains a lot about why I search for a mommy and interests. The interests are by no means exhaustive. It's just a starting point. This is a section from my profile, but not my entire profile.

Things I'm into:

AB/DL, Adult Babies, Adult Baby Training,  Age Play, Bare Handed Spankings, Bathroom Control, Bathroom Use Control, Behavior Modification, Being Bathed and Cleaned by Mommy, Controlled Diaper Changes, Diaper Checks, Diaper Lover, Diaper Punishment, Diapers (Wearing), Diapers at Bedtime, Discipline, Messy Diapers (Everything to do with it), Mommy Domme, Wet Diapers (Everything to do with it).


Curious About:

Enforced Bedtime (receiving), 24/7 (receiving), Abduction Play (curious about), Adult Baby Clothes (forced to wear), Ball Gags (receiving), Bare Bottom Spankings (receiving), Being Fed Baby Food (receiving), Being Fed by Mommy (receiving), Being Praised For Using My Diaper (receiving), Chastity Devices (forced to wear), Pacifiers (receiving), Sippie Cups (receiving).

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